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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX Version FAQ
v.3.0 by Sailor Bacon
28 December 1998


If you want to use this FAQ on a webpage or for any non-profit use, you
may do so as long as it is not altered in any way. FAQ is copyright of
Sailor Bacon and any unauthorized use of this FAQ can cause legal

Note: This FAQ only deals with the new elements added to the DX version
of this game. If you need help with the game in general, look at the
other Link's Awakening FAQs on GameFAQs. In other words, if you want to
send me a question, PLEASE read the FAQs at GameFAQs or anywhere else
first cause your question is more than likely answered. Just because the
other FAQs aren't "DX" FAQs doesn't mean anything. This one only covers
the new stuff and the old stuff didn't change.

Revision History

v.3.0 Fixed a mistake here, added all the pics there.. This FAQ should
be done unless something weird happens.

v.2.0 Uh.. I don't remember.

v.1.5 Added more info in the dungeon walkthrough and more pictures.

v.1.0 Umm... everything.

Table of Contents:

-Things changed in the DX version.
-How to get the pictures.
-The Secret Dungeon.

Things changed in the DX version

-Added full color pallete. (duh!) And a wonderful job doing so if I
might add. The game looks marginally close to the SNES game.
-The stone slabs in the dungeons have been replaced with owl heads. Not
really sure why but whatever floats Nintendo's boat..
-Changed slab fragment into owl beak.
-Added a little additional text to make game easier. (i.e. the genie
boss has extra dialogue)
-Added the Picture Store (see below)
-Added the Secret Dungeon (see below)

How to get the pictures

The Picture Store is located near the top of the map (from top left
corner of map move cursor 7 times to the right then 3 times down). In
this store you can view pictures taken by the photographer in the
store. He takes pictures at random times during the game as you
progress. You can print the pictures out if you have the Game Boy
Printer. The pictures are kept in an album in the store. It's named
after your hero (Mine's called "The Travels of Bacon"). Here's a list
of the pictures that I have found.

1. Link poses and gives a peace sign. Get this one by talking to the
photographer and then standing at the top of the room in front of the

Alternate: There is an alternate photo number 1. To get it, you must
answer every question that the photographer says with the answer "no".
It is a pic of Link looking stunned with freaky eyes.

2. When you have Marin, take her to the cliff at Toronbo Shores to get
a cool looking pic.

3. Marin falls on a very hurt Link. Very funny picture ^_^. Get this
one by jumping down the well in Mabe Village while Marin is following

4. Take Marin to the Rooster statue in Mabe Village for this one.

5. Peek in the window to the right of the outside of Ulrira's house.

6. A panicky Link poses with BowWow. Get this one by leaving Madam
MeowMeow's house right after returning BowWow to her.

7. A picture of Link covertly stealing from the shop. Get this one by
(duh!) stealing from the shop.

8. Fisherman flapping in the water. Pretty cool ^_^. Go to the fisherman
under the bridge (the one you give the hook to) after having the magnifying

9. Link and Zora together. Go into the empty house in the top right screen
of the animal village after finding the magnifying lens.

10. Link and Richard in front of castle. Before lowering the drawbridge, go
to the castle where the golden leaves are.

11. Link poses in front of the lone grave with the ghost. Get this one by
standing in front of the lone grave after returning the ghost there.

12. Picture taken as poor cameraman plummets to the ground! Funny! Go to the
chicken house in the mountains and go right from there two screens. Walk to
the middle of the bridge.

The Secret Dungeon

To enter the Secret Dungeon, you must first beat the first 3 dungeons.
Go to the library and dash into the upper wall to knock down a book.
Read the book and it will tell you which directions to push the
gravestones. Go to the graveyard screen with 5 gravestones (from upper
left corner, move cursor right 7 times and down 7 times). Push the
stones in the correct order and the correct way to enter the dungeon.
Make sure you are using a Color Gameboy or you cannot enter..

Dungeon Walkthrough:

When you enter the dungeon, talk to each person and tell him what color
he is. When they move, go up. Kill three color enemies and go right.
There are four statues in the room. Hit the top left one then the
bottom right statue to get the compass. Then bomb the bottom wall
and proceed to enter the hole you bombed. Inside there are 28 5-rupee
pieces. Leave that room and go right to enter what I like to call the
"bouncy room". The tiles on the floor make you bounce. They start as
green and each time you bounce on a tile, it changes color. The colors
cycle from green to yellow to red then the next time you bounce of it,
it becomes a pit. Go right from this room and hit the enemies. they curl
into a ball. Throw them into the hole of the same color as they are to
get Bird Beak. Go down, and kill the enemies to open the doors. Go left
and get the key. Go up into the bouncy room, then go right, up, up.
Again there are four statues. Hit the bottom right statue, then the top
left one twice to get a key. Go right then up. There is a jellyfish
monster there. Hit it with magic powder then the sword. Repeat until it
dies. Go left and there is a row of three blocks in front of the treasure
chest. Push the top block and bottom block left then the middle block up
to get the master key. Go back to the bouncy room and go up. There is a
golem creature there. Just pound of him with your sword to kill him. Go
left. Pick up the pot in the upper left corner and activate the switch to
open the doors. Go up and kill all slimy guys to get the map. Go right.
Throw the ball guys into their respective holes for a key. Now go back to
the room with the switch and go left. There are nine statues in a square
shape like so:

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

Hit them in the following order to proceed: 5, 6, 4, 2, 8, 5. Go up.
Pick up the bottle in the top right corner to get a fairy. Go left. Hit
the crystal and go up. There you fight the goofy color boss. To kill
him, keep attacking him. His bulb goes from blue to green to yellow to
orange to light red to red and the next hit it dies. After killing it,
go right and talk to the fairy. She offers you the power of color,
either Red or Blue. The Red clothes make all of your attacks act like
Piece of Power attacks. The Blue clothes reduce damage by half. You can
always go back and switch to the other clothes whenever you want to.


There you have it. In my opinion, the extra features in the DX version
definitely make this game a must-have for all Zelda freaks and
adventure fans. If you do not have a Color Gameboy, you can still enjoy
the photograph feature, but you cannot enter the Secret Dungeon. It's
still a good buy if you don't have the original version. If you've got
a Color Gameboy, what are you waiting for? Get this game!!


I'd like to thank all of the following people for helping in this FAQ
(in alphabetical order). Note, a lot of people sent in the location for
some of these pictures but I could only give credit to the person I
received the information from first so if your name isn't on this list
and you sent me a code, don't bitch and moan to me about it.

Al : 11th picture
Eavenson : alternate 1st picture
Geoff Taylor : 2nd, 4th, 5th picture
Harakiri02 : 7th picture
Tyler Castro : 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th picture


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