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Load A Game:

Insert a Memory Card with previously saved games into your Console. Select Load Game from the main menu and press
the "X" button. You will be presented with a list of saved games-unless the memory card is unformatted, in which case
there are no files to load. Use the Directional button to highlight the file which you want to load and press the "X" button.
When you are prompted to load a new game, press the "X" button to confirm, ot the "TRIANGLE" button at any time to
cancel. If you want to delete a previously saved game the press the "SQUARE" button. The game will prompt to confirm the
action, press the "TRIANGLE" button to cancel or the "CIRCLE" button to confirm. Press the "CIRCLE" button at any
time to select a Memory Card in another Memory Card slot.

Save A Game:

You can save your progress from the character selection screen onto a Memory Card by pressing the "CIRCLE" button.
Enter a name for the saved game by using the Directional buttons to change the letters or press the "SQUARE" button to
delete a letter. If you want to delete a previously saved game then press the "SQUARE" button. The game will prompt
you to confirm the action, press "TRIANGLE" button to cancel or the "CIRCLE" button to confirm. Press the "CIRCLE"
button at any time to select a Memory Card in another Memory Card slot. If an unformatted memory card is inserted, the
game will prompt you to format the Memory Card. Press the "CIRCLE" button to confirm the prompt to format a
Memory Card.

Get Ready...:

From the Title Screen, select options to call up five new options.


Use the Effects and and Music options to change the volume balance of sound effects and music during play. Music Mode
allows you to choose between Radio (the radio stations automatically change when you change cars) and Constant (the
CD plays from the first track straight through to the last). Use Text to change the speed of the text display during play.

Pick A Person:

Before you get down to action, choose to play the part of one of four funky fellas, - it's the only way to keep track of your
felonious achievements (well, note your score)

How To Play:

Your life of crime begins on foot in Liberty City, in an area called South Park. For your convenience, a clean car is
provided. There's more to GTA life than stealing cars, driving over innocent pedestrians, shooting cops and evading the
long arm of the law. But not much more... Carry out jobs for The Mob to speed your raise from lowly junior joyrider to a
member of one of the largest, most powerful family in the city. (Look out for suspicious vehicles and telephones: some
trigger secret jobs - and sometimes those are the only way to escape a city). Do you have the balls to go all the way?

City Life:

Crawling with a mix of innocent pedestrians and criminal filth, GTA's fully functional cities also feature police and
ambulance services. Note that paramedics attempt to attend to all pedestrian injuries, and the cops pay attention to scum
like you.
Fortunately, you have a portable Police Radio Scanner to listen in on the police reports regarding your crimes.
(Incidentally, all vehicles receive one or more of the local radio stations).
Death Or Glory:

When you die you are taken to the nearest hospital, you lose all your weapons and retain your Bonus Multiplier; however,
when you are arrested, you are taken to the nearest Police Station and allowed back on the streets with your wanted level
reset to zero... in exchange for all your weapons and half your Bonus Multiplier (the score you can keep).
Take Control!

The functions of the controller buttons can be reconfigured using the controls option on the Title Screen.

Default Controls
Left Directional button: Turn Left
Right Directional button: Turn Right
"X": Forwards
"TRIANGLE": Backwards
"SQUARE": Enter/Exit
"CIRCLE": Attack
Select button: Pager/Last Message
Start button: Pause
L1: Next weapon
L2: Previous weapon
R1: Brake
R2: Special

Note that the Brake button becomes a Jump button (for leaping vehicles, for example) when you are on foot. Plus! The
Special button is called so because it's responsible for more than one function depending on the context. When in control
of almost all vehicles, push the Special button to sound the horn. When in a tank, press and hold the special button then
press the left or right directional button to rotate the turret.
Note: When running around the streets you can jump or slide over cars or car bonnets by pressing "Brake" and "Forward"
at the same time.

A Typical Scene:

You nefarious behavior is brought to your screen courtesy of the DMA News chopper flying high above the city. Here's
what you can expect to see during play...

AREA NAME Your present location (note that a few areas have no name).

PAY PHONE Walk over a ringing one to answer it - you might be given a Mob job

MESSAGES When you receive instructions via phone the message text will appear at the bottom of the screen. Press
the Select button to repeat the last message received.

PAGER Today's affluent young criminals know that a pager is invaluable to keep up to date with share prices, hints, tips
and illegal jobs. Press the select button to repeat the last pager message received.

WANTED LEVEL The more crimes you commit, the more the cops want to bust your scrawny ass, This handy
indicator shows just how careful you need to be.

YOUR SCORE You earn points for every crime you commit.

BONUS MULTIPLIER All points you score are multiplier by the Bounus Multiplier (which is incremented after every
mission you successfully complete, so keep it up).

LIVES You start with four, but extra ones are available

MISSION ARROW The yellow arrow indicated the general direction of your intended target.

CAR NAME Shows the type of car you occupy.

WEAPON The one thing you happen to be holding, be it Pistol, Machine Gun, Flame Thrower, Rocket Launcher... or

ROLLER DOOR Only attempt to drive through one when it's open.

CRATE Dotted around the cities re many such containers holding some form of Special Item such as a weapon, Body
Armor (takes three shots), Get Outta Jail Free Key (get busted - get released with your Bonus Multiplier AND weapons
intact) and Police Bribe (instantly cancels your wanted level). Simply use a fist or weapon or vehicle to smash open a
crate and revile its contents.

HAYULP! Situated at key positions around the city. Ram one for some useful advice.

Hold It!:

It pays to take a 10 minute break in every hour of play, so put the action on hold... Press the Start button to freeze the
action - and see a reminder of how many points are required to complete each stage.
Press the Start button while the action is frozen to resume play.

Quit Game:

Press Start to pause the game. Select Quit Game, press the "CIRCLE" button, and press Start to exit to the Title screen.

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