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Yuu Yuu Hakusho 4
GameBoy version
Version 1.0(21/2/1999)

This FAQ is for private and personal use.You can't reproduced this in anyway
unless you get my permission by e-mailing me and getting a reply back.This FAQ
is not to be used for profitable or promotional purposes
This includes being incorporated, reprinted orotherwise used by magazines,
books, guides, etc., in ANY way.
This FAQ was created by Wong Fei.E-mail address is

Version 0.0(23/1/99)
-Just created this guide
-Mysteries section added

Version 0.1(25/1/99)
-Correct some mistakes
-Add in Two more mysteries

Version 1.0(21/2/1999)
-Good news, some unknown moves solve by me.Huang Quan special
and one of the Nasumi special and Qui desperation
-SECRET CHARACTER King Raizen as SECRET CHARACTER Movelist also avaliable.
Thanks to these people --- ANTHONY M. FERRER (EUGENE) ANTHONY T. GARDIOLA #33
MANILA, PHILIPPINE.They also add a movelist.
-Names of ???. Again thanks to the above people.They are so grateful.
-The meaning of BGM.Solved.Thanks to Guyver_3
-Listed both Chinese pronounsation name and Japanese pronounsation name
for all characters
-A THANKS CARD to be created for all contributors especially ANTHONY M. FERRER

Version 1.01(23/2/99)
-King Raizen combos added
-Modification of King Raizen Moves and desperation
-Add a NEW NEW Mystery regarding on King Raizen
-Corrected spelling,Jurama is actually Kurama.Sorry for the mistake.
-Yuusuke new combo added
-Strategy for defeationg all characters.
-Added a Final note section


Yuusuke/Yu Zhu
Kurama/Chang ma
Hiei/Fei Ying
Shura/Xiu Yue
Yomi/Huang Quan
Enki/Yan Gui
Final note
Thanks Card
The End

-Myself.For being able to get the codes done by myself. But not all
for contributing such a wonderful secret,Activating the secret character
,Lei Chang.Movelist was by them also.They really deserved more than a credit
Best of all.They deserved a praise.I love these guys.
- Guyver_3.Help me solved the BGM mystery


In this game,You can do a special.All characters have their desperation move.But
you must wait for that small ball to reach S before you can do a desperation
move.Onces you get the S,you have to be careful.Any attack
cause by the opponent can bring that S ball back to the middle.The ball can
advance if you do a special or dash attack like dash punch or kick.You can also
make that ball advance by throwing your opponent.Throwing is
different from other games.
To throw an opponent,you must be near the opponent and press forward,back+A.
You can also dash throw.Dash throw is simply done by dashing and press
forward,back+A.Counter throw is done the same as the above except that you must
wait for the opponent to dash to you.You can't escape or break a the(Not
sure,see mysteries).When you start a fight,the ball is in the middle which you
start fighting and advancing the ball to do a desperation.Once a desperation
move is done,the ball will be back beside the middle line or if its blocked,it
will be in the middle or bring the ball to the opponent side.
There are two bars on top of the small bar.The top one is the life bar.Knock out
when it is empty.The bar below is the energy bar.
Do a special will cause the bar to decrease a little energy.You can't do a
special if the bar is empty but you still can do a desperation,of course,if the
S is on your side.You can refill the energy by blocking a dash attack
or throw/dash throw/counter throw your opponent.

There are three modes to play and an option.
The modes are

Story mode --- You can only use three characters,Yuusuke,Kurama and Hiei to play
in the story modes.Different
Character have different bosses and Endings.Yuusuke final boss will be that big
size guy.Kurama final boss will be Huang Quan.
Hiei final boss will be Qiu.You can use desperation.

Battle mode --- There are three modes in battle mode.
1.Vs Cpu --- You fight against the CPU.Can use
desperation move.When the battle
end,they will show you a chart
telling you the no. of winnings and
loses for both fighters.
2.VS 2P --- same for Vs CPU
3.Time attack --- Time attack is a unique mode.
you will fight three battles
using any character.
The opponents are
Yuusuke,Kurama and Hiei.
Completing the three battle
gives the following grades
A,B,C,D,S. S grade is the
fastest fighter.Note that
you CAN'T use desperation.

Girl Battle mode --- You can use cute girl fighters to fight.Childish game

Option --- Allow you to set difficulty,test sound and music and set BGM.



F = Forward
Ba = Back
U = Up
D = down

f = Tap Forward
ba = Tap Back
u = Tap Up
d = Tap down

uf = upforward
ub = upback
df = down forward
db = down back

f,f = dash
b,b = dash back/escape

B= punch
A= kick

b = tap punch
a = tap kick

f,f + A/B = Dash kick/punch
f,f,f,b +A = Dash throw
(Note : All charactes have a throw)

Ba= block
Ba + AB = Block and reflect any projectile move
(Note:All Characters can reflect Projectile move)


Yuusuke/Yu Zhu

Heaven ball
d,df,f + B

Strong Heaven Ball
ba,db,d,df,f + A

Rapid punch
f,df,d,db,ba,f + B

Desperation move.

S group Devil combo
F,D,Ba + B or f,df,d,db,ba +B
Both of this code works.


Throw + Heaven ball
Dash throw + Heaven Ball
Dash throw + S group Devil Combo
Dask kick+Dash throw
Dask kick to corner + Rapid punch
(New Combo)Dash + Rapid punch

Kurama/Chang Ma

Strip rose whip
d,df,f + B

Three hit rose whip
f,d,df + A

Leaf Reflector
ba,d,df,f + A

Desperation move

Fox devil Flower
(f,df,d,db,ba) x2 + B


Throw to corner + Fox devil Flower
Dash throw to corner + Fox devil Flower
Dash Punch to the corner + Fox devil Flower
Dash punch to the corner + Strip rose whip + Three hit rose whip
Dash kick + Three hit whip
Jump Kick + Dash punch to corner + Fox Devil Flower

Hiei/Fei Ying

Rapid punch
f,d,df + B

Black Dragon
ba,db,d,df,f + A
(Note:This projectile can't be reflected)

Fire Blade
f,df,d,db,ba + B

Desperation Move

Sucking the Black Dragon
(f,df,d,db,ba) x2 +A

Hand Black Dragon
During Sucking Black Dragon D+B


Dash punch+Dash Punch+Dash Punch+Sucking the Black Dragon+Hand Black Dragon
Dash Throw+Sucking the Black Dragon+Hand Black Dragon
Dash punch+Jump Punch+Sucking the Black Dragon+Hand Black Dragon
Dash Throw+Dash Throw
Dash kick + Dash punch + Dash Throw + Sucking the Black Dragon+Hand Black Dragon

Shura/Xiu Yue

Fire Projectile
d,df,f + B

16 hit leg combo
ba,db,d,df,f + A

f,df,d,db,ba,f +B

Desperation Move

28 hit Projectile
F,D,Ba +B
(This move can be reflected)


Dash Punch+Fire projectile
Dash punch + 16 Hit Leg combo


28 hit ring blade
f,d,df + A

Wind soul of the ring blade
ba,db,d,df,f + B

Rush two hit
ba,db,d,df,f + A

Desperation Move
Wind,Soul Blade 28
f,df,d,db,ba,f + B



5 hit kick
f,d,df + A

Qi Attack
ba 2 second f,b,f + B

Dragon Hand
f,df,d,db,ba,f + A
(Can be done on air)

Desperation move

Dragon attack pattern



Elec-Fire Hand
f,df,d,db,ba,f + B

Fire Projectile
d,db,ba,f +A

Power Explosion
f,df,d,db,ba,f +A

Desperation Move

Jumping Knee attack
f,ba,db,d,df,f,ba + B


Dash Throw +Dash kick +Fire projectile
Jumping knee attack + Fire projectile+Dash+Power explosion
Power Explosion+Dash+Power Explosion
Power Explosion+Dash Throw+Dash+Elec-Fire Hand
Dash Throw+Fire Projectile

Yomi/Huang Quan

3 fireball projectile
d,df,f + B

Conscious Snake
d,db,ba,f +B

Life Shield
f,df,d,db,ba + A

Desperation move

Shadow Fire
f,df,d,db,ba,f,ba + A


Enki/Yen Gui

Typhoon punch
f,d,df + A

3 hit attack
d,df + B

Punch explosion
f,df,d,db,ba,f + B


(ba,db,d,df,f) x2 + A


Final note !!!
1.I played this YUU YUU 4 in my spare times and found out something.
There are some characters dash attacks don't bring the small ball up.
Examples are Enki's dash kick.This is where he dash and sit on that character.
Even though it hit,the ball did not advance.So don`t come E-mail me saying
That dash attacks don't advance the ball and whatever.NOTE that only exceptional
Characters dash attack could not advance.To make it easier,I will list the names
Of the characters for you and also the dash attacks which cannot advance the
1.Shura/Xiu yue (Dash kick)
2.Natsumi/Nin (Dash punch)
3.Mukuro/Qiu (Dash punch)
4.Enki/Yan gui (Dash kick)
Then the question is what this dash attack actually do.
Well if it hits it will refill slightly more energy than
Other dash attacks.That's the advantage.Disadvantages are
Not being able to advance the ball
And when blocked,opponents gets more energy refills than blocking
A normal dash attacks.
2.Characters execution of throws ,some hard and some easy.
Can`t really blame it.Executing throws are required to get close
To opponents and snap a throw.Easy to say hard to do.But some characters
Throw need not to be as close to the opponent,say 1 step from the opponent
is enough and throw was executed.I will list those easy throw characters to
the hardest starting from the easiest.
1.Hiei/Ying fei
2.Kurama/Chang ma
3.Shura/Xiu Yue
4.Enki/Yan gui
6.Yuusuke/Yu Zhu
9.Yomi/Huang Quan
10.Raizen/Lei Zhang
Oh man ! To tell the truth,the best throw killer character is definitely
Hiei.His throws are so so so damn damn easy.Succed 100% everytime excute.
No worries about wrong timing,the opponent still get hit by the throw even the
slightest move made by opponent.His throws can counter most opponent moves.
On the other hand,Raizen throw is so so so damn hard to execute.Man,
1/100% of possibility of succeding the throw.If use him often,try not to execute
3.And one beautiful info you gonna love it.King Raizen's desperation
is UNBLOCKABLE.I mean UNBLOCKABLE.So using him can get easy kill.

Here I list how to defeat CPU opponents in Hard mode

Vs Yuusuke
He will usually do three kind of attacks at the beginning of the match.
One is shooting a projectile strong/weak second is try to execute throw
Third is approach and rapid punch.He usually do the first two pattern
Then tries to dash attack ,throw ,projectile.Keep dashing attack on
Him.If he use Projectile at the beginning of match,reflect it.It will
100% hit.Dash throw and projectile him.Once get the S,quickly laonch a
dash throw and desperation.

Vs Kurama
He will do nothing or use leaf reflector or strip rose whip at the beginning.
If he use reflector,wait till it end and start throwing him,dash attack till
He knock out.If he blocks any close attacks of yours,retreat immediately before
he dash attack you.

Vs Hiei
This is a tough one.He execute throws and rapid punch.Its best to stay
Far from him and use dash attack.If you managed to avoid a rapid punch
Projectile him.He is vunerable at that moment.And luckily Cpu doesn't
Execute that Hand black dragon or it gets even tougher

Vs Shura
This boy is actually not tough but his throw does lots of damage.
Avoid his throws and he usually execute power explosion at the beginning
Of the battle that cause major damage if hit,avoid it,Dash throw often.

Vs Shigure
Chicken ! If you know his tatics,it will be fine.To get a S a fast way,
Make Shigure do his desperation by executing your special until the ball
Reaches to his S.Get ready ! Once the desperation is executed,block it.
Once he finishes his desperation,he is vunerable for 3/4 seconds.
Immediately do your desperation,POE and he is out of the ring.

Vs Natsumi
A weak easily being able to be dizzy character.Just dash attack throw.
Just watch out for her qi attack.

Vs Qiu
If she projectile near you,reflect and 1/4 of her life will be sap.
If she use elec fire,block.She dash kick often so stay low.
If use power explosion escape or if its Hiei,counter throw right after
It ends.Dash attack or projrctile if use other character.

Vs Yomi
Easy ! Chicken character. To have an easy easy kill,do special to bring his
Ball advance to S.Go to the corner and wait for his desperation.When he
Dissappears,quickly block ,when he reappear,he will be very closed to
You,REFLECT HIS FIREBALL !!! He is outta the ring, Hurray !!!

Vs Enki
Nothing here.Just watch his desperation.Got to stay and block low.
Dash attack and throw often.

Vs Raizen
A tough guy.Few notes
1.His desperation is unblockable.
2.His rapid punch cause major damage 1 hit,2/5 life gone
3.His defence is so damn high.
Never ever ever ever ever ever let him have the opportunity to do
A desperation.You will definitely regret it.Most throws executed can fail
Except Hiei`s one.Jump attack often.Then combo him.Dash attack till you get
S,then desperate him.


Secret 1.Time attack.
To fight against a secret Character call Lei Zhang ,get a S grade for Time
To get S grade,you must get 200 sec.
The thing is that you should finish the battle in 29 sec out of 99 sec.In that
way,you get 70 sec to add
Get three 70s and you will get 210 sec.
To complete the battle faster,use dash throw all the time.

Secret 2.Getting Lei Zhang
Well,this code only works in VS CPU and VS 2p
1) Access vs. Comp. / Vs. 2p mode (only)
2) At character select screen, put cursor to Enki the big fat guy.
3) Hold select + B (punch) and press right
4) 1p. cursor will hide and he will be selectable; also at stage select press Up
to play to his layer / room.

This is his movelist.
1) Grab N' Slap combo - Near opponent f, b + A
2) Power dive - b,d,f + A; in air u, b, d ,f + A
3) Rapid punch - near opponent d, f + B
4) Super tornado - near opponent b, f, b + B (fastly)
or f,df,d,db,b + B(near opponent)
5) Insanity bash kick - b, f, d + A when the ball is on S

Jump kick, dash punch

These are the mysteries of the FAQ.Once these mysteries is solve,this FAQ will
be complete.

1.Secret Characters ---(Solved)90%
I think there are two left
The Secret Characters I think are
Kurama in his Fox devil form and maybe Yuusuke in his S devil form
I am not so sure.According to Eugene,this two secret characters don`t
Exist.But I kinda think they do.I mean even Yuusuke`s one can be a fake
But I am sure Kurama wasn`t.In the Comic Episode 16,Kurama was able to
Transform himself to a Fox devil without difficulties.I have a friend
named Jeffery.He claimed that he saw someone being able to use Kurama
in the devil form in Yuu Yuu Hakusho 4.So my thinkings are having Kurama
being played as a devil FOX could be true.Have any evidence on it.If
anyone solved it,please also try to add in a movelist of them if
anyone of you got it.

2.Unknown moves ---(Solved)(95%)
All moves have been solved except Nasumi`s desperation.If you got them,E-mail
me.I give credits for it.

3.Kurama can stay in Fox Devil Form after performing Fox Devil Flower. ---
True or False ??? According to Eugene,he said that this rumour was a
fake.Got any Evidence to prove what Eugene said was false,E-mail me.
At the mean time,it was solved.

4.Yuusuke can stay in S Devil monster after performing S group devil Combo. ---
Again,the same as above.Eugene said that this was also another fake rumour,
Anyone could prove what Eugene say was false,E-mail me

5.Names of those ??? ---(Solved)(100%)
for contributing those names.

6.Combos ---
If you have some combo moves of certain Character,send it in.I will give credits
for this also.

7.Escaping Throw ---
I don't know if its possible.If you think it is possible or not
possible,whatever.E-mail me with Evidence

8.What is BGM for ? ---(Solved)(100%)
Thanks to Guyver_3 for telling me the meaning of BGM
BGM is setting the sound to mono or stereo.

9.Raizen's super tornado --- (New)
Just something I was curious.His super tornado don't seems to work when
Fighting against Enki and himself.Did anyone managed to tornado Enki
And Raizen ? I think the reason maybe they are big size and can't be tornado.

Mystery 1,2,6,7 and 9 were not 100% solved yet,(so sorry you guys)
But don`t worry readers of this FAQ,I and maybe these contributors
May do something about it.So be at ease and get on with your live.

Thanks card,specially made for

Thank you sooooooooooooo much !!!!!!!
Thank you soooooooooooooo much !!!!!!!!
Thank you sooooooooooooooo much !!!!!!!!!

For contributing sooooooooooooo much for this FAQ
I really truly appreciate your kind kind kind act of you
And your buddies.

Because of you people,oh my stress level go down tremendously.
Really !!! My mind was soooooooooo at ease.
Oh boy !Once again thank you guys.

But also,about that small favour,I will try my best to get it done
For you.But you have to wait much longer see.Because I don`t have
Yuu Yuu Hakusho two even though I played it before.I don`t wish to
Dissapoint you grateful angels,I decided to rent the game.
And also please try to contribute because this FAQ wasn`t much expected
to be completed.Or maybe 95% completion which the next 5% is in those
not 100% completed mystery.
So let us not dissapoint our readers Okay !

Sincerely ,
Wong Fei

The End
By Wong Fei

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