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    The Strategy Index Page - Thief

    Foreword / Spoiler Warning
    Chapter 1 - "From the Top"
    Chapter 2 - "In and Out"
    Chapter 3 - "Cheating Death"
    Chapter 4 - "A Better Place"
    Chapter 5 - "Constantine's Pride"
    Chapter 6 - "Finders, Keepers"
    Chapter 7 - "The Fiery Depths"
    Chapter 8 - "Losers, Weepers"
    Chapter 9 - "Finishing the Job"
    Chapter 10 - "Plans and Schemes"
    Chapter 11 - "Where Are They Now?"
    Chapter 12 - "An Eye for an Eye"

    Complete Walkthrough
    link :

    Lord Bafford's Manor

    The Sewers
    Into The Basement
    Basement To First Floor
    First Floor To Second
    Second Floor
    Escape To Street

    Cragscleft Prison

    The Mine
    The Factory
    The Prison
    Finding Basso
    The Hand of Glory
    The Barracks
    The Officer's Quarters
    Getting Out

    The Bonehoard

    Upper Vaults - South
    Upper Vaults - North
    Burrick Caves
    Halls of Echoing Repose
    Mystic's Heart
    Mystic's Soul
    Horn of Quintas
    Getting Out


    Assassination Attempt
    Breaching the Walls
    Top Floor
    To the Basement
    Dealing With Ramirez
    Getting Away

    The Sword

    Obtaining Entrance
    First Floor
    Second Floor
    Top Floor
    The Sword
    Incriminating Evidence

    Haunted Cathedral

    Rubin Street
    Watchman's Grave
    Market Street
    The Cathedral
    Keepers' Grotto
    Burrick Caves
    Rubin Street Again
    Cathedral Street
    The Serpentyle Torc

    The Lost City

    Entrance To Lost City
    Residential District
    Civic Center
    The Talisman of Water
    The Arena
    The Talisman of Fire
    Leaving the City


    Into the Temple

    Lower Floor
    Location Unknown
    Treasure Room
    Getting the Talismans

    Leaving the Temple

    Return To The Cathedral

    Into The Cathedral
    Cathedral Basement
    Get The Eye
    Brother Murus' Rosary
    Brother Murus' Holy Object
    Trip to St. Jenel's
    The Graveyard
    Bury Brother Renault
    Brother Renault's Reward
    Bury Brother Martello
    Blasting Out


    Constantine's Plans
    First Floor

    Strange Bedfellows

    Is Anybody Home
    The Builder's Chisel
    Finding The Hammers
    After The High Priest
    Deliver The High Priest

    Maw Of Chaos

    The Yellow Brick Road
    The Crystal Slalom
    The Backwards Waterfall
    The Mondo Tree
    Disable The Portal
    A Trick For The Trickster

    The Art Of Thieving

    this is the link to that section :

    The Strange And Unusual

    link :

    Know your Tools
    Special Skills
    Know your Enemies
    Alternate playing styles
    The Missions
    Keeper's Training

    Lord Bafford's Manor
    Cragscleft Prison
    Down in the Bonehoard
    The Sword
    The Haunted Cathedral
    The missing mission(s)

    The Lost City
    Return to the Cathedral
    Strange Bedfellows
    Into the Maw of Chaos
    Credits and Conclusion

    " "

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