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Re-written by Kelvin Leen (a.k.a Billy Kane)
Please do not edit the contents in the FAQ. Thank you !

This version is an update from the previous FAQ written. This time a little
more things are added.

What is Real Bout Fatal Fury's story ?

It's just a version of Fatal Fury that was made for die-hard fans.
I heard that there wasn't any story for the Neo-Geo version,
although it's just another excuse to see Terry get whipped by Krasuer
once more ... hehehe.

In this version of the FAQ, we'll cover most things about
this game. I like it a lot but being a gameboy game, several original
characters are lost and they are :

Bob Wilson, Franco Bash, Tung Fu Rue, Cheng, Sokaku, the EX characters,
and finally Jin Chonshu.

Everything else is in and rocking !


-You can sidestep in the game ! Just hit A+B to avoid a move or attack.
-There are counters in the game. Unlike the original, you can counter
anytime. Your counters are based on 1-3 stars ranking, a 3 star being
a strong counter while a 1 star being just a weak counter.
-You still can trap your foes at a corner and bash him/her till the
corner breaks (Well, not quite.)
-Super desperation moves are easier to do, just 2 (D,Dt,T) motion and
either A or B button. Those that have to be done close will only take
place when your foe is close.
-Select button taunts your foe. You can cancel it by any movement or
button press.
-There's also an asshole hidden in the game. :)

Key : U - up, T - Towards, D - Down, B - Back, Dt - Down towards,
Db - Down Back, H - Hold, CL - Close, +A - Kick, +B - Punch
()x2 - Do motion twice


Terry Bogard - The lone wolf hero of all FF games.

Power Wave - D Dt T + B
-Changes into a wide spread power wave when foe is close-by.

Power Knuckle - D Db B + B
Rising Tackle - D (H) U + B
Power Sway - D Dt T + A
Crackshot - D Db B + A
Power Dunk - T Dt T + A
Power Charge - B T T + B

* POWER GEYSER (Spelling error ?) S power
D B D T + B
** TRI GEYSER P power
(D Dt T) x2 + B

Andy Bogard - The one who never wants to stay in his brother's shadow

Dashing Shadows - B (H) T + B
Quicksilver Blast - D Db B + B
Spirit holder - T D B + B [It is possible to reflect projectiles from
normal blasts to SDM types !)

Rising Dragon Blow - T D T + B
-Useful for trapping fallen characters at corners.

Rising Dragon Spin - B D T + A
-Useful to make people keep falling down.

D (H) Dt T + A
** Rushing Shadow Spin P Power
(D Dt T)x2 + B

Joe Higashi - The Thai kickboxing king

Golden Heel Smasher - D Db B + A
Tiger Slash Kick - B (H) T + A
Hurricane Single - D Db B + B
Hurricane Triple - T D B + B
Machine Gun Punches - Keep hitting B

Power strike - T Dt T + B
-Useful weapon for bigger size fighters .. esp.Krasuer

T B D T + B
(D Dt T)x2 + B

Mai - Won't Andy ever marry her ?

Fan Tosser - D Dt T + B
Flaming Pillar - D (H) U + B
Diving Ninja - In Air + D Db B + B
Flying Bees Smash - B D T + A
Dragon Tail Spin - D Db B + B

Wild Sakura Dance - T D B + B
( Con't in this motion to complete combo attack.)

* Grand Flying Ninja Bees Attack S Power
T B T + A
** Fallen Moon P Power
(D Dt T)x2 + B

Jin Chon Rei - The vertically challenged warrior

Emperor Rush - T T + B
- Useful takedown move. Possible Air combo chain ups too !

Emperor Fireblast - D Dt T + B
- Hit B to store your size of the blast.

Emperor reflector - D Db B + A
- Reflect any (even super) projectiles.

Emperor Rising Star - T Dt T + B
Emperor Soul Stealer - D Db B T + B
Earth Dragon - D Dt T + A

* Grand Emperor Fireblast S Power
T B D T + B
- Unlike the old Real Bout, this move does not hit both sides
of the arena.

** Ultimate Emperor Dragonflash P Power
(D Dt T)x2 + B

Blue Mary - The master grappler ... Oh yeah !

Splash Slider - B (H) T + A
Splash Rose - D Dt T + B
Grappler Counter - D Db B + A / D Db B + B
Grappler - D D + B
Rising Rose - T Dt T + A

* Mary Typhoon S Power
T B D T + B
** Mary's Rose Blooming P Power
CL (D Dt T)X2 + B

Kim - Korea's pride and joy in both Justice and in his kicks !

Half moon Splash - D Db B + A
Rising Moon Splash - D (H) U + A
Sandblast - D Db B + B
Rising Sandblast Kick - T Dt T + B
Desending kick - In air + D + A

* Descending Phoenix Kick S Power
In Air (B D T) + A

** Final Phoenix Kicks P Power
(D Dt T)x2 + A

Duck King - Man, his chicks are funky !

Duck Rave - D Dt T + B
Duck Upperknee - T D T + A
Aero Duck - In Air + D Db B + B

Duck Sway - T D B + A
- Works like Terry's Power Sway.

Aero Fake - In Air + D D
Duck Crush knee - D Db B + A

* Final Duck (Sounds Cool eh ?) S Power
CL + T D T U D + B
** Duck Dance P Power
(D Dt T)x2 + B

RYUJI YAMAZAKI - Mass Murderer ... no wonder he's an Oroochi.

Snake Arm (Up) - T D T + B
Snake Arm (Front) - D Db B + B
Snake Arm (Down) - D Db B + A
Headbomber - CL + T B D U + B
-Very Hard to execute.

Macho Counter - B D T + A
Energy reflect - D Dt T + B
Mass Stabbing - T B T + B

* Neck Crusher S Power
T D B T + B
** Drill P Power
CL + (D Dt T)x2 + B [Unlike the previous NeoGeo version, you
can't charge up the move to different levels
of damage.]

BILLY KANE - Geese's bodyguard, my idol. :)

Tri Cane - B (H) T + B
Upper Cane - D Db B + B
Typhoon Cane - Hit B rapidly
FLying Cane smasher - B D T + A

Dragon Chaser - D Db B + A
-Useful counter attack move.

D T D B + B
(D Dt T) x2 + B

Laurence Blood - Krauser's Bodyguard, like how Billy is Geese's.

Bloody Driller - B (H) T + B
Bloody Axis - D Dt T + B
- You Must repeat the motion until he slashes his foe with his sword.

Bloody Caper - T Dt T + B (Press B again to launch a sword over to foe.)

* Bloody Axis Final S Power
D B D T D + B
** Grand Rose Final P Power
CL + (D Dt T)x2 + B

Wolfgang Krasuer - The great musician wants you DEAD ! O_o

Britz Ball Upper - D Db B + B
Britz Ball Lower - D DB B + A
Tomahawk Kick - D Dt T + A
Pull over ! - CL + B D T + B
Rising Backbreaker - CL + T D B + A
Bodyblow Counter - B D T + A

* Kaiser Wave S Power
B (H) T + B
- Use B Button to charge up move (Last power up blast hits both sides.)

** Kaiser Typhoon P Power
CL + (D Dt T)x2 + B


The Secrets of the games


During the game, press START to stop the game and hit select to move on
in slow motion. There is no big deal, but watching your desperation moves
in slow-motion rules.


When asked to choose your foe, hit start and B for random select.


Remember the nightmare stage in the original Real Bout Special game ?
It's back and say goodbye to those conditions you have to complete before
fighting at NIGHTMARE Stage. Just finish the game at Normal / Hard mode,
after Krasuer and the Congratulation screen, Geese will appear.


Gale Slash - D Db B + B
- Turns into double Gale slash when foe is nearby.

Air Gale - In Air + D Db B + B
- Hit B to fie another fireball after the first.

Charging Shadows - B (H) T + B
Body counters - D Dt T + B / A

* Rising Storm S power
D B D T D + B
** Thunder Break P Power 1
(D Dt T)x2 + B
** Final Rave P Power 2
(D Db B)x2 + B (Cool to watch !)

* This is undocumented, but Final Rave could also be done as (T D B)x2. That's
how I did it !


After defeating Geese, wait for the credits to finish. Use Start to speed up the
process. After that, Iori (!!) will appear to fight you in another Nightmare
matchup !


Purple Flame - D Dt T + B
Rising Upper - T Dt T + B
Face crusher - T D B + A
Triple Lotus crusher - D Db B + B
Unholy snatch - CL + B D T + B

* Maiden Masher S Power
D B D T + B
** Final Maiden Masher P Power 1
(D Dt T)x2 + B
** Final Chrono flame (Stupid name) P Power 2
(D Db B)x2 + B
-Use B to store and further the move's distance.


At the options, go to sound test option and hold Left + A
When you enter, go to SOFT DIP and change the 1st ZERO to ONE.
Exit and start the game. Go to Billy and Krasuer's face and hit start.
Billy will change into Iori and Krasuer to Geese.

This set of codes are recently found on the net. Try them at the risk
of spoiling the fun.

Go into the options and select it by holding Left and A together.
Change the soft dip option to make it look like this :


This will enable you to play as GEESE and IORI (the first 1 activates
this code), have Extra Power at your power meter that builds up with
time (the second 1 allows this to work) and finally the last 1 activates the
ability to use SELECT + A or B to activate moves shortcut, SDM and DM are
done anytime in the game. (Not everyone has this option, read on.)

Well, basically you can play this way but it's really gonna take the thrill
out of playing the game. The EXTRA POWER code is bad enough for me ... I feel
that there isn't much of a reason why you ought to use the new cheats I added.

For some characters like Duck King and Geese, the SHORTCUT moves cheat is
great to use. This makes their moves easier to execute and also the tendency
to cheat through the game. Feeling guilty yet ? No ... then read on !

Terry's shortcut attacks - Select + A : TRI GEYSER Select + B : POWER GEYSER
(In air) Select + A : In air Power Dunk Select + B : In air Crackshot

Andy's Shortcut - Select + A : Rushing Shadow Spin Select + B : Grand Dragon Spin
(In air) Select + A : In air Rising Dragon Spin Select + B : Rising Dragon Blow

(In air) Select+A : Golden Heel Smasher Select+B : Tiger Slash Kick

Mai's Shortcut - Select+A (Land/Air) Fallen Moon
Select+B (Land/Air) Grand Flying Ninja Bees Attack

Yamazaki's Shortcut - Select+A (CLOSE UP) DRILL
Select+B Macho Counter
In air Select+A In air NECK CRUSHER
In air Select+B Snake arm (Front)

Billy's Shortcut - Select+A MEGA CANE SWEEP
In air Select+A In air Typhoon cane
In air Select+B In air Flying cane smasher

Krauser's Shortcut - Select+A Kaiser Wave (Press on A to charge up move.)
Select+B Bodyblow counter
In air Select+A 1. A simple downward punch
2. When close up, will execute Kaiser Typhoon !
In air Select+B In air Tomahawk Kick

Laurance's shortcut - Select+A Grand Rose Final
Select+B Bloody Axis Final
In air Select+A Bloody caper (Press A again to fire a sword !)
In air Select+B Bloody Driller (Looks like superman !!)

Chonrei's shortcut - Select+A (In air/land) Grandfire Dragon Blast
Select+B Emperor Reflection
In air Select+B In air Emperor Uppercut

Kim's Shortcut - Select+A (In air/land) Final Phoenix Kicks
Select+B Rising moon Slash
In air Select+B In air Half moon slash

Mary's Shortcut - Select+A (Close-up) Mary's Rose blooming
Select+B Mary's Typhoon
In air Select+A In air Rising Rose
In air Select+B In air Splash Rose

Duck King's Shortcut - Select+A Duck Dance
Select+B (Close up) Final Duck
In air Select+A Aero Fake
In air Select+B Aero Duck

Geese's Shortcut - Select+A Rising Storm
Select+B Bodyblow counter
In air Select + A/B Air gale (Keep tapping A/B for more blast.)

Iori's Shortcut - Select+A Final Chrono Flame (Hold onto A to control move's
Select+B Maiden Masher
In air Select+A In air Triple Lotus crusher
In air Select+B In air Rising upper

Most of the in air attacks are VERY unlikely to hit anybody. The shortcuts'
cheat does not work for linked up gaming (VS player 2 mode) The best way to connect
the in air moves is to try jumping real low, and pressing the combined buttons at
once. You can taunt and press the Select button and A/B to do something, like a
surprise ! Characters like Geese, Laurance, Duck and Andy are much better to
use. You can also get high ratings with this cheat. (All matchups rank of SSS is
not unheard of.) Anyhow, it's up to you if you want to activate this cheat.


My opinion of the characters -

Terry - He has great moves for anyone to begin with, and his Power geyser rocks
everyone up. You can easily get S ranks with him.
When he gets cornered, a monkey will drop out once the corner points drops
to zero. (Rating *****/*****)

Andy - He ain't too nice, but his moves need a lot of getting use to. I don't use
him often, and even when I do, I only get A rankings.
When he's cornered, a gold bar drops out. Why ? Don't ask me.
(Rating ***/*****)

Joe - He's better than most characters, esp when it comes to his super attack.
Even when blocked, it duels out strong lifebar loss and more if connected.
When he's cornered, a crocodile appears. (Rating *****/*****)

Mai - What can I say, she's a vixen ! Her moves do take off nice amount of damage
and worst still, she can do serious damage if her Sakura dance move connects
completely ! Her supers however, are not easy to use. When she's cornered,
a fan will drop out. (Rating ****/*****)

Chonrei - Well, he's a powerful character overall, not much bad points about him.
His projectile can help connect into a lot of combos, so use it wisely !
When he's cornered, a Panda head drops out. (Rating *****/*****)

Mary - She's a grappler and her counters are useful for those who knows
how to cheat with her. You can easily finish the game with a full
string of SS rankings if you're a master.
When she's cornered, a crab appears ! (Rating ****/*****)

Kim - Kim's a heavy hitter, if you know how to connect his mini kicks into
a chain of combos. I don't really know how to use him, but I keep
using the Rising Sandblast kick to win. Use the frame trick to watch
his P Power attack ... cool.
When He gets cornered, Chang Koehan (KOF partner) appears ! Cute one !
(Rating ***/*****)

Duck King - Ducky never found a place in my mind. Don't try playing him
in HARD mode cause that's real hard ! I only beat Krasuer once using
him in hard and lost to GEESE there after. His super's hard to
do to. When he gets cornered, a chick appears ! (Rating **/*****)

Yamazaki - Not too easy to use. His attacks are strong but best used wisely.
His supers are useful if you can connect them on your foe without
problems. Play smart using him. When he gets cornered, a cobra appears!
(Rating : ***/*****)

Billy - Another one, play him smart and there's no problem. His moves build his
meters real fast, so use that advantage against others. His S Power super
is very tricky against most characters. When he gets cornered, a guitar
drops out. (Rating *****/*****)

Laurence - He's a tough nut to crack. Not easy to use too. His supers takes
a lot of practice to use. I like his P Power super the most.
When he gets cornered, a cow appears ! (Rating **/*****)

Krasuer - One of the most powerful characters in the game, Krasuer can take many
foes down with a simpel Kaiser wave. Store your Kaiser Waves, the computer
often leaves you to your storing ! When he gets cornered, a suit of
armour appears. (Rating *****/*****)

Geese - HE'S A WEAK MAN ! LAME ! USELESS ! I hate using him. I rather use Duck King
than trying to finsih the game with him. His moves are bad ... guess it
takes a fan to get use to him. When he gets cornered, a ghost drops out.
(Rating */*****)

Iori - He's a powerhouse, esp with his uppercut. If one can't get your foe, do a
second and it'll hit ! The desperation (S power) is not useful to him, but
hey, you can simply play him using uppercuts ! When he gets cornered, a (you
guessed it) moon drops out. (Rating *****/*****)

Note : The cornered items only apply to the person's stage only.


Any mistakes or any things to add on .... e-mail to :

Written as of 11/9/98 VERSION 0.1
Rewritten version completed on 8/10/98 Version 0.2

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