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         Thousand Arms

       Instruction Manual
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                           Thousand Arms

                   --- An I.f.L.a.b. document ---

                        = X Button
                        = Circle Button
                        = Square Button
                        = Triangle Button

As  is my new format, I will no longer enter in blank page numbers, or
page  numbers  that  may  contain  pictures.  There are a lot of pages
missing from this manual - that is the reason.

`- Page -. 1

                         Table Of Contents

              How to use the Controller..............4
              Getting Started........................6
              The general flow of the game...........8
              Status screen..........................9
              Master System.........................24
              Item list.............................30
              Magic Spell list......................31
              Opening and Ending Song Translations..32
              Character Introductions...............42

Displayed Errors

Controller Unplugged Icon
- This will be displayed when the controller becomes unplugged in the
  middle  of the game.  The game resumes as soon as the controller is
  plugged in correctly.

Disc Cover Open Icon
- This  will  be displayed when the disc cover opens in the middle of
  the game. The game resumes as soon as the disc cover is closed.  In
  addition, when prompted to exchange discs, the game will not resume
  unless the correct disc is inserted.

`- Page -. 2


Tradguld, The land of locomotives and peaceful countryside...
Langoud, the seafaring beach-city...
Sharan, the floating center of commerce...
Myscatonia, the land of mystery and wonder...
And Dianova, the dark empire bent on taking over the world...  a world
of swords and magic...
This  is  the story of Meis Triumph and his journey to save the people
from  the  Dianovan  Empire's  reign of terror and oppression.  Having
been  raised  within a circle of Spirit Blacksmiths, Meis was enjoying
his life in Krant, a nature-filled town in Tradguld...

Dianova's  conquest  reached  the  town  of Krant, and the people were
forced to evacuate their once peaceful land.

Separated  from  his family, Meis reaches the town of Boyzby and meets
Sodina.  From here, the story unfolds...

`- Page -. 4

                     How To Use The Controller

Directional buttons - Moves the character.
R1 button - Rotates camera to the left (Does not work at certain
            locations when walking in the cities).
R2 button - Moves camera UP/DOWN (Only on the World Map).
L1 button - Rotates camera to the right (Does not work at certain
            locations when walking in the cities).
L2 button - Puts a position indicator above the character. (Not used
            on the World Map).
SELECT button - Not used.
START button - Pauses the game. (If you press the Select button while
               the  game  is  paused you can select QUIT to return to
               the Title Screen).
button - Displays the Status Screen.
button - Talks to people, enters buildings, checks treasure
             chests, fast-forwards the messages.
button - Turns the Mini-map ON/OFF; Displays the entire message
             of a dialog box all at once.
button - Meis walks when used in conjunction with the directional

Directional button - Selects a command/target character.
R1 button - Moves camera to the right.
R2 button - Not used.
L1 button - Moves camera to the left.
L2 button - Not used.
SELECT button - Not used.
START button - Pauses the game.
button - Confirms the selection, fast-forwards messages, executes
             the action of the character in front.
button - Opens/Closes action cancellation window of the backup
button - Executes action of the backup character.
button - Fast-forwards messages, opens/closes action cancellation
             window of the character in front.

Status Screen
Directional button - Moves the cursor.
R1 button - Not used.
R2 button - Not used.
L1 button - Not used.
L2 button - Not used.
SELECT button - Not used.
START button - Pauses the game. (If you press the Select button while
               the  game  is  paused you can select QUIT to return to
               the Title Screen).
button - Not used.
button - Confirms the command selected.
button - Cancels the command.
button - Not used.

`- Page -. 6

                          Getting Started

To Load A Saved Game
Select  CONTINUE,  then  press the button.  Select the memory card
that you want to load from and press the button.  Then, select the
game data to be loaded and press the button.

Switching Discs
Depending on the progress of the game, you may be prompted to insert a
different  disc.   Please  follow  the  message and insert the correct

`- Page -. 7

Saving The Game
During  the  game,  you  can  save the game data on the World Map.  To
save,  insert  a  memory  card  and  select SAVE at the status screen.
Select  the  memory  card,  then  choose the file to be overwritten by
pressing  the    button.   Up to 3 files can be saved on one memory
card, with each file taking 1 block.

[Iflab note: Odd this, why not more saves? Possibly later saves may
             take upto 5 blocks, be warned!]

Places Where You Are Allowed To Save
Besides  the  World  Map,  you  can  also  save  at the inns scattered
throughout  the  various towns and cities.  In a dungeon, you can save
the game if you talk to the save point called SAVE DAMASHI.

`- Page -. 8

                      General Flow Of The Game
This  game  progresses  as you travel around the World Map and talk to
people in the various cities and towns.  When you encounter enemies on
the  way,  defeat  them  and  continue  on with your journey.  In some
cases,  you  will  need  to explore a dungeon and accomplish a certain
objective before you can continue.

The  mini-map  can  only be accessed at the World Map and in cities or
towns,  by pressing the button.  It cannot be used in dungeons and
in certain cities/towns.

`- Page -. 9

Status Screen
As  long  as  you  are not in the middle of a battle or event, you can
access  the status screen by pressing the button.  From there, you
can perform various commands such as checking the status of characters
and using items.

Description Of Windows
1. Command Window (Top left of screen)
 Selects and performs various commands. See page 10 for details.

2. Party Window
 Displays a quick overview of the character's status.  The characters
 in  the left-hand column participate in the battle, and those in the
 right-hand  column  are  on  standby  (Cannot  participate in battle
 unless they are moved to the left-hand column).

3. Money (GG)
 Displays the current total of money. The unit of currency is GG.

4. Master Points (MP)
 Displays  the  current total of Master Points (MP).  See page 24 for

`- Page -. 10

Select  the STATUS command at the status screen.  The cursor will then
move  to  the party window.  Move the cursor to the character that you
want to check, then press the button.

Level     - The character's experience level.
EXP       - The current total of experience points.
NEXT      - The amount of experience points needed to advance to the
            next level.
HP        - Current hit points/maximum HP.
EP        - Current energy points/maximum EP.
 Power    - This affects the strength of spells, resistance to
            spells, etc.
Speed     - This affects the time needed for a character to perform
            an action in combat.
Evade Rate- This affects the chance of evading an enemy's attack.
Accessory - The name of the equipped accessory.
Charisma  - The level of feelings toward girls (Only for Meis).
Attribute - The elemental attribute of the weapon.
Offense   - The level of damage that can be inflicted on the enemy.
Defense   - The level of resistance to damage done by an enemy.
 Rate     - This affects the chance of executing a critical attack.
 Rate     - This affects the chance of executing a multiple attack.

`- Page -. 11

Command Window
Displays  the list of spells that the selected character has acquired.
The  spells  in  white  can  be  cast from the command window, and the
number beside the spell name indicates the amount of EP needed to cast
that spell.

Elemental Beast/Special Attack
Displays  the  list of special attacks (Elemental Beasts for Meis, new
outfits for Nelsha) that the selected character has acquired.

Equip Weapon/Equip Accessory
Equips the selected character with a weapon or an accessory.  The list
of  items that can be equipped appears when the equip weapon/accessory
command is selected.  Press the button after selecting the item to
be  equipped  with  the  directional buttons.  By doing so, the status
change  will be displayed.  The equipped accessory can also be removed
by selecting "REMOVE".

`- Page -. 12

This  command  allows  you  to  perform  various  operations  on items
obtained  by  the  player.   The  icon  to  the  left of the item name
indicates  the  type  of  the item, and the number to the right is the
number  of  that particular item in stock.  Refer to the bottom of the
screen for the description of the item.

Description Of Commands
1. Action Commands
 1. USE  allows  you to use the selected items.  The usable items are
    displayed  in  white  text.  Select the item with the directional
    buttons, then press the button.

 2. LOOK allows you to check the description on the items.

 3. DROP  allows you to throw away unwanted items. Select the item to
    be  dropped  with  the  directional  button,  then  press the

2. Display Commands
 By  using  these commands, you can limit the types of items that are
 displayed in the item window.

`- Page -. 13

With this command, you can look at the available spells and cast them.
Select  the  character,  then  press  the button.  The spell names
displayed  in  white  text  can be cast.  Select the spell to be cast,
then  press the button.  Then select a character to cast the spell
on  and  press  the button.  However, the spell names displayed in
red text cannot be cast because of insufficient EP.

Using Spells During Battle
- Move the cursor to the spell, then press the button.
- Select the target, then press the button.

`- Page -. 14

You  can  select  the  party members to be in combat, and organize the
battle  formation  with  this  command.  The members in battle and the
battle  formation  can  have influence over the outcome of the battle.
Think  about  how  you  can  organize  your  party as it may determine
whether you win or lose a battle.

Party Organization Procedures
After  selecting  the  PARTY  command,  choose  the  character  to be
switched  and  press  the button.  Then choose the character that
will be replaced by the other character and press the button.  By
doing so, the positions of the 2 characters will be switched.

Battle Formation
The  characters  in  the  left-hand column participate in battle, and
those  in the right-hand column are on standby (cannot participate in
battle unless they are moved to the left-hand column).  NOTE:  Of the
characters in the left-hand column, the top-most character will be at
the frontline and the others will serve as backup.

`- Page -. 15

This  command  takes  you to the cities / towns / dungeons that you've
visited  already.  Select the place that you want to go to, then press
the    button.   The WARP command cannot be used initially; it will
become available to the player at a certain point during the game.  In
addition, there exists an item that allows you to WARP.  It is sold at
some stores, and like other items, it is expendable.

MESSAGE  SPEED,  SOUND  (Stereo/Mono)  and  VIBRATION  settings can be
configured.   The vibration function is valid only in conjunction with
a Dual Shock Controller.

You  can  save from here when you're on the World Map.  See Page 7 for

Print Club Note
With  this  command,  you can view the Print Club pictures that you've
taken  at  different locations.  this command will be available to the
player as soon as a Print Club picture is taken.

`- Page -. 16


Vividly  dramatized battle scenes are made possible by the combination
of   3D  polygonal  backgrounds  and  2D  characters.   And  with  the
capability  to  cancel  the  already  selected commands, the player is
given the freedom to have an in-depth combat strategy.

Combat Screen

Description Of Displayed Informations
1. Action Cursor
  This  cursor  is  used  to choose the character that will select or
  cancel an action.

2. Enemy's Actions
  The actions of each enemy are displayed.

3. Enemy Frontline
  This is the enemy character in the frontline.

4. Party Status
  The quick overview of the characters' status is displayed.

5. Actions / Standby Time Gauge
  The actions of the party members are displayed.  The top is for the
  frontline,  and  the bottom is for the backup characters.  The time
  gauge  indicates  the amount of time needed to execute the selected
  action.   You  can  execute  the  action  as soon as the time gauge
  reaches zero.

6. Frontline Character
  This is the party member in the frontline.

`- Page -. 17

The General Flow Of Battle
The  character  in the frontline is going to be directly involved with
the  battle.  The backup characters support the frontline character by
using  items  and  casting  magic  spells.  The battle pauses when the
command window appears, and resumes when the player selects the action
to be performed.

Battle Sequence
The  first  thing  done  by  the  player when the battle commences is
selecting the actions for the frontline and backup characters (Only 1
of the 2 backup characters can perform an action).  Each action has a
STANDBY  TIME, and the selected action can only be executed after the
standby time elapses.  When the standby time gauge goes down to zero,
"  Action" will be displayed for the frontline character, and "
Action"  for  the  backup character.  At that time, you can press the
corresponding   button   to  execute  the  action.   When  action  is
completed, you can select another action.

Cancelling Your Commands
An action can be cancelled at any time.  Press the button for the
frontline character, and the button for the backup character.

`- Page -. 18

Battle Commands

Only  the  character  in  the  frontline  can  use this command.  The
character attacks the frontline enemy with his/her weapon. You cannot
attack the enemy backup characters with this command.

Both  the  frontline  and  backup  characters  can  use this command.
Select  SPELL  command  and  press  the button, and if necessary,
select  target  by moving the cursor with the directional buttons and
pressing the button to confirm. The backup characters cannot cast
offensive spells.

Only  the  character  in  the  frontline  can  use this command.  The
character  attacks  the enemy with a special attack / Elemental Beast
(Meis) or a new outfit for (Nelsha).  Select the special attack to be
used,  then press the button.  If necessary, select the target by
moving  the  cursor  with  the  directional  button and press the

`- Page -. 19

Only the character in the frontline can use this command.  After this
is  selected,  the defensive power of the character increases for the
duration  of  the  standby  time.  The command is terminated when the
standby time gauge reaches zero, or when you cancel the action.

Both  the  frontline  and  backup  characters  can  use this command.
Select the item to be used, then press the button.  If necessary,
select  the  target by moving the cursor with the directional buttons
and then press the button.

Only  the  backup characters can use this command.  While on standby,
there is a chance of a backup character performing a cheer or taunt.

Next Char
Only  the  character  in  the  frontline  can use this command.  When
executed,  the frontline character retreats from battle, and the next
backup  character  in  line  becomes  the  frontline character.  This
command can only be used if there is a backup character.

Only  the  character  in  the  frontline  can use this command.  When
executes  successfully,  the  party  will retreat from battle.  (This
command cannot be used when fighting a boss character.)

`- Page -. 20

Frontline And Backup
In  Thousand  Arms, the actions that can be performed by the frontline
character  and  backup  characters  differ.   The  frontline character
actively  participates  in  the  battle,  while  the backup characters
support   the   frontline   character.   When  organizing  the  battle
formation, think of the characters' roles in combat.

To Change Battle Formation
The  formation  can  be  changed  with the PARTY command at the status
screen.   You  can  use  the  NEXT  CHAR  command in the middle of the
battle.  However, the frontline character cannot return to that battle
after leaving.

`- Page -. 21

Difference Between Frontline And Backup

- Subject to an enemy's direct attack.
- Subject to an enemy's area-effect attack.
- Able to use all commands.

- Not subject to an enemy's direct attack.
- Subject to an enemy's area-effect attacks.
- Able to use the commands:

  - ITEM

`- Page -. 22

Bad Conditions
During  battle,  a character's condition may be affected by an enemy's
attack.   Each  bad  condition has some sort of penalty; it is advised
that you try to recover as quickly as possible.

Name       Effect                        Method Of Recovery
----       ------                        ------------------
SLEEP      Falls asleep,  Recovers in a  ITEM  - Antidote
           few turns                     SPELL - Cure All

PARALYSIS  Cannot  execute  any form of  ITEM  - Hi Antidote
           action,  Recovers  in  a few  SPELL - Cure+, Cure All
           turns,  (game  over  if  all
           party  members are paralyzed

SILENCE    Cannot cast magic spells      ITEM  - Antidote Ex
                                         SPELL - Cure All

CONFUSION  No  control over the charac-  ITEM  - Antidote Ex
           ters actions                  SPELL - Cure All

CONTROL    Action controlled by enemy    ITEM  - None
                                         SPELL - Cure All

POISON     Receives damage from poison,  ITEM  - Antidote, Hi Antidote
           The effect lasts until cured  SPELL - Cure, Cure+, Cure All

`- Page -. 23

End Of Battle
The battle ends when you defeat all the enemies.

WARNING:    When  all  your  party  members  ate  either  defeated  or
paralyzed, the game is over.

After The Battle Ends
When you win the battle, you gain experience points (EXP), money (GG)
and  Master  Points  (MP) according to the type and number of enemies
that  you  defeated.   In addition, you may find items dropped by the

Level Up
Each  character  gains some experience points per battle, and when it
reaches  a  certain amount, the character levels up.  Your parameters
will  also  increase  (SPEED, ELEMENTAL POWER, including CHARISMA for
Meis), after levelling up.

`- Page -. 24

                           Master System

Coming  from  a  family  of  Spirit  Blacksmiths,  Meis can strengthen
existing weapons, level up, add new features, spells, and even special
attacks  to  that  weapon.  This is called Master System.  In order to
forge a weapon, the Master Points (MP) and a girl's Intimacy Level are
required.   A girl's assistance is a must for making a weapon stronger
by imbuing it with an Elemental Spirit.

Effects Resulting From The Growth Of A Weapon
Since  the  weapon acts as a tool for both offense and defense in this
game,  the  growth  of  a  weapon  is  a  very  important  factor.  By
strengthening  a weapon, the defensive power, as well as the offensive
power,  increases.  Special attacks and magic spells can also be added
to the weapon.  See page 27 for details.

1. The performance of the weapon increases.
2. New special attacks may be acquired.
3. Spells become available.

Important Note:
Each  girl  can  imbue  different  spells  and/or  special attacks at
different intimacy levels.  You can raise any girls intimacy level up
to 10 at any given time.  However, Meis' charisma level must be equal
to  or  higher  than  a girl's intimacy level in order to imbue those
spells  and/or  special  attacks  on  any  given  intimacy level.  Be
careful, and make sure that you watch Meis' charisma level, otherwise
you  might  miss  a spell or attack when you go to forge your weapons
because your charisma isn't high enough.

`- Page -. 25

Things To Do Before Forging Weapons
1. Win Battles
A certain amount of Master Points are expended every time a weapon is
strengthened.   In  order  to  gather  enough  MP for strengthening a
weapon, you need to go into battle.  Every time you win a battle, you
will  be  given  a certain amount of MP, as well as experience points
and money.

Additionally,  by  gaining  experience points and levelling up, Meis'
Charisma level rises.  This will affect the girl's Intimacy Level.

2. Increase The Girl's Intimacy Level
The  strength of the Elemental Spirit that will be imbued in a weapon
is  determined  by the girl's Intimacy Level.  That means you need to
increase the Intimacy Level to make the weapon stronger.

You  can increase the Intimacy Level by going on dates with the girl.
Be  careful  not  to  make the girl mad, or else Meis' Intimacy Level
will go down instead.  As Meis' Charisma level increases, so does the
maximum limit of each girls Intimacy Level.

* See Page 29 for additional information.

`- Page -. 26

To Strengthen A Weapon
The weapons of the party members can only be strengthened by Meis, the
Spirit  Blacksmith.  You can do so at the smithy in cities, towns, and
some dungeons.

After  pressing the button in front of the anvil, select the girl
that  you  want  to  strengthen  the weapon with.  A weapon selection
window  will  open up.  You can then check the magic spells / special
attacks  that  are  going  to be added, as well as the MP consumption
rate for each weapon.  Select the weapon, the press the button to
confirm  the action.  You will not be able to strengthen weapons that
require more MP's than you have.

`- Page -. 27

Power Of Elemental Spirit: Special Attack
Depending  on  the  weapon, the girl, and her Intimacy Level, special
attacks  may  be  acquired.   Each  special  attack can influence the
course  of  battle  greatly;  the  more  you acquire, the easier your
journey will be.

Power Of Elemental Spirit: Magic Spell
By  infusing  the girl's feelings, the Elemental Spirit dwells within
the  weapon  that  is  being  forged.   The  use of a new magic spell
becomes available. Note that the only way to acquire new spells is to
strengthen the weapons with the girls you meet.

Another Method Of Obtaining MP
MP's  can  also  be  obtained  in cities and towns.  There are certain
locations  where  Elemental  Spirits  reside,  and by pressing the
button in certain places you can obtain MP's.

`- Page -. 28

Going On A Date
In  order to get acquainted with a girl, and to make weapons stronger,
going  on  a  date  is absolutely necessary.  To go on a date, go to a
city  /  town  and  press  the   button in front of a statue of the
goddess.  Next, select the girl that you want to go on a date with and
press  the    button.   Finally,  choose  between DATE, PRESENT and

Once  you  select  DATE,  the girl you choose will appear behind you.
Take  her to a Date Spot!  (There are several Date Spots in each city
/  town).   You  will be prompted when you reach a Date Spot.  Select
YES and press the button to confirm. You will then be transferred
to  conversation mode, where the girl will ask you various questions.
If  you  answer  positively according to the girl's personality, your
Intimacy  Level  with  her  increases.   But  if  you upset her, your
Intimacy Level with that girl may decrease.

`- Page -. 29

When  you  select  PRESENT,  the  list  of presents in your inventory
appears.   Choose the present that you want to give to the girl, then
press  the    button.   Your  Intimacy Level increases if the girl
likes the present, but the reverse situation is also possible.

You  can play a different mini-game with each girl.  After you select
Before  starting  the  mini-game, it is advised to first read through
the  instructions and  try the training game.  Try your best, because
your  Intimacy Level with that girl will increase if you do well.  On
the other hand, your Intimacy Level may go down if you don't do well.

Intimacy Level And Mood
The  Intimacy  Level  of  a girl indicates hoe much Meis means to her.
The  mood of the girl will be represented with a heart icon.  The girl
is  happy  when the heart is filled, and she is in a bad mood when the
heart is empty.  Not that you are likely to get a positive result when
you  date  a girl in a good mood, but there are conversations that can
only be heard when the girl is in a bad mood.

`- Page -. 30

                             Item List

Recovery Items
Name         Effect
----         ------
Potion       Restores HP
HP Potion    Restores more HP than Potion
Potion Ex    Restores HP to max
G. Potion    Restores HP of all party members
Antidote     Recovers from poison/sleep condition
Hi Antidote  Recovers from poison/paralysis condition
Antidote Ex  Recovers from silence/confuse condition
Revive       Revives a party member to 1 HP
Revive Ex    Recovers everything except bad status
Elixir       Restores EP
Hi Elixir    Restores more EP than Elixir
Elixir Ex    Restores more EP than Hi Elixir

Offensive Items
Name         Effect
----         ------
Fire Bottle  Fire-based damage to selected enemy
Spark Bottle Light-based damage to selected enemy
Wind Bottle  Wind-based damage to selected enemy
Geo Bottle   Earth-based damage to selected enemy

Support Items
Name         Effect
----         ------
Book Of
Delay       Causes enemies' speed to decrease
Necronomicon Scares enemies away

Name         Effect
----         ------
Happy Glove  Protects from control/confusion
Sports Glove Speed Up, Enemy's Critical Hit down
War Glove    Speed and Attack Up, Defense Down
Power Bracer Offense Up
Speed Bracer Speed Up
Guard Bracer Defense Up
Fire Amulet  Fire resistance Up
Water Amulet Water resistance Up

`- Page -. 31

                             Spell List

Recovery Spells
Name         Effect
----         ------
Heal         Minor HP recovery
Heal+        Moderate HP recovery
Heal All     Heals all party members
Revive       Revives unconscious person to 1 HP
Revive+      Revives unconscious person to full HP
Cure         Recovers 1 person from poisoning
Cure+        Recovers 1 person from poisoning, paralysis
Cure All     Returns status of 1 person to normal

Offensive Spells
Name         Effect
----         ------
Fire         Attacks enemy with Fire
Rain         Attacks enemy with Water
Wind         Attacks enemy with Wind
Geo          Attacks enemy with Earth
Light        Attacks enemy with Light

Support Spells
Name         Effect
----         ------
Paralyze     Paralyzes an enemy
Confuse      Confuses an enemy
Sleep        Puts an enemy to sleep
Silence      Silences an enemy
Might Guts   Offensive power of a person increases
Guard Guts   Defensive power of a person increases
Speed        Speed of a person increases
Evade        Agility of a person increases
Weaken       Offensive power of an enemy decreases
Defense      Defensive power of an enemy decreases
Down         Speed of an enemy decreases
Slow         Agility of an enemy decreases

Barrier Spells
Name         Effect
----         ------
Barrier      Reduces physical damage (minor)
Barrier+     Reduces physical damage (major)
Wall         Reduces magical damage (minor)
Wall+        Reduces magical damage (major)

`- Page -. 32

Opening Song
"Depend on You"
Performed by Ayumi Hamasaki
written by Ayumi Hamasaki & Kazuhito Kikuchi
arranged by Akimitsu Honma & Takashi Morio
published in the U.S. by Peermusic Ltd. (BMI)
As translated from the original Japanese lyrics.

                     If there ever comes a time
                 when you need to go on a journey,
                let's start it together, you and me.
When you are about to reach the goal you've been always striving for,
   what would you do if you realize that it's still so far away?
    "How long do I have to go on?" "Will there ever be an end?"
        How will you spend your uncertain days by yourself?
      Are you tired from your flight? You can't go on anymore?
             You can rest your wings and be comforted,
               Because I will always be here for you.
                     If there ever comes a time
                 when you need to go on a journey,
                let's start it together, you and me.

`- Page -. 33

Ending Song
"Two of Us"
Performed by Ayumi Hamasaki
written by Ayumi Hamasaki & Daisuke Miyachi
arranged by Akimitsu Honma
published in the U.S. by Peermusic Ltd. (BMI)
As translated from the original Japanese lyrics.

             I was dreaming about resting in your arms;
                 I woke up and noticed I was alone.
                 I started crying from loneliness.
        The color-faded sofa, the pair of cups that we used,
              The bed that's too large for me alone...
                    I'll get over them, someday.
       I didn't love you so that you could keep on loving me.
        I thought I knew that, but now I can't go to sleep.
                      The song that we liked,
                  The movie we watched together...
          I can't forget them. I was hoping that tomorrow,
           Everything would go back to the way it was...
               Since then, I tried calling you once.
                  The girl who answered the phone
                        Had a gentle voice.
                    Your voice calling my name,
               The fingers that ran through my hair,
                   The eyes that were so pure...
                    Now, they're so far away...
              We laughed together, we argued together,
             We believed in each other; I'm all alone.
                      I want to see you again.
                I know, I have to give up my hope...

`- Page -. 42

                      Character Introductions

Meis Triumph

Age: 16

 Kant, a town in the countryside of Tradguld.

 Very  true to himself, for better or for worse.  Puts 100% effort to
 what  he believes is right.  And what's right is his passion for the
 opposite sex.

 The  son  and  heir  to  the  Triumphs,  a  noble  family  of Spirit
 Blacksmiths.   Very passionate, especially toward women of his type,
 which  pretty  much covers any girl who'll talk to him.  Regarded by
 most  people as an easy-going play boy, but he has a strong sense of

Sodina Dawnfried

Age: 15

 Boyzby, the capital of Tradguld.

 A down-to-earth girl, who believes in Meis, no matter what.

 Honest,  cheerful,  and  kind  towards everybody.  But whenever Meis
 shows  interest  in  other  girls,  she  gets a bit jealous and acts
 accordingly.  Most likely with a slap to Meis' head.

Muza Grifford

Age: 21

 Schutzren, home of the fearless warriors.

 His  actions  are  motivated  by  his  dream  of becoming a hero.  A
 big-brother  figure  to  Meis,  but  gets  very  nervous in front of

Wyna Grapple

Age: 17

 Langoud, the pirates' hideout.

 A  very  straightforward  and  carefree girl who prefers to live her
 life her own way.  Talks like a guy, and her combat skills are first
 class.  To this girl, the fight is everything.

Soushi Mahoroba

Age: 18

 Wano, land of the Orient.

 People  may mistake him for a beautiful woman, but in battle he is a
 cold  machine  programmed  to defeat anyone unfortunate to cross his
 path.   Very  gentle  to  women  and  uses  his looks and frailty to
 influence their maternal instincts.

Kyleen Nelphe

Age: 16

 Sharan, the floating city of commerce.

 Cheerful, active, full of curiosity.  When caught between a rock and
 a  hard  place,  she tends to either just run away or try to squeeze
 her way out of it by arguing.  But somehow, people around her aren't
 too concerned with her personality.

Nelsha Stylus

Age: Appears to be 12

 The ancient city of Myscatonia

 The  Dress  Master  with a dual personality.  Usually an introverted
 girl,  but  acts  completely  different  whenever  she  changes  her
 costume.  When she loses her temper, she really loses her temper.

`- Page -. 56


- The key to succeeding in Thousand Arms is to DATE, DATE, DATE!  When
you  do  well on dates with certain girls they will give you access to
new  spells  and  powers  that can be passed on to other characters in
your party!

- Talk  to everyone you meet at least once or twice, they may give you
helpful information to complete your quest.

- Stock  up plenty on healing items and recovery items. You never know
when you might need them.

- Practice using the "CANCEL" command during battle and watch what the
enemy  does.  The wrong spell or the wrong command at the wrong moment
can spell disaster for your party.

- Remember  all of your special attacks are replenished when you visit
an Inn. Also, only use your special attacks when you really need them.

- SAVE OFTEN! You never know when the next battle will be your last!

Tips on how To Enjoy The Game But Won't Necessarily Help You Beat It
- As  much  as the Dating portion of the game is important, don't take
it too seriously.  Don't always pick the same choices even if they are
the  correct ones.  Have fun with it!  We didn't record over  12 hours
of  dialog  just  so  that  nobody would hear it!  Also, you can't get
everything  if  you  always  do  well  during your encounters!  (Hint,

- Try  to  collect and use all of your party members' special attacks,
you'll be glad you did!

- Don't  pass  up  any  treasure boxes you see, you never know whatcha
gonna get!

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