Hype vs. Benefit Detecting the Difference

Hype is more or less a slang term derived from the longer prefix, hyper, meaning:  Over, above, or in great amount OR In abnormal excess (according to the American Heritage Dictionary).

You will see hype everywhere, but most especially from advertising that seeks to lure those wanting a fast buck. Some examples would look like this:  "Make $5,000 a week in your own business!"  OR  "Get Rich now in easy home business!"  "We do the work for you!"

Hype promises the world, but doesn't deliver.  You have to ask yourself who is behind the hype?  It seeks to deliberately mislead, to grab whoever will look without regard to a specific market niche.

Why do people even answer those ads?  Because they want what wealthy people have, but have no idea what it takes to achieve.  They are looking for the winning ticket.  Unfortunately, network marketing attracts not only the ones who want it now with no work, but those who are without principle and will do anything to sign someone up.

Why does this occur?  Because the benefits that make network marketing so attractive, result in people of ALL kinds entering into it.  We get the good, the bad and the really UGLY!  It's no wonder our industry gets such a bad rap.

Here are some facts that could help you in looking for the right company and that could help you in prospecting for the right people:

1) Network marketing is a viable business.  It has great benefits, tax advantages AND penalties - just like any other business.

2) Network marketing takes money to get started.  It generally takes less than $1,000 to get started including a start-up kit, some marketing supplies and education; however, it will cost some up front money and some monthly expenses.  Let's be honest about this when presenting your opportunity to someone.  Give your prospects an idea of what it will cost.  Are you currently looking for a business?  Make sure you ask what the realistic start-up costs are and expect some ongoing business expenses. 

3) The failure rate for network marketing is the same as in any other business - about 90%.  This is usually due to lack of planning, funding, substandard training and more often the inability on the individual's part to sustain the challenges of a persistency business.

4) It can take 6 months or longer to become profitable - and much longer to become wealthy.  Some people make money right away.  They are the exception.  You really need to understand the concept of leverage and buy into it. That is the biggest benefit of network marketing and why some people will stick it out for years to make it happen.

5) It takes some skill to make it big in network marketing. Some people take a long time to develop the skills because of  the fear that accompanies direct sales.  Some folks try to "reinvent the wheel" and that makes the process even longer.  Know this - you must become a student of the industry and learn to love the process.  If you're a quick study, it'll go faster.  But don't give up if you struggle a bit.  Any amount of stretching will garner you strength and wisdom.  It also takes a system, but that'll require another article!

6) Nothing is totally free.  Sure, you can get a lot of information and other stuff for free.  But it takes money to make money, and it also takes time. 

7) People prefer honesty.  It's a higher value.  Honesty attracts more principled people.  That's what you want in a sponsor; that's what you want in a partnership.

So...what language is legitimate?  What should we believe?

Ads that list benefits are legitimate.  That doesn't mean the opportunity is legitimate.  This is where due diligence comes in. The problem is, so many of the ads out there sound the same.  An example of a benefit-oriented ad would be:  "Time Freedom and Great Health Can Be Yours!  Join a winning team!"  OR   "What could you do with a 24/7/365 income?"

These benefits really do exist in network marketing.  Your job as an advertiser is to list the real benefits.  As a person looking for a business, you need to do your due diligence and ask the questions you want answers to.  Also, narrow your search down to the things that would interest you.  Compare these examples of headlines you might run across:

Hype:        "We do all the work for you."
Benefit:     "Our Team Helps You!"

Hype:      "We provide all the leads."
Benefit:     "Biz Leads Helps You"

Hype:        "Fire your boss in 6 months!"
Benefit:     "Fire your boss!"

Hype:      "FREE Web Site!"
Benefit:     "Get Your First Class Web Site and Learn the Secrets to On Line Wealth!"

Network marketing is a collaborative effort between sponsor and new rep.  Getting off to the right start begins with proper advertising and educating honestly! Information that includes what is expected in terms of time, cost, and activities you'll be engaged in should be realistic.  This will actually weed out the ones who aren't suitable for this business. Opportunities abound in America.  There is NO shortage.  Those who want to achieve more, will. 

Don't advertise with hype.  Don't buy into it.  Stress benefits. Look for benefits.  Write down what you want and then seek the company or opportunity that is going to fit in with your values, time and pocketbook.

Lisa Kneller TheWealthInstructor www.thewealthinstructor.com

About the Author

Lisa Kneller has a background in advertising and has worked from home for 10 years.  She specializes in network marketing and internet marketing for the home based business. Her newsletter, "The Wealth Instructor" is available by sending a blank email to:  TWI@quicktell.net