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    Features Mainpage

    Our features section is loaded with opinions, views, artwork, and information. Our editorials section alone contains over 50 articles, and our Gallery mainpage is extensive, and growing larger. A surprizing amount of information can be found here. Listed below include: Editorials, Gallery, adn Site info (staff/hosting etc).

    One of the larger sections in GameSurge, here people express their opinion on a wide range of topics. You may not agree with them, but that's why it's called free speech.

    Our latest editorial:

    • Generation X and Pinball - By Agent 86
      " Being a member of "Generation-X" myself - I'm 20 - its rather heart wrenching to be a member of a group that is considered partly responsible for "killing" something I enjoy - pinball. All over the news you hear things rumblings of how pinball is dying off, how kids have lost interest, how its a game for the older generation but after this past Friday I can't help but start to question all of that."
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    • Netcode Rebuttal - by Mannon
      " The new netcode uses Lag Compensation. Lag Compensation (not "control") is not client side prediction of hits. Hits and kills are not awarded this way. The server still retains authority. (Thus the references to Diablo are also erroneous.) What happens is that the sound effects, weapon animation, ammo depletion, bullet hole decals, ect... are handled by the client. Blood can also be switched to client side prediction, but defaults to server control. All of these are essentially cosmetic. As are all the other client side implementations. Those are all just sideshows compared to the main event, though... Lag Compensation."
      To the latest editorial
    • GameSpy Arcade - by Sim
      " GameSpy has released it's latest creation. No, it's not another Planet, it's GameSpy Arcade. This beta version is a user friendly program that "matches people with each other and the PC games they want to play. It supports everything from the hardcore action classics -- like Quake or Half-Life -- to classic, board, sports, or strategy games." It's a big program that not only includes server hookups (as in GameSpy3D), but also tons of chat rooms, instant messaging, and a mini web browser to boot."
      To the latest editorial
    • Diablo Revealed - Raven has written exclusively for GameSurge a article on the features that were missing from the Blizzard game Diablo. Entitled "Diablo Revealed, this opus, spanning 15 pages of text and special screenshots, details the missing quests, some of the graphic elements missing from the final release of the game, and offers proof that Diablo was going to be a very different game than what was actually released. Diablo was the only Blizzard game to be released on time, but maybe they should have worked on it a bit more.
      To the latest editorial
    • Netcode Crack and Debacle. - by Crepidus [WT]
      "Valve made a very bold move with their latest implementation of netcode for half-life  This is a giant step backwards with respect to technological trends. What a debacle, and here is why: *I've tested both as a modem and DSL client. The hit scoring and position prediction are weighted towards the highest common denominator of ping, leaving a Low Ping client with a completely unrealistic experience.* In an attempt to reduce lag and even the playing field for Clients with High Pings, Valve simply “Castrated” the playability of Low Ping Clients."
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    Other sections

    • Editorials - Our viewers opinions, and where they stand on issues, both gaming and non-gaming.
    • shivaSite - The personal section of the Webmaster. Warning: Not for the faint of heart.
    • Rants and Ravings - Two AN staff members do a weekly column about games, and other things...
    • Zero Hour - Staff member Zero's own column. We are still not sure what he is talking about...
    The Top Story
    Every once in a while, we at GameSurge do a very special feature on a very important story affecting gamers and gaming. Called "The Top Story", it's a very in-depth article aimed at those of our readers who demand the complete story, and nothing less.
    To the Top Story Mainpage

    The newest Top Story
    • GameSurge E3 Preview - by shiva
      "The E3 expo is the mecca of the gaming world. This annual event for retailers shows the newest, and upcoming hardware and software for the coming year. GameSurge is proud to present a preview of E3, and some of the latest games slated to be shown, and other interesting bits."
      To the latest Top Story
    GameSurge has a lot of pictures and artwork for various games and sections. Here, you can find it all in one place.

    Our latest Gallery
    To Dreamcast Gallery MainpageAt GameSurge, we will be featuring a large amount of gallery pages for all games, and all the major systems. Keep checking back here for the latest additions. Our latest addition is the Dreamcast Gallery pages, with support for many of the top games, and a extensive archive of Hardware pictures. Featuring a special look at Eternal Arcadia, and Sega GT.

    For a special look at what's new for all our main Gallery sections, check out the main Gallery page. GameSurge has support for all systems, whether it's Arcade, console, or computer games. The main page keeps you up to date on the newest images, screenshots, wallpapers, and artwork for your favorite games.
    To the gallery section

    Site Information
    Who we are, and what we do. Here you will find the staff pages, affiliates and other useful information about the web site GameSurge itself.
    • About Us - The people of GameSurge...
    • Affiliates - Other sites in affiliation with GameSurge. All ways worth check out.
    • Hosting - Need a good place to put your website? Having troubles with your present server? At GameSurge, we are always looking for high quality websites to add to our growing network.
    • Site Information - Find out here if you wish to submit information to GameSurge, join our staff, our are looking for affiliate and other information.
    • Site History and Credits - what has gone on before, and the people and companies who have helped GameSurge become what it is today.
    • Submissions - Got some news? Wish to submit a article or feature? Hate opening up Outlook express? Try this form based page set up just for you.
    Community Pages
    Shortly, we will have a new links section up and running, as well as a brand new GameSurge Ultraboard. Check back here often for the latest updates.

    " "

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