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          Test Drive 5

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                              Test Drive 5

                             Buttons: X = X
                                      S = Square
                                      T = Triangle
                                      O = Circle

--- Page 1 ---

[Table of Contents]

Start Your Engine                               2
Factory Standard Driving Controls               3
Main Menu                                       4
Track Selection                                 10
Car Menu                                        10
Pause Menu                                      11
Racing Rules                                    11
Visual Displays                                 12
Credits                                         14
Customer And Technical Support                  16

--- Page 2 ---

Pictures of the PlayStation system and controller.

--- Page 3 ---

[Factory Standard Driving Controls]
Standard Sony Controller:
D-Pad Right             Turn Right
D-Pad Left              Turn Left
X Button                Gas Pedal - accelerator
S Button                Brake/Reverse (To Reverse: press to stop; then hold)
O Button                Look Back
T Button                Change View
R2 Button               Horn/Siren
L2 Button               Hand Brake
Start Button            Pause game and display pause menu
L1 Button               Shift Down, Manual Transmission
R1 Button               Shift Up, Manual Transmission

--- Page 4 ---

Dual Shock Controller:
Right Joystick          Push forward for Accelerate. Pull back for braking and reverse.
Left Joystick           Steering
X Button                Not Used
S Button                Not Used
(All other buttons are the same as the regular controller mentioned before)

NOTE: Controls can be configured by selecting the Controls selection in the Options Menu (Options is in the Main Menu).

[Main Menu]
The Main Menu offers the following options. Use the D-Pad to select an option and then press X. Press T to go back one menu.

--- Page 5 ---

"Quick Race"
Wanna get into a car and start racing straight away? Choose Quick Race; choose any available car and any available track on
a fast menu. Just jump in and drive.

"Full Race"
Choosing Full Race from the main menu allows you to choose from a few different races.

- Single Race: Choose your course. In the beginning, only a handful of courses are open. Defeat a course or circuit at Normal
 difficulty by coming in first to unlock a reverse track or secret car.

- Time Trials: Take on the clock with traffic to see how you fare in a race against your own skill. Time is kept for all
 checkpoints and tabulated at the end of the race.

- Cup Race: Go up against the world's best racers in a non-sanctioned tournament. You have six cups to go after. They are:
  1. Championship Cup - Total time over four courses.
  2. Era Cup - Total time over six courses. Your opponents and your car will be from either the Beauty (new cars) or Beast
  (old cars) divisions.

--- Page 6 ---

  3. Challenge Cup - Total points over six courses: points based on your finishing position in each race.
  4. Pitbull Cup - You must place first on each of eight courses on Normal Difficulty to move on to the next Cup race.
  5. Masters Cup - Total time over ten courses. Ten randomly chosen cars will be at your disposal. After you use a vehicle
  in your motor pool, you may not use it again for the durtion of the Masters Cup.
  6. Ultimate Cup - Total points over twelve courses. Points are tabulated for average speed over the length of the course.
  Points stop accumulating for being stopped by the cops, for crashes, hitting walls and running off the road.

NOTE: Winning Championship and Era Cups in Easy Mode will unlock some surprises. Win Challenge and Pitbull Cups in Normal Mode
to unlock further goodies. Beat Masters and Ultimate Cups in Hard Mode for more excitement.

- Continue Cup: You may save a cup race and finish it later by saving it to your memory card. Choose Continue Cup to load the
 saved cup race.

- Drag Race: Choose your car...then throw down the hammer and watch the smoke fly.

--- Page 7 ---

- Cop Chase: Here the tables are turned and the hunted becomes the hunter. Choose one of the av ailable cop cars and pull over
 these "lawless hooligans" who are speeding through your town. Hit the sires (L2) and spin the cars out to give out tickets
 and insurance points. Come on...fill yer quota son!!!

"Two Player Race"
Play against a friend in split screen mode. Choose one of six courses, pick your car, and beat the pants off grandma. Press
Start to pause the game in order to switch between horizontal and vertical split screen. There is also a split screen cup
race where you race your opponent over four courses to accrue the best total time.

- Controller Config: This sub-menu customizes the control layout or selects alternate controllers from the list of supported
 controllers. Use the D-Pad to select an option and then press X.

- Audio Config: This sub-menu sets the sound volume for the sound in the game. The Sound Menu shows icons for: MUSIC volume,
 (sound) EFFECT volume, and SURROUND Sound. Use the up and down D-Pad to select an option and then use the right and left
 D-pad to adjust the volume.

--- Page 8 ---

- Memory Card Manager: Select this option from the Main Menu to access your memory card that is plugged into the PlayStation
 game console. The Memory Card sub-menu is detailed below. Use the D-Pad to select an option and then press X. Press T to go
 back one menu.

  Load: Select the Load icon and press X to load the current state of all aspects of the game. This includes all the bonus
  cars and reverse tracks you have unlocked, and all your high score information. Follow the on-screen instructions to load a game.

  Save: Select the Save icon and press X to save the current state of all aspects of the game. This includes all the bonus
  cars and reverse tracks you have unlocked, and all your high score information. Follow the on-screen instructions to save a game.

  Delete: Select the Delete icon to delete a saved game. A sub-menu appears. Follow the on-screen instructions to delete a saved game.

NOTE: Do not remove a Memory Card during a Load or Save.

- Screen Setup: This sub-menu adjusts the position of the image on the TV. Use the D-Pad to pick a direction and tap X to move.
 Press T to exit.

--- Page 9 ---

- Game Options: Toggle the options using the right and left D-Pad:
  Speed Readout - Changes between MPH/KPH.
  Checkpoint Timers -  You may turn the checkpoint timers off. If you do, you cannot unlock a reverse track on that course, and
  your name will not be recorded in the High Score table.
  Traffic - You may turn traffic off. If you do, your name will not be recorded in the High Score table.
  Cops - You may turn the cops off. If you do, your name will not be recorded in the High Score table.
  Difficulty - Three settings, Easy, Normal and Hard. Choosing a harder difficulty setting will make the opponent cars and cops
  more aggressive and make it harder for you to spin them out. You will also be able to access better secrets with high levels
  of difficulty.
  Dynamics - Switch between Arcade and Simulation. This changes how your car reacts to the road and environment. In Simulation mode,
  the cars react closer to their real life counterparts in acceleration, top speed, handling, etc.
  3D Collisions - You may turn off 3D collisions. If you do, your car will not become airborne when a crash occurs.
  Two-Player Catch-up - A higher value gives the lagging player in a two-player race faster acceleration, in order to catch up.
  Vibration - This turns force feedback vibration on and off, if you are using the Dual Shock controller.

--- Page 10 ---

  Camera Damping - The higher the value, the more slowly the camera view follows the car in a race Replay.
  Circuit Laps - Choose between 1 and 6 laps for any circuit race other than Cup races.

[Track Selection]
When you first start out in Test Drive 5 you will notice that some courses are available and some are not. The courses that aren't
available must be "unlocked" by winning the Cup races. Reverse tracks can be unlocked by coming in first on the default version of a
track in Normal difficulty. Choose a course by moving left and right with the D-Pad. Confirm your selection by pressing X.

[Car Menu]
Use the left and right D-Pad to select a car. After you decide the model of car you want, you may then change the paint job of that
car by using the up and down D-Pad. After choosing the pain, press the X button. At this point you must choose your transmission,
press the X button to confirm. Finally, you may configure your car in the Workshop. Use the up and down D-Pad to choose the feature
you want to alter at the expense of the other features. Use the right and left D-Pad to alter the feature. Press X when you have finished
making your changes.

--- Page 11 ---

[Pause Menu]
Press Start to bring up the Pause Menu during gameplay. Use the up and down D-Pad to highlight your choice. Use the right and left D-Pad to
alter volume, or X to make a selection.

[Racing Rules]
Your First Goal
Once the race starts, you must make it to the next Checkpoint before the Checkpoint timer counts down to zero.

As you roar around the track, you drive through checkpoints. These are shown as banners hanging above the road. Each banner is numbered by
"stages" to help you measure your progress. You must reach the next checkpoint before the Checkpoint Timer counts down to zero, or the race ends.

Finish Line
Each track ends with a Finish Line and a banner. The first car across the finish line is the winner.

Dodge them in all non-sanctioned races, or take your revenge and play one in Cop Chase.

--- Page 12 ---

[Visual Displays]
Checkpoint Timer
The large digits at the top center of the screen is the Checkpoint timer. You must reach the next checkpoint before you get more time added to the

Position Map
The box in the lower left hand corner is the position map. Use this to see the upcoming corners and branches. You can also use it to see how close
your competitors are.

The timer in the upper right hand corner displays your elapsed time from the previous checkpoint.

Race Position
The number in the upper left hand corner shows your current place in the pack: "1st" means you are in first place. Be careful as you jockey for
position; the other drivers will bump you and try to knock you out of their way. You can (if you dare) do the same to them. However, making
contact with other vehicles is a good way to lose control.

--- Page 13 ---

Speedometer/ Tachometer
The lower right hand corner shows current speed and engine RPM. The digital readout is your speed. The dial is your Tachometer.

The tail light come on as a visual indication that you are braking. The brake is a valuable tool; it will help you win if you learn to use it

  Handbrake - There is also a Handbrake. Use the Handbrake to do controlled slides around corners at high speed.

You have a choice of several camera positions in and around the car. Press T to change the Camera view. It is helpful to find an angle that you
are comfortable with at the beginning of the race, and sticking with it as you drive. Some practice will tell you what works best for you. See
the DRIVING CONTROLS section for the view control button.

--- Page 14 ---

List of Credits

--- Page 16 ---

[Accolade Customer And Technical Support]

Fax: Faxes may be sent anytime to: (408) 246-0231

INTERNET:    website -
            e-mail -

Postal Contact: Accolade Tech Support
               5300 Stecens Creek Blvd., Suite 500
               San Jose, CA 95129

(No way! That's right by my house! Cool.)

You can do whatever you want with this accept sell it for money. This game was pretty good when I first got it, but it got pretty annoying after
a while. Since I haven't played it for months, I'm selling it. I would recommend getting Gran Turismo or Need For Speed 3 (or 4) first.

In the near future, I hope to type up manuals for:
- Xenogears
- Legend of Legaia
- Metal Gear Solid

July 29, 1999

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