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Default Controls                   4
Options                            6
Game types                         7
 Single Player                    7
 Death Match                      9
Weapons                            10
Power Ups                         13
Enemies                            14
Hints & Tips                       18

1.   Set up your PlayStation game console according to the instructions in its
instruction manual.
2.   Make sure the power is OFF before inserting or removing a compact disc.
Insert the FORSAKEN disc and close the disc cover.
3.   Insert game controllers and turn on the PlayStation game console.
Follow on-screen instructions to start a game.
Note:     Forsaken is for up to 2 players.

The Terran system, the birthplace of humanity. now lies derelict after a terrible experiment went
catastrophically wrong. Earth had rested smugly in the knowledge that no force, alien or
otherwise, could possibly penetrate its awesome array of defensive satellites, orbital minefields,
and computer controlled defense systems which patrolled the space lanes. In the year 2113,
Earth's nemesis came from within. For many years, particle physicists at research centers around
the world delved deeper and deeper into the very fabric of matter itself, unraveling layer after
layer of subatomica. Finally, success! They discovered the means by which they could
manipulate matter at it's most basic level. Unfortunately, in their first great experiment into the
unknown, the terrible consequences of their actions became all too apparent; the creation of an
uncontrollable fusion reaction, which ripped through the planet, and sent a devastating
shockwave through the entire system.
The Earth lay in ruin. Torn from it's orbital axis, the fragmented planet was now no more than a
lifeless husk, devoid of atmosphere and bathed in the searing radiation of the sun. Within a few
short days, all human life had been extinguished.
News of the disaster soon reached the High Senators of the Imperial Theocracy, the ruling
council of the multi-verse. An investigation into the disaster began in earnest, while anything
considered valuable was removed and sites warranting further study were left heavily guarded by
robotic military personnel. Now, several months later, the dead system is classified Condemned
and considered "up for loot". This means that every bounty bunter, mercenary, fortune seeker
and free-loading scum in the galaxy has the unwritten right to raid. the dead system and take
anything that the Theocracy didn't want.
You now become one of these Forsaken, these ruthless mercenaries. Astride your anti-grav
pioncycles you prepare to brave the now abandoned settlements of Earth and battle ruthless
mechanoid adversaries in a bid to make your fortune, or perhaps simply to raise your renown to
that of the truly infamous.

(Controls can be reconfigured in the Bike Setup menu)
R1 BUTTON: Forwards    Up BUTTON:     Point down
R2 BUTTON: Backwards   Down BUTTON:   Point Up
L1 BUTTON: Fire primary    Triangle BUTTON:    Slide Up
L2 BUTTON: Fire secondary      Square BUTTON: Slide Left
Left BUTTON: Left         X BUTTON: Slide Down
Right BUTTON: Right       Circle BUTTON: Slide Right
START BUTTON: In game pause menu
SELECT BUTTON +square BUTTON: Roll left
SELECT BUTTON +circle BUTTON: Roll right
SELECT BUTTON + R1 BUTTON: Turn Nitro On (press both again or R2 to turn off)
SELECT BUTTON + L1 BUTTON: Primary select
SELECT BUTTON + L2 BUTTON: Secondary select

Square BUTTON: Primary Weapon Select    L1 BUTTON: Primary Weapon Fire
Circle BUTTON: Secondary Weapon Select  L2 BUTTON: Secondary Weapon Fire
X BUTTON: Nitro     R1 BUTTON: Forwards
Left BUTTON: Roll Left   R2 BUTTON: Backwards
Right BUTTON: Roll Right

To reset to title screen, hold the SELECT BUTTON for 3 seconds while
holding the    START BUTTON.
Up BUTTON:     Select option/item  START BUTTON: Pause/resume
Left BUTTON:   Toggle settings     game/Access in-game options
Down BUTTON:   Select option/item  Triangle BUTTON: Cancel/previous screen
Right BUTTON:  Toggle settings     X BUTTON: Confirm/next screen

At the title screen, press the START or the X BUTTON to access the Main Menu.
Single Player: A single player competes against the computer.

Death Match: Two players play on the same
console/monitor, using a split screen view.

Password: At certain points in the game, you may
receive a password, which allows you to resume
play from that point without having to go through
the stress and heartache of beginning all over again.
(The Notes section at the back of this booklet is a
handy place to write down passwords).

To enter a Password:
- Use the Directional Buttons to highlight
a character.
- Press the X BUTTON to enter the character.
(highlight RUB and press the X BUTTON
to delete a character)
Once you have correctly entered a password,
highlight ENTER and press the X BUTTON.
You will resume play just where you want to.
Options: Set game options.

To toggle settings, press the Left or Right

Sound Effects: Play with Sound Effects
ON (default) or OFF.
Music: Play with Music ON (default) or OFF.
Sound Effects volume: Use the slider (press the
Left or Right DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS) to adjust volume levels.
Music Volume: Use the slider (press the Left or Right
DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS) to adjust volume levels.
Credits: View game credits.

Exit:     Return to main menu

Levels: Each level has different objectives/requirements, which are outlined in
the Mission Briefing screen prior to each mission. There are lots of levels and it
would be impossible to brief you on every nook and cranny. Basically, you want
to survive the constant blasting, sniping and infernal ambushing that makes
Forsaken what it is. You need cunning, speed, and a lot of weaponry. You begin
each game with 5 lives, which won't last long until you get the hang of the game.
Sometimes even then.

Shield Energy: Your bike has a tough shield to protect it, but after too many hits
it's toast, and so are you.
Hull Strength: Like the Colonel's chicken, your bike can only take so much
battering. When your hull strength is kaput, that next hit is going to hurt!
Target Crosshair: It may take a bit of practice before you become skilled at
lining up the enemy right where it smarts, but boy is it worth it!
Your Friend Getting Blown Up:
This is one of the rewards we discussed
in Target Crosshair. It only works in a
Death Match game. Otherwise, you will
see Something Else Getting Blown Up.
Current Weapon: The name of the
weapon you are shooting right this minute.
Ammo Count: Or the Bullet Duke,
if you prefer. This shows how much ammo remains for primary weapons like the Suss-Gun and

There are two game types, Single Player and Death Match.

After selecting a Single Player game, you will see a screen like this:

Highlight Start and press the X BUTTON to begin playing a game.

This screen takes you to a sub menu where you can
select your bike, change your controls, and change
Primary and Secondary Weapon autoselect order.
Change Bike: This is really bike selection.
Press Left or Right on the Directional Pad to toggle
through the gallery of space bikers and pick the
one that suits your style. Press the X BUTTON
to confirm. Two players can select the same bike/biker.
Change Controls: Press the Directional Buttons to highlight a control you wish to
change, then press the X BUTTON to select it. Next, press the button you wish to
assign to an action or function. Note that there are more actions/functions than
there are buttons, so some controls use a combination of the SELECT BUTTON +
an ACTION BUTTON (Select +Circle, for example). Try the default controls to start
out. Once you get used to the game action, you'll have a better idea of what is most
comfortable for you. When your controls are set, highlight EXIT and press the X
BUTTON to return to the Bike Setup menu.
Note:     To view and/or change the default Dual Analog Pad controls, make sure that
your Analog Button mode is set to RED, then press the X BUTTON when Change
Controls is highlighted.
Auto Level: Toggle this ON (default) or OFF. When this option is ON, your
bike will always attempt to position itself correctly
in line with the walls of the environment. This can
help you maintain your orientation in the dizzying
scrambles that abound in every level.
Primary Weapon Order: Primary Weapons are
light weapons which fire bullets or similar ammo.
This option allows you to set the order your Primary
weapons will autoselect in during a game. The
autoselector reads the list from top to bottom, and will fire the next available
weapon. During the game, if you pickup a weapon that is higher up on the
list than the current one, it will be autoselected.
To reorder your primary weapons: Press the Up or Down DIRECTIONAL
BUTTONS to highlight the weapon you wish to move and press the X
BUTTON to select it. Next, highlight the weapon you want to swap places
with and press the X BUTTON. The two will change places in the order.
Secondary Weapon Order: Generally, Secondary Weapons are the heavier,
missile-firing weapons. This option works exactly like the one above.
Exit: Return to the Single Player menu, where you can highlight the START
BUTTON and press the X BUTTON to begin play.

When this is highlighted, press the X BUTTON to toggle among EASY,
NORMAL (default), HARD and TOTAL MAYHEM skill levels.

Setup is essentially the same as for a Single Player game, except both players set
options. In a Death Match game, two players compete on a split screen with one
player above and one below. Death Match games allow you to stalk, ambush and
harm your opponents quite badly. Unless they get to you first, in which case you'll
just have to play a get even round, won't you? The object of a Death Match: Survival!

- Death Match games offer these options:
 Time Before Game Finishes: Set this game timer anywhere from NONE
 (no time limit) to 20 minutes.
- Kills Before Game Finishes: Set the number of total kills (among both players) from
 0 (no minimum) to 20 (maximum). A kill is registered whenever an enemy is destroyed.
- Exit: Return to the Death Match menu.

Weapon Type: Weapons come in two basic types: Primary and Secondary.
Primary weapons are basic weapons which fire lasers and bullets, and have a
high ammo count. Secondary weapons are missiles, and have a lower ammo
count. Secondary weapons which can be "dropped" (such as mines, listed out
below) are especially useful for creating ambushes.
Using Weapons: You can only activate one Primary and Secondary
weapon at a time.
The currently selected weapon is displayed on your control panel at all times.
You can change the current weapon by pressing SELECT + LI or L2.
Note: If you are destroyed during the course of a game, any collected weapons you
have will be jettisoned on that spot; you can then re-collect them when you regenerate
(if you have any remaining lives left) by moving over them. In Death Match play, try
to collect a destroyed opponent's weapons, giving you a tactical edge and hurting
enemy morale. Try not to gloat.

plusar     Comments: Pulsar is the standard energy weapon an piaycrs
        start the game with. you'll always have it.

Trojax     Comments: A blast from the Trojax has a high damage
        potential. To attain this, you must charge the weapon by holding
          down the Fire Primary Weapon control (release it to fire). Each
          second of charging increases the damage. Power Pods decrease
          the recharge time.
Suss Gun   Comments: Using "smart" tipped projectiles, the Suss-Gun is
          great for maintaining rapid fire against several targets, allowing
          the novice biker to achieve a higher bit percentage. Mixed
          tracer rounds aid in targeting, and hence accuracy of fire. A
          short range weapon with a wide field of fire, the Suss-Gun
          uses its own special ammo (see Extra Ammo).

Pyrolite   Comments: The fireball from the Pyrolite is something
Rifle      to behold (and avoid!).

Transpulse Comments: Fire from the Transpulse will bounce off solid
          objects (except bikes), allowing you to set up carom shots.

Beam       Comments: The Beam Laser fuses two separate pulses into
Laser      one powerful beam. The range is vast, and the effect
          instantaneous, caution: The Beam Laser will overheat
          if fired for too long. Try bursts.

Mug        Comments: This is the standard rocket ordnance each player
Missle     carries. They are fast, and pack a wallop but no on-board
          guidance system, so accuracy depends entirely on your aim.

Scatter    Comments: The Scatter Missile is primarily a nuisance
Missle     weapon designed to rob your opponent of his or her weapons.
          An opponent struck by this missile will lose all weaponry.
          Don't get hit with this!

MRFL       Comments: The Multiple Fire Rocket Launcher can carry
          snub-nosed dart missiles, and is capable of launching them all
          within seconds! Each missile is a smaller version of the
          standard MUG missile, but with an enhanced propulsion
          system and reduced payload. They do not have on-board
          tracking. The MFRL will continue to fire until you release the
          fire control or run out of missiles.

Solaris    Comments: As the name suggests, the Solaris uses IR heat
Missle     signature detection to track its target and strike home. The
          missile uses standard propulsion technology and so is on faster
          than the MUG, but the larger warhead provides a greater
          destructive potential.

Titan     Comments: The Titan missile is a hugely powerful piece of
Missle    missile ordnance. Fitted with a stasis chamber warhead holding
         opposing matter and antimatter elements, this device has an
         explosive yield of roughly 5 kilotons.

Gravogon  Comments: The Gravgon missile is fitted with a powerful
Missle    energy distorting warhead which enables it to alter gravity
       within its blast radius. Upon detonation, all free floating matter
       within a set range is drawn inexorably towards the blast point.


Purge     Comments: Purge Mines are the standard pursuit deterrent
Mine      mine. Fitted with proximity fuses and a thermo-neutron charge,
         they pack enough punch to take out even the most determined
         tailgater! When the player drops the Purge Mine, it is ejected
         directly behind his bike, where it will float and slowly rotate.
         It can be destroyed by weapons fire; otherwise, it detonates
         upon collision. Purge mines are small orange and yellow
         spheres with white spikes around the center circle.

Quantum   Comments: The shockwave from this mine does damage to
Mine      enemies depending on their distance from the blast. Like all
         mines, it is dropped directly behind a bike, and is detonated by
         collision (it will explode if fired upon).

Pine Mine Comments: As in "porcupine". Actually a floating missile
         platform rather than a mine, it is deployed from behind. The
         device is "smart" and ignores the player who activates it. It fires
         missiles which track and launch against any enemy in range.

Plasma    Comments: Plasma Packs provide a clean and reliable energy
Pack      source for use with the Pulsar Laser and Trojax cannon.
         Each pack provides an energy boost.

Extra     Comments: Extra smart tipped shells for use with
Ammo      the Suss-Gun.

Petro     Comments: Collect additional petrogel to keep your
Gel       foes in flames.


Orbit     Comments: Orbit Pulsars are small weapon pod attachments
Pulsar    that constantly rotate around the host bike, boosting the
         offensive weapon capability. Orbit Pulsars work in the same
         way as the Pulsar, their strength increasing as more power
         pods are added to the bike. Orbit Pulsars fire at the same time
         (and at the same target) as the currently selected primary
         weapon; the player does not need to select them separately.
         Thus, if you have a Trojax selected, each time it is fired, the
         Orbit Pulsars will also fire. Orbit Pulsars are found singularly,
         but up to four may be added to one bike.

Power     Comments: Power Pods are the universal Weapon Booster
Pods      pickup. Each pod increases the damage potential of all primary
         weapons currently held. A bike can carry up to 2 pods. Pods
         are an unlimited power supply.

Shield-   Comments: Shield Overdrives are similar to power pods,
Overdrives          but they boost shield strength rather than weapons power.

Crystals  Comments: Collect these crystals to gain a special game bonus!

GoldBars  Comments: In a Single Player game only, collect 10 Gold
         Bars to get an extra life.

Stealth   Comments: Fruits a low frequency damping field around you,
Mantle    rendering you almost invisible for a short period.

Rensnic-  Comments: In a Single Player game only, collecting this will
Reanimator          give you an extra life.

Chaos     Comments: Creates interference which no known energy can
Shield    penetrate, giving you total (though temporary) invulnerability.

Nitro     Comments: Collect Nitro to give you a speed boost when
         the proper control is input.

Enemies. Everybody's got em. In Forsaken you'll meet more than your share.
Behind a corner, behind a wall, behind your eyes.. .Enemies are considered
Fodder or Leader types. Fodder enemies are more numerous and less
dangerous than Leaders.
There are, of course, some fearsome boss-type rascals to deal with, and I'LL be
delighted to hear how you fare against them. Make sure your affairs are in order...
Here are some of the foes that confront you in Forsaken.

Slug     Comments: Fires a homing photon in three round
        salvoes. Nasty.

Pulse    Comments: The pulse turret fires pulsar blasts.
        It tracks by radar, so look out.

Dual     Comments: Double trouble in the form of a twin pulse turret
        which can target enemies independently.

Beam     Comments: Don't get in the way of these relentless rays or
        you'll be a study in frying forensics.

Missle   Comments: This Multiple Fire Rocket Launcher is a
        threat you won't forget.


Mek-Ton  Comments: Mek-Tons are bots created for war, with heavy
        weaponry and thick armor plate. Though mostly ground-based,
        some are tracked, some bi-pedal. This bruiser means business.

Legz     Comments: This walking menace fires homing photons
        that pack a powerful punch.

Security Comments: This sentry druid is armed with a Gravgon
Bot      missile. An enemy struck by the beam will be immobilized
        for a short period.

Snub     Comments: These slow movers carry Snub missiles. Bots
Bot      track by sight and sound, and upon hearing or seeing an enemy
        in front of them, will maneuver into firing position. The Snub
        Bot is smart enough to follow you behind an obstacle, even if
        though you're on longer visible (you can run, but hiding is
        another story). You're safe behind them, as long as you don't
        make a sound...


Swarm        Comments: Small and lightly armed, Swarm weapons are
            deployed in numbers to overwhelm and confuse an enemy.

Shade        Comments: The Shade is capable of seeing anything in front
            of it, and can detect enemies behind it by way of radar
            (although a line of sight must exist). The Shade maintains a
            fairly frequent rate of fire, giving the player some indication as
            to it's whereabouts. In the event of the But losing sight of the
            player it will de-activate the Stealth Mantle. The Shade is
            armed with a Transpulse. Once the Shade has taken damage in
            excess of 70% hull strength, it will no longer be able to fully
            maintain the Stealth Mantle. This will begin to flicker ever
            more violently as damage increases.

Lazbot       Comments: Firing with deadly power, the Laz But is a
            full-time menace.

Airmobil     Comments: This bad boy is a must to avoid. A deadly support
            vehicle which carries a whallop..

Minelayer    Comments: Heavy-handed Death From Above!
            NOTE: these carry unlimited mines.

Suppressor   Comments: The Suppressor is armed with a Trojax,
            so steer clear!

Levitank     Comments: This denim-clad, oh, I mean armor-clad flying
            tank is well armed, though its relatively poor maneuverability
            makes it easy to target.

Hunter       Comments: Hunters are fast, highly maneuverable
            attack craft armed with a front rotating turret which
            allows for 1200 frontal arc of fire.

Max          Comments: Armed with Pyrulite technology, this baby
            will keep things hot for you!

- Fly, don't fry While standing still is a must at some points, the difference between
 a daring survey and a dying duck is just a shot away. Keep moving! Slide Up,
 Down, Left and Right! Constant darting in and dodging back is crucial to survival.
- Don't just fire at foes. Blast at your surroundings, too. There are lots of areas that
 are only accessible by blowing away a door, surface or something else. Be creative;
 game designers are a clever lot, out to trick you any way they can think of!
- Try playing with Autolevelling OFF. This lets you fly upside down, the better to
 launch surprise attacks. Death from above!
- Don't mistake Quantum mines for powerups! Quantum mines rotate and shine
 with a bluish light so you can tell them apart. That and the fact that they blow
 you up should help you learn the difference.

- Spin as you drop Purge Mines to create a wide wave of terror!
- Dropping mines too close together will create a chain reaction when
 one is tripped. This can be good or bad...

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