Your System for Success

by Lisa Kneller

What is your System?  Do you have one?  Here's the thing you need to know if you are in network marketing:  You need a system!  In my many years in the network marketing industry, I have heard about and seen many systems put into place.  There is no one right way to do this business, but each successful person in network marketing has a system.

Here are some examples:

One man used to stand out on a busy street corner and stop people.  He'd ask them if they were tired of living paycheck to paycheck.  If they said yes, he said, "would you like to learn how to make some extra money part time?"  He got their name and phone number and he called them within 48 hours.  He did this every day and gathered 30 numbers per day.  He made a fortune.  Can you do that?  I can't. 

Don't worry, here's another one:

One couple decided to build their business by doing network marketing seminars.  They rented a hotel room, advertised and invited guests.  Then they offered free information about network marketing and the benefits of the business.  After the workshop, they offered to share information about their business.  I'd probably enjoy this immensely if it wasn't for the cost and time away from home.  Not for me!

If that's not for you, here's another idea:

I know a gal who does trade shows.  She utilizes every opportunity she gets to rent a table at an event and display her products.  She sets up an awesome display, gives away a free product through drawings and follows up with people she talks to.  She loves it.  This is not for everyone either.  It takes a lot of time and energy to do "shows", and it costs money for the booths.

Okay, here's a good one:

Home business meetings.  Some people love the intimate setting of a home.  I think more people have signed up in homes than any other setting.  This effort requires lots of cleaning, but hey - it's better than shelling out all that money for a hotel! 

One gentleman I know uses a direct mail lead program almost exclusively.  He has built a tremendous downline from this system and doesn't have to talk to anybody in the grocery line!  What a great system!

The internet and lead programs have brought more options to the table for networkers.  I personally, have chosen this option as it fits very well into my lifestyle.  I want to be home more and connect with people all over the globe in my jammies. 

My point is, that whatever system you choose to build your business is great - if it fits into your idea of a home based business and your lifestyle.  They key is in working your systemfervently and consistently.  You can't do it half heartedly.

You must know by now that it takes money to make money. Network marketing is no different; however, whatever money you spend in setting up your system, can be made back and turned into a residual profit machine once your system starts generating results.

When your system does start generating results, that's the time to put the pedal to the medal and really crank up your efforts. Stay focused.  Stay commmitted to your dream.  Stay the course.

A few suggestions for your system:

First, give a lot of thought to your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes.  Also, consider your budget and/or what you are willing to risk in terms of money to get your system set up.  It's going to cost you either money or lots of time.  If you have lots of time, it will cost you less money and vice versa.

Secondly, make it consist of 3-4 methods.  In other words, if you are marketing on the internet and using a lead program, that's two methods.  Make sure you are also talking to people (developing relationships) and educating people who are open. Don't ever rely on one method.  It's simply not enough.

Finally, give it time.  Don't expect results right away. You need to test it, tweak it and optimize it.  It takes a few months to really get the hang of it.

Keep in mind your system may not be right for some of your downline.  Use what you know about systems and help your people develop one that works for them.

Take if from me.  Don't go on and on in this business if you don't have a system.  Stop and analyze what you're doing, and if you discover that you really have never had a system, make the commitment to develop one today!

About the Author

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