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A D V E N T U R E S tm

\_.» ODDWORLD ADVENTURES - Secret Rooms Information «._/

DATE: 31 / 03 / 1999
AUTHOR: Argönaut

\_.» COPYRIGHT «._/

This Walkthrough/FAQ may not in any form be reproduced without
prior consent of the author. If you want to use this Walkthrough/FAQ
on or in your webpage/magazine/book/disk/cd or any other means of
distribution (other than for personal use only), please contact me
first ( ).

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If you obtained this file from any other place that is not listed
here, please contact me and tell me the place where you found it, so
I can track down who has got this file.

\_.» UPDATES «._/

1.5 - Sixth Version. Added a long Theory and another long Oddspeak
about GTIS Games Hotline. Released 31/03/99
1.4 - Fifth Version. Some more Theories and Oddspeak added.
Released 23/03/99
1.3 - Fourth Version. Theories added, and an Oddspeak added.
Released 22/03/99
1.2 - Third Version. More information added. Released 13/02/99
1.1 - Second Version. Major Redesign on FAQ Width Reduced.
Released 03/02/99
1.0 - First Version. Released 01/02/99


Activates Password menu & Chants ... SELECT
Use Item ... ... ... ... ... ... ... A
Jump ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... B
To Chant ... ... ... ... ... ... ... SELECT
To Jump Up . ... ... ... ... ... ... B once while standing still.
To Jump Left/Right . ... ... ... ... B while pressing LEFT/RIGHT.
To Sneak ... ... ... ... ... ... ... UP and press LEFT/RIGHT.
To Crouch .. ... ... ... ... ... ... DOWN.
To Roll ... ... ... ... ... ... ... LEFT/RIGHT while crouching.
To Pick Up Rock or Meat ... ... ... DOWN while on top of rock/meat.
To Throw Rock or Meat (Normal) . ... A while standing.
To Throw Rock or Meat (Short) .. ... A while crouching.


Fart ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... RIGHT
Whistle High ... ... ... ... ... ... UP
Whistle Low ... ... ... ... ... ... DOWN
Chant & Leave .. ... ... ... ... ... A
Just Leave . ... ... ... ... ... ... SELECT


Sligs .. ... ... ... Gunned-up slugs in mechanical pants, with itchy
trigger-fingers and room temperature IQ's
Slogs .. ... ... ... They bark, eat live flesh, and are definitely
not good with children, but they're a Slig's
best friend. Their favorite bone is in Abe's
Paramites .. ... ... On their own, they're cute in a stomach-churning
sort of way, but put them in packs and they get
vicious. Kind of like children. Oh yeah... don't
back one into a corner.
Native Mudokon . ... Whistle back at these guys.
Bees ... ... ... ... Run run run away.
Bats ... ... ... ... Look out! These fly around and get in your way.


This FAQ is for the search of the Secret Rooms in ODDWORLD
ADVENTURES. I will be gathering as much information as possible on
where they are and how to get to them. Below there are three
headings, FOUND, RUMOURED, THEORIES and ODDSPEAK. FOUND will be where
all secret rooms information will be placed. RUMOURED is where all
speculated secret rooms information is. And ODDSPEAK is where all
the information that I have found on the net about the secret rooms
will be. So on with this FAQ.

<<._ FOUND _.>>

There has been none found yet. Check the Rumoured for more

<<._ RUMOURED _.>>

There is one really ODD thing that I found in the game there is a
level where you start next to a door. In total two doors on one
screen. Now Sometimes when I comeback to this door it is open but I
can't get into it. What is stopping me and how do I get past it. This
door might not be a door to a secret room, but I will try it next
time I play the game.

<<._ THEORIES _.>>

Ok well I havn't played Abe's Exoddus that much yet, so I don't
know about it, but in Abe's Oddessy the way to get into secret
hidden screens was to climb down behind things. They were nasty in
doing that in the game and you missed alot of saves. So where are
these enterances ?

Theory 1: They could be behind foreground objects.
Theory 2: They could be doors on black backgrounds.
Theory 3: You might have to drop into a hole.
Theory 4: You might have to use the Super Chant for something
Theory 5: There could be a time limit to finish it in.
Theory 6: They could be just tricking us. Hey look at the stress
they put us through in the game. Could the secret rooms
be a way of laughing at out futile efforts, don't know.
Theory 7: Could there be a door combination thing with the Temple
doors. Could there be a set way that you have to do the
doors to open a secret level. There are 6 doors (to
memory) so that makes 36 different combo's to do doors
in. I wonder if it is this door thing.
Theory 8: I forget what level it is as I played it so long ago but
there was one level that was near the end that was 'too'
easy, if you get what I mean. Could there be something
else in that level ?
Theory 9: Ok look at the size of the gamepak. I don't have the
statistics on the cart, but when you compare the game
size to one such as Pokémon, you have to think about if
there is 'un-used' space on the gamepak. If there is
some un-used space then that means the dev team might
have been rushed to put out the game. But if the space
is used up then something is taking up that room, and
this means that it might be the secret rooms. Or it
could be some other disapointing thing... My reason for
thinking of this is that the game has no save slots, so
where did all the memory on the gamepak go?

Well all I know is that I'm not leaving one stone un-turned. They
have now made me paranoid and I am going to find out where these
secret levels are.

<<._ ODDSPEAK _.>>

Posted on by MadCow on 18:Jan:1999:14:55:13
>> This is what we know about secret levels
>> 1) There are more than 1
>> 2) If you look at the page about OA it has screen shots 2 of
>> those arn't in normal levels (the one with poles and the
>> one with platforms on a dark background)
>> 3) There are probably Mukkadons and Story Stones(?) in them,
>> there is 1 Mukadon in the normal levels and I haven't
>> seen any of the stones the "continue the story" or "do
>> cool stuff" quoted from the manual
>> 4) It may have something to do with the voice samples. If
>> you press start it goes to pause then pressing buttons
>> gets "follow me", "ok", "go there" etc are they for fun
>> or do they have a purpose?

Posted on by MadCow on 16:Mar:1999:16:14:40
>> You know OddWorld adventures is the Paramonian Temple
>> section of Abe's Oddysee, well if there is a secret level
>> there it is likely to be a secret level in the Gb vertion.
>> Just a thought

Posted on by 'METH on 22:Mar:1999:16:39:12
>> I'm sorry but i'm possitive there are no secret levels and
>> all of the games programmers are c_nts and think there
>> funny. Ha Ha. At first it was a canny game but now it's too
>> boring and I cant be arsed to find any secret levels, but I
>> will keep checking this site just in case!!!
>> lorra lorra love,
>> 'METH

Posted on by Argonaut on 30:Mar:1999:22:08:27
>> The GTIS Games Hotline Conspiracy
>> Ok well I finally remembered to ring up the GTIS Games
>> Hotline in Australia charged at $1.50 per minute..!!!!, and
>> this is what I found out.
>> Me: 'Hi do you have any information on the Secret Rooms in
>> Helper: 'Sorry I have not been given any information on the
>> Secret Rooms sorry.'
>> Ok now here is the thing. There was no pause, no flicking
>> through books, and no keyboard clicking. So how did he know
>> that there was no such information. Now there is 70+ games
>> that GTIS has, so how could he know that type of specific
>> information so fast.
>> My Theory: If the secret rooms are there, the developers
>> don't want to give them away over the GTIS Games Hotline,
>> they want people to find them first (Like the Turok2 Big
>> Cheat that the T2 dev's done). But if there is no such thing
>> as a secret room in OA (Highly unlikely when you look at the
>> other ODDWORLD games), then they are falsly advertising
>> this.
>> More when information comes to hand.
>> Argonaut

\_.+ TRICKS ˝._/

This section is for little extra's people have found in this game.

\_.+ SECRET MOVES ˝._/

1) High (and long) jumps
To do this jump and at any point in the jump pause and then
unpause and jump again, you will start the jump from the point you
paused. Once you get used to this it is very usefull skipping hard

2) Victory sequences
This is a simple one, at the end of a level where to complete it
you walk off the screen. Jump off instead and it looks like Abe
raises his arms above his head in victory.

3) Killing sligs in different ways
You can kill sligs in two ways, when you have possesed them you
normally hold start and the slig flicks from side to side the
explodes. Well hold down up and select and it looks forward

>> There is also the two other normal ways to kill Sligs. 1 - Make
>> them jump off into a hole, and 2 - Get them to kill another
>> Slig then kill themself by exploding.

\_.+ GAME TRICKS ˝._/

I have rated all these with a star system of 1 to 5 on how
interesting they are.

1) Abe talk
When you press pause you can press all the buttons on the control
pad (apart from start ) to hear soundbites of abe talking. This
may link to a cheat, because on abes exoduss I heard there is a
cheat where you press pause and hit several buttons.

Rating : ****

2) Musical Passwords
More of a bug, at the menu at the begging of the game. Goto
gamespeak and press left a couple of times to hear abe chant. Now
when you change the letters on the password screen you hear abe

Rating : **

3) Quick Start
At the menu at the beggining press start at the start option to
skip the cut scene at the beggining.

>>You can skip all cut scene's this way.

Rating : *


Any type of feedback (other than abusive) is welcomed. Although I
can't promise that I will reply to every email I get I will try to.
Any email that asks for specific help will not be read. All that I
know about the stages in this game I have put here. If you are
writing to me please put in the topic in caps 'ODDSECRETS FAQ REPLY:'
then what ever topic you want after it. This will help me moderate
what mail is coming in from where. You can contact me at this
address: -

Anyone found abusing me will be automatically put onto a SPAM
list that will be sent for NO profit to many spam outfits across the
net. Yes I hate SPAM, but this is the only way to deal with people
who just email me to abuse me. Thank you for reading this FAQ.


ARGÖNAUT (a.k.a Scott A. Moss) for writing this FAQ.

SAFFIRE for creating this game for the GAMEBOY.
ODDWORLD INHABITANTS for creating Abe and his puzzling world that
makes us really, really mad when we are stuck.
GT INTERACTIVE for distributing the game.

MY GAMEBOY COLOR for just being there. I don't know what I would do
without it. Yes I do, I wouldn't be playing this magnificent game,
thank you.
AEON for buying me this game for the public holiday where many
presents are exchanged, for some unknown reason.


Madcow, 'METH

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