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FAQ For: Revelations: Demon Slayer (Gameboy Color)
Author: Dallas (
FAQ #: 04
Version: 1.1
Date: 09/24/99 05:53:56 PM PT

Table of Contents
I. About the game
II. Tips, Hints, Strategy
III. Walkthrough
IV. Codes
V. Gameshark Codes
VI. Past FAQ's
VII. Future FAQ's
VIII. Credits
IX. Disclaimer

I. About the game
Revelations came out in September 1999, for the gameboy color (Also
playable on the Game Boy Pocket, and Gameboy) It is the FIRST COLOR RPG
for the Gameboy Color. Pokémon Yellow Edition would have beat it but
that doesn't come out until the end of October. Revelations is a game
that is sort of the same as pokémon. It has monsters that you fight like
any RPG. But this is a Fantasy RPG.
Revelations is about these people who can weild a power called GAIA,
which is protected by a magical Orb that keeps peace and order.
Everything was fine until someone EVIL tried to use the power of GAIA.
There are about 100 monsters in this game. You can get them too. Once
you get a lot of them, you can combine some of them together and make
them more powerful monsters. You can also fight a friend, similar to
pokémon, with a Game Link Cable.

II. Hints, Tips, Strategy
Monsters - Before you fight a monster in the game. Try to talk to it. If
you do, it might join your team. Then you can use that monster to
influence other monsters to join your team also. But not all will join.
Some will fight you.
Characters - Your 3 main characters will learn better and stronger gaia
spells as they progress through the game, and the monsters you recieve
will also learn stronger gaia spells. And as in Pokémon you should use a
certain type of attack against a certain type of enemie.
Items - In many towns there are different types of shops, like weapon
shops, armor shops, and Item shops, but to buy anything you need to get
money first. You can do this buy defeating enemies or selling items you
don't really need to get extra money.
Battling - When you battle you should put your Characters in a certain
order. Put your best and toughest monsters at the top of the list and
put your main characters on the bottom. Trust me this is the best way to
do it because the enemies will tend to attack the Characters you have on
the top of your list the most, and after they are defeated you have your
main characters left, which is really great for you.
Combining Monsters - To combine 2 monsters you need to get the combine
spell, then you can find 2 monsters which will really be a great match
to combine, then you can combine them into 1 monster.
Growing your characters - When you win a battle you will recieve EXP.
MONEY, and POINTS, use the points on certain atrributes your character
has. For Example, you can use the point on speed or attack, etc. Try
using the point on an attribute the character is good at using.
Game Link Cable - Yep, you guessed it, just like POKČMON. You can fight
your monsters with friends, family, or whoever. You need 2 Revelation
game paks, and 1 Game Link Cable.

III. Walkthrough

Part I:
Objectives: 1. Leave Moila
2. Find Lete Water
3. Break into Arrow Town
4. Help Kishe (Or whatever you named them)
5. Save Zodia

1. Leave Moila
First you will recieve a Tite sword. Then go into that big building from
the side door (only door) and talk to the man there. Then there will be
rumbling and the monsters have arrived. Go outside of Moila by that
little area with nothing near it. I really suggest you fight some
monsters outside of Moila to get money then go back to Moila to buy some
better weapons and armor.
2. Find Lete Water
After you leave Moila, you need to go to Oasis by crossing the Southern
Desert. Then on a dock you will find the Lete Water.
**TIP** Fight all of the monsters on your way so that you can get more
money to buy better armor and weapons and also to gain EXP. so your
characters can grow stronger and better.

3. Break into arrow town
You will need the Lete Water to break into the town of Arrow. So once
you get that and break in you will have to fight someone named Jabba,
then once you defeat him you can go on into the town and see whats
there. And make sure to get the medicine before you leave.

4. Help Kishe (Or whatever you named them)
Go to Remlia and find Kishe or the name you named them in the begining
of the game. Give Kishe the medicine for them to join your group. If you
didn't get the medicine like I told you to, then you will have to go
back into Arrow Town and get it.

5. Save Zodia
Now you must go to Mt. Palo (The place that man said he was going to
take the children) And you will have to fight the Devil. Once you defeat
him a person named Zodia will appear and then leave immediatly. Now go
back to Remlia and get the PASS from the gaurds who are gaurding the
Orb. It will let you continue on to cross the mountains after you pass
through the west shrine.

Part II
Objectives: 1. Shrine
2. Go to Jalawan
3. Go to Ramuh
4. Tower of Magan

1. Shrine
Before you go to the shrine stop off in Meruha to get better armor at
the Armor Shop. Then go across the ocean towards the south and enter
the Shrine of Hynos.

2. Go to Jalawan
Go to Jalawan which is near the Shrine of Hynos and go to the top of the
roof. You will now meet Hata (Who you will meet more times in the game,
sort of like Gary in... You guessed it Pokémon, only you don't fight
him.) He will tell you some stuff about Monsters then go back down and
go to the Weapon shop, and check out what they have.

3. Go to Ramuh
Next go on to Ramuh a big town which has a shrine in it. Go to the
shrine of Ramuh to learn what your next Objective is, which is to go to
the Tower of Magan and rescue Priest Rafael.

4. Tower of Magan
The enemies at the Tower of Magan are tougher than the ones you have
been facing. Fight your way to the top of the Tower and you will have to
fight Minotaur, defeat him and you will free Priest Rafael.

Part III
Objectives: 1. Get the Sol Ring
2. Talk to the Animals
3. The Nest
4. Go to Tilmun
5. The Sages
6. Find Triton

1. Get the Sol Ring
Once you rescue Priest Rafael go back to the Ramuh Shrine and get the
Sol Ring as your reward for rescuing the Priest. You will need this ring
so you can talk to the animals.

2. Talk to the animals
Now go to Harappa. This is where you can talk to the animals with your
new Sol Ring. The animals will give you a Black key which opens Zord's
nest. Now you can go on to the nest...

3. The Nest
Now you can go to the nest with the Black Key that you recieved from the
animals in Harappa. The nest is located on the Northern Continent. Once
you get their battle throught the final zord. Once you defeat it you
will see Uranus (or whatever you named them; the 3rd Main character)
leave back for Harappa. Now you need to follow Uranus, and go back to
Harappa. Then when you get their talk to Uruanus to get her to join your

4. Go to Tilmun
Once you get there you will learn about the problems in the common
people's houses. Now go to the weapon shop and buy the Arce Sword. You
will also learn that Zodia has gone to the Mountain of Sages.

5. The Sages
Now go to the Mountain of the Sages. If you have a full set of bones for
Dragon, Kirin, and Amon, the sages will give you ZOMBIE versions of
Dragon, Kirin, and Amon. Then talk to the last sage who will give you an
EMBLEM which is a gift from Zodia, who has already left the Mountain of

6. Find Triton
Now you must go back to Tilmun. You will get permission from Priest
Rafael and his wife to take one of their DOLPHINS to a nearby Island, so
that you can find their son Triton. When you get to the island, you will
fight Orthrus. Defeat it and then talk to Triton and he will give you
the FIRE STAFF. Now go back to Tilmun and talk to the priest and his
wife. They are so thankful that they will give you another dolphin which
can take you to another nearby island which has the Zord Castle on it.

Part IV
Objectives: 1. Reach Zord Castle
2. Go to the Monster Nest
3. Monster Shrines and Trading
4. Some Secrets
5. Cross the Ocean
6. Go to Atlantis

1. Reach Zord Castle
Use the dolphin that the Priest and his wife gave you to go to a nearby
island which has Zodia and more Zord on it. You must defeat Zodia and
his companion Morgan, for him to tell you the secrets of the Island.
After you defeat them a bridge will appear outside which leads to the

2. Go to the Monster Nest
Once you get to the monster nest via the bridge, you will once again
talk to Hata. He will teach you more about the conspriracy of Atlantis
and how it affects your journey.

3. Monster Shrines and Trading
There are Monster Shrines in the South and Southeast. Go to them and
trade a Magnetite you have found, if you have found one, and trade it
for some useful items.

4. Some Secrets
In the mountains look for Faerie Cave, it is hidden so you will need to
look for it. When you find it, go inside to find some really uselful
stuff. Now find the Cave of Cerberus. Go inside and fight Cerberus (A
REALLY POWERFUL MONSTER) if you defeat him, he will join your group.

5. Cross the Ocean
Go to the Northwest Continent by using the Hynos Shrine, and you will
reach the City of Crotona. There you will need to talk to a family to
learn about Hilam in Atlantis.

6. Go to Atlantis
In Atlantis you will find tons of weapons you should buy. If you want to
learn more about the conspriacy then talk to Hilam. Now you need to go
into the sewers which contain useful items. Exit the sewers throught the
Southwest Exit which leads to the rear of Hilam's laboratory. Once you
get their you will discover that Hilam was kidnapped by Dalo. You will
get the Jail key from the sources.

Part V
Objectives: 1. Rescue Hilam
2. Ark
3. Zord Headquarters
4. Southwest
5. Sacred Trees
6. Nova
7. The Ultimate EVIL

1. Rescue Hilam
To Rescue Hilam you need to go to the town of Dalo. Use the Jail Key to
let him out, and he will return to Atlantis telling you that if you want
to build an Ark to go back to Atlantis and meet him there. But before
you do, get the Bard key from a monster in Dalo.

2. Ark
Go back to Atlantis and Hilam will send you to Crotona to get Ark-
Building Lapis. Return to him witht the Lapis, and he will start
building your ark. Check back later to get it.

3. Zord Headquarters
Zord HQ is located in a northern circle of stones. Break into it using
your Bard pass. Once inside you will fight Zodia and Mephist.

4. Southwest
Go back to Atlantis and pick up your Ark from Hilam. Then fly to the
Southwest continent and go inside the cave of petal. Any of the zombies
you created at the Mountain of Sages will come back to life. So you
should get Dragon, Kirin, and Amon.

5. Sacred Trees
While your on the Southwest continent, visit both of the Sage Shrines.
In one you will fight Mephist and in the other you will get the ability
to talk to plants. Now fly the arc to Ramuh and the Monster Nest so that
you can get the 2 halves of the Light Dew.

6. Nova
Take the arc to an Island in the center of the world and you will be
automatically transported to Nova. In Nova you will learn some more
stuff from Hata and the Goddess of force.

7. Ultimate EVIL
Here it is, where you will fight the Ultimate EVIL! Fly into a clearing
of the mountains in the Northwest continent. If you want go to the
Shrine of monsters to learn some final secrets. Fly throught the
Petrolyph to face the Ultimate EVIL.

IV. Codes
This isn't really a code but here it is anyway:
Combine Orthrus and Cerbrus to make the ultimate monster Solion.
If you have any more e-mail them to me.

V. Gameshark Codes
Coming Soon...
If you have any codes send them to me at

VI. Past FAQ's
Until I get my Contributor Recognition Page at here are my
past FAQ's including this one:

# 01: Adventure Island (NES)
# 02: Tetris DX (GBC/GB)
# 03: Adventure Island III (NES)
# 04: Revelations: Demon Slayer (GBC/GB)

VII. Future FAQ's
Here are some of the FAQ's I plan on writing for
Donkey Kong 64 (N64)
Banjo-Tooie (N64)
Castlevania II: Special Edition (N64)
Pokémon Gold/Silver (GBC/GB)
Adventure Island II (NES)
Adventure Island IV (NES)
Adventure Island (GB)
There are others but these are definite. Incase you didn't notice I
really am a Big Fan of Adventure Island, and I really love NES games as

VIII. Credits
Nintendo for making it.
Atlas for also making it.
Me for making the FAQ. Hehehe. for their FAQ on the game. It really helped me out in
the game and without it I would know nothing about the game making it
impossible for me to make this FAQ.
All of you for reading my FAQ(s)
If you want to submit something I don't have, send it to and I will give you full credit for it.

IX. Disclaimer

Well, thats my 4th FAQ, I hope it was very useful for all of you who
requested it. I saw that it has been the #1 Requested FAQ so far, so I
got tired of that and made it for all of you who requested it. Well see
you on my next FAQ. Bye...

- Dallas -


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