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Author: CPFace
Version: .1
Date: 07/03/99
CPFace Presents a Walkthrough for:

Warioland II

Version .1


1. Introduction, Credits, and Copyright information
2. FAQ history
3. Basic moves
4. Wario's Conditions
5. How to use the walkthrough
6. The Quest Begins!
a. Chapter 1 -- One Noisy Morning
b. Chapter 2 -- SS Tea Cup
7. The Quest Continues!
8. Special Thanks


1. Introduction, Credits, and Copyright Information

It seems like every time I go to Game Boy Color Dojo's message area, I
see someone asking for help in Warioland II. What completely baffles me is
that no one has thought to write a good in-depth FAQ for Warioland II. So,
having finally finished my Zelda DX FAQ, I decided to lock horns with the
other big launch title of the Game Boy Color, Warioland II.

Of course, Warioland II was around long before anyone suspected a Color
Game Boy was in the works. And, since nothing was added or removed from the
Black & White version, this FAQ will work for either version.

Unless otherwise noted, this entire document was written by me,
Edward Griffiths, and is copyright 1999. It may be freely distributed, but
you are not allowed to sell a copy of it in any way, nor are you allowed to
use any material in it for any purpose unless I'm credited as the original

Contact me at with questions, comments, and


2. FAQ history

(07/03/99) -- First issue; Basic Moves; Wario's Conditions; Chapter 1 and 2
of Walkthrough


3. Basic Moves

You're not going to get very far in this game until you've mastered the
basic moves. Everything you need to know is in the instruction manual, but
those things *can* get lost, and used copies of the game very rarely have

To perform a move, you usually have to press the buttons in the order
indicated. (For example, the butt stomp is A + Down. This means that you
have to jump *before* you press down.)

Control Pad:

Enter door - Up
Roll down hill/stairs - Down
Swim - Any direction

A Button:

Jump - A
Jump higher - Up + A
(jump even higher by using an enemy as a springboard)
Squat jump - Down + A
(used to jump into low passages)
Butt stomp - A + Down
(used to destroy blocks/pots/floors and defeat enemies)

B Button:

Bash/Charge - B
(used to destroy blocks/pots/walls and defeat enemies)
Throw - B
Throw Further - Hold B for a second or two
Throw Upward - Up + B
Throw Further Upward - Up + Hold B for a second or two


When you grab an owl, you can use it to fly around with the control pad. It
automatically continues to fly in the last direction you pressed. If you
hold down a direction on the pad, it will fly faster in that direction.


4. Wario's Conditions

Wario is immortal in this game; no matter how much damage he takes, he never
dies. However, this can get to be a bit awkward as he's lit on fire, smashed,
eaten, shrunk, and intoxicated. All conditions prevent Wario from using his
basic moves (such as the charge attack) and some inhibit his ability to move
and jump. Here's a list of Wario's conditions along with how they're caused,
the good and bad results of the transformation, and how to return Wario to his
normal nasty self.

Flat Wario

Wario is smashed by a weight or a giant rock.

Good -- Wario can float gently through the air and crawl through some gaps
that he normally couldn't.

Bad -- Wario can't jump as high (press up while jumping to jump higher)

Cure -- Certain bats, getting hit by an enemy, and water

Fat Wario

Wario eats one of the chef's cakes.

Good -- Wario can smash certain blocks by jumping on them, he defeats
enemies just by touching them, he shakes the ground whenever he
lands, and he makes certain elevators work.

Bad -- Wario can't jump as high, certain elevators can't carry him.

Cure -- Wait for Wario to return to normal.

Hot Wario (Stage 1)

Wario is singed by a small dragon and starts running around madly.

Good -- Nothing.

Bad -- You can't control which direction Wario runs; he'll only change
direction if he hits a wall.

Cure -- Water. If not cured, Wario will eventually become. . .

Hot Wario (Stage 2)

Wario turns into a ball of fire.

Good -- Wario defeats enemies by touching them and destroys the blocks with
the little flame symbols on them.

Bad -- Wario can't jump.

Cure -- Water, or wait for him to get burned to a crisp and return to
normal on his own.

Crazy Wario

Wario is hit by a ball that a penguin throws.

Good -- Press B to spit fireballs.

Bad -- Wario staggers around drunkenly and is harder to control.

Cure -- Water

Zombie Wario

Wario touches a ghost or another zombie throws its head at him.

Good -- Wario defeats enemies by touching them and can fall through certain
types of floors (this can be good or bad, depending on the situation).

Bad -- Wario can't jump

Cure -- Rays of sunlight

Puffy Wario

Wario is stung by a bee and floats straight up.

Good -- This allows Wario to reach higher places

Bad -- This sometimes keeps Wario from reaching a place on the ground where
he wants to go.

Cure -- When he hits his head on something solid, he'll return to normal.

Tiny Wario

A wizard casts a spell on Wario

Good -- Wario can jump higher

Bad -- Wario can't perform most normal moves

Cure -- Water

Bouncy Wario

A hammer-toting monkey smashes Wario into a spring.

Good -- Wario can jump higher

Bad -- Wario bounces automatically, and may start climbing through platforms
instead of reaching a spot on the ground where he'd like to be.

Cure -- Wait for Wario to return to normal.

Bubble Wario

Wario gets stuck in a bubble underwater.

Good -- Wario floats up through some water currents that block his progress.

Bad -- Wario might be trying to reach the bottom of the screen.

Cure -- Hit your head on something to pop the bubble.


5. How to use the walkthrough

Doing the Zelda FAQ was nice because it was easy to map out the
dungeons and give specific instructions to go north, west, south, and east.
Platformers aren't so nice. I wish I had the patience and skill to make a
nice ASCII map of each level, but I don't. I'll do my best to walk you
through the game, but please bear with me and my ambiguities. Important
spots will generally be described in the order you encounter them as you
proceed from the entrance to the exit of a room.

Every level will first have a description of how to find the exit.
This will be broken down into a room-by-room basis, with each letter
indicating a different room. If a star appears by the room, then it's just
a "bonus" room where more coins can be collected. You don't need to enter to
finish the level, but keep in mind how useful coins are to a treasure
hunter like Wario.

The walkthrough assumes you've had practice with Wario's basic moves
and that you can avoid most normal enemies. If the way to get through a
section is mostly intuitive (bash the blocks in your way, jump from one
platform to the next, etc.) the walkthrough will assume you can make it
through on your own.

Following the basic walkthrough will be a description of how to find
the level's treasure, whether it was mentioned in the basic walkthrough or
not. This should make it easier for people who have already cleared the
levels and are just checking for the treasures to find what they need.


6. The Quest Begins!

The first time you play Warioland II, chances are you're going to take
the "straight" way through the game, as described in this section.

a. Chapter 1 -- One Noisy Morning

Story 1 -- Turn off the Alarm Clock

A. You start in Wario's bed. Press anything to wake him up. The door
immediately to your right will take you to B, but there's a hoard of coins
in this room that you don't want to miss! Bash the eastern wall and butt
stomp the pots to the far left to reveal secret areas where coins are held.
Bash the eastern wall of the lower section for even more coins.

B. There's lots of coins just about everywhere on this stage. Bash the
western wall just as you enter to find more coins. Butt stomp the ground
just to the left of the first table to find another area. Climb the first
staircase you come to and bash through the ceiling to find more. Bash the
western wall of the upper area to find an area with more coins. Note the
pink blocks with the picture of a spear guy on them; you'll see this kind
of block often, and it can only be destroyed by throwing an enemy at it
(it doesn't have to be a spear guy). Butt stomp the pots to find a lower
area and bash through the west wall to reach a coin area. Go through the
door in the lower area to reach C*. Up in the regular section, bash the
east wall to find more coins and take the door to D.

C*.Watch out for the first bat's weight. If it flattens you, let the
second bat grab you and return you to normal. Don't let the second bat
grab you when you're normal, or he'll take your coins. Collect all the
coins, then enter the fireplace to find a section with more coins.

D. Dash at the old stove here to push it across the floor, then use it as
a step stool to reach the upper section. Bash through the ceiling to the
far left to reveal an area with coins. In the normal section, continue to
the right. Dash at the drawer cabinet to get it out of your way, then
enter the fireplace to get the treasure. Continue to the right and bash
the eastern wall to find more coins. Take the door to E.

E. Bash the eastern and western walls to find more coins. Take the left door
to F* and the right door to G.

F*.Grab the spear guy and use him to break the blocks. Collect the coins.

G. Butt stomp the first group of pots to find a lower section. Enter the
fireplace to find more coins and bash the eastern wall for even more.
Back up top, continue to the right until you reach the alarm clock. Bash
it or butt stomp it to clear the level.

Treasure --
Described in section D.

Story 2 -- Turn off the giant faucet

A. Watch out for the currents that will drag you back to the beginning of the
stage. Catch rides on the floating furniture. Go past the door and bash
the east wall to find a passage with coins and a route to the upper part
of the section, where more coins hide. The door leads to B.

B. Let the little dragon light you on fire, then break the blocks and get
the coins when you become a fireball. The door on the right leads to C.

C. As you proceed right, look for a spot where you can jump on a platform to
go to the upper area, where coins are stored. Check the very bottom of the
screen for the second hole in the floor. Jump into the water a good
distance to the right, and if you're quick, you can take it to D* by
holding down as you pass it. Continue to the right; the door leads to E.

D*.Hold right and tap the B button as you enter to reach some coins. Hold
up as you proceed to the left to reach more coins. Hold left and tap B
to reach more coins. The currents make this portion frustrating; make as
many tries as your patience will allow.

E. Use the spear guy to defeat the sort of glowing puffy thing. Bash the
east wall to find coins. The door on the right leads to F.

F. Jump to the right side of the faucet and bash it to turn it off and clear
the stage.

Treasure --
In section C, there's a door hanging in the middle of the air. If you
stand on one of the floating pieces of furniture and hit up *just* as you
pass it, you'll be able to enter and get the treasure.

Story 3 -- Let the Water Out

A. Immediately turn left and bash the wall to get some coins. As you proceed
right, watch out for the swordfish. The door leads to B.

B. You will need to get into the bubbles to get through the downward water
currents. Of course, since the bubbles pop on contact with anything, you
might want to clear out the pots first to make it easier on you. The door
leads to C.

C. It's pretty obvious that you need to bash the left and right walls for some
bonus coins. The door on the right leads to D.

D. Now you have to avoid the bubbles as you make your way down. Tapping B
will make you swim quickly past the cracks where the bubbles appear. Wait
until a bubble comes out, let it go past you, then book it! The door leads
to E.

E. More swordfish to look out for. Hit the switch before going into the door
on the left; it will make the water level go down when you reach F*. Bash
the eastern wall for more coins. Make sure the switch is in the "up"
position as you take the door on the right to G.

F*.Collect the coins, but watch out for the spear guy.

G. Avoid the swordfish and take the door to H.

H. Again you will need to use the bubbles to get through the downward water
currents. At the second bubble hole, take the left route so you can
destroy the pots. Then take the right route so you can make your way to
the top. The door leads to I.

I. As the sign suggests, you should slide down the stairs by holding down on
the control pad. This express ride will take you to the end of the stage.
Clear the stage by bashing the large block to drain the water out of the

Treasure --
The treasure is in the door about halfway up in section H.

Story 4 -- Go down to the cellar

A. You'll begin the stage by being smashed flat. Float through the coins
to the right. A drip of water to the right will return you to normal, or
you can climb the platforms to the left to float through the coins again.
When you're ready, the door leads to B.

B. Climb onto the bat's weight. Just as he's about to drop it, jump to the
upper platform to reach the upper area where coins abound. Bash your way
right and avoid the weights. If you get hit, return to the bat that's not
carrying a weight and he'll return you to normal. Once you've bashed your
way to the door, let yourself get flattened and press Up while you jump to
climb to the top of the platforms. Just walk off the right side of the
top platform and hold right to float into the coins. Use the drip to
return to normal and take the door to C.

C. Jump up at the bats to make them go away as you proceed right. Be
careful as you bash your way through the blocks; make sure you have
enough left that you can use them as a staircase to reach the upper level,
where there's a bunch of coins. Take the door to D.

D. It's harder to avoid the weights, but avoid them you must, if you want to
bash your way through on the other side. As you creep through a low
passage, you'll fall through to a passage with coins that leads back to
the beginning. This time, let yourself get smashed and you won't fall
through when you go through the low passage. Let the drip return you to
normal and enter the door to clear the stage.

Treasure --
In section D, climb the platforms while you're still flatened. Stand on
the sixth platform from the bottom and hold left. You'll drift right
into a low spot. Let the bat return you to normal and enter the door to
find the treasure.

Story 5 -- Defeat the giant snake

A. Look for a spot to butt stomp the floor between the two pillars in the
background. (An arrow of coins points the way.) Collect the coins and
follow the platforms to the left all the way up. Bash your way through
the wall on the right to proceed. Falling down any of the holes will net
you a bunch of coins. Repeat as often as desired, then take the door on
the rightmost part of the normal section to B.

B. There's a spot to butt stomp the floor under the blocks. Get all the
coins, follow the staircase to the left, and bash through the wall to the
right when you reach the top. Bash the eastern wall of this room for
even more coins. The door leads to C and the boss.

C. Jump on the snake's head six times to defeat him, but don't let him grab
you in his mouth. It's easier if you stand on top of his coils and press
up as you jump. If you get eaten, you'll end up by a door to D*.

D*.Actually, this room is just the upper part of room B. Butt stomp the
small blocks in the middle of the room to reach B. Bash the western wall
for coins. The door on the left leads to the upper part of A.

Treasure --
In the upper part of section A, fall into the second gap from the left.
You should land on a platform. The door leads to the treasure.

b. Chapter 2 -- SS Tea Cup

Story 1 -- Return the hen to her nest

Note: In most levels, when you enter a door, any enemies you've defeated are
reset. Not in this level. Since you need to throw the enemies at
certain blocks to destroy them, make sure you don't defeat an enemy until
you're sure you don't need it.

A. Watch out for the jumping creature on the hill as you begin the level.
If you let it jump directly onto your head, it'll curl up in a ball,
stunned. Pick it up and use it to break the blocks surrounding the door
to B*. Make sure you break all the blocks; it'll make it easier to return
with the hen. As you proceed, you'll meet a rooster. Stomp it and use it
to break the blocks surrounding the door to C*. Once all of the blocks
are out of your way, you can back up and slide down the hill to the left
to reach the coins in the chamber to the right. If you time your jumps
correctly, you can roll into the upper passage that leads to D*. Watch
out for jumping guys as you proceed up the hill. The door at the bottom
of the hill leads to E*. You should see the hen on one of the platforms.
Go back and defeat any stray enemies by butt stomping them (once you're
sure all of the blocks have been destroyed), then pick up the hen and
carry her back to the start of the level. If you drop her, she'll fly
away back to where you found her. Set her on her nest to clear the

B*.Press up and hold A as you stomp these spear guys to reach the big coins
up above.

C*.Use the ducks to reach the higher coins, then roll down the hill on the
right to reach more coins.

D*.Bash blocks, get coins, avoid enemies. Climb the platforms on the right
side; the door leads to the eastern end of section A.

E*.Use the duck as a boost to reach the coins. Or, a well timed dash and
jump from the lower platform might get you up.

Treasure --
The door halfway through section D contains the treasure.

Story 2 -- Escape from the woods

A. Start by going to the right and the lower area, where there are coins to
collect and enemies to clear out. Save one of the punchy guys to break
some blocks to the right and get some more coins. Return to the upper
area and watch out for penguins as you cross the platforms. If you get
intoxicated, your best bet is to go to a pool in the lower area and get
cured. If you see a penguin on the next platform, butt stomp the ground
to knock it out for a second so you'll have the advantage when you proceed
to the next platform. You'll reach a door surrounded by blocks; first use
the blocks to reach a coin-filled upper section. If you make it all the
way to the left, you'll find a door to B*. The door surrounded by blocks
leads to C*. As you continue right, grab one of the penguins and, when
you climb the platforms, use it to break the blocks and reach some more
coins. Butt stomp the blocks to enter the water and follow the water to

B*.Be careful how you bash your way through these blocks. Try to jump as
you bash to create staircases to reach the top part of the level. If you
can make it to the top, there's some large coins to reward you.

C*.You see lots of coins as you go through this room, but you have to find
out how to bash your way through to them. Start with the left wall, then
the ceiling of the hall you create. Bash through the left wall of this
new upper chamber to get more coins. Butt stomp the floor of the lower
passage, then bash to the right until the screen stops scrolling. Butt
stomp the floor, bash the wall, and get the coins. Then hit the ceiling
of the passage you just butt stomped from and bash your way to the coins.
Return to the left and butt stomp the floor. Bash your way left
repeatedly. The door leads to some hidden coins in section A.

D. Grab one of the dragons and take it to the upper right part of the area.
Let it see you on fire, then break the blocks (as a fireball) to get more
coins. The door leads to E.

E. Go to the right and use a spear guy to break the blocks and get the big
coins. Return to the left and slide down the hill to reach the exit.

Treasure --
In section E, after you've bashed your way through to the exit, return to
the hill and slide down it. Jump just as you reach the bottom of the
hill. Once you reach the top, jump again to hit a wall and stop your
rolling. Bash through the blocks; the treasure is in the door.

Story 3 -- Get in the Tea Cup

A. Watch out for the swordfish as you collect coins and proceed toward the
door. Remember that you can hit them from above and below. Swim past
them when their backs are turned. Along the bottom of the level, there's
a safe spot to duck into as the fish passes. The door leads to B.

B. The seagulls are safe to stand on, but only for a second. They'll fly
away, only to return in a moment. Don't forget to get the big coins in
the lower right hand corner by jumping from the platform by the exit down
to the six coins at the bottom. You'll land on a seagull, and you should
jump to the right immediately. Also, take the detour toward the upper
left corner of the room for more coins. The door leads to C.

C. These creatures will sleep until you perform a noisy move, like butt slams
or dash attacks. As such, there's two strategies to take with these
creatures: avoid them by ducking and jumping over them, or bash attack
them one by one, making sure to wait until the others go back to sleep
before proceeding. Either way, the door leads to D.

D. The exit is the door just to the right of where you start. However, you
might want to climb the stairs to the left and right and jump across the
seagulls to collect the coins in the sky. The door leads to E.

E. Edge right up to these eels until they pop up, then tap the B button
repeatedly before they reset. A second or two of practice is all you
should need. There's a passage at the end that leads to F.

F. Congratulations! Enter the door to clear the stage.

Treasure --
In section E, let the last eel grab you. It'll take you straight to the
treasure room.

Story 4 -- Drop the Anchor

A. First bash your way through the pillar, then let the chef feed you a cake.
Jump on the cracked blocks and you'll smash through them to a coin-filled
area. The door leads to B.

B. The door to your right leads to C*. Butt stomp through the floor and bash
your way to the right. The door leads to D.

C*.Don't defeat the spear guy just yet. Bash through the cracked part of the
pillar, then throw the spear guy at the upper part of the pillar, marked
with a spear guy on it. Coins!

D. Let the chef feed you a cake, then walk merrily through the glowing puffy
guys to the right. The door leads to E.

E. The first door you pass leads to F*. You need to pick up a spear guy and
throw it at the puffy guy to reach the door that leads to G.

F*.Press up as you jump off the back of the spear guy on the upper platform
to reach all of the coins in the chamber to the right.

G. Bash to the right for some coins. Bash to the left. See the column
that's hanging in midair? Jump off the back of a spear guy to get on top
of it. The next part is a bit tricky. Stand on the right edge of the
column, facing left. Do a dash, then just as you're about to dash off the
platform, hold left and up while pressing A. You should just *barely*
reach a foothold in the upper section. Keep holding left as you bounce
off the wall, and you should make it. If you have trouble with this, try
throwing a spear guy onto the column and using it as a springboard to
reach the upper section. Both methods are tricky, but there's nothing to
do but practice. The treasure is behind the door in the upper section. To
the left, you can grab a spear guy and throw him at the pillars to the left
to destroy them. You'll find a hole that leads to some coins in the lower
section. Dash attack at the pillar to the right to create a gap that you
can squeeze through. Now, by climbing the ladder to the left, you can
revisit the upper section more or less whenever you'd like. Finally, the
door leads to H.

H. Let the chef feed you, then start bashing through blocks to make your way
down. The door leads to I.

I. Your goal. Bash the anchor until it falls into the water to clear the

Treasure --
Described in section G.

Story 5 -- Defeat Bobo

A. Butt stomp through the floor on the far left. Jump back up and pick up
the spear guy and bring him down with you. Use it as a spring board to
reach the large coins. The door leads to B.

B. Bash the left and right walls to get some coins. The door leads to C.

C. Take the door to D.

D. Use the spear guy to break the blocks and get the coins. The door leads to

E. Pick up the duck and throw it at the pillar to the left for some coins. Go
down and get a punchy guy. Throw it at the wall to the right to destroy
it and find some coins. Go to the left side of the lower section. The
door leads to F.

F. Bash to the left to find some coins. Bash to the right to find more coins
and a door to some easy coins. The skull door leads to the boss at G.

G. It's the boss. Jump on his head as he swoops down. He'll start flapping
his wings to blow you skyward. Just hold Down on the control pad to keep
from being blown away. If you *do* get blown away, you'll end up in C.
Don't worry about getting hit as he swoops; you won't lose coins or get
blasted away or anything. Six hits will clear the stage.

Treasure --
In section E, get a punchy guy and return to the upper section. By holding
down the button, you can throw it through the tiny gap in the upper
section. Go through the cleared gap to reach the treasure.

To Be Continued. . .


7. The Quest Continues!

Once you beat Captain Syrup for the first time and you continue the
game, you'll get a map showing you all of the treasures you have yet to
collect and all of the stages you have yet to open. With 25 "hidden" stages
and several alternate endings to see, this game is far from over.

This section will happen someday. You'll see.


8. Special Thanks

Of course, my heartiest thanks go to Nintendo for making one of the best
Game Boy games I've ever played and for taking the time to do it again in

Second, I'd like to thank Michael Evans, co-author of the Zelda FAQ, for
getting me interested in this guide-writing stuff.

Third, thanks to Praxcelis for the Game Boy Dojo and to all of the folks
at the message boards who gave me the idea to do this.

Fourth, thanks to everyone who enjoyed my Zelda FAQ and to everyone who
will hopefully be patient with me as I write up this one.

Finally, two thumbs up to those hard-working folks at gamefaqs for
putting this guide up to begin with. It's a tremendous service to have so
many walkthroughs in such an easy-to-navigate format. They cannot be
thanked enough.


This guide is copyright 1999 Ed Griffiths


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