Top Ten Ways to Market on the Net

Many people are under the mistaken assumption that if they put up a website on the Internet, people will come from all over the globe to see it, ensuring a steady stream of customers and sales.

This is an unfortunate exaggeration. While it is true that the World Wide Web is the hottest new marketing tool to hit in decades, and that some people are making vast fortunes from their web presence, it is also true that the majority of people are not enjoying this level of success. The primary reason is that most people do not fully understand the nuances of marketing on the Internet.

When television was first introduced many years ago, most advertising people were not yet fully aware of the ramifications of the new advertising medium. And so the first TV commercials were of a man sitting on a stool in front of a microphone reading a script. They simply put a radio commercial on television! Similar mistakes are being made today on the Net.

This abridged article is geared towards helping you understand the fundamentals of Internet Marketing. For a complete examination of these strategies, for a FREE Special Report that includes complete details on maximizing your marketing strategies.

List your website in all Search Engines & Directories:

The first place to start is to have your business or personal website listed in all of the hundreds of Internet Search Engines and Directories. Virtually everyone on the Net who is looking for something will start off by visiting their favorite Search Engine or Directory (hereafter referred to as SED). So if you want to pop up on your clientele's screen from the very beginning of their online excursions, you must be strategically located in the SED's.

Some quick tips to get a higher listing:

  1. Use Keywords that people who are looking for you might use, and use them in your titles, meta tags, and web page text.
  2. Use Meta Tags (hire a programmer, if need be!)
  3. Use effective webpage titles. Don't call your home page "XYZ Corporation". No one knows or cares what your company name is! Instead, make effective use of the title by naming your home page something like "The BEST Poodle Grooming Service Anywhere!"
  4. Some search engines list alphabetically (before listing in each SED, check their rules and recommendations, located on their sites, to see how to ensure your site is listed as high as possible) by title. So it sometimes makes sense to title your page something like "A Full Service Poodle Grooming Facility!" This will rank higher alphabetically than the example given in c.) above.
  5. Spend the money to have a professional service manage your listings. One such service that we have found to be very effective is at

Maximize your use of E-Mail:

e-mail is becoming a very effective way to market on the Internet, although there are some dangers to be aware of. To begin with, there are two primary methods of marketing using e-mail. The first is to e-mail marketing information to people who have requested information from you in some manner. This method includes using techniques such as autoresponders, subscription lists, and even opt-in Direct E-Mail services. The other method, bulk e-mailing, sometimes referred to as 'Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail' or 'spamming', we do not recommend. It involves sending unsolicited offers to thousands of people. There can be severe penalties associated with UCE. Stick to the first method.

Newsgroups (Usenet):

Marketing in Newsgroups is one of the most accepted and successful methods available - but you must do it according to some guidelines. To market successfully in Newsgroups, you must first give something of value. What can you give? Information, of course! Share your subject knowledge with members of a Newsgroup whose topic is related to your product or service. Then use a signature file to let people know who you are, what your web address is, and other BRIEF details (never use a sig file over 4-6 lines in length!)

If you demonstrate to the members of the group that you are competent, and you provide good FREE information and helpful solutions for them, they will look at your signature file to find out more about you. Those who are interested (presumably a high percentage, if you picked your Newsgroup well!) will click on the website address to visit your Online Storefront. Once they have chosen to come there, you are free to market to them as aggressively as you can!

Banner Advertising:

Banner advertising is a more mainstream way of advertising. Think of Banner ads as billboards for websites. Typically, marketing is done by developing a pitch that arouses curiosity or interest in viewers, inviting them to 'click' on the banner to link over to your website for more information. These type of ads are placed on high volume websites to generate huge traffic numbers. Of course, the higher volume sites charge higher advertising rates (this is an excellent way to generate revenue for yourself, if your site develops into a high traffic site - sell banner advertising to interested companies!)

Classified Advertising:

There are thousands of Free Classified Advertising sites on the Net. Some also charge fees. Typically, most of them offer a scaled down free version, and offer upgrades and more prominent placement for those willing to pay a little extra.

Your strategy for web-based classified advertising is as follows:

  1. You must consistently enter your ads. Try to visit at least five sites every day, and enter your ads. Don't forget to code them, so that you know where your responses are coming from.
  2. Often, invitations to visit your website for more information are more successful than outright sales efforts.
  3. Vary your ads. Carefully track results to determine what ad copy, offers, and headlines are most effective.
  4. Study various Information Sources on writing effective classified ads. There are some definite techniques and strategies that are more successful than others. A good place to locate various Special Reports on this subject is .

Cross Linking:

The nature of the Internet, and especially the World Wide Web, is that documents, sites, and images are linked to one another. This cross-linking and interconnectedness is the very reason that the collection of computers connected by phone lines came to be known as the Web, because it resembles a global spider web. Take advantage of this structure by cross-linking. This is a process of finding as many sites as you can to exchange links with, so that other websites are listed on your website, and vice versa.

Internet Mall Presence:

Internet Malls are nothing more than electronic versions of real world malls. That is, they are collection of stores gathered together in one area for your shopping convenience, and for the benefit of the shops that have banded together (they can take advantage of the higher traffic patterns that result). A storefront in a successful mall can be quite expensive, in some cases costing thousands of dollars per year. However, the same rationale that makes merchants clamor for retail pace in a popular mall works in Cyberspace.

Content Aggregation:

One of the most successful methods of generating great traffic, and therefore great revenues, is to become a content aggregator. What this means I that you develop your website into a primary source of information, products, or services to support an entire industry. If you are successful in becoming one of the premier suppliers of information or products, then you will automatically generate large volumes of visitors, which will enable you to sell banner advertising, sponsorships, and other revenue-generating advertising.

Effective Website Design:

This may not seem obvious, but the design of your website has a lot to do with the success of your Online marketing efforts. To begin with, you have to decide what the purpose is of your site. Do you intend for it to be primarily a sales engine? Is it your main customer service vehicle? Is it a sales delivery tool (such as for software vendors, as well as Information Brokers)? Is it just to build name brand recognition? Once you know your purpose, you can decide which of the Key Techniques are most useful to generate traffic. Remember that their are three secrets to generating traffic on your website:

  1. Be Entertaining / Interactive
  2. Be Informative
  3. Give away Free Stuff


One of the very best ways to build a loyal, solid, and growing customer base is to become a Publisher. Publishing on the Net is relatively easy, and can be done with very little or no hard costs, which are the traditional barriers to publishing in the Offline world. A well-thought out publication is an excellent vehicle to deliver your marketing messages to people who indicate to you a desire to receive the information.