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    Raven Software Interview, Part 2

    Gamesurge: I heard that you bumped up from being a level designer because u werent too good at it, would you like to comment?

    Kenn: I'll answer... After the Hexen II mission pack, I was slated to design for Heretic II. My father died and I missed several months of work. At this point, we were starting on Soldier of Fortune. Because I was away for so long, I was behind on my work and had trouble picking up the scripting language. I had management experience from my previous employment and this job opened up. I applied. I was accepted. Project Admin was a promotion for me, but yes, a decline in my design skills was a contributing factor. That answer your question?

    Gamesurge: yes

    Gamesurge: thanks

    Kenn: I still design in my spare time...but for fun, not for the games. I don't have the time anymore, to be honest.

    Gamesurge: What does your position mean? =)

    Kenn: I do everything at Raven that no one else wants to do. I do tech support, public relations, office management, online game support and I act as a liaison between Raven and Activision.

    Gamesurge: What will the music be like?

    Kenn: We have a dynamic music system in Soldier of Fortune that changes based on what's going on around you in the game. Your health, number of enemies and style of play affect the music. It's an "action movie score."

    Gamesurge: Do you have any famous bands playing music?

    Kenn: No famous bands...

    Gamesurge: Is the music a big part of the game?

    Kenn: The music makes the game...very mood oriented. A very big part of the experience...

    Gamesurge: ok... so in other words lets say im down to 10 health points will the music speed up and be real loud etc?

    Kenn: Yes...
    Kenn: If you're stealthy, the music will be quieter...more relaxed...

    Gamesurge: What about sounds? will there be footsteps?

    Gamesurge: will each baddie have his own signiture sound?

    Kenn: Yes...footstep sounds are in the game. Each bad guy will speak in his/her native language, depending on the mission. They each have a distinct look and sound. And weapons...and equipment...etc. Gamesurge: Do they talk among themselves?

    Kenn: Yes, the enemies talk to each other...

    Gamesurge: What about Linux and NT and Mac and dual processors?

    Kenn: We are doing a linux port of Soldier of Fortune that will be released as a separate product. NT? As in Windows NT? If so, yes. Mac? No... Dual Processors? No idea...

    Gamesurge: Is the mood supposed to be like suspence (Half-Life) or more action type?

    Kenn: Both
    Kenn: The bottom line is action, but the story makes it suspenseful... Gamesurge: For example in Half-life u spent most of the time running, but in Quake 2 u ran into rooms against impossible odds just for the hell of it.

    Kenn: There are definite goals in SoF and there isn't any "killing for the hell of it."

    Gamesurge: Will you actually be a "person" or some unknown marine?

    Kenn: John Mullins is your character's name...based on a real-life mercenary consultant of the same name.

    Gamesurge: Will there be hostage types that you have to rescue or civilians that you aren't allowed to kill?

    Kenn: Yes, you will rescue hostages. Killing civilians will end your will fail. You're supposed to save people, not randomly kill them.

    Gamesurge: What about a3d support? 2.0 or the just announced 3.0

    Kenn: Yes to A3D support...2.0 for sure...most likely 3.0. as well

    Gamesurge: But will the hostage saving be like rogue spear, e.g. - the baddies see you and immediately go off kiling hostages, - or will teh hostages just be standing there for you to rescue?

    Kenn: A little of both...
    Kenn: Some are guarded, some are in hiding...
    Kenn: You have to clear the way for them to in GoldenEye
    Gamesurge: will the baddies have good ai that works in teams etc, or will the baddies just randomly charge at your or someting?

    Kenn: The AI is good...they work together...
    Kenn: They don't randomly charge...
    Kenn: They run away if wounded or for help...trip alarms...etc.

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