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    The Mailbag - Netcode page 3

    Your opinions do count, and we certainly recieve a lot of them. Here's a special section of comments and views from our viewers to us, about articles and features up on this site. You have a opinion? You can use the feedback page, or directly by email to Please make sure Mailbag is in the subject line, as we get flooded with emails on a daily basis.

    If you wish to add your comments for all our visitors to read, just send a email. Some comments were not included due to shortness or was just repeating a previous submission, but we at GameSurge wish to thank everyone for taking the time to send their comments to us.

    We read every single email, and there are some fine points made. Please note that we strip the email address and any personal information from the submissions, due to "spam" engines.

    From: BlownAway

    sent: Monday, June 26, 2000 2:26 PM
    Subject: HL1100 Editorial

    I totaly agree with your Netcode Crack and Debacle article. I have cable and I used to love CS but with this new netcode its such s**t. i cant stand missing a guy that i unloaded a whole clip on when he is right on my reticle. I think u should start some kind of pettition/poll asking whether or not we want it the like it is now or like it was before. You could also try and get the other major gaming/Half-Life sites to add a permanent link to it like at the top of their page or something.

    From: "SwtAznPrde"

    I have to say that this article is complete bullcrap in a way, yet in other ways it is right. It is stated several time that hpb's now have an advantage over lpb's, and that is a lie. I play with a 250 ping average, and I shoot through lpb's about every other time I encounter one. Sniper rifles shoot right away, but even when I hit people the damage does not register. Where do you get off saying that we have an advantage now? My dad is admin of a server, and when I play from his house I have none of these problems. His average ping is around 80. I agree that they screwed the netcode over, but in no way did they give us hpb's an advantage. I now look like I am shooting people who bleed and everything, to later find out that they were not even hurt. I can hardly play with this new netcode now, I went from about 40 frags per map in CS to about 25. As always lpb's have the advantage, but now they added an equal disadvantage to the long run it is the same as it used to be with more bullcrap.

    that artice is so true. i love it. everyone hates the netcode. my friend who has a dial up modem even hates it.

    From: Christian Gillott
    Sent: Monday, June 26, 2000 5:43 AM
    Subject: netcode bullshit

    question and answer with yahn from valve, the authority. You say that much of the game has been made client-side, what exactly has been moved over to the client? How are you planning to avoid people exploiting this ala diablo and the supposed fakelag cheat going around? [22:16] The only functionality moved to the client was the playing of weapon firing sounds. All hit detection etc. is still done server side and the server is authoritative. The fakelag thing was a server side problem and it has been addressed. Just to be clear, all hit/game logic still runs server side. Valve did NOT insitute client side hit determination. The cosmetic effects, yes, to attempt a smooth gameplay experience, the gameplay mechanics, no. The server is authoritative. Chris Gillott

    From Tony G

    Aw, poor bastard. Sorry, us HPB's are no longer at a disadvantage.And you've got to go be an idiot and complain, don't you? Well know what? Remember all those years where your lpb ass could kill me before I even knew you were there? Well guess what? It's payback time motherf*****r. Bottom line: The netcode is a savior to 56kers, and if you don't like the fact that the playing field is more level, deal with it. I don't care who has an advantage now, because you LPB's had a bigger advantage than us HPB's do now. (or what you think we have.) Ass.

    shiva writes: This is the thing, the game was unfair to certain users, which is why Valve changed it. There is nothing worst then giving a certain group a major advantage in a game competition, it then doesn't show a true degree of skill. Now some people may like that, because the "win" is more important, no matter how they got it, (and that's the reason why there's so many hacks and cheats out for games) but I personally don't feel any satisfaction if I beat someone in a game when the odds were stacked in my favor before we even started. If I beat someone, I want to beat him fair and square, because I was the better, and more skilled player. To win due to a advantage just cheapens my victory, it really doesn't prove anything.

    From: Mustang60348
    Sent: Monday, June 28, 1999 6:58 PM
    Subject: RE: Valves new net code article

    Excellant article...I totally agree, I used to run a server that allowed any and all players..After this new netcode came out..I now limit my server to sub 150 pings...I did not want to do it..BUT I was getting so many complaints from regulars that I had to do something..This new netcode reminds of a cheat, but ONLY if you have the right kind of connection. BUT what worries me more than anything is that TF2 is going to have this netcode (assuming TF2 every makes it out) and I was so looking forward to TF2, if there is this kind of prediction in TF2, it might very well ruin the game for alot of people. I also wonder something..The first delay in the patch was discovered by a member of the CS who happened to have a rare type of Cable Modem with 56k uplink..I am really starting to wonder now if Valve might be catering to a select few of the people they know that have LOW speed connections..Kinda makes you wonder WHY would a company take such a GIANT leap network technology...Strange indeed..

    From: Kevin Archibald

    Guy, i definately appreciated your comments. But i did find them quite harsh. Tell you why. I'm a lowly 28.8 modem guy. I'm pretty much always a medic, engineer, spy whatever low ping class you can think of in TFC. However, let me tell you, this netcode has opened a lot of doors for me. Suddenly, I can snipe. Not only that, i can kick ass at sniping. This is not because i have new abilities at this; it's entirely due to the new netcode. I've never, ever been able to do this before, and believe me, i am not a shabby player... I would hate to see the new netcode go. I, a low pinger, say hats off to valve, and their patch. That, and thank you. Cheers, Kevin_The_Pure

    From: "Joel Mackey
    Sent: Tuesday, June 27, 2000 9:39 AM

    Subject: netcode hacks Your article contained a certain amount of hyperbole. First and foremost, I think you are confusing CS changes and Valve changes. Gooseman changed how the weapons fired, not Valve. The weapon accuracy is in no way related to the halflife patch, except for the fact that the new SDK precipitated Gooseman's need to recode the weapons. Secondly, If hpbs have it so nicely, why dont you just fakelag up to 250 or so and join them in thier netcode nirvana? I have tried this with varying amounts of success. Basically it seems as if the pings of all involved are stable, its up to who has the best hand eye coordination (basically equal). But if one of the combatants ping is cycling up and down, you get more of the wierd effects you are describing. I quite agree with you, it is not fun to get shot dead a half second after you have ducked behind a corner, nor is it fun to plant the crosshair on someones chest, empty the clip in short bursts, and then get killed by him with 2 shots from his pistol.... One aspect of the new release that I wish you had addressed was the devastation these patches have caused to the clients video cards. opengl is useless on all ati cards from all the reports I have recieved, and d3d is barely passable.... I personally play at 25 fps more often than 50 fps in all maps now. This is not conducive to an entertaining gaming experience. Saxet


    Sent: Tuesday, June 27,2000

    hey, considering that the number of Halflife players (and internet users) that have 56k modems is far greater than the people who have cable or DSL, this new patch appeals to the greater part of the Halflife community. Hell now even MORE people will buy halflife because they get to have a lag free FPS experience for once. And what exactly is a "high ping" to you, just give me a number range so I know what a high ping would be.

    Sent: Tuesday, June 27,2000

    hi just read your article and agree.i have been playing cs for a very long time and when they came out with the new netcode ive played it a few times and it just doesnt cut it anymore the game isnt even fun anymore sad to see that i get punished because i pay for my connection i played alot of games with a modem before and i always got used to it when you have a slower connection you learn to adjust,yeah sometimes you get it handed to you but if you where skilled you where near the top.i played quake,quake2,tf with a modem and always did pretty good. too bad CS was looking pretty promising.Another game will take its place at least they will have a modem playing audience. PS i pay for cable now,should i go out and by a modem and get a free service i could play the game maybe? na not worth it wippem

    These were just some of the comments made. More will be added as permissions will be given.

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