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Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 17:48:39 EST


Hi. My name is Chase. Sorry I couldn't get much in the first version, but
I've made some improvements in this one.
I really like this game. It's, if hard, very fun, but it's nothing like the
I hope my FAQ helps you in anyway it can. If you have any questions, comments,
or you think I missed something, e-mail me at ChaseW16 (no or
anything, just "ChaseW16").


I. Basics
1. Controls
2. Characters
3. Weapons
II. Levels
1. Tatooine
2. The Asteroid Field
3. The Death Star
4. The Battle of Yavin
III. Tips
1. Shields
2. Attacking
IV. Contributions
1. What I Need

I. Basics

1. Controls

A: Jump/fire torpedoes
B: Use weapon/fire lasers
Start: Pause/skip through/enter
Select: Character select screen
Control pad: Move

2. Characters

Luke Skywalker: The main character of the game. He can use all the weapons in
the game.
Han Solo: I don't recommend being him throughout the game; he only has ONE
life! He can also use all the weapons (except with the lightsaber, he can only
use it in the cantina).
Princess Leia: The annoying "damsel in distress" you have to rescue in the
Death Star. More information on her when I rescue her, and if.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: The hermit that lives beyond The Dune Sea. He can sometimes
resurrect Han.
R2-D2: The little droid who speaks in beeps. If you don't have him in the
trench run, you can't fire the torpedoes, which means you CAN'T beat the game!
C-3PO: The non-stop talking human relations droid who is fluent in over 6
million forms of communication.

3. Weapons

Lightsaber: The best weapon you can get. It kills just about everything in ONE
slash! My favorite.
Blaster: Two types of 'em; the suckiest, lamest, stupidest one (the one you
have to start out with), and the sucky, lame, stupid one (the one you get in
the first cave). You CAN'T beat the game relying on this piece of junk, trust
me. You won't even get past the cantina!

II. Levels

1. Tatooine

Okay. R2-D2 is in the sandcrawler. Go inside and go around slaughtering Jawas
until you reach a thing with arrows going up. Jump into it. You should be shot
up into the air. When you land, go right. After a jump, there is a conveyer
belt. Get on it and you'll be rushed to the other side. Get on the thing with
the arrows going up and jump left. Keep going left, and make sure to watch out
for the Jawa on the first raised platform. When you come to a jump, get on
another conveyer belt and super jump left. Go up the ladder and keep going
left. When you come to yet another thing with arrows going up, get on it. Go
right on the conveyer belt and do the same thing. When you come to the end go
up a ladder and run right. At the end of the platform jump right. Once you're
on the platform jump right and get on, yes, another conveyer belt. Use it to
jump right and on the platform jump down on yet another conveyer belt and use
it to jump up and on the platform is, finally, R2-D2!
"Where is Obi-Wan?!" I don't blame you for asking this all the time. Well,
finally, here is the detailed answer: Obi-Wan is in the cave where the flying
bugs are. Keep going down until you're almost at the bottom. Right below a
molar-like rock is some health. After you have collected the health, get on
the molar-like rock and super jump left. Do it again and again until you reach
the cliff with Obi-Wan on it. Now you get the lightsaber. Geez, this guy's
easier than R2-D2!
However, I DO blame you for wondering this! How hard can it be? But if you're
clueless, it's in the southeast corner of the desert. Simple as that.
Okay. Now that you're in Mos Eisley, jump over some blocks and there should be
a place with "Cantina" marked on it. When you're right next to the doorway,
press up on the control pad. The next thing you know, you should be in the
cantina. Equip your lightsaber, NOW! Then just barge your way through, jumping
on the raised platforms when you can. After a while you should come to a
raised platform with Han on it. You can now fight your way back out of the
cantina and start heading right.
Most Star Wars freaks know the Falcon is in Docking Bay 94. And in this game
it is! That's the closest thing to the movie yet! Okay, once you're in the
hangar, there really isn't any walkthrough. Just remember one thing; the
Falcon is on the left side of the hangar. That's all I can tell you. It's too
complicated for the whole walkthrough.

2. The Asteroid Field

This is the shortest level and the easiest. Some people think that there's
absolutely no way to dodge all the asteroids. WRONG! Just stay in the bottom
right hand corner and the Falcon will automatically dodge all asteroids. Can
somebody tell me why dodging asteroids is easier than finding a little droid?

4. The Death Star

Okay, let's get one thing straight: if you have 5 or less continues, start
playing the funeral music. You need at least 7 or more to get passed this.
To start off, you're in the hangar bay of the Death Star. With your
lightsaber equipped, slaughter your way through the it. Watch out for a
machine gun manned by a stormtrooper at the end. Go up a ladder and keep going
up killing stormtroopers and machine guns. Soon you should come to a doorway
gaurded by a stormtrooper. Go inside and you should be in large corridors with
elevators going up and down. Explore a little and you should find another
doorway. Go inside and go right, avoiding the floating droids and killing
stormtroopers. Once you reach the end C-3PO says he's found the computer
terminal and that Princess Leia is scheduled to be killed and now you have to
rescue her. I don't know where she is but you have to explore around a little
and when you find her backtrack out of the Death Star and you will be in a
dogfight with some TIEs. To lock on them put the cursor and press B. They
should explode with a few short bursts.

4. The Death Star Battle

Once all the TIEs are destroyed you will go to Yavin 4 and you will get into
an X-Wing. Then you'll go to the Death Star and will have to do that stupid
cursor thing again. Once you destroy the TIEs you will have to go to the
trench. Based on what I've heard you'll need at least 3 shields and about 4
continues to beat this. When you come to a black hole in the trench press A. A
missile will fire and it will go in the hole. Congragulations! You've just
beat the game!

III. Tips

1. Shields

Look for shields everywhere; you really need them for the trench run. You can
find shields in the Mos Eisley hangar, the cave where you find Obi-Wan, the
cave with little earthworm-things, and the Death Star.

2. Attacking

Don't underestimate your enemies; a few short blasts from the blaster will NOT
kill a stormtrooper or a bounty hunter, trust me.

If you don't have the lightsaber, the best thing to do in the cantina, hangar,
and Death Star is to not attack at all. Just jump over your enemies and try
not to get shot.

IV. Contributions

1. What I Need...

A. ...For this FAQ

I really, really need the location for Leia. If you know where she is, can you
send me an e-mail and tell me where she is? If you can, that'd be great.

Another thing I need is some more tips. I want this FAQ to be helpful, so a
few tips isn't really enough, if you know what I mean.

B. ...For Other FAQs

I need some tips to post in a FAQ for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (N64). Not
that I don't have any myself, but I need more if I'm even going to post it at

I'd really appreciate it if you can help me out with this stuff. If you have
some codes or tips, please send them to me at ChaseW16. Thanks!

V. Goodbye

Well, I hope this FAQ helps you with this really cool game. Until next
version, see ya!

Copyright 1999 Chase Woodruff


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