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1.Hi my name is Neil. I have loved every moment of this game but also
felt like chuking the Game Boy at a wall. This game is vary hard and
confusing but that is why I have put up this FAQ/Walkthrough up.

2.Here are some questions and ansers my ferends myself and famly have
ask me about this cool game.

a) Can Han use the Lightsaber- Yes he can but only once and it kind of
sucks. Here is what you do. When in the Cantina ( the Cantina is were
you get Han ) at Mos Eisley go to the select screen and highlight the
Lightsaber now that Luke has the Lightsaber get Han. Han will talk to
you and after you finish talking to him you will be him. HAN WILL BE
THIS WILL NOT WORK. Han will look like he has a gun but fire it and he
turns into luke for a berif second and uses the Lightsaber. You will get
to hate it.
b) Why when I go in the first cave sometimes Luke's new blaster is not
there?- That is because it is glitch that capcom didn't fix, all you do
is exit the cave and do it again and it should be there.

3. Tatooine- At the beginning the game automatically sends you to a cave
go to through the cave by jumping. Sometims there are big jumps, this is
easy to jump. Just run and jump and you'll jump farther and be where you
want to be. This is an easy cave. You should not lose any lives. Next,
drive your Landspeeder left to the screen. Watch out for a bantha. Then
once you hit the far left wall go straight up. Once you get to a bunch
of slits in the ground that indicates the tracks of a Sandcrawler. Go in
to the Sandcrawler it will be a big black structure in the corner of the
screen, drive into it. Go through the Sandcrawler shooting the Jawas.
And keep working your way up the Sandcrawler, and you will eventually
you will get R2D2. Then go down the path of tracks and when they run out
head right until you get to some big bolders. Then go down them until
you see a gap. Go through it and head up you will see a cave . Go in the
cave and jump up the rock and run and jump over the moving rock then up
the other rock and fall down the cliff when you pass the other cliff
push the + pad left and land on a floting rock and jump on the next rock
and so on until you get to a cliff and you will see a small Millennium
Falcon with some dots falashing around it pick it up then exit the cave
you just got one shild repet this and when you get 8 of them stop. Then
head right then head up don't get hit the gun and dodge the banthas.
Once you pass two banthas go down and enter the cave dodge the mutated
flys once you are at the bottom of the cave head left and talk to
Obi-One he looks like a stick figer. Next head down the screen and enter
Mos Eisley enter the Cantena and get Han. Then leve Tatooine.

Astroid Field- This is the second level and the easiest. If you have
played it before and kept dying you may think this is a very hard level.
But I the master of this game have found a secret path so you don't get
hit by any astroids. Move the cursor to the lower right hand corner and
leavae it there. Now, is the time that you can put your gameboy down on
the table and give your hands a break. The Maleniam Falcon will
automatically dodge all astroids.

Death Star- First fight your way through the hanger and dodge the
machine guns that the stormtroopers mans. Next fight your way through
the maze and go through the balck door, you'll be in a room with a globe
in the middle of two stair cases both the left and the right of the
room. Ther will be two machine guns on the top, dodge those, but climb
up the ladder and shoot the box in the middle of the globe with Han. It
will eventually blow up. You'll be back in another maze in the Death
Star and fight your way through and rescue Lea. Then, find the next
black door and go through it. You will be in another hanger fight your
way through. Watch out for the spikes and droids. Go throught the black
door. You will be in the trash compactor, take Luke and equip him with
the Lightsaber. Swing it once and hit the monster and it will die
immediately. You will be in another hanger and fight your way through
and get in the Millennium Falcon.

Death Star Trench- Next you will be in the Millennium Falcon move the
curser to the TIEs and blow them up. Now arn't you glad you got those
shilds. After a while you will go to Yavin 4 and get into a X-Wing you
will have to do that cuser thing agin. After all that you will be in the
Trench oooh I HATE THIS PART!!!! If you got R2D2 you will be able to win
the game. B fires the laser canons A fires the torpedos ( if you got
R2D2 )don't hit the walls or you will blow up. When TIEs get to close to
your back press A. When you get to a big black hole in the ground press
A and you win.

4) Have questions E-mail me at I capalized the L
because the one and the L looked alike but don't capalize it.

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