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                             THE FLINTSTONES

                      The Treasure of Sierra Madrock



The Treasure of Sierra Madrock


It's your chance to become the Grand Poobah of the Royal Order of Water
Buffaloes! All you have to do is find The Treasure of Sierra Madrock. So
stop stalling and start searching!




Table of Contents.......................3

Jump Start..............................4

Two Player Games........................5


Special Moves.........................8-9


Game Screen.........................11-12

Clearing a Stage.......................13

Continuing the Game....................14


Watch Out For Wilma!...................16


Roadside Attractions...................19



Blast through this section to learn how to get right into the action.

o From the Title screen press the Start button to advance to the Menu

o Press the Control Pad up/down to choose 1 Player.

o Press the Start button to advance to the introduction.

o Press the Start button to advance through the introduction to the Map

o Press the Y button for Fred or Barney to toss the die.

o Press the Control Pad to move Fred or Barney the number of spaces
indicated by the die.

o Fred/Barney will begin the adventure automatically when they've moved the
correct number of spaces.



Player One is Fred. Player two is Barney. Got it?

To start a Two Player game follow the instructions below:

o From the Menu screen, press the Control Pad to choose 2 Players.

o Press the Start button to advance to the introduction.

o After the introduction, you'll be rocking!


Read the following section to get the low down on getting around Bedrock.

Control Pad:  Press left/right to move characters
             left/right.Press down to make Fred and
             Barney duck their heads.

A button:     Press to advance through text quickly.

B button:     Press to jump.

Y button:     Press to attack.Press to stop the lucky



X button:     At the Map screen hold down the X button
             and press the Control Pad to scroll
             around the current map.

L/R button:   Press the L/R button while holding the
             Control Pad left/right to make Fred and
             Barney run.

Start button: Press to pause the game.

Select        Press to advance to the Treasure Map
button:       screen from the Map screen.



Fred and Barney can really move! Read on and find out.

Climbing:     Fred and Barney can climb certain objects
             in the game.

             o When a character is in front an object
             to be climbed press the Control Pad up to
             make the character grasp the object.

             o Press the Control Pad up/down to move
             the character up and down on the object.

             o NOTE: not all objects can be climbed!



Flying:       Well, not really, but they do try! To
             keep Fred or Barney in the air longer
             while jumping, press the B button.

             o Press the B button while jumping to
             make Fred and Barney flap their arms.

Swimming:     Fred and Barney can swim when they fall
             into the water. Make sure their heads
             stay above the surface or you'll be



Options let you tailor the game to your own needs..

o From the Menu screen press the Control Pad to choose Option.

o Press the Start button to advance to the Option Screen.

o Press the Control Pad up/down to choose the Option you want to change.

o Press the Control Pad left/right to change the chosen option.

Choose from the following options:

Left: Select 1,2,3,4, or 5 lives.

Sound: Select Stereo or Mono

Sound Test: Check out all the excellent sounds in the game!

To listen to the Sound test follow the procedure below.

o Press the Control Pad left/right to select the effect you want to hear.

o Press the A button to start the effect.

o Press the B button to stop effect.



You have to know the score to play the game. Check out this section so you
can stay on top of what's going down in Bedrock!

The Map screen

       Fred/Barney ----|->* = o1   .V.          o=000<-|---Clams
                   |          ======               |
                   |   |  |___|(  )|_____          |
                   |   \___________  ____-xxx <----|---Sign
                   |               ||    - X-'~~~~~|
                   |)=========()==--'              |
                   |          ||                   |

Fred/Barney:  Indicates the number of lives remaining.

Hearts:       Indicates the character's energy level.

Claims:       Indicates the number of claims collected.

Sign:         Indicates an area that has been



The Game screen

              Hearts Stars      Time Big Stars Dash Meter
           |   -oo.-       |     =======             |
Character-------|-{] = 01 x = 21    27 * = 4 o = o1o -|--Clams
           |                 ____|____               |
           |            |    |       |               |
           | ___________|____|       |               |
           |  |  |          }        |               |
           |  |  |          }        |               |

Character:    Indicates the character's remaining

Hearts:       Indicates the character's energy level.

Stars:        Indicates the current number of Stars

Time:         Indicates time remaining to clear the

Big Stars:    Indicates the number of Big Stars

Clams:        Indicates the number of Clams collected.

Dash Meter:   Indicates the length of time you can run
             at high speed.



After you complete a stage you will advance to the Bingo screen. This is
you chance to earn some extra lives! When you finish a level, the last
number of the timer falls down, and lands on the Bingo Board.

Complete a row and score some goodies:

One row            1UP
Two Rows           3UP
Three Rows         5UP

A number can only appear on the Bingo Board once.

If a number hits Fred or Barney on the head and turns into an apple, one of
Fred's empty hearts will be filled.



o From the Game Over screen press the Control Pad to choose Continue.

o Press the Start button to advance to the beginning of the world you last

o To return to the last sub-stage you were in, choose Password with the
Control Pad instead of Continue.



Passwords allow you to continue a game at a later date. In the Flintstones:
The Treasure of Sierra Madrock, passwords are given when a stage is
completed. Write them down! Follow these intructions to use a password:

o From the Menu screen press the Control Pad to choose Password.

o Press the Start button to advance to the Password screen.

o Press the Control Pad to move between windows.

o Press the A or B button to change items.

o Press the Start button to enter the Password.

o If the correct Password has been entered you will advance to the game.

o If an incorrect Password has been entered you'll hear a sound.



You heard me. If Wilma catches Fred, or Betty nabs Barney, they'll drag
them back home. Don't let'em get you! It's better to face a bruiser
brontosaurus than Wilma in a bad mood....



You'll find various items in your quest for the Treasure of Sierra Madrock.
Keep on reading to find out what they do.

Fred - 1 UP

Barney - 1 UP

Clams - Bedrock's official currency. You'll need all the clams you can get
for shopping. When you take out a monster you'll be rewarded with clams.

Heart - Adds one to you line.

Big Star - Collect 10 for a 1 UP

Apple - Adds one to your energy level.


ITEMS cont.

Multipliers - Multiplies your 1 UP's by the number shown.

Cactus Juice - Score this drink at the cafe o add to your life.

Dodo Egg Sandwiches - Grind one of these reats at the Cafe to fill in those
hit points!

Barrel - Bust'em to find items.

Bronto Burger - So yummy they'll give you a UP! You can find them at the



Hey! You have to check out the sights when you're cruising round Bedrock.
Read on for an insider's run down on all he happening spots.

Cafe - Best place in town to refresh yourself. Grab a Bronto Burger, Dodo
Egg Sandwich, or Cactus Juice.

Bones - A very special place. Pay a visit and find out for yourself.

Stadium - The best place to play sports. Winners get extra jump power. Give
it a try!

Park - If you have the clams, they'll have the games. Always an excellent
place to go if you can afford it.

Heart - Bonus stage. Grab all you can while you have the chance.

Normal - Just your average space. All you have to do is clear it!


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