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                           Ultimate 8 Ball

                    --- An I.f.L.a.b. document ---

Note:   Lots  of  fluff  left  out  of  this  doc.  Most of it is fairly
straight forward.  Quick Reference Rules can be viewed in the game.

                          = X Button
                          = Circle Button
                          = Square Button
                          = Triangle Button


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                          Table Of Contents

Getting Started...........2     QUICK REFERENCE RULES
Controls..................3     Eight Ball (US Rules)......22
The Game Display..........4     Eight Ball (UK Rules)......22
Main Menu.................8     Nine Ball..................22
Start Menu................9     Ten Ball...................23
     Quick Start.........9     Six Ball...................23
     Hustle..............9     Three Ball.................23
     Match..............12     Straight Pool..............24
     Tournament.........13     Rotation...................24
Load Game................14     Speed Pool.................25
Options Menu.............15     Killer.....................25
School of Pool...........16     Ten Pin....................25
Play Options.............18     Bank Pool..................26
School of Pool Options...19     One Pocket.................27
Pause Menu...............20     Cut Throat.................27
End of Match.............21     Notes......................28

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Default Configuration
Aim/Adjust        Directional Button
Top View           Button
Butt Angle         Button
English           Button
Shoot             Button
Camera Zoom       L1 Button
Fine Tune         L2 Button
Next Ball         R1 Button
Ball in Hand      R2 Button
Pause             START Button
Play Options      SELECT Button

Analog Control
Aim/Adjust        Left Stick
Camera Zoom       Right Stick

Adjust            Move the Mouse
Aim               Right Mouse Button
Shoot             Left Mouse Button

In  Ultimate  8  Ball,  the  Mouse  operates  differently than the other
Controllers.   During  the  game,  all  of  the  control  icons  will be
displayed  on  the screen.  Highlight an option using the Mouse pointer,
then  select it by pressing and holding the Left Mouse button.  Continue
holding the Left Mouse button in order to use the selected action.  Once
the  Left  Mouse  button has been released, this action will be disabled
again.   In order to shoot the ball, the player will be presented with a
shooting meter just as if he was using a standard controller.

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                           The Game Display

Player Name - Shows the name of the player currently taking a shot.
Current Control Icon - Indicates the current control being used by a
                      human player.
Next Ball - Indicates the color of the target ball.
Player's Score - Indicates the score for the current player, including
                point totals and the number of games won in the match.

Lining up the Shot
To  help  set-up  and  take  a  shot, a comprehensive set of controls is
provided  to  you.  As you press and hold a control button, an icon will
be  displayed  on  the screen (the Current Control Icon).  Releasing the
control  button  will  exit  the  control mode and return to the default
Aim/Adjust  mode.   To help learn the controls and play the game better,
try playing in the School Of Pool mode first.

Ultimate  8 Ball will automatically switch to the Aim/Adjust control as
default.   As  you  look  down  the  cue,  press  Left  or  Right on the
Directional  Button  to aim left or right.  Adjust the vertical point of
vision by pressing Up/Down on the Directional Button.

- Page - 5

Overhead View
Press and Hold the Overhead View button to see a bird's eye view of the
entire  table, showing the positions of all of the balls.  While holding
the button, you can adjust your aim by using the Directional Button.

English (spin)
The  black dot on the cue ball marks the point where the cue stick will
strike  the cue ball.  To apply spin to the cue ball, press and hold the
English button, then use the Directional Button to move the strike point
on the cue ball.

Butt Angle
Hold  the  Butt  Angle button, the use the Directional Button to adjust
the angle of the cue stick against the ball.

To get a better look at the table, press and hold the Zoom/Peek button,
then use the Directional Button to make the adjustments.

Move Ball
At  certain  points  in  the  game (such as before the break or after a
foul),  reposition  the  cue  ball by pressing and holding the Move Ball
button.  Change the ball position by using the Directional Button.

Next Ball
Toggle  the aim from one ball on the table to the next.  Quickly target
a  different  ball  by  pressing  Left/Right  on the Directional Button.
Since  the  Next  Ball button targets the center of each ball, you still
need to aim your shot.

Fine Tune
Slow  the  operating  speed  of  the  control system to provide greater
accuracy  and  precision.  By pressing and holding the Fine Tune button,
any other action will become more sensitive and precise.

- Page - 6

Striking the Cue Ball (Controller)
Once  the  shot  is set up, you will be ready to set the power level and
strike the ball.  Press and Hold the button to show the Power Meter.
The  black  bar shown indicates the amount of power that will be applied
to the shot.

Adjust  the maximum strength of the shot by holding the button, then
press  the Directional Button Left/Right to change the size of the black
bar.   The  larger  the  meter,  the stronger you will hit the cue ball.
Once  adjusted,  the power meter's strength will remain the same for the
next  shot.   This  allows you to find a comfortable power level to suit
your style of play.

Release  the    Button  to see the multi-colored power meter begin to
move.  The size of this power level will dictate the actual power of the
shot.,  but it will never move beyond the maximum size of the black bar.
By  pressing  the  Overhead  View  button, you can stop the moving power
meter  and  return to the default Aim/Adjust control.  To take the shot,
tap  the Button as the power level reaches the desired strength. The
closer the power level gets to the right, the harder the shot will be.

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Striking the Cue Ball (Mouse)
Using the PlayStation Mouse, all of the control icons will appear on the
screen.   Simply  move  the cursor over the icon and select it using the
Left  Mouse  button.   Hold  the  button  down and move the mouse to the
desired  position.   Let  go  of  the Left Mouse button to return to the
Aim/Adjust  mode.   To  shoot  the  ball,  select  the  Shoot  icon  and
adjust/use the shooting meter as detailed above.

Post Shot Camera
After  taking a shot, the player can move the game camera around to view
the  table  by  using  the Directional Button, or can press the Overhead
View  button to view the entire table.  This will allow you to track all
of the balls on the table until they stop moving.

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                              Main Menu

Start - Select START to Load a game, to set up a Match or Tournament, or
       to play the main One-Player Hustle mode. (See Page 9)

Options - Choose OPTIONS to Save Data, Adjust Volumes and Screen
         Position, and to edit your Character. (See Page 10)

School Of Pool - Select SCHOOL OF POOL to launch the in game Tutorial.
                Here, play through an extensive Tutorial, read more
                about Game Rules, Practice your shots, or learn how to
                make famous Trick Shots. (See Page 16)

View Rankings - Check out the current Hustle Mode rankings and see how
               you match up with the Computer Opponents. Press the
               Directional Button Left/Right to select a new
               character's statistics. The game will keep track of
               statistics for all 16 Players, in addition to the
               Computer Opponents.

Credits - Find out who created and developed Ultimate 8 Ball.

- Page - 9

                              Start Menu

Before starting a new game, select the style of game to be played.  Each
style  of  game  will  have  adjustable features including the number of
players,  the  style  of  table,  the location, and the game rules.  The
options will change according to the current game style.

Quick Start
The  Quick  Start option allows you to start a match without setting the
game  options.   Simply  select  the  number  of  human  players and the
difficulty  setting  to jump into a game.  For a game against a randomly
selected CPU opponent, there are three different skill levels available:
Easy,  Medium  or  Hard.   Medium and Hard will be unavailable until you
have  qualified  for  the  tougher skill levels in the Hustle game mode.
You  don't  have  to complete the entire Game Grid to unlock these Quick
Start modes.

Hustle  is  a one-player game to compete against all of the CPU players.
The  aim  of  Hustle is to beat at least one CPU player from each of the
four  levels  until  you  finally earn the chance to play against Philly
Joe, the reigning champion.

Change  the  difficulty  settings  in  the New Hustle options first.  By
changing  the  difficulty to Easy, Medium, or Hard, Ultimate 8 Ball will
adjust the overall skill levels of the CPU players accordingly.

By  selecting Easy, you can select the Game style and Rules that will be
played  against  all  of  the  CPU  opponents.   In  the Medium and Hard
settings,  the  CPU  players will expect to play the game on their terms
with  their  own choice of game rules.  Also, the CPU opponents will use
the rare table designs in the Hard difficulty setting.

- Page - 10

Hustle Options

Number of Games
Set the number of games needed in order to win the match.

Game Rules (Easy only)
Select your favourite game to challenge every opponent with.

Points Need (Straight Pool only)
Set the number of points needed to win each game.

Ball Set (8 Ball only)
Choose between a Solid/Stripe set or Solids only set of balls to be
used throughout the Hustle Mode.

Call Shot (8 Ball U.S. and Straight Pool)
While playing a match with the Call Shot option on, you will have to
specify a target ball and pocket before each shot.

Character Select
Once  the  New  Hustle options have been determined, edit your character
using  the  Select  Characters screen.  Highlight and select your player
name  from  the  list  by pressing Up/Down on the Directional Button and
pressing the Button (the default name will be shown as Player 1).

After  selecting  the  player  you will use, select the Rename option to
customize  your  name.   The Enter Character Name screen displays a full
list  of  the  alphabet.  To enter a new letter, highlight a letter from
the  list and press the Button.  If you wish to enter a space, press
the Button.  To delete a letter, press the Button.

- Page - 11

The Game Grid
The game grid allows you to select an opponent for the next match.  Each
row  of  the  grid  represents a different skill level:  Amateur (bottom
row), Professional, Expert and Master.  When you start a new Hustle, you
will only be able to select an opponent from the lowest level:  Amateur.
Press  Left/Right  on  the  Directional  Button  to  toggle  between the
available  opponents.   As you do this, the current player's grid square
will be highlighted and the games's terms will be displayed.

By  defeating  an opponent, new options will be revealed in the game and
new   opponents  will  be  available  to  compete  against.   These  new
opponents,  locations,  and  table sizes will to use in the Quick Start,
Match  and  Tournament modes!  Once a new character has been revealed in
Hustle Mode, press Up/Down on the Directional Button to move between the
different  tiers  of players.  All Hustle Mode gains (opponents, tables,
environments)  must  be  saved  with  the  game  options  data to remain
available in other game modes.

- Page - 12

Game Credits
You begin Hustle Mode with 3 Game Credits, as shown above the Game Grid.
These can be won and lost according to your performance in each match.

By  winning a match, you will earn one extra credit.  A credit will only
be  awarded  when  you  defeat a player for the first time.  By losing a
match,  one  credit  will  be deducted from your total.  If you lose all
your  credits,  you  will  be disqualified from the Hustle Mode and will
have to start over - choose your opponents carefully!

Hustle Tips
You don't have to play against all the new opponents.  In the beginning,
play  against  opponents  from  the  lower levels to earn their credits.
This  will build up your credits, which you will need to compete against
the  tougher  opponents  in the higher levels of the grid.  At least one
player  from  each  skill  level  much  be beaten before you will have a
chance to play the undisputed champion, Philly Joe.

Compete in a single match against up to 16 opponents of your choice,
either Human Controlled players or CPU players. You can define all of
the game options for this match including the location, rules, and game

Match Options
Number of Players
Set the number of players to compete against (select games only).

Number of Games
Set the number of games needed in order to win the match.

Select  a  location  for  the  competition.   As  you  select different
locations,  the  available  tables  will also change.  To access further
locations and tables, play through the higher levels in Hustle Mode.

Table Size
Choose a table from those available at the current location.

Points Need (Straight Pool only)
Set the number of points needed to win each game.

Ball Set (8 Ball, Speed Pool, Ten Pin Bowling)
Choose between a Solid/Stripe set or Solids only set of balls to be
used throughout the Hustle Mode.

Call Shot (8 Ball U.S., Straight Pool, Ten Pin Bowling, Cut Throat)
While playing a match with the Call Shot option on, you will have to
specify a target ball and pocket before each shot.

Ball in Rack (Speed Pool)
Choose whether you would like to sink 9 balls or 15 balls on the table.

- Page - 13

Character Select
Once all of the options have been modified, the Select Characters screen
will  allow you to select and adjust the opponents.  The total number of
competing players will vary according to the current game rules.  Select
a  character for each of the available player positions in the match and
decide  whether  they  will  be  Human Controlled or Computer Controlled
players.  (See Page 10)

Compete  in  a single elimination competition against up to 16 different
Human  or  CPU  opponents.  Tournament mode plays in the same way as the
Match  mode, except that it involves more players competing over several
games  to  determine  the  winner.   Use the Number Of Players option to
determine  how many competitors will be included in the tournament.  The
remaining game options operate in the same way as Match Mode.

- Page - 16

                            School Of Pool

The  School  Of  Pool  will introduce you to the game of Pool, providing
advice  and an opportunity to practice before entering the competitions.
There  are several options available to help improve your general skills
and knowledge.

- Page - 18

                             Play Options

To bring up the play options, press the SELECT button.

Push Out
Immediately  after  a  Break  Shot, the player will be allowed to have a
free  shot,  with  no  restrictions,  by  using the Push Out rule.  This
pertains  to either player, whoever has the shot after the break (if the
player  sank  a  ball  on the break shot, he/she may opt to use the Push

Pass Shot
Once  the  Push  Out  has  been  taken,  the  Pass  Shot  option will be
available.   The  player  may  decline the shot, forcing the opponent to
take the shot.

Undo Push Out
This will cancel and undo the Push Out.

Call Shot
When  the  Call Shot option is on, the player must specify a target ball
and the target pocket.  Use the Directional Button to toggle through the
available balls, then press the Button to select.  Finally, select a
target  pocket  by  using  the  Directional Button to toggle through the
pockets then press the Button to select.

View Score Sheet
View the score sheet for the current match.

- Page - 19

                        School Of Pool Options

Undo Last Shot
After a mistake, undo the last shot and play it over again.

Rack the balls to begin shooting on a fresh table.

Training Lines
With  this  option  on,  a  line will be displayed for every ball on the
table.   These lines show how every ball will react to the current shot.
Also, when this option in enabled, the shot meter is locked to a pre-set
strength.  Hold the Shot button and press Left/Right to adjust the power
of the shot (the lines will adjust accordingly).

Re-Position Balls
Adjust  the  ball  positions to practice a shot of your choice.  Use the
Directional  Button to highlight a ball on the table, press and hold the
 Button,  and move the highlighted ball with the Directional Button.
Once  the  ball is in the correct position, release the Button.  Now
you can move another ball, or press the Button to exit.

- Page - 21

                             End Of Match

At  the end of a match, the final results will be displayed and you will
be given several options:

This  will  either move onto the next stage of the competition or return
to the Main Menu, depending on the type of game being played.

Save current game data such as match statistics, player set-up, and your
current position within an on-going opposition within an on-going Hustle
or Tournament.

Depending  on  the game mode, you might be given a Rematch option.  This
will  allow you to restart the match, without returning to the Main Menu

- Page - 22

                        Quick Reference Rules
Not  entered.   Read them from within the game.  They are more extensive

Once again I send greets out to the fellows in #AW!
- iFlAB

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