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True Lies

Developer:  LJN
Publisher:  Acclaim


    Meet Harry Tasker.  His wife and daughter think he's a slightly dull-witted
computer salesman, but his friend and colleague Albert "Gig" Gibson knows the
truth: Harry is a top agent for the Omega Sector, an ultra-secret government
agency whose motto "The Last Line of Defense" spells out its mandate to prevent
any terrorist threats to freedom!
    Harry has the fate of a natio and the fight of a lifetime on his hands when
the Crimson Jihad, a fanatic terrorist group led by the ruthless Abu Aziz,
steals nuclear warheads from the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan and
threatens to detonate them on U.S. soil unless their demands are met!
    Together with Gib, Harry must risk everything to prevent devastating
destruction.  The action is global as Harry's mission takes him from the snowy
slopes of Switzerland to the Forbidden City of China, with deadly stops in the
Florida Keys and a host of other locales that will prove unhealthy to the
unwise.  There's plenty of scenery, but it's no vacation.
    Each mission is more menacing than the last, but each brings Harry closer
to his goal - diffusing the warheads and disposing of Crimson Jihad hot heads!
Harry is closing in on his sinister foe, but Aziz has one last trick up his
sleeve - he makes it personal when he involves both Harry's wife, Helen, and
their daughter, Dana.  Big mistake!  If Harry can rescue them from harm's way,
payback is gonna be a hurtin' thing.


    You are agent Harry Tasker, and it's up to you to thwart the destabilizing
designs of Abu Aziz, before the Crimson Jihad rings down a nuclear nightmare!
Your objective is to complete all the missions leading to the capture and
destruction of the warheads, without destroying your happy home life!

Get Ready

    Turn the Power Switch ON.  After the True Lies Title Screen appears, you
will be presented with 3 choices:

1.  New Game
2.  Password
3.  Options

    Use the Control Pad to highlight your selection, and press the Start Button
to confirm your choice.

    Options allows you to set up our True Lies game using the following

1.  Difficulty
*Gives you a choice of either Normal or Hard game play.

2.  Sound
*Allows you to choose between Stereo or Mono.

3.  Controller
*Allows you to choose from among 4 pre-set controller configurations.

    Use the Control Pad to highlight your selection.

    You may wish to enter a Password, which allows you to resume gameplay from
the level associated with that Password.  Use the Control Pad to highlight
letters, and the A, B, X, or Y Buttons to select them.  Select End when the
Password is completed.  When End is highlighted, Press the A, B, X, or Y Button
to enter this selection.  Once you've set yourself up, you're ready to take on
your enemies in earnest.  The screen for you mission will appear.
    Good Luck, Harry!


Harry's Moves

    A portrait of Harry appears in the lower left portion of the screen.  Each
time he loses a life, his portrait will temporarily be replaced by a portrait of
Gib, who will tell him how many lives Harry has remaining.  Periodically, game
characters will communicate with Harry via the panel at the bottom of the
screen.  Watch for instructions, hints and even threats from different

Default Controls

Control Pad
*Moves Harry in direction it is pressed.

A Button
*Swap weapons.

B Button
*Fires weapon.

X Button
*Diving Shoulder Roll.

Y Button

Diving Shoulder Roll

   Harry uses this maneuver to avoid explosions, heavy enemy fire and other
unpleasantness that threatens to undermine his mission.

Roll & Fire

    Pressing the B Button while in the Diving Shoulder Roll will cause Harry to
come up out of the roll into a kneeling position with weapon blazing.

Lock Fire
    This allows Harry to fire his weapon in a direction other than the one that
he is moving in.  This is handy in keeping Harry from exposing his flank.  He
can fire while backing up, making it unnecessary for him to turn his back on an
enemy.  It's also useful when jumping around a corner to confront and confound
enemies with withering fire.  To Lock Fire in a desired direction, hold the Y
Button while the weapon is firing (B Button) in that direction and press the
Control Pad Arrow in move Harry in a different direction.  The weapon will
continue to fire in the direction the weapon was pointed in as long as the Y
Button is held.  When Lock Fire is released, both weapon & harry face/move in
the same direction, returning the Control Pad functions to normal.  If Fire (B
Button) is released but Lock (Y Button) remains held, Harry will remain facing
his current direction, but will still be able to move in a different one.

Energy Level

    The Energy Meter displays Harry's Health.  When Harry takes hits, he Energy
suffers.  If he is too badly injured, he will lose a life.


    Harry's arsenal appears at the bottom of the screen.  Once a weapon or
ammunition for it has been collected, it will appear in the Weapon Panel.
Ammunition for the currently selected weapon appears to the lower left of that
weapon.  Use the A Button to change or cycle through the available weapons.
Harry has, or can collect, the following weapons:

*Harry turns up the heat when he straps on a full strength flamethrower and lets
it rip!  Pick up gasoline to keep the temperature roasting!

*Harry will begin each level armed with his single shot 9mm pistol.  The
ever-ready extra clips make this a source of very unfriendly fire in Harry's
steady hands.

*Spread a lotta lead with the Uzi machine pistol pick-up.  You'll need to
collect ammo clips for this baby.  Hold down the B Button to constant fire.
Happy hunting, Harry!

*Short range and a wide dispersion pattern makes the shotgun ideal for work
that's up close and personal.  Best on several thugs at a time.  Pick up shells
at better terrorist hang outs everywhere.

*Grenades can blow away almost all of Harry's troubles.  Grenades are timed to
explode 10 seconds after the pin is pulled (pressing the B Button pulls the
pin).  Once the pin has been pulled, a timer appears above the grenade and
begins counting down the time to detonation.  Holding the B Button will keep the
grenade in Harry's hand while the timer counts down, allowing him to throw it at
the last minute.  The longer a grenade is held after the pin is pulled, the
farther it will be thrown.  Throwing a grenade too late (or having it bounce
back) can do Harry serious damage.  To throw a grenade immediately, quickly
press and release the B Button.

Anti-Personal Mine
*The most powerful weapon in Harry's arsenal.  Mines are hamburger helpers for
the savage set.  dandy for dropping a dime on someone wicked.  Plant mines
behind you to stop approaching baddies cold, but remember that if you get close
to one, your future is never!

Pick Ups

Health  Pick up
*Harry can restore his health considerably by walking over one of these Red
Cross Icons.

Extra Life Pick Up
*Harry gets an extra chance to combat the Crimson Jihad when he walks over the
valuable Extra Life Icon.


    True Lies consists of 10 missions.  All of these must be completed for
Harry to reach all the warheads and save the day.

1.  The Chateau

    As the game begins, we find Harry in the Swiss mountains at the fortified
chateau of Jamal Khaled, bon vivant and secrete ally of Abu Aziz' Crimson Jihad.
Harry's mission is to find the office where Khaled's computer is and attach a
modem to it, enabling Omega Sector to retrieve vital data for future decryption.
You'll need to locate the Pass Card in order to access the computer room.  
Though you are at your most urbane as you calmly navigate the various rooms and
hallways of the chateau, you'll have to contend with suspicious armed guards who
shoot first and ask questions later!  Attach the modem and get going because
you've set off an alarm which brings a host of elite guards clamoring after your
head!  Thank goodness Gib is on hand to help out with some timely hints.

Tip:  Look for secret doors.

2.  Slopers

    Having successfully attached the modem, it's time to flee the alpine
hornet's nest as an army of angry guards give chase.  You'll have to get down to
Gib waiting at the bottom of the mountain before another bunch of guards reach
him and Gib is captured, leaving Harry to face the wrath of the Crimson Jihad
alone and the mission in disarray.  Beware of snowmobiling snipers with pistols,
rifles and even grenades.  And Harry?  Try not to run into any trees, all right?

Tip:  Try to avoid hit & run snowmobilers.

3.  The Mall

    A prominent member of the Crimson Jihad has been sighted in a shopping mall
outside of Washington, D.C.  Harry must find him and bring him in - alive if
it's convenient!  But this crafty creep has a knack for eluding capture in the
multi-level labyrinth of modern retailing.  Having a few dozen feisty followers
armed with automatic weapons to distract Harry may have something to do with it.
You'll have to be quick footed and enterprising to track the rogue terrorist to
his ignoble hiding place:  the Men's Room.  Along the way, you'll find the mall
is jam packed with innocent shoppers.  Shooting them is frowned upon by Omega
Sector, so hold your fire if you don't have a clear shot!

4.  The Park

    Tree's hide treachery as Harry continues on the trail of the Crimson Jihad
ringleader!  The Park is packed with hedges and gates that Harry must manage to
find his way through if he is to succeed in his mission.  A bevy of blood
thirsty bad guys are bent on stopping him from doing that, but Harry isn't
easily distracted.  He's determined to locate the hidden keys that open gates
vital to his mission.
Tip:  Terrorists hiding under trees are susceptible to damage.

5.  Subway

    Decrypted data leads Omega Sector to believe that the Crimson Jihad has a
secret stronghold somewhere in the subway system where rats of a feather hide
together.  Can you subdue these subdudes?  To do it, you'll have to get past a
roaring train with never-ending cars - you need to re-route it.  Unfortunately,
the switch box and the lever to it must be found first, and they're both in
places thick with terrorists.  To complicate matters, other trains occasionally
come bearing down on Harry.  He'll have to duck into a niche in the wall, or
its' R.I.P. on the IRT.  Up and down subway stairs, picking up ammo and weapons,
the fight carries on until Harry reroutes the train and prepares to storm the
subterranean stronghold.  It's a festival of firepower, but only the toughest
will be left to celebrate!

Tip:  Watch out for 12:05!

6.  Dock

    A shipment of weapons destined for the Crimson Jihad has arrived down at
the docks.  They mustn't fall into enemy hands!  Wharf and warehouse both teem
with terrorists scurrying to unload crates of advanced weaponry that could give
the Crimson Jihad a decisive edge in the days to come.  Destroying the crates is
the only solution, and it's no easy task.  Naturally, the joint is jumping with
jackanapes who'd love to make Harry a canape!  Judicious use of limited grenades
will ensure that both weapons and terrorists alike will not survive to plague

Tip:  Check crates for secret passages.

7.  China: The Forbidden City

    It's nuclear high noon.  The Crimson Jihad covertly informs the U.S. of a
hidden nuclear device in the ancient Imperial City.  If it's detonated, a
deviously damning misinformation campaign will point the finger squarely at the
United States!  The Forbidden City is a haunting maze of catacombs and
passageways, secret tunnels, and hidden rooms, puzzles within puzzles where only
someone with the proper Keys and clues may enter.  to unlock one gate, one must
first locate a Key to another area where a further Key lies.  Harry must find
his way through this disorienting underworld and fight off legions of loyal
Crimson Jihad followers in his effort to locate the 3 disarming Keys which he
needs to disable the deadly bomb.  In a race against time, the future of
Sino-American relations, perhaps of the world, depends on you!

8.  The Refinery

    They don't care who they hurt.  This time, the Crimson Jihad runs amok in
the midst of an oil field.  Harry negotiates the hectic petro-puzzle, but first
he must dispatch the swarms of enemy defenders that await him outside.  The
terrorists take cover behind everything they can find, so Harry will be blasting
his way past an enemy that is as cautious as it is dangerous.

9.  Overseas Highway: Florida Keys

    The remaining warheads, previously stored off the Florida coast, are headed
to Miami in four trucks.  Harry Tasker takes to the air with one idea in mind:
take out this menace and stop the madness!  Harry flies the unfriendly skies, as
the mission mounts towards a harrowing conclusion aboard an unfamiliar Harrier
jet.  The deadly convoy is rolling towards doomsday protected by anti-aircraft
guns laying down terrific covering assault, and it's all Harry can do to remain
airborne, let alone destroy the nuclear nuisances below!  He must dodge
murderous fire as he gives the Crimson Jihad his best with the nimble Harrier
ready to close in!
    The Harrier jet is armed with a nose cannon and air-to-surface missiles.

Maneuver your Harrier
*Use Control Pad.
Fire the Nose Cannon.
*Press the A Button.
Fire Missiles
*Press the B Button.

    Try to knock out the AA (anti-aircraft) guns before you nullify the nukes.

Tip:  Use Missiles sparingly, and take careful aim.

10.  Office Party

    Having just saved his wife from an untimely end, Harry now faces his most
chilling challenge: Aziz himself has Harry's daughter, Dana!  Holed up in a city
office building, Aziz and the last of his faithful Crimson Jihad followers are
prepared for a fight to the end.  The building is littered with hidden
terrorists, making Harry's desperate search for Aziz and his daughter all the
more frustrating and dangerous!  Harry is beside himself with worry, but even in
this extreme situation his mind is cool & collected.  He dispatches one fiend
after another, though his foes fight with the determination of the doomed!  With
all Harry's battling skills tested to the limit, he still faces the vital task
of locating his plucky daughter and rescuing her from Aziz.  But where the heck
are they?  It's a high-rise climax in the clouds as Aziz battles back in a last
ditch attempt to get Harry out of his hair once and for all!


    Congratulations - you did it!  Through all the tricks and turns, you kept
your cool and used your head and warrior's heart to overcome a foe that few
others could find, let alone vanquish.  Maybe you're not so dull after all,
"True Lies Instruction Manual"
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