Ads, Ads, Ads! How To Rise Above the Sea of Ads!

Author: Randy Lever Copyright 2001
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They're Everywhere!

Banners, Classifieds, Email Ads, Sales Letters....everywhere you turn there is some form of ad just waiting for your eyes to travel over them and feel a sudden need for the product or service being advertised.

Where is your ad? How can you rise above the rest of the pile and attract your share of traffic?

You need to do a little work to see what works and what doesn't, but if you can come up with one Killer, High Quality, Traffic Pulling, Impulse Responding, Super Heading, all in the universe will be yours.

The SINGLE MOST important part of your online business is your ad heading. The very first impression any potential customer has of you and your business is laid out in that short phrase.

Your product's benefits and features have to be relayed to the reader. Your companies attitude and personality are also conveyed to each and every reader that sees your ad.

All in one little phrase!

Most of the time the ONLY part your ad that shows, on classifieds and FFA sites, is your heading.

Strong, Exciting, Lively, Bold and MOST Importantly Honesty, are the MAIN ingredients that SHOULD be included in each and every heading you write.

Strong - Make sure your benefits and features are Strongly enforced!
Exciting - Get the readers blood pumping with what you have to offer!
Lively - Don't keep the same old boring lines everyone else is using! Make it jump, bounce, dance around the screen!
Bold - Experiment with new ideas. Keep ahead of the competition with new ideas.
Honesty - Don't hype something that your product doesn't deliver. Tell the reader EXACTLY what they will find at your site or get out of your product and you will win a customer for life.

Keep to those ingredients and you will come up with on Killer heading and your ad will bring you sales for a long time to come!
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Randy Lever is the owner of Marketing Profit, the Complete Internet Marketing Package. If you want to learn more about writing Awesome Classified Ads and the trick and tips in promoting your business, then Marketing Profit is the answer.