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***The one and only Metroid II: Return of Samus Guide***
Author: marshmallow


Hey everyone! Another of my great (right?) guides is out now! I was
writing a guide to Super Metroid, and I said to myself, "Hey, I have
Metroid II, why not do a guide for that too? It'll keep me busy!" And
then I saw that on the Request List at, under Game Boy,
the most wanted guide was...ta da! Metroid II! How lucky are you? =)

Version 1.1

Revision History:

March 21st - Changed Font. Spellchecked. Anything else? Nope!

God knows when - Initial Release


1) Story
2) Basics
3) Tips, Tricks, and Secrets
4) Items
5) Guide
6) Baddies
7) Metroid Tactics
8) Credits
9) Legal Stuff
10) End

Note: "Metroid Tactics" could go under "Tips, Tricks, and Secrets"...but
hey, why not make it a new section?

1) Story


All was happy in the Galactic Federation of the planets, that is, until
something happened. A space pirate vessel discovered the metroid on
planet SR388. Oh, but this wasn't just any extraterrestrial entity, it
was unique in the fact that it could actually suck the energy out of a
lifeform and use it as it's own, this was how it feed.

The space pirates took one of the specimens, not without a heavy loss of
life though. They planned to rule the galaxy with them! The Galactic
Federation sent in a special bounty hunter, one that was feared
throughout the cosmos, Samus Aran.

She battled her way through Zebes, the homeworld where the pirates were
breeding the metroids. After killing Kraid and Ridly she found herself
at the MotherBrain, the head of all the Space Pirates. After a long and
furious battle she stood at the surface victorious, she had destroyed
Mother Brain and the HQ, Tourain.

Metroid II: Return of Samus:

After the fiasco at Zebes a special squad was sent into SR388, the
homeplanet of the metroids. Their mission was to kill every metroid on
the planet so something like that could never happen again. The troops
were never heard from again. Since Samus knew how to handle them she was
sent in alone to do the job.

At the end she found that the metroid she knew of was just one species,
one of many! Each new species was more tougher to kill than the last,
and the very last ones were damn near impossible! But after lots of
fights she came to the final room, the one with the Queen Metroid. A
long battle ensued and Samus once again stood on the brink of death, but
she was victorious.

While traveling back to her ship she noticed that her Metroid Meter was
at"1." She found a single egg, before her eyes it hatched and a larva
metroid came out. It clung to Samus, but not with it's tentacles, hungry
for energy. But as if Samus was it's had imprinted Samus and
was tame! It thought Samus was it's mother!

2) Basics


When I was 1st playing Metroid II, I noticed that there are noticeable
sections. Most of them are separated by lava, but even when it goes away
they are easy to see. The long tunnels in-between seem to be just
traveling zones. These contain only enemies to kill, no items or
Metroids. While sections hold items, Metroids, enemies, and all kinds of
other stuff!

-Lava go away!-

At first there will be a part where your path is hindered by lava and
you must choose the default path, but when you defeat all of the
Metroids in the section an earthquake will occur, you know when one
happens because the screen will shake violently for several seconds and
you will hear a "rit tat tat tat" type noise. Now the lava is gone and
you can continue!


Metroids, you must kill them all to enter new sections and win the game.
Metroids usually have their own rooms, but some are along the path. They
require missiles to defeat, for more info on Metroids see "Metroid


Change Between Beam or Missile:

Simply hit select, when it's selected to missile Samus' arm is opened


B button, the longer you hold it the higher you jump. Hit the control
pad in a direction to do a spin jump, it has more air and is more
precise than a regular jump.

Fire Weapon:

A button, holding it will make it shoot automatically while pushing it
repeatedly will cause it to fire quickly.

Morph Into a Ball:

When you want to morph into a ball simply hit the D-pad down twice,
during this mode you can lay bombs and fit through tight passages.

Laying Bombs:

When you have collected the Bomb Item, press A to lay a bomb. You can
lay multiple bombs at once.

Sticky Ball:

Once you have collected the Spider ball press down three times on the D-
pad, now you can roll up steep surfaces and even ceilings!


Press down on the D-pad once, this can be used to aim or for dodging
shots from creatures.

-Doors and Items-

If you come upon a door like in Metroid III or I, shoot it with five
missiles to open it. Inside will be a Chozo Statue with an item!

3) Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

The Ball Jump:

Turn into the ball and roll over a ledge, turn back into Samus and jump.
You'll be able to jump from that position. Not terribly useful, but hey,
it's a trick!

Really High Jump:

This can be useful reaching real high ledges! Get the Spring Ball and
jump into the air, quickly press up and jump. You should jump from that
position! Hard to do, but with practice it comes easy.

Really High Jump 2:

Lay a bomb and stay a ball, when it explodes it will shoot you into the
air. Morph back and quickly jump, you'll jump in mid-air.

Turbo Bomb Technique:

Unlike Metroid III, this isn't as useful. You do it the same too.

When returning to the ship at the end, space jump as high as you can.
You'll actually touch the vacuum of space, but it takes away energy. No
wonder it has so much radiation, it's atmosphere is pretty small!

Game Genie Codes:

00F-36B-E6E Infinite missiles
80F-6DD-7F6 Infinite energy

Talk about cheating! =) Pretty bad section, but Metroid II just doesn't
have that much secrets or replay value. After you beat the game, there's
not much to do, just go and collect any missiles or energy tanks you may
have missed.

Better Endings:

Beat the game in under, 3 hours, I believe, and you can see Samus Aran
in a Bikini.

4) Items

-Pick Up Items-
you can collect these items from defeating a baddies

Refills 5 missiles

Small Energy:
Refills 5 Energy

Large Energy:
Refills 20 energy

No explanation necessary.

Normal Shot:
This is what you start out with, nothing much it will do for the

Ice Beam:
This can freeze baddies, then you can kill them, use them as platforms,
or just plain ignore them!

Wave Beam:
A very powerful weapon this is, it has long range and almost gurantees a


You may find it for the 1st time a few rooms before the Plasma Beam, but
it's still useful for clearing out sand =)

Plasma Beam:

The most powerful beam in the game, it can kill anything in one shot.
You can only have one shot of it on the screen at once.

-Add ons-
For your suit.

Once you collect this item you have infinite bombs. Use them to destroy
weak baddies and uncover hidden passages.

Spider Ball:
Allows you to actually scale walls and ceilings.

Screw Attack:
Do a spin jump and you will be invincible!

Space Jump:
Use this to be able to jump over and over while in the air. It's hard to
explain but once you see it you'll understand.

Spring Ball:
Now you can jump while in ball form.

Varia Suit:
This increases your defense by 50%!

Energy Tanks:
Each tank holds 100 units of energy. You can hold up to five, but there
are six total in the game.

Missile Pods:
Collect this and you're missile max. will go up by 10.

-Everything else-

Energy Dump:
Touch this ball and your energy will fill al the way up.

Missile Dump:
Touch this and your missiles will fill all the way up.

Save Post:
Get on these and you can save your game on the cart.

5) Guide

When you get some missiles it will be like this (M: number goes here)
When you get an energy tank it will be like this (E: number goes here)

Section 1:
Metroids until next section/earthquake: 1

You start by your ship. You already have the morphing ball, one energy
tank, and 30 missiles. Run to the right towards a large cavern. Go into
it and follow the path blasting all the frogs. When you get to a hole
jump down into it, land on the block that is sticking out on the right
wall. Morph and ram into the wall for a secret passage, it will skip
lots of enemies and hassles. When you drop down shoot down so you shoot
the blocks below. Use this to go all the way down the shaft, it
shouldn't take that long.

Go left and down the stairs and then up some more. Jump on the upper
platforms instead of going down the long shaft, there is a secret path
up there that will drop you all the way back down there. Follow the
path and you will meet up with your first Alpha Metroid, blast him! When
he's dead an earthquake will be activated and the lava will drain. Go
all the way back to the right.

When you get to a save totem, save. Continue right into a long stretch
of tunnels. Be careful when you drop down, you might hit a creature.
Follow the simple path until you get to the end of a lava room, exit.

Section 2:
Metroids until next section/earthquake: 4

Jump over the lava pits and shoot the chute leeches. At the end is a
shaft, go up it to the entrance to a large cavern. Jump on the platforms
that go up, enter that hole. Shoot all the Gawrons in the room and get
to the other side, save at the totem. Gall down the shaft to the very
bottom, go to the next room on the left.

Follow the hall to a bubble door, it requires five missiles to open.
Open it to reveal the Bomb Item. Bomb the floor in front of the statue
for some missiles (M: 40). Go back to the large shaft, jump up the
platforms until you get to an entrance. Kill the gun and jump on it, lay
a bomb to reveal a passage! Follow it to a room, on the large structure
is an energy tank (E: 2). continue right.

You will get to a copy of the last shaft, except now every other
platform has a gun on it. Fall all the way down and go to where the Bomb
Item would be, you'll collect the Ice Beam. Go back to the shaft and go
to the first platform on your right, go in that room to collect three
sets of missiles (M: 70). On one you'll have to use the Super Jump 2

Go back to the shaft and jump on the platforms going upwards, go into
the room on your next right. Follow the path to the right to get to a
large room. When you're walking you'll fall down an invisible hole, at
the end is the Spider Ball. Use it to escape. Jump on the ledge above
you and use the Spider Ball to go up the sheer wall, at the top is a
room with a Metroid, blast it. Use the Spider Ball to exit on the
ceiling, continue to the left. If at anytime you fall because of the
enemies, go to the left. When you get to the missile charge spot, drop
down to find a ball.

Use a bomb on the ball and it will go away, in the next room are two
sets of missiles (M: 90). Go back to the large cavern, go to the extreme
left and follow that path, past the Gawrons to that one shaft. Fall down
and enter that hallway, at the end are some balls. Use the bombs to blow
a passage. There are lots of enemies to clear, blocks to blow up, and
walls to use the Spider Ball on. After the sand there are two shafts,
each has some "Metroid Rooms." The three Metroids are here, they are all
Alpha. When they are all defeated it will trigger a 'quake.

Exit the section and fall down where the lava *used to be*. Fall all the
way down and you'll see some more lava, take the thin passageway to the

Section 3:
Metroids until next section/earthquake: 8

Go up the shaft and across the sand room, at the end are a bunch of
Gawron nests, except they are all empty. An Alpha Metroid is at the end.
Blast it and then go to the next room, it is a large cavern. Follow it
to the left to find a save totem, save on it.

The next room is a cavern with a large gun at the end, blast it and move
on to the next room which also has a save totem. The next room is a
large cavern that connects over to the other one. In the floor is a
hole, go into it. Blast the Chute Leeches and go into the next room, it
has a pair of missiles in an aclove (M: 100), you have to use the Spider
Ball to reach it. Fall down the small holes and then down the invisible
one, there is an Alpha Metroid at the end.

Behind it are some stairs, at the first ledge go into the wall, at the
end are some missiles (M: 110). Use the Spider Ball to go up a tube, at
the end is a bubble door. Open it with five missiles, there is a Chozo
but he isn't holding anything. Blast the floor with a bomb and go into
the secret passage, blow away all the balls with bombs. Blast the final
ball in between the two blocks, you know have the Varia Suit! Exit back
to the large cavern.

Continue to the left for a shaft, at the bottom is a tunnel that
connects to a group of tunnels and platforms. There are two Alpha
Metroids and your first Gamma Metroids, there are two of those. Behind
one is an energy dump, so if you're low on energy don't worry. When
you're done with those, go back to the main shaft and use the Spider
Ball to get to the top. Go back into the Cavern, use the Spider Ball on
the ledge to go way up in the air, you'll find a room with an Alpha

After defeating him, go up on the ceiling with the Spider Ball. When you
get to some spikes, drop down and hold right. You'll land in front of a
ball, blow it away with some bombs. Inside is an Alpha Metroid, this
will trigger the next earthquake. But we're not done with this sector

Bomb the floor to find a secret room, use the Spider Ball on the left
wall to find a secret tunnel, at the end is the Wave Beam. Everything is
secret, huh? Go to the right to enter a large room with a bunch of
blocks, one of the pieces of wall on the right side can be walked
through, it's blocked by some blocks though. Drop down the shaft and
find the Hi-Jump Boots. Bomb the Chozo floor and enter the next room,
you'll find some missiles (M: 120) and an Energy Tank (E: 3).

Go back to the room with blocks, at the bottom is a door that leads to a
place with three missiles (M: 150). Exit and go back to the Caverns. Use
the Spider Ball to go higher, at the top you'll find a bunch of plants
that hurl creatures at you. In the floor is a hole, drop down into it.
Hit the ball the Chozo is holding and defeat the creature, it takes
around six bombs. You'll get the Spring Ball! Exit and drop down the
right side of the cliff, in the wall on the way down is a tunnel that
leads to more missiles (M: 160). Now you can exit this sector and go
back to the lava place, it has lowered. Follow the path to get to the
next Section.

Section 4:
Metroids until next section/earthquake: 10

Go through the winding passages until you get to the exit, go across the
lava room to the other side to find a shaft. Go through the first
entrance you see, save at the totem. Fall down the hole and hold right,
you'll come to another passage. Blast the Gamma Metroid, blast the
rocks, blast everything! Exit and climb the next shaft, clear out the
room with shots so you can battle the Alpha Metroid freely. Use the
Spider Ball to go to the top of the room. Drop down the Metroid
Sheddings and battle the Gamma Metroid.

Go back to the shaft and continue to the right. Drop down the long
passageway, the next room is a shaft with a Gamma Metroid. If you're
running low on energy go to the bottom, there is an Energy Dump there.
Continue left, go up the shaft, kill the next Gamma Metroid. When you
reappear at the second shaft go to the door on the left, not the right.
Kill that Gamma Metroid (lots of Gammas!). You'll now be on some spikes,
go to the very top and enter that door.

Go across the sand, now you are at a Cavern place again. If you're half
way decent you should only have about 20 missiles left, so drop down
from the door and blast away the sand to find a Missile Dump. Use the
Spider Ball to climb to the top right, kill the funny lookin octopuses
until you get to more sand. Here you'll find a room that leads to the
Space Jump, now you don't need that crummy Spider Ball! Ha ha ha!!

Continue right until you see a hole in the ground, drop down it. Blast
away the sand to find some missiles (M: 170). The next platform has a
save totem, I suggest saving. Drop down into the hole to find a long
tunnel, drop down to the bottom. You'll find the Spazer! Go back to the
tunnel and go to the only room. It contains a Gamma Metroid. Use the
Spider Ball to get to the ceiling, bomb for missiles (M: 180). Drop all
the way down and blast away the sand. Go right to collect the Plasma
Beam, along the way you'll fight a Gamma Metroid. You'll have this beam
until the very last sector of the game!

Go right and collect some missiles inside a cage-like platform (M: 190).
Use the Space Jump to carefully go up the tunnel, it has some spikes
sticking out of the wall. The next section seems like a dead end, but
it's not. Go to where the Metroid Sheddings are and use the Spider ball
to find a secret tunnel in the ceiling, bomb to find an Alpha Metroid,
one of the last in the game. Behind him is a room with an Energy Tank
(E: 4). Go all the way back to the Save Totem, go back above into the

Go all the way right and fall down a shaft, along the way stick to the
right wall and bomb the ball in the wall (rhyme!). You'll get some
missiles (M: 200) and an Energy Tank (E: 5). At the bottom there is a
Gamma Metroid waiting to be killed, it will cause the lava to go down.
Go back to the "twisting tunnels" at the very beginning of this sector,
go down where the lava used to be.

Section 5:
Metroids until next section/earthquake: 1

Follow the tunnel to find a lone Gamma Metroid, greet him with gun fire
and the next earthquake will drain the lava back in Section 4, backtrack
all the way back there to find the next section.

Section 6:
Metroids until next section/earthquake: 2

The only way to destroy those two balls are with missiles. You'll have
an option of going up or left, it doesn't matter which one you take. One
leads to an Alpha Metroid and the other leads to a Gamma Metroid. They
both have either a Missile Dump or an Energy Dump, too. After the
earthquake go back to Section 5 to find the lava has gone away, follow
the path to a much larger sector...

Section 7:
Metroids until next section/earthquake: 7

Follow the tunnel and blast the Gamma Metroid that gets in your way.
Once in the large Cavern, go down the Metroid Sheddings to find a batch
of missiles (M: 210). Go through the weeds and up the tunnel to find a
save totem, this place is pretty hard, so I'd save. The next part is
one HUGE shaft, fall to the bottom, go into the room, and kill your
first Zeta Metroid. Use the Space Jump to go up, you'll find another
Gamma Metroid in a room. You'll find a large room with all the weapons
in the game, although I haven't found anything particularly useful about

At the top you can collect another Energy Tank, but if you already have
five you can't. Space Jump to the upper right to find a Zeta Metroid.
Fall down next to the Energy Tank, stick to the wall and blow away the
ball to find a Zeta Metroid. Kill it and go above the small tunnel to
find the Screw Attack. On the way down you'll find a Missile Dump.
Finally, find the small aclove with the Gamma Metroid in it. Kill it,
you can also find a missile by the spikes below (M: 220) and an energy
dump near the Gamma Metroid, you'll have to bomb around though. Fall
down to a ledge and kill the final, yet hard Zeta Metroid. It will
trigger a violent 'quake! Exit and follow the path to the next section.

Section 8:
Metroids until next section/earthquake: 1

Follow the path upwards to find an Alpha Metroid, the last in the game.
Blast him and an earthquake will cause the lava to do something messed
up...follow the path to the next sector.

Section 9:
Metroids until next section/earthquake: 1

Follow a similar path to find your first Omega Metroid, it will take
away lots of energy and missiles. I suggest after defeating him to go
where the triceratops-like creatures are, they all give up large energy
cells so you can recharge easily. The lava will drop a lot. Follow it to
the next, erry section.

Section 10:
Metroids until next section/earthquake: 3

This is the creepiest and hardest sector yet, but with practice it can
be very simple and easy. It's not the stage itself that is difficult,
it's the three Omega Metroids! In all occasions try to get into the
Aclove behind them, here you can pump them with missiles, and if they
fire a fireball you can simply duck, if they charge just shoot 'em! You
won't have any trouble finding them, they are all in very easy to
find/get to rooms. When they are all dead the final pool of lava will
cease downwards into the planet's very core. Follow the long path until
you get to a save totem, the last one in the game.

Section 11:
Metroids until next section/earthquake: 8

It may seem like a dead end, but there is an invisible path in the
ceiling. It leads to a HUGE cavern, use the Spider Ball on the right
wall to find two rooms, one houses a Missile Dump and an Energy Dump and
the other holds the Ice Beam, pick that one'll need it. The
third cavern is a shaft that goes to a thin tunnel, your Metroid Meter
will ring out with "1" but after a point it will suddenly go "9",
signaling that there are more Metroids to deal with.

The next room holds a gruesome regular Metroid, blast it with the Ice
Beam and five missiles, you will meet seven more like that. They are
there merely to wear down your missile supply. When they are all
defeated a monstrous earthquake will break open the wall and then the
Queen Metroid can come out.

Section 12:
Metroids until next section/earthquake: 1 Big Ass Metroid

You'll enter a large cavern with the final and most difficult Metroid,
the Queen. After a long and draining battle it will cause a huge
earthquake and now you can go behind it.

Section 13:
Metroids until next section/earthquake: 0

You'll come upon an egg, it will hatch revealing a baby Metroid. Use it
to clear out the diamond walls so you can get back to the surface, hop
in your ship and yo' 'outta there!!!

Something Weird: Notice how eggs don't show up on the Metroid thing?
Like when the meter jumped from 1 to 9? That was probably a bunch of
eggs hatching. I bet this has something to do with the next Metroid...

6) Baddies

Chute Leech:
When you get close it will jump up and float back and fourth.

They are on ceilings, they shoot little bullets at you.

They live in nests in many rooms, to clear out a nest you must defeat
all 10. Great way to collect energy and missiles.

Very strange, they look like little staffs with wings. They fly in

Those froglike creatures, they hop up and down.

They look like walking fish! Not much of a threat.

They go back and fourth in the air

These cactus balls climb on walls

These small insects fly back and fourth in the air.

At the start off the game, those walking heads that walk on walls and

They shoot red hot fireballs from their cannons, kinda annoying if
you're in a hurry.

Another alien that goes back and fourth in the air.

These look like squids in shells, they are usually found in sand.

This guy have two shielded wings and fly in diagonal patterns, shoot
them from below. Their shields are imperious to all shots.

They fly back and...zzzzz....they look like little circles with a single
dot in the middle.

Pincher Fly:
"Read Above" Oh, it looks different though =)

These robots launch their noses and offer them as platforms. After a few
seconds they will retract them back in.

...and fourth...zzzz...

Just like the Gawron except much more powerful and it tracks you down

(gasp!) Something new! It does go back and fourth, but when you get
close they spit globs of acid at you.

Use them to cross the two lava fields.

Glow Fly:
When you jump by them they will jump from their wall to the next. easy
to hit with the Screw Attack.

Kinda like the Chute Leech, except much bigger and the rewards are

They pop out of walls and attempt to hit you.

Bird Heads that pop out of lava and shoot arrows at you...Nintendo is

Only a few exist, they are flying robots that have a bunch of guns on
their face.

They resemble little Triceratops, their shield is imperious to all

They look like Squids in Shells, except they are trickier to avoid.

When you hop on them they fall

They are spiked, flying creatures that fly in circles. When you get
close they'll chase you a little.

This is the monster you must fight to win the Ball Jump. All you have to
do is lay bombs and make sure it explodes on it. It takes around six.

Blob Thrower
It extends its neck and shoots little blobs at you, difficult to defeat
without the Wave Beam.

This robot shoots laser beams at you, it only faces one direction. If
you're behind it can't hit you. Gives you lots of energy too!

It flies around in the air and tries to smash into you, there's only one
I know's near the only Automs.

It hops around, easy targets.

These robots fly back and fourth and spew fire on the ground. The
chances of you getting hit are slim.

7) Metroid Tactics

Here are some tricks and tips for defeating Metroids, also includes some
info on them.

Regular Metroid
They look like...normal Metroids. Shoot the Ice Beam at it and it will
freeze, then fire five missiles into it. Probably the easiest Metroids
in the game! They only serve to drain your missile supply before the
Queen Metroid.

Alpha Metroid
This is a common species from the start, it only takes five missiles. It
presents a small target, but it's still easy. Here's a little time
saver: When you can see it on the screen but it hasn't started to
attack, fire a missile so it hits it. When it wakes up it will be kicked
back as if hit, and it was hit.

Gamma Metroid
After the simple Alpha Metroids, this is really a wake up call! It can
shoot out electricity, this can a) hurt you and b) deflect any missiles.
It takes 10 missiles, and you must be able to deliver. If you can get
below it it's a helluva lot easier, because everytime you hit him he'll
be blown up and away, then he'll come back down. Hit him again!

Zeta Metroids
Not that tough, but can be very annoying. They look like dragons, the
only places they are vulnerable are it's face and belly. His back and
legs won't cause damage. And unlike the Alpha and Gamma, when hit they
don't get knocked back several yards, they just twitch a little. Be
careful of their fireballs too. If you can get it in front of you can
just shoot missiles and duck to avoid it's fireballs. It takes 20
missiles to kill.

Omega Metroids
In the depths of the planet are these hideous creatures, they are larger
than Samus even! There are only four in the game, thank God. Try to get
it so they are directly in front of you, this way you can duck to avoid
their tracking fireballs and just shoot away. Like Zetas, they are only
vulnerable in the face and body. It takes 40 missiles to defeat!

Baby Metroid
It clears out the diamond barriers at the end for you. It's also linked
to Metroid III's plot...

Queen Metroid
This thing is absolutely huge! Shoot every missile you can into it's
face, she will ram it's head right into you and attempt to swallow you.
If it does, bomb it's stomach, that causes the damage of about 10
missiles. It will also free you. When it shoots three balls use the
Screw Attack to deflect them. After about 150 missiles it will be
killed. If you're running low on energy or missiles then go into the
hole in the bottom, there you can refill. But, you'll have to go all the
way back to the Queen Metroid, AND it will have all of it's energy back.

Here's a little trick for Gammas, Zetas, and Omegas. When you can see it
but it hasn't attacked yet, shoot a missile and then wake it up, now
there's a missile already on it's way! It also works for Alpha Metroids
that are in molting castes.

8) Credits

They made it

Some site:
That's where I got the emulator for it. I already own it, but I like to
play GB games on the computer because of the larger controller, bigger
screen, etc.

Metroid II Maniac's Page:
I found out the names of the baddies there. It's run by Andy Schmidgall.
You can find it at:

Also, the best Metroid site in general is the Metroid Database, run and
made by T.J. Rappel.

9) Legal Stuff

This guide can not be copied without permission of the author. It can
not be used as a means of profit. Basically, just don't put your name
where mine should be (i.e. stealing).
Copyright (C) 1998 marshmallow

10) End

I hope you enjoyed that. This has been the my shortest guide ever,
spanning a measly 13 pages. Allwell, the game really isn't that huge. I
know I missed a few missiles, I don't know where they are, but if you
just happen to, E-mail me at C-ya!


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