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Direction Buttons-Move through selections, change settings

Circle-Cancel decision, return to previous menu
Start- Game start
During Gameplay:
Direction Buttons-Move blocks
Down-Increase speed of blocks
X-Rotate blocks counter-clockwise
Circle-Rotate blocks clockwise
Start-Pause and unpause


The Pause Menu:
While the game is paused, press Select to view the Pause Menu.
- Continue will unpause the game
- Password will show the password for the current stage
- Retire will end your game
- Quit will take you to the title screen

In Edit Mode:
Direction Buttons-Move cursor
X-Decision, place block
Circle-Cancel decision, return to previous menu
L1 or R1-Change block color
Square-Erase block
Soft Reset: During gameplay, holding Select and holding Start for 2 seconds will
return you to the title screen.


Tetris Plus is stacked with four modes of play: Classic Tetris, Puzzle, two-player Vs.
Puzzle, and a unique Edit mode which allows the player to construct original

Classic Tetris
Players of all ages can enjoy the original game conceived by famed Russian
inventor, Alexey Pajitnov. To score, try to form a horizontal line of blocks. Each
complete line will disappear from the chamber. Bonus points are awarded for
clearing two lines, three lines and four lines (a tetris). If the blocks reach the top,
the game is over!


Two-PLayer Non-competitive Play
The unique split-screen in Tetris Plus allows two people to enjoy Tetris in
competitive play. Player one’s board is on the left side of the screen, player
two’s board is on the right side of the screen. To begin non-competitive play
the Start button on the respective controller.  

Puzzle Mode
A curious little professor and his lovely assistant are in search of fortune and
adventure. A little older, but not quite the wiser, the supposedly intellectual mis
adventurer quickly gets into a heap of trouble. Anxious to impress his loyal
assistant, the professor gets trapped inside the chamber of an ancient ruin


As the chamber fills with blocks tumbling from above, a viciously spiked ceiling
ominousl decends upon the brave yet often foolish hero. When the blocks begin
falling, professor tries to climb his way to the top. The chamber is already filled
with patterns of blocks, so a path must be cleared in order for the professor to find
a way to the treasure hidden below.

The professors quest will take him across the glove and into the wonders of the
Mount Knossos, Pyramids of Egypt, Angkor Wat, the Mayan ruins, and a
city with an additional 20 stages of death-defying puzzle excitement.
A Total of 100 puzzles; each one more difficult than the last!

???????? Endings
Each level contains 20 stages. A stage is cleared when the professor reaches the
vault below each chamber. After clearing the 20 stages in a level, the player
can choose the next site.

Saving Your Progress
When a game is over, a six-block password will appear on screen. If a Memory Card
is not available, use this password to save your progress. Remember password saves
are limited in the data saved.

Recalling a Saved Game
If using a password, select Password at the Puzzle Mode menu screen. Otherwise,
make sure that the Memory Card (sold separately) with the Tetris Plus data is
property inserted then select Continue.

Two-Player Non-competitive Play
The unique split-screen in Tetris Plus allows two people to enjoy Puzzle mode in
non-competitive play. Player one’s board is on the left side of the screen, while
player two’s board is on the right side of the screen. To begin non-competitive play,
press the Start button on the respective controller. For competitive play see Two-
player Vs. Puzzle mode.


The two-player Vs. Puzzle mode is a competitive version of the one-player Puzzle
mode. Each time a player clears at least two lines of blocks, those lines are sent to
the opposing chamber. A player wins by getting the professor to the hidden vault
first or if the opposing professor touches the spiked ceiling. At the beginning of
each round, players may set a handicap by adjusting the height of the ceiling.


This one-player only version of Puzzle mode is played the same way as Puzzle mode,
except the player gets to construct and save original puzzles. In Edit mode, the
background, blocks, the professor’s location of appearance, and the ceiling height
can be customized. The on-screen prompts will guide you through the entire
construction process.

Editing a Puzzle
In Edit mode, the player can create original puzzles or edit the ten sample stages
included with Tetris Plus. To load a previously saved stage, select Load at the Edit
screen. Use the Direction Buttons to select the desired puzzle.


Saving Edited Puzzles
To save an edited puzzle, select Save at the Edit screen. Puzzles can be saved to
one of ten available stages. Use the Direction Buttons to select a stage for your
newly constructed puzzle. Saving puzzles requires the use of a Memory Card (sold

Selecting the Stage Order
Select Data at the Edit screen. Use the Direction Buttons to determine the order of
appearance (the order of play) of the puzzles.

Playing Stages Constructed in Edit Mode
To play constructed puzzles, select Play from the Edit Mode Menu.

Customize game play settings here. Use the Up and Down Direction Buttons to scroll
through the options. Use the Left and Right Direction Buttons to change settings.


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