"The Secrets of Back-end Marketing"

by Kevin Bramlett

I recently purchased an information course online to learn more about a subject that I was interested in. About two weeks after I ordered it, I received an email from the publisher thanking me for my recent purchase, and stating that he had developed some new information that did not make it into the course, which he was sending me now in the email I was reading so that I would have all of the information available on the subject.

The email proceed to give me even more detailed and useful information about the subject that I was studying, and it offered some new resources for sale that I might be interested in checking out, and a discount as an established customer if I chose to purchase any of them.

What are the 'secret' techniques used in this email, and how are they related to the art of driving what is known as 'back-end sales'? There are several features of this marketing technique that bear closer inspection:

Remember, when you are looking for an audience to pitch your information product to, look first at buyers of similar products. To some people, this may defy common sense - why would they want my book if they already bought someone else's? But in fact, people with a demonstrated interest in a subject always want as much information as they can get on the subject, and are rarely satisfied with one product! So they are your best bet to achieve success in your marketing campaign.

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