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Lara Croft, daughter of Lord Henshingly Croft, was
raised to be an aristocrat from birth. After attending finishing school at
the age of 21, Lara's marriage into wealth had seemed assured, but on her
way home from a skiing trip her chartered plane had crashed deep in the
heart of the Himalayas. The only survivor, Lara learned how to depend on
her wits to stay alive in hostile conditions, a world away from her
sheltered upbringing. 2 Weeks later when she walked into the village of
Tokakeriby her experiences had had a profound effect on her. Unable to
stand the claustrophobic suffocating atmosphere of upper-British society,
she realised that she was only truly alive when she was travelling alone.
Over the 8 following years she acquired an intimate knowledge of ancient
civilisations across the globe. Her family soon disowned their prodigal
daughter, and she turned to writing to fund her trips. Famed for
discovering several ancient sites of profound archaeological interest she
made a name for herself by publishing travel books and detailed journals of
her exploits.

Directional Buttons
Up - Run Forward
Down - Jump Back
Right - Turn Right
Left - Turn Left

X - Action
Square - Jump
Triangle - Draw
Circle - Roll

L1 Button - Look
L2 Button - Side Step Left
R1 Button - Walk
R2 Button - Side Step Right
START Button - Pause/Unpause
SELECT Button - Display Menu Rings

Use UP and Down on the Directional buttons and Cross Button to select
throughout all menus. The START or Cross Buttons also quits FMV.

Use Right and Left on the Directional buttons to toggle through individual
category options.

Use the Square Button within the Menu screens to take you to the previous
screen until you arrive back at the Title Screen.

It is advides that you do not insert or remove perephirals or Memory cards
once the power has been turned on.

Following a short introductory FMV sequence you will be presented with the:

Passport - main game options

The passport allows you to start a new game or load a previously saved
Press action (Cross Button) and the passport will flip open.
Pressing right and left flips you through the pages of the passport.
The first page allows you to choose and load a previous save game.
The middle pages will start a new game.

Polaroid - Lara's Home.

Choose the Polaroid to access the interactive training level. Lara will
explain how the game controls work. To exit the Gym press the SELECT Button
and use the exit option within the passport.


The sunglasses allow you to re-centre the game screen on your TV.
Use the Directional buttons and press the Cross Buttton to select.

Personal Stereo - sound effects and music

Press action on the Personal Stereo, and you will be presented with two
bars, the lower bar sets sound effects volume, the top bar sets music
Press up and down to toggle between sound and music.
Press left and right to adjust volume.

Controller - Control configuration

Use Right and left to scroll through the three pre-set control
configurations, press Action (Cross Button) to select.


Pressing Up moves Lara foward at a running pace.
Pressing Down makes Lara jump back a short distance.
Pressing Left or right turns Lara left or right.

By pressing the walk button (R1) in conjunction with the Directional
buttons, Lara can carefully walk forwards or backwards. While the walk
button (R1) is held down, Lara will not fall off any edge. If you walk up
to an edge Lara will automatically stop.

Side Steps
Side step Left (L2) and right (R2) buttons do exactly as you might imagine.

Selecting Roll (Circle Button) will make Lara dive forward, and finish up
facing the opposite direction.

Lara can jump in any direction, to evade her enemies.
Press the jump button (Square Button) and Lara will jump straight up into
the air.
If you press a direction button immediately after pressing jump (Square
Button), Lara will jump in that direction.


Blue 'Breath Bar': this bar reduces the longer Lara stays underwater, if
you let it run down completely the brown health bar will appear, if you do
not reach the surface before this bar expires Lara will drown.

If Lara finds a pool of water, she can jump in, and have a jolly good swim
around. Lara can hold her breath for about two minutes, if she is still
underwater after that she'll drown.

Pressing Up Down Left or Right makes Lara rotate in that direction.
Pressing Jump (Square Button) makes Lara swim.
Lara can pull levers and pick up objects under water. Just position Lara as
close as you can and press action. (Cross Button)

Swimming on the surface
Left and Right will rotare her, and Up and Down make her swim in those
directions. You can also use the side step actions (L2 and R2) to swim Left
or Right when on the waters surface.
Pressing jump (Square Button) will make Lara dive under the surface again,
pressing action (Cross Button) when Lara is close to an edge will make her
climb out.


Number of bullets left: standard guns have an infinite number of bullets

Health Bar: this decreases as you are attacked by your enemies or injured
by falling

Lara starts the game carrying two pistols. Later in the game she may find
some extra weapons.

Press draw (Triangle Button) and Lara will draw her guns.
If Lara sees some thing she doesn't like the look of she will point her
guns at it.

If there are multiple enemies, Lara will lock on to different targets,
choosing the best one as she sees fit.

Pressing action (Cross Button) while Lara is aiming at something will
assign that enemy as the current target. It will remain as the current
target indefinately while the action button (Cross Button) is held Down,
regardless of whetheror not Lara loses her lock.

While the action button (Cross Button) is held, Lara will only fire at the
current target, ignoring any other enemy in the vicinity. If Lara loses
sight of an enemy, she will break her lock, but that enemy will still be
assigned as the current target.

The camera will track the current targer, so even if Lara loses sight of
it, you can still see where it is.

To make Lara continue shooting the current target after she loses her lock,
simply point her in the right direction and bob's your uncle.

If you want to shoot a different enemy, simply let go of action (Cross
Button), and Lara will pick a new target.

While you have your guns out, Lara can no longer do anything that would
involve the use of her hands. These are as follows:

If Lara is faced with an obstacle that she can climb over, pressing forward
and action (Cross Button) will make her vault onto it.

Grabbing hold
If Lara is near to a ledge while she is jumping, pressing and holding the
action button (Cross Button) will allow her to grab the ledge in front of
her and hange there.
Press Left or Right, and Lara will shimmy sideways.
Pressing Up will make Lara climb to the level above.
Let go of action (Cross Button) and Lara will drop.

Picking objects up
Lara can retrieve objects and store them in her inventory.
Position Lara so that the object you want to retrieve is in front of her
Press the action button (Cross Button) and she will pick it up.

Using switches
Position Lara so that the switch is in front of her.
Press the action button (Cross Button) and the item ring will appear.
Left and Right will allow you to select the object you want to try, and
pressing action (Cross Button) again will use it.

Pushing/Pulling Objects
Lara can push certain blocks around and use them to climb up to greater
Stand in front of the block and hold Down action (Cross Button), Lara will
get into her ready stance.
Once she is ready, press Down to pull the block, and Up to push it, if you
decide you no longer wish to carry on with this task, simply release the
action button (Cross Button).

Looking around
Pressing the look button (L1) will return the camera to directly behind
Lara, whatever the camera is currently doing. With the look button (L1)
held down, the Directional Buttons allow Lara to look around her. Once you
let go of the button, the view returns to normal. (tip - if you are trying
to line Lara up for a jump, and the camera is in an awkward position,
pressing the look button (L1) on it's own will show you exactly what
direction she is facing.)

Whilst in-game pressing SELECT button will display the Menu Rings.

Press Left and Right to rotate the menu ring.
Press action (Cross Button) to use or select the foremost item for ready
Press Up or Down to swap between Inventory, Items and Options rings (see
menu ring for details of the options available.)
Press Triangle or Circle Buttons to deselect an item, press SELECT button
again to exit the Menu Rings.

Inventory Ring

The pistols are, by default, selected and ready to use. If you have found
any extra weapons simply select them and press action (Cross Button). You
can also see how much ammo is available to you here.

Small Medi Pack
Using a small medi pack will restore 1/2 of Lara's health.

Large Medi Pack
Using a Large Medi Pack will fully restore Lara's health.

Items Ring
Lara will find some objects that may be useful in puzzles, and if collected
this is where they are stored.

Options Ring

Here the options open to you are Restart level, Load game or Quit to Title

Sunglasses and Personal Stereo
In both of these cases, for usage descriptions, refer to Starting the Game
as they do exactly the same as described there.

Make sure there is enough free blocks on your Memory card before commencing

Please note that if you do not have a memory card you will be unable to
save your game.

Collecting a Save Game Beacon, a revolving diamond, by picking the up will
save your current game at that point. At the end of the level you will be
prompted as to whether you wish to save your game here, if you choose to do
so then your current mid-level save will be overwritten. All successfully
completed levels will be saved and available for loading.

Your full game configuration will be saved within the Save Game.

To load a previously saved game proceed to the Menu Ring select the
Passport and choose and select the game you wish to load. A more detailed
description of the Passport functions is given under Starting the Game -

At the end of each level you are presented with a Statistics screen, here
you will be able to judge just how well you have performed.

At the successful completion of each level your health will be restored to

If you die in-game you will be presented with the Passport Screen, here you
will be given the opportunity to Load (a previously saved game), Restart
(level) or Quit to the Title Screen.

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