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Table of Contents

Introduction  3
Getting Started  4
Game Controls  4
Main Menu  5
Configuration Menu 6
Starting a Game  7
Save Games  7
Game Modes  8
Playing the Game 10
Enemies   11
Weapon Power-Ups 14
Credits   15
Customer Support   16


Tempest X3 for the Sony Playstation brings home the arcade classic of the early 80'S with all
of the original elements of the game updated with a new 32-bit power-packed punch!

Tempest X3 allows you to play the classic arcade version of Tempest, and a new two-player
competitive mode (Tempest DUEL X Mode) that you can Play against a friend, and the action
packed, adrenaline-pumping TEMPEST X3 mode itself.

Game Controls

The game controls of Tempest X3 are re-configurable from the CONFIGURRTION MENU, but the
following is a brief description of the standard, default settings.

D-PAD: LEFT or RIGHT will rotate your CLAW around the web.  UP and DOWN are only used when
selecting options from any of the MENU screens and when navigating through the BONUS LEVELS.

X BUTTON: Fire/Enter your selections under the various MENU screens.

Circle BUTTON: Super Zapper (one per level)

SQUARE: Jump (available only after power-up in Tempest X3 Modes)

START: Pause

SELECT: Selects Camera Mode (cycles between normal, wild, and static)

Normal: The camera stays a fixed distance behind the CLAW, allowing you a constantly moving
view of the web.

Wild: The camera careens wildly behind the player in varying proximity.

Static: This mode locks the camera into place behind the c enter of the web and adjusts to fit
the web to the screen

The soft button reset: During gameplay, if the user holds down the "select" button and the
holds down the "start" button for two seconds, the user will return to the TempestX3 title s

Main Menu

Press any fire button to bypass the title screens and game demos and reach the MAIN MENU.  To
make a selection in the MAIN MENU, press the D-PAD UP or DOWN to scroll through the available
options and press the "X" button to select.

Configuration Menu
To access the CONFIGURATION MENU, select the "CONFIGURATION" item at the MAIN MENU.  To make a
selection in the CONFIGURATION MENU, press the D PAD UP or DOWN to scroll through the available

Enter your selections then EXIT to return to the MAIN MENU.  While in the CONFIGURATION MENU
you may change the GAME CONTROLS, set the game volume levels under AUDIO MIXING, and pick from
pre-selected or random tunes to play during your game.

The BUTTON SELECT OPTION allows you to change the current key assignments and their functions
on the PlayStation joypad.  By pressing the desired button after highlighting a feature you may
assign new controls.

The RANDOM/PRESET tunes Option lets you chose between the 13 Pre Set songs made for each level
or have songs randomly selected from the entire soundtrack, using the D-Pad to move left and
right after selecting a volume or sound effect volume will adjust the corresponding volume

Starting a Game

To start any of the three games [from the Main Menu screen) you must choose one by moving the
D-PAD UP or DOWN and pressing X to select the game you want to play.

When you begin the game you will be presented with a new screen that will allow you to choose
the level you wish to play on.  You will be given Bonus Start points fur completing the level
you start on.  Bonus Points are based on the difficulty of that level.  Press the D-PAD UP or
DOWN to select a level.  Press X to start the game.

Save Games

Tempest X3 uses a system of keys to allow you to resume your game near where you last ended.  
Every other web past the seventeenth web is a selectable level.  By completing a selectable
level you enable the generation of a key.  If you started from the beginning of the game, your
key will be updated with the new selectable level at the end of the game.

When a key or a higher score has been updated or obtained, Tempest X3 will prompt you to save
the key at the end of your Game if a memory card is inserted in the first port.  If you do not
have a card inserted. but wish to insert one later, you may do so and select the "Save game
option" from the configuration menu.

If you would like to start a game using your keys, go to the configuration menu, and select
the "Load game option".  This will enable you to use your keys when starting a game of Tempest
X3.  Once you select Tempest X3 in the start game menu, the game will ask whether you would
like to "Use a key" or 'Just start'.  Selecting "Use a key" will allow you to access the
available keys. and start using your saved games.

Game Modes

There are three qame modes in Tempest X3: CLASSIC TEMPEST, Tempest X3, and TEMPEST DUEL.


CLASSIC TEMPEST is the training ground for all other Tempest games. Here you can learn to move
on the web, and target your enemies.  Plan your moves carefully, as constant spinning and
Shooting will only work in the early levels.  Concentrate an precise Claw control and try to
destroy the most dangerous enemies first, namely the Tankers and Pulsars.  And don't forget to
use your SuperZapper.  The first webs are easy and allow you to ease into the action.  Use
these webs to learn because soon you'll need to move and fire with split-second timing to

Tempest X3

Welcome to the 32-bit-enhanced 90's version of Tempest!  Here again you're going to have to
keep up with the fast-paced action, but now you'll also have your hands full trying to keep
your eyes from popping out of their sockets with the new enhanced visuals - not to mention all
the new enemies.  New features include a new jumping ability, a variety of weapon power-ups,
and A.I. Droids to help you in your fight.


In TEMPEST DUEL you face off against a friend as you both try to destroy one another from the
opposite sides of a web.  This would be simple enough if It weren't for the fact that all the
while you still have to deal with THE GENERATOR - an endless source of enemies, Shoot the
generator to push it toward the other player and he'll have to deal with the enemies appearing
right in his face!

Playing the Game

The following explains what the on-screen items are and what they mean in a typical Tempest X3

[1] You begin the game with one Claw and three remaining Claws.  The Remaining Claws are used
when the active Claw is destroyed.  Bonus Claws can be gained every 20,000 points.

[2] This displays your current score.

[3] This is the surface upon which all the action takes place.  It can be
open or closed.  Allowing end-to-end shuffling or 360-degree mayhem.

[4] The lip of the web Is where you launch all of your attacks from,

[5] Enemies emerge from here.

[6] These are the slots in the web from which enemies climb up from the core to attack.

[7] This Is you!

[Screen Shot - Relative Lovations]
1   3


[8] Your enemies ascend toward you, from the core to the lip.  Some fire at you, others can
destroy you by grabbing you and dragging you down la the core.  POWER-UPS

[9] Collect Power-Ups to activate the jump button, Increase weapon power, and score bonus


Flippers are bowtie shaped aliens that arise from the core and move toward the lip.  Flippers
can move from one lane to the next by flipping over a lane boundary, fliping along the way.  
Should they reach the rim, Flippers will flip towards you and can grab your Claw.

Splkers produce Claw-crushing Spikes that whirl In from the core along the center of a lane.  
The Spiker builds a Spike, then rides the spike back down to the core and continues the process
in another lane. launching missiles along the way.

Spikes are dangerous rods that lie along the centers of lanes that ran destroy your Claw when
you warp from the lip through the hole.  Destroying a Spike takes several shots as you must
break It down piece by piece.

Fuseballs are balls of energy.  Fuseballs are not constrained by the lane's boundaries but move
outward or inward within the lanes.  Fuseballs are constrained by the lip but will descend off
the rim back through the web when along a lane boundary.  Fuseballs can be destroyed by a shot
or Super Zapper, but cannot be shot when riding a lane boundary.  If a Fuseball touches your
Claw, you're history.

Pulsars are expanding and contracting lightning bolts that transform from a straight line into
a zigzag.  Pulsars move from the core toward the lip and can move between lanes by flipping in
a manner similar to Flippers.  Beware!  Pulsars are harmless as a flat line.  But when a Pulsar
pulses, like a switch that closes an electrical circuit, it will electrify the entire lane.  
When this happens the lane will flash as a warning.  If you are on the lane, you will fry.

Tankers are diamond-shaped objects that move from the core toward the lip and are constrained
to a single lane.  Tankers contain other objects and, depending on the level, contain Flippers,
Fuseballs, Pulsars; the type of object can be determined by the appearance of the Tanker.  When
a Tanker is hit by fire from your Claw or approaches the rim of the web, the contents of the
Tanker are released.  No points are scored for the destruction of the Tanker if it
self-destructs upon reaching the lip.

Rockets are dangerous missiles launched at Your Claw from the bottom of the web.  They build up
power and then bolt up the web at your Claw.  Avoid these at all costs.

These enemies continually spawn flippers.  A spawner allowed to climb the web unchecked can
cause a real mess.

Flippers:  150 pts.
Spikers:  50 pts.
Spikes:   10 pts/hit
Fuseballs.       250, 500, 750 pts.
Pulsars:  200 pts.
Tankers:  100 pts.
Flipper Tankers: 100 pts.
Fuseball Tankers: 100 pts.
Pulsar Tankers:  100 pts.
Rockets:  750 pts.
Spawners:  25 pts.
UFOS:                500 pts.

Weapon Power-Ups

You will find a host of different weapons scattered throughout each level.  They fly from
enemies you destroy.  To collect a Weapon Power Up, simply move your Claw into It.  The
following is a list of the different items you can collect.

More powerful than standard shots.

Gives you an A.I. Drold to help you  defend the web.

Gives you the ability to jump up off of the lip of the web.  You can continue to steer while

Destroys everything onscreen. You can use the Zapper for a second shot which will destroy only
one of your enemies.  You get one Super Zapper per Web.

This makes your druid move more intelligently arid fire particle laser shots.

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