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FAQ Version 1.0
By MetroidMoo (
Date: 1/15/99
The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at

2)Important Info
5)Game Genie/Gameshark Codes


1.0 - FAQ Release

This section includes info for Dr. Right's Lab, Passwords, Weapons, the
Mega Buster Upgrade, and a P-Chip trick!

Dr. Right's Lab
At the end of almost every stage, you can go back to Dr. Right's Lab to
purchase some items with P-Chips. Some of the items there cannot be found
anywhere else, so stock up on them if you can! Here's a price list for the
items you can buy with the P-Chips:

Small E Tank = 20 PC
Large E Tank = 60 PC
W Tank = 30 PC
S Tank = 120 PC
Weapon Charger = 80 PC
1-Up = 50 PC
Auto-Charger = 150 PC

The format may be a little hard to read, so e-mail me if you have trouble
reading a password!

Password Key:
~ : Blank Square
B : "B" (Beat) Square
R : "R" (Rush) Square
E : "E" (Eddy a.k.a. Fliptop) Square

This password contains - First four Bosses defeated, four Large E Tanks,
all B-E-A-T Letters, Beat, and 170 P-Chips:


This password contains - Second four bosses defeated, all W-I-L-Y & B-E-A-T
Letters, four Large E and W Tanks, and 106 P-Chips:


The ultimate password - All Bosses defeated, All B-E-A-T & W-I-L-Y Letters,
4 Large E Tanks, 4 W Tanks, 1 S Tank, an Auto-Charger, and 999 P-Chips:


Here's a list of the Weapons and their functions:

Mega Buster (P) - Your basic weapon. Can be charged to fire a more powerful
blast. Also has unlimited energy!
Rush Coil (RC) - Use Rush to jump to higher ledges and areas.
Rain Flush (TO) - Lauches a capsule into the air and then showers rain all
over the screen.
Flash Stopper (BR) - Freezes everything on screen. You can then fire at the
Pharaoh Shot (PH) - A pretty useful weapon. Can be fired in multiple
directions and can also be charged up for bigger hit.
Ring Boomerang (RI) - Like the name says, this weapon can be used to grab
objects like a boomerang.
Beat (BE) - This mechanical bird flies around to destroy your enemies.
Doesn't do too much damage against major enemies, though.
Ballade Cracker (BA) - Like the Pharaoh Shot, this bomb can be launched in
multiple directions.
Rush Jet (RJ) - Use Rush to fly above the ground, but it only goes straight
Crystal Eye (CR) - Fires a crystal ball which splits into three smaller
balls when it hits a wall.
Napalm Bomb (NA) - Fires a little bomb that rolls forward and explodes.
Power Stone (ST) - Fires three stones in a counter-clockwise direction.
Charge Kick (CH) - When you slide, a little barrier forms in front of you
which damages enemies that you hit.

Mega Buster Upgrade
If the game is hard for you, here's a trick to help you out! Once you get a
"Game Over", select the option "Continue". Once you have used several
continues (I don't recall how many, but I think it's about 5), you will be
teleported back to the Lab. Dr. Right will give an upgrade for your basic
weapon, the Mega Buster. When you charge it up, the blast will be a bit
larger and will cause more damage.

Earn Lots of P-Chips
If you need some more P-Chipps to be items with, here's something helpful!
When you are in the Charge Man Stage, you will find some chicken robots
that lay these robotic eggs. If you shoot the eggs, you can get items such
as Energy Capsules and P-Chips. If you keep repeating this long enough,
getting P-Chips is a breeze!

This Walkthrough won't go into much detail about the stages, but gives the
info to help you out.

NOTE: Once you have the "B-E-A-T" letters, complete a stage, and you will
receive the Beat weapon!

Toad Man Stage

B-E-A-T Letter "B":
You can find this letter after beating the first Snail mid-boss.

Mid-Boss - Snail:
A pretty easy mid-boss to fight, and you can find him in two places
throughout the stage. When the snail opens its eyes, shoot them. Then he
does one of two attacks. His eyes can detach and will fly at you. So stand
a little close to him and jump back when he does that. He can also launch
bombs from his back which are easy to dodge. About 4 fully charged Mega
Buster attacks will finish him off.

Boss - Toad Man:
Recommended Weapon: Mega Buster
Weapon Received: Rain Flush & Rush Coil

This boss is insanely easy! Before you enter the gate to the boss, charge
up your Mega Buster so you can shoot him when you enter the room. Shoot
Toad Man and when he jumps, go underneath him. Once he lands, shoot him and
he'll jump again. Keep repeating this until he dies.

Bright Man Stage

B-E-A-T Letter "E":
Found in area with the platforms that swing from left to right. It is high
in the air, so be careful when jumping!

Boss - Bright Man:
Recommended Weapon: Rain Flush
Weapon Received: Flash Stopper

This battle is a little tougher than the last one. When the battle begins,
fire Rain Flush. It will take about 1/5 of his energy, but he will use
Flash Stopper to freeze you. Then he jumps into you. If needed, you may
bring an E Tank along just incase.

Pharaoh Man Stage

B-E-A-T Letter "A":
Found in the area with the rock platforms over the large hole. You need to
the Ring Boomerang to pick it up which you'll get a little later. It's
possible to reach it with Rush Coil, but it is very difficult to do so.

Boss - Pharaoh Man:
Recommended Weapon: Flash Stopper
Weapon Received: Pharaoh Shot

When the battle starts, use Flash Stopper to freeze Pharaoh Man in his
tracks, and then just shoot him. Keep repeating this until he is finished.

Ring Man Stage

B-E-A-T Letter "T":
Found a little bit before the mid-boss. Climb up the ladder and go to the
right for the letter.

Mid-Boss - Ring Machine:
This machine is easy! When the rings that surround its eyes are launched
out, shoot the eyes. About 3 charged up Mega Buster hits will blow him to

Boss - Ring Man:
Recommended Weapon: Pharaoh Shot
Weapon Received: Ring Boomerang

Once the battle begins, fire a charged up Pharaoh Shot. A nice thing is
that you don't really have to shoot him with the charged shot! When he
jumps into the air, try to get to land on the shot. 3 charged attacks will
take him out.

Dr. Wily's Castle
Once the first four Boss Stages have been completed, you will get access to
Dr. Wily's Castle!

Mid-Boss - Satellite:
This boss can be a little hard. When the center of the satellite is open,
fire the Mega Buster at it. While you try to do that, the center can detach
and fly around the screen. Also in some cases when the core part opens, a
fireball will rotate around it. Then it launches the fireball at you.

Once the mid-boss is gone, continue on to yet another boss!

Boss - Ballade:
Recommended Weapon: Mega Buster

The boss is a toughie as long as you are careful. Use charged Mega Buster
shots when Ballade isn't moving. He will stand in a corner and attack you
with his weapon which is very easy to dodge. Otherwise, he jumps and runs

Now that this stage is done, four more Boss Stages appear! These Bosses can
be defeated in any order since the weapons you already work well against

Charge Man Stage

W-I-L-Y Letter "Y":
Found soon after you run into the second or third mouse. Use Rush Coil to
reach it.

Boss - Charge Man:
Recommended Weapon: Rain Flush
Weapon Received: Charge Kick & Rush Jet

Since most of your weapons have no effect on Charge Man when he's flashing,
using Rain Flush will be your best bet. Simply launch anytime to cause some
damage. When he launches lava into the air move in between the middle of
some of the shots to dodge them. When he charges at you, he will start to
flash, making him immune to most of your weapons.

Napalm Man Stage

*Secret Area*:
When you first see the area with the flames, use Rain Flush to wash it out.
Climb up the ladder to meet up with Proto Man. Besides grabbing the Large E
Tank and Large P-Chip behind him, Proto Man will leave behind a random

W-I-L-Y Letter "I":
Once you run into the second area with the napalm missles, climb up the
ladder. In the next section, there is a large platform with fire. Get on
top of the platform and use Rain Flush to destroy the flames. Quickly grab
the "I" and get back down.

Boss - Napalm Man:
Recommended Weapon: Pharaoh Shot
Weapon Received: Napalm Bomb

Not really much to explain here. Keep charging up Pharaoh Shot and nail it
at him. He will fire three missles, just jump over them to avoid 'em. He
also shoots Napalm Bombs, and then jumps over you.

Stone Man Stage

W-I-L-Y Letter "L":
Found underneath the third large ledge. Jump off the end and move under it
to reach the Letter.

Mid-Boss - Hippopotamus:
This boss can be disposed of in one of two ways. You can use Rain Flush to
damage him, or you can use your Mega Buster to shoot out the blocks
underneath the platform. Once a row is gone, the platform lowers, and get
it down low enough to shoot him.

Boss - Stone Man:
Recommended Weapon: Napalm Bomb
Weapon Received: Power Stone

Pharaoh Shot really comes in handy since Stone Man tends to jump a lot.
When he starts to jump all over the place, you fire the bomb so that he'll
land on it. Once he jumps very high, he'll hit the ground and fall to
pieces. When he starts to form his shield, he'll be invincible so save your
weapon energy when he does that.

Crystal Man Stage

W-I-L-Y Letter "W":
This one is a bit hard to explain... When you reach the area where you fall
down a couple screens, stay to the far right. You'll end up a ledge with an
enemy. Go past the enemy and jump up to grab the Letter in the next screen.

Boss - Crystal Man:
Recommended Weapon: Charge Kick
Weapon Received: Crystal Eye

Crystal Man is the hardest boss out of the four! When he jumps, slide at
him when he reaches the ground. When he is in the air, he launches Crystal
Eyes which bounce all around the room so be careful when moving!

Ballade Stage
The W-I-L-Y Letters that you've collected will open the four gates at the
beginning of the stage! This stage is filled with helpful items, so grab
them while you still can.

Boss - Ballade (Rematch):
Recommended Weapon: Pharaoh Shot
Weapon Received: Ballade Cracker

This time Ballade "powers" up making harder than he was last time. He
dashes faster and uses a different weapon. Keep charging up the Pharaoh
Shot and use a Large E Tank when needed!

With Ballade defeated, the castle starts to collapse! Now you must got
through the barriers to escape. Using the newly acquired Ballade Cracker
will come in handy when the bomb barriers need to be destroyed. When you
escape, the castle is destroyed, but Dr. Wily escapes to his spaceship!

Dr. Wily's Spaceship Section #1
You'll be teleported back to Dr. Right's Lab, and he'll modify Rush so you
can travel to outer space. Also, purchase all the items you'll need for the
upcoming bosses!

Mid-Boss - Cannon:
This is one very easy mid-boss! Just hop on the cannon and shoot the enemy
in the eye when they are open. While on the cannon, you won't have to worry
about being hit! The second Cannon you encounter also shoots homing missles
at you, so destroy them as soon as you can!

Boss - Crane Machine:
Recommended Weapon: Mostly Any Weapon!

This boss is very strange looking! When the core section is "inflated"
shoot it with basically any weapon since each one does about the same
amount of damage. While you try to hit it, the crane on top will try to hit
you from above. The core also uses random weapons, so watch it!

Dr. Wily's Spaceship Section #2
Near the beginning of this section has a Large E Tank, so grab it with the
Ring Boomerang!

Mid-Boss - Eye:
Recommended Weapon: Napalm Bomb

When the battle starts, the room enlarges and the eye splits into four. The
fake ones will be destroyed when you hit them, and the real one will take
damage. Once all the fakes are defeated, the real Eye splits agian. When
the Eye reaches close to the ground, launch a Napalm Bomb at it. Once it's
defeated, a Large Energy Capsule will be left behind.

Continue on through to face another Eye!

Mid-Boss - Eye #2
Recommended Weapon: Napalm Bomb

This time, the room has a different shape and the Eye creates just one copy
of itself. They both crawl on the walls instead of bouncing around. When
you use the Napalm Bomb, you can damage both of the Eyes! Once the Eyes
collide, the room's shape reverses. When they are both defeated, you can
get two Large Energy Capsules.

Continue on through again and step into the teleporter.

Boss Room
Here, like the other Mega Man games, there is a Boss Room where you fight
all of the Bosses again. After each fight, you get a Large Energy Capsule.
Refer to the Boss Strategies earlier in the Walkthrough to see how to beat
them! The first two letters of the Bosses name will be in their teleporter
in the map below (Example: CR = Crystal Man)!
__ __
| | | |
|TO| |NA|
|__| |__|
| | | |
|BR| |ST|
|__| __ __ |__|
| | | | | | |
|PH| |RI|CR| |CH|
|__| |__|__| |__|

Once all of the Bosses have been defeated, you'll appear in another room
filled with Large Weapon Capsules. Make sure you fill up lowest weapons'
energy! Step into the next teleporter to face the final boss...

FINAL BOSS - Wily Robot & Spacepod:
Recommended Weapon: Power Stone (1st Form), Ballade Cracker (2nd Form),
Pharaoh Shot (3rd Form)

In the first form, the core will shoot at you and the robot's hand will
slam on the ground...causing debris to fall. The hand will also try to
punch at you. Use Power Stone to hit the core, and try to get at least two
of the stones to hit the core for more damage. With the hands destroyed,
you must now face to the head. When the mouth is open, shoot it with
Ballade Cracker. The antenaes will shoot at you, and the robot will "dash"
to the far right of screen. If you purchased any Large E Tanks, you will
surely make use of them now! With the robot destroyed, you must now fight
Dr. Wily's spacepod. Now he vanishes and reappears and drops bombs that
destroy the floor. Then the screen starts to scroll and Dr. Wily will drops
these bouncing balls at you. While he still is on screen, use the Pharaoh
Shot on him.

Congratulations! You've completed Mega Man IV!


Energy Capsule (Small): Restores a small amount of life energy.
Energy Capsule (Large): Restores a larger amount of life energy.
Weapon Capsule (Small): Restores a small amount of currently selected
weapon's energy.
Weapon Capsule (Large): Restores a larger amount of energy for currently
selected weapon's energy.
P-Chip (Small): Adds 2 P-Chips to your total amount. Used to buy items at
Dr. Right's Lab.
P-Chip (Large): Adds 8 P-Chips to your total amount. Used to buy items at
Dr. Right's Lab.
Small E Tank: Collect four of these to get a Large E Tank!
Large E Tank (Max Amount - 4): Used to restore all of your life energy.
W Tank (Max Amount - 4): Used to restore all of a weapon's energy.
S Tank (Max Amount - 2): The ultimate Tank! Restores all of your life
energy and ALL of your weapons' energy!
1-Up (Max Amount - 9): Gives you an extra life.
Auto-Charger: Recharges one of your weapon's energy that is the lowest when
you pick up a Weapon Capsule.
Weapon Charger: All weapons' energy are all fully recharged.


Game Genie:
01C-45F-915 = Infinite lives
269-F6F-808 = Start with 1/4 energy
4B9-F6F-808 = Start with 1/2 energy
709-F6F-808 = Start with 3/4 energy
001-CE9-3B7 = Infinite energy
01C-AEF-E66 = Start with 1 lives
05C-AEF-E66 = Start with 5 lives
09C-AEF-E66 = Start with 9 lives
21F-EAA-E61 = Invincible
005-67B-A29 = Shoot more than 3 shots at a time

0198AEDE = Infinite Energy

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please contact me via e-mail or ICQ. Please do not change, steal, or sell
my FAQ for profit. And remember to add updates when they are made if you
use it on a site! Also, if you would like to contribute (You will get
credit), or if you have any questions, corrections, or comments please e-
mail me.


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