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      GEX from Crystal Dynamics DOCS
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                             PSX Short-Docs for:
                          GEX from Crystal Dynamics


Directional pad          Move GEX
Left 1 + direction       run
Square button            tongue lash/hurt
Circle button            Tail whip
X button                 Jump/tail bounce/use remote/
                         enter a world or level
Select button            Access world remotes
Start button             Start/pause

NOTE: These button are all default controls. You can change the
controls on the Options menu.


To reset the game during play and return to the Main Menu:

1. Press Start to pause the action.

2. Press Start + Select simultaniousy and hold down the
  start buttons for 2 seconds.


Gex hurtles through the Media Dimension, back to the time and place when Abbott
and Costello met Frankenstein. GEX is caught is a creepy horror flick alive with
Franken-geckos, mad slashers, crazy tomatos, and other Fright Night foes. Slime,
fog... an exorcism in the offing! Better check your calendar, cuz you're stuck
on Friday the 13th.


Toon Town this ain't! GEX battles cheesy characters from thoes crack-of-dawn
Saturadary a.m. cartoons. Retired heros and thies out-of-work toon slouchers
line up to take a swip at GEX. There's nothing like getting a safe dropped on
your head. Itchy & Scratchy, eat each other's heart out!


Go native! Feel the beat of the bongos. GEX stalks through a malaria factory
packed with carnivors & cannibals (who likes the tast of gecko better than
chicken), moving walls, hidden bobby traps, and breakaway bridges. You may have
names the dog Indy... but there's a gecko with the same hat.


There's nothing like getting hung up in Channel 26. Fighting your way through
moronic martial arts scenes is bad enough, but can't they get that voice track
in sync? It's Big Trouble in Little China with ninjas, samurai geckos, sumo
wrestlers.... enough is enough. Walk softly, little grasshoppers, and whip a
fast tail!


A world betond insanity takes center stage. Vast installations of alien hi-tech
circuitry fume with electrical force! Energy geysers leap from pulsating waves
of liquid television. This is the twisted reality whre network programs are
chosen. At last, GEX confronts Rez himself in a battle that will decide the fate
of the universe... and more importantly, whether a gecko will be next season's
network mascot!


Lives - You start with 3 lives. Pick up 100 golden flies, and you'll gain an
extra life. Lose all your hit paws and you lose a life; lose all you lives and
you lose the game.

Power-ups - GEX snags balls o' bug to power up with extra weapons, attributes
and hit paws.

Hit Paws - You start the game with 3 hit paws. You can gain up to 6 paws by
picking up the right power-up. You lose one paw per hit. (If you have bug
power-ups, you lose those first, and then you lose hit paws.) Lose all you paws
and you lose a life.


 Tail Whip - Circle button

@ Whack skanky foes. Some enemies are tougher than others.

@ Smack bug power-ups to fill one empty hi paw.

@ Whack items like shooting skulls to use them as weapons.

@ Execute a jumping tail whip for an awesome display of gecko power.

 Tounge Lash - Square button

@ Snag gold flies, bugs and power-ups in mid air.

 Hurl - Square button
@ Spit a fire ball, ice ball, or other weapon, depending on the power-up GEX
swallowed last.

 Jump - X button

@ Get air to avoid enemies.

@ Swallow high power-ups with a high tongue lash.

 Tail bounce - X button + down

@ Destroy enemies, bust breakable blocks and bounce to high platforms.

 Wall Stick - X button + direction button

@ Jump while pressing the Direction Button against a wall's surface and GEX
sticks with his suction cup paws!

@ GEX can stick & crawl up the sides & faces of walls & buildings.

@ GEX can spin while sticking.

@ Snag power-ups from a wall stick-position. Use the Direction Button plus a
tungue lash.

@ Don't forget about thoes ceilings!


Power-ups are balls o' bug with juicy gecko snacks inside. You can use them in
two ways:

@ As health power-ups. Smack any bug ball with a tail whip to fill up one empty
hit paw.

@ Catch power-ups with a tongue lash to gain their powers. Bugs will appear to
the left of your hit paws, to show which power-ups you have. You can collect
multiple power-ups this way, always using the last one you caught.

Power-ups take effect right away; let go with fireballs, iceballs, or bolts of
electricity when you hurl. Also, some power-ups, like invulnerablity, are times,
while others are lost when GEX takes damage.

    Power-UP Bugs

Amber Balls: Fill one empty hit paw. Immediate effect.

Ladybug: Fill all empty hit paws. Immediate effect.

Flea: Fill all empty hit paws and add one. Immediate effect.

Butterfly: Gain an extra life. Immediate effect.

Blue Firefly: Hurl ice balls. Immediate effect; lasts until hit.

Red Firefly: Hurl fire balls. Immediate effect; lasts until hit.

Yellow Firefly: Hurl bolts of electricty. Immediate effect; lasts until hit.

Grasshopper: Jump higher and further. Immediate effect; lasts until hit.

Centipede: Kick GEX into overdrive! Immediate effect; lasts for a short time or
until hit.

Caterpillar: Laugh at danger with invincibilty. Immediate effect; lasts for a
short time.


Run past a quick-shot camera and hit it with a tail whip to take a snap of GEX.
Then, is GEX loses a life, you will restart the level from that spot, instead of
from the beginning. If GEX loses all his lives, the milestone snapshots don't
make a difference.

Remember to collect VCR tapes to receive passwords, so you don't have to start
the game from the beginning.

*    CLUES

@ Compliments of Rez... flying TV! if you accidently whack these Verdana bombs
with a tail whip, they start a countdown. Don't be in the way when they explode.

@ Find the tricks in each world to overcome tough spots, such as slapping the
floting skulls to knock out the flooting tv's.

@ Switch on movie cameras with a tail whip to activate a special mechanism. Then
look around to see what's changed, like a bridge falling into place or a door

@ Ride the rafts across shooting geysers. Jump, duck, & tail whip from your safe
flotation device, but hang on!

@ Conveyor belts travel horizonally and vertically, either grounded or floting
in the air. Stick on them and you'll be whisked away ot other places.

@ Find a remote controller in each world and whap it with a tail to gain
owenership. Use the remote to escape to the next world.

@ The Media Dimension has other suprises in store, such as deadly pools of
liquid Rez and secret levels. Find em' Dano!

@ Each world's boss is rough and tough to beat. Each one can be destroyed if you
figure out his sceret.

@ Pick up a VCR tape to get a password.

That's about it folks. A pretty good plaform game. As always I didn't type the
whole manual. If you want it... Buy it!

Greets too all the PSX Docs typers out there!!!



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