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       Instruction Manual
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                         Final Fantasy VIII

                  .--- An I.f.L.a.b. document ---'

                        = X Button
                        = Circle Button
                        = Square Button
                        = Triangle Button


- Page - 1


      Getting Started....................2         The  checkered
      Basic Controls.....................3      destinies of two men
      Prologue...........................6     who  repeatedly plunge
      Main Characters....................7       their mighty souls
      World Map Screen..................12          into battle.
      Shops & Collecting Information....13
      Menu Screen.......................14
      Battle Screen.....................20
      Junction System...................24
      Card Game/Triple Triad............36

*Note: PocketStation  personal  game  unit  may  not be available for
       purchase outside Japan.

Important  Note:   Detailed  information  about  the game can also be
found  in the study panel on Squall's desk located in the classroom on
the  second  floor  of  Balamb  Garden  and  in  the Menu Screen under

- Page - 2

                          Getting Started

Usual stuff left out.

Caution During Disc Change
As  the  player progresses throughout the adventure, the
display  will  appear  on the screen.  When changing DISCs, follow the
instructions displayed on the screen with out turning the power OFF.

- Page - 3

                           Basic Controls

- The Analog Joysticks may used only when the LED light is ON.

- The Vibration Function may be used even if the LED display is OFF.

- Page - 4


directional button/left stick - Move Cursor / Switch  screens  between
                               Status Attack & Defense and  Elemental
                               Attack & Defense  while  in  the Magic
                               Junction Menu.

right stick - Not Applicable

START button - Not Applicable

button - Not Applicable

button - Execute / Open Status Windows in the Status Menu.

button - Open Limit Break Screen (Applies only in  Status Screen).
            Open Learned Abilities Screen (Applies only in  Junction>
            GF Screen).

button - Cancel

L1 or R1 button - Switch between corresponding character / GF

L2 button - Not Applicable

R2 button - Not Applicable


directional button/left stick - Move

right stick - Not Applicable

START button - Turn Vibration Function ON/OFF

SELECT button - Not Applicable

button - Open Menu Screen

button - Talk / Execute Commands

button - Talk / Challenge to a Card Game

button - Cancel, Walk (when used with directional  button or  left

L1 button - Not Applicable

R1 button - Not Applicable

L2 button - Not Applicable

R2 button - Not Applicable

- Page - 5


directional button/left stick - Move Cursor / Select Commands

right stick - Not Applicable

START button - Display help / Pause - Turn Vibration Function ON/OFF*

SELECT button - Hold down to hide battle info

button - Change to another active character

button - Execute

button - Scroll status window when  affected by  status  abnormal-
            ities  /  Increase  GF's  attack  power  while the SELECT
            button is held down

button - Cancel

L1 button - Turn ON/OFF Target window

R1 button - Trigger Squall's Gunblade

L2 button + R2 button - Escape (Press L2 + R2 buttons simultaneously)


directional button/left stick - Move

right stick - Move Vehicles forward/backward

START button - Turn Vibration Function ON/OFF

SELECT button - Toggle World Map Display

button - Open Menu

button - Get ON/OFF Vehicles**

button - Move Vehicles forward

button - Move Vehicles backward

L1 button - Turn camera angle counterclockwise

R1 button - Turn camera angle clockwise

L2 button - Not Applicable

R2 button - Change Point of View (POV)

*  Turning  the  Vibration  Function  ON/OFF  can be done through the
   "Vibration  Mode"  setting  in  the Configuration Screen (see page

** Refer to page 12 on how to operate vehicles.

- To restart the game without turning off the power, press the  START
  button to pause the game, then press the L1, L2, R1, R2, SELECT and
  START buttons simultaneously.

- Page - 6


At the forefront of a rising tide of violence brought on by Galbadia's
war  declaration  is a SeeD cadet named Squall Leonhart.  Serious to a
fault,  Squall has earned himself the reputation of being a lone wolf.
A  chance  encounter  with the free-spirited Rinoa Heartilly, however,
turns his  universe upside down.  Having thrived on discipline, Squall
finds  Rinoa's carefree attitude fascinating.  Yet there is no time to
ponder  these  thoughts,  for  the  job  of dealing with the sorceress
behind Galbadia's irrational hostility has fallen to SeeD and Squall.

In  Final Fantasy VIII, the player will assume the roles of Squall and
Laguna to advance the story.

At  times,  Squall  is  known to fall into a "dreamlike" state.  It is
during these periods that he encounters Laguna.

What destiny awaits these two characters?

At what point does the story between the two cross?

Who is Laguna...?

- Page - 7

                          Main Characters

Squall  and  Laguna; two men linked by fate.  The friends, rivals, and
beautiful  women  whom  they  encounter  all come together to create a
striking and moving drama.

Age: 17         Height: 5' 8"
The  taciturn and reluctant hero:  A cadet in SeeD, the special combat
unit of the Balamb Garden Military Academy.  His aloof and anti-social
behaviour  makes him appear selfish and lacking a sense of team unity.
Squall  dislikes  having  others  involved in his affairs, and is best
described as a lone wolf.

Age: 27         Height: 5' 9"
A  passionate  man  whose  pen  is  truly mightier than the sword:  An
ex-soldier  turned  journalist,  Laguna  is  a  strong willed man with
amazing energy.  His compassion for the unfortunate drives him to help
the  weak  and  bring  down  their oppressors.  Using his writing as a
mighty  instrument  of  justice, he stands strong against the evils of
the world.

- Page - 8

Age: 18         Height: 6' 2"
Squall's  rival who causes havoc within Garden:  A candidate for SeeD.
Although  Seifer is  a naturally gifted soldier, his inability to take
orders   and   control   his  temper  has  earned  him  the  label  of
"problematic".   Although recognizing and praising Squall's abilities,
Seifer regards him as his ultimate rival.

Age: 17         Height: 5' 3 1/2"
A  beautiful,  spirited  young  woman:   A  lively individual with the
ability  to touch people's hearts.  Open and honest with her feelings,
she speaks her mind without reservation.  Driven by her ambitions, she
can be difficult at times.

Age: 18         Height: 5' 6"
A  top-notch member of SeeD who serves as Squall's instructor:  A SeeD
cadet  at  the  age  of  15,  Quistis  now  instructs  Squall  and his
companions  at  Balamb  Garden.   Contrary  to  her cool exterior, she
occasionally  has  a  difficult time coping with frustration, and as a
result can become depressed over trivial matters.

- Page - 9

Age: 17         Height: 5' 1 1/2"
A  spunky  young  woman  with a carefree spirit:  Selphie seems out of
place  in  a  military  academy because of her innocent appearance and
light-hearted   personality.    Her   happy-go-lucky  disposition  and
laid-back attitude tend to catch others off guard.

Age: 17         Height: 5' 5"
A  Garden  Cadet  with  unsurpassed  martial arts skills:  Aspiring to
become  like  his  grandfather  who  was  once a soldier, Zell entered
Garden  at  the age of 13.  Not being one to think matters through, he
is  known  to act on impulse rather than reasoning.  At heart however,
he is an honest dedicated young man.

Age: 17         Height: 6' 0"
An  expert  gunman  and consummate lady's man:  Irvine is known as the
"Best  Shooter  in Garden".  His reputation for cherishing the company
of women is almost as well known as his accuracy with a gun.  Although
he  seems  to be uncaring and frivolous at first glance, in reality he
is sensitive and serious.

- Page - 10 & 11

Very cool 2 page spread.

- Page - 12

                          World Map Screen

A  globe  will be displayed on the bottom right of the World Map.  For
Squall  and  his  party, the map is a helpful tool in confirming where
they  are  while travelling across the world.  On this map, a gunblade
will  be displayed.  The gunblade is an indicator that shows where the
player  is  located  on  the  World Map and the direction in which the
player is heading.

As  the  player  moves forward in the story, vehicles such as cars and
spaceships  will  enable  the  player  to  move more freely across the
world.   The  following operation applies to all vehicles in the game.
Press  the button to get on or off a vehicle, press the button
to  move  forward,  and press the button to move backwards.  Press
left  or right on the directional button to determine the direction in
which  the  vehicle  will move.  When using an Analog Controller (when
LED is lit), choose the direction with the left stick and move forward
and backward with the right stick.

The  Name  Entering  Screen  shown  on the right will be displayed for
Squall  when  he  comes  under player control  for the first time.  It
also appears when Squall meets new members of his party or obtains new
Guardian  Forces.   To  rename  a character or Guardian Force, use the
directional  button  to  select  a  letter and press the button to
choose  it  (Press  the   button to delete).  After the new name is
entered,  use the directional button to select and press the
button to complete the renaming process.

- Page - 13

                   Shops & Collecting Information

It  will  be  necessary to stop at cities to gather information and to
use  shops  in order for the player to complete the game successfully.
To speak to a character, press the button.  The party can also buy
and  sell  useful  items at shops throughout the world (shop types are
listed below).

Junk Shop - Modify  weapons  and  increase  their  power.   Refer  to
            "Modifying Weapons" described below.

Shop - Buy or Sell items.

Hotel - Restores  HP  and  removes   Status  Abnormalities  for  both
        characters  and  GFs  by  staying  overnight.  Saving is also
        possible at this location.

Study Panel - Gather  various  information  related to  the game.  It
              would  be  best  to use the study panel along with this
              instruction manual.

Characters  may  sometimes  receive items such as rods or screws after
winning  a battle.  Not useful by themselves, these items or parts can
be taken to a Junk Shop where together with the proper specifications,
they  can be used to modify and upgrade a character's weapon for a fee
(the  stronger the upgrade, the more expensive the cost will be).  The
specifications  for  making  modifications  can  be found in magazines
located  throughout the world.  As modifications become more powerful,
the  parts  needed  for  the  modification will become harder to find.
Modified weapons increase in Attack Power and Hit Rate.

After  Squall  becomes  a  SeeD  member,  the  player's  party will be
entitled  to  a  salary based upon his SeeD rank.  The disbursement of
this  salary  will  be  credited to the party automatically at regular

- Page - 14

                            Menu Screen

Press  the button to display the Menu Screen.  On this screen, the
player  can  check  the  level of each character, their current HP and
maximum  HP,  and the location.  The right side of the screen displays
various menu headings, the length of playtime, and the amount of money
in  possession.   When  Squall becomes a member of SeeD, his SeeD rank
will  also  be displayed here.  Use the directional button to select a
menu heading and open it by pressing the button.  To exit the Menu
Screen, press the button.

There  are  a  total of eleven menu headings in the Menu Screen.  With
the  exception  of and , nine of the menu headings will
be explained below.

Junction - Refer to page 24

Guardian Force (GF) - Refer to page 26

1. Item - Using items
The  Item  menu  heading provides access to the Item Screen that lets
the player use recovery items on injured characters or organize items
in  inventory.   When  the  Item  Screen is displayed, the player can
select  , , , or using the directional
button  and  execute  the  command by pressing the button.  Since
 is  also  a  Command  Ability  (see  page 28), it needs to be
Junctioned so that it can be used juring battle.  Descriptions of the
commands in the Item Screen are as follows.

Use       - Select the item to be used  with the  directional button,
            and press the button to execute the command.

Rearrange - Rearrange the order of items manually.

Sort      - Organize the order of items automatically.

Battle    - Designate how  the order of items appears when the
            command is selected during battle.

- Page - 15

2. Magic - Using Magic
The  Magic Menu heading provides access to the Magic Screen, in which
the  player  can use recovery magic such as Cure and Esuna on injured
characters.   Other  commands  in  this  menu  allow  the  player  to
rearrange  the  order  of  magic  in the Battle Window or to exchange
magic  between  characters.   Characters  who have not Junctioned the
 Command  Ability (see page 28) will not be able to use magic
during battle.

Use       - Select the magic to be used with the  directional  button
            and execute the command by pressing the button.

Exchg.    - Exchange magic between characters.

All       - Take all magic from another character.

Rearrange - Designate how the order of magic appears when the
            command is selected during battle.

A key to various icons which appear in the Junction Menus.

- Status Attack                - Junction ability
- Status Defense               - Command ability
- Elemental Attack             - Character ability
- Elemental Defense            - GF ability
                               - Party ability
                               - Menu ability

KO       - Character has zero HP.

Poison   - HP decreases with each action.

Petrify  - Turns target into stone, disabling the target's commands.

Darkness - Target becomes blind, decreasing their Hit Rate.

Silence  - Magic, GF, and Draw commands become disabled.

Berserk  - Target's strength increases but commands become disabled.

Zombie   - Applying recovery magic and items will cause damage.

Sleep    - Puts target to sleep.

Slow     - Slows down target.

Stop     - Stops target and disables commands.

Confuse  - Disables target's commands, they perform unintended

Drain    - Drains and absorbs HP from target that was attacked.

Curse    - Disables Limit Breaks. (NOTE: Not in Status Attack Screen)

- Fire                   - Poison
- Ice                    - Wind
- Thunder                - Water
- Earth                  - Holy

- Page - 16

3. Status - Understanding Character Abilities
The  Status  menu  heading  allows  the  player  to check the various
attributes of the characters in the party.  Select the Status heading
and then a character to open up the Status Screen for that character.
Once  the  Status  Screen  is open, three other Status Windows can be
opened  by  pressing  the    button.  Press the L1 or R1 button to
switch between different characters to view their Status Screens.

Basic Character Attributes
1. HELP           - Additional information about the selected heading

2. Name           - Character Name

3. LV (Level)     - Character Level

4. HP (Hit Point) - Current HP / Maximum HP

5. Current EXP (Experience Point) - Acquired Experience Points

6. Next Level     - Experience Points necessary to Level UP

7. Strength       - Strength of Physical Attacks

8. Vitality       - Endurance against Physical Attacks

9. Magic          - Strength of Magic Attacks

10. Sprit         - Endurance against Magic Attacks

11. Speed         - The speed at which the Active Time Battle gauge
                    fills up

12. Luck          - Effect on Evasion Rate, Hit Rate and chance to
                    first strike

13. Evasion       - The probability of avoiding Physical Attacks

14. Hit           - Accuracy of Physical Attacks

15. COMMAND       - Command Junctioned for battle (refer to page 28)

16. Weapon        - Currently equipped weapon

17. ABILITY       - Ability that has been Junctioned (refer to page

- Page - 17

Status Screen 2
Resistance  to  and  the augmentation of Elemental Attacks and Status
Abnormalities.  (See page 15 for key to icons.)

Resistance  to  Elemental  Attacks  such  as  fire and lightning.  By
Junctioning  (see  page 33) magic to "Elemental Defense", the defense
values can be augmented.

Resistance   to  attacks  which  cause  Status  Abnormalities.   Like
"Elemental  Defense", values can be augmented by Junctioning magic to
"Status Defense".

Enhance  physical  attacks with  elemental attributes.  Values can be
augmented  by  Junctioning  magic to "Elemental Attack".  This status
window  only  appears  when  magic  has been Junctioned to "Elemental

Enhance   physical   attacks   with   attributes  that  cause  Status
Abnormalities.   Values  can  be  augmented  by  Junctioning magic to
"Status Attack".  This status window only appears when magic has been
Junctioned to "Status Attack".

Status Screen 3
Guardian Forces of the party.

1. GF
This  window  displays  the  GFs  who  have joined the party, and the
degree  of  compatibility  between  the  character  and  the Guardian
Forces.   When  a  symbol is displayed to the left of the name of the
GF,  it  means that the character has Junctioned that Guardian Force.
The degree of compatibility between the two parties is represented by
the  red bar and number displayed to the right.  Please refer to page
32  regarding  the  changes  in  the  degree of compatibility and the
details of the effects.

- Page - 18

Status Screen 4
List of Limit Breaks and the setting of automatic functions.

There  are  characters  such  as  Squall  and Zell who require button
entries  when  invoking  a  "Limit  Break",  a special technique that
delivers  a  tremendous  amount of damage to the enemy (see page 21).
If  the  player  would  like to have the button entries automatically
done, set the cursor to auto mode using the directional button.

4. Ability - Use Abilities on the Menu Screen
The  Ability menu heading provides access to the Ability Screen where
the player can use Menu Abilities learned by the Guardian Forces (see
page  29).  Once in the Ability Screen, select the ability to be used
with the directional button and press the button to execute.  The
Ability  Command  can  be  selected only after the GF acquires a Menu
Ability.  In the beginning, since no abilities have been learned, the
command  is  displayed in a gray font, showing that it cannot be used
at that time.

5. Switch - Switch Party Members
The  Switch menu heading allows the player to change party members at
Save  Points  and  on  the  World  Map.   It  is  up to the player to
determine  the  characters that will be included or excluded from the
active  party.   in  the  Switch  menu, the Junction Exchange heading
allows  the  player  to  transfer  powers  (Junctioned  GF, magic and
abilities)  from  one character to another.  refer to the Menu screen
under for more information.

6. Card - Confirm Acquired Cards
The  player  will  be  able  to  check  the mini-game cards the party
currently possesses.  there are ten levels of cards, corresponding to
the  ten  pages  in  this display.  To view cards on different pages,
press the directional button left or right.

7. Configuration - Change Game Settings
The  player  will  be  able  to  change  game  settings.   Press  the
directional  button  up  and  down  to  select  headings,  and change
settings  by  pressing  the directional button left and right.  Press
the    button only when selecting under the Controller

- Page - 19

Sound          - Switch between and

Controller     - Switch   between  initial   setting     and
                   which  will  allow the player to change
                 the Controller configuration.

Cursor         - Switch between   and    which  will
                 display   the  cursor  at  the   previously  entered

ATB            - Switch between time where time continues to
                 flow or where time stops while making command
                 selection during battle.

Scan           - Switch   between    and  .   Selecting
                   will  display  the  Scan  Screen for those
                 enemies that have been Scanned previously.

Camera Movement - Adjust between  <0%> and  <100%>.  The  higher  the
                  number, the more the camera moves.

Battle Speed   - Adjust battle speed.

Battle Message - Adjust  the  speed  of  the  message  display during

Field Message  - Adjust  the  speed  of  the  message  display on the

ANALOG input   - Adjust  the reaction  rate of  the  Analog Joystick.
                  will make it more sensitive.

Vibration Function - Switch the Vibration function ON/OFF.

8. Tutorial - Explanation of Various Functions Within the Game
In  addition to this instruction manual and the study panel in Balamb
Garden,  this  menu  heading will provide help whenever needed during
the game.

9. Save - Save Game Data
It  is  possible  to save game data on a MEMORY CARD or PocketStation
personal  game  unit.   This  command  can  be selected when standing
adjacent to a Save Point, or on the World Map.

- Page - 20

                           Battle Screen

The  Battle  Screen contains information that is crucial for survival.
It  is necessary to understand the information being presented and its
significance  in  order  to  think  strategically  during battle.  the
section  on  the  right  details  the  information shown on the Battle

1. Message Window (Top of screen)
Messages will be displayed here during battle.

2. Character Graphics
A \/ symbol will appear above the head of the character whose turn is

3. Command Window (Bottom left on screen)
Lists  the  commands that may be used during battle.  Initially, only
Physical  Attacks  using  the command can take place, but by
adding Command Abilities through Junctioning, the player will be able
to  use  various commands such as , , and (refer
to page 28 for details).

4. Character Name / HP/ ATB Gauge (Bottom right of screen)
This  area  displays  the Character Name, current HP value and Active
Time  Battle  gauge.   When  the ATB Gauge fills up to the right, the
player  will  be  able  to  enter a command.  Press the button to
switch to another active character.

In  order to survive battles, the player will need to be knowledgeable
of  combat situations.  The following section explains how to deal the
maximum amount of damage, how to retreat, and Status Abnormalities.

Damage the Enemy to the Maximum with Critical Hits
The main character, Squall, is equipped with a gunblade.  Press the R1
button  just  as  the gunblade strikes an enemy to deal more damage to
the target.

Retreat by Running Away
Escape  battle  by  holding down the L2 and R2 buttons simultaneously.
But  the  player  should beware that there are some enemies from which
escape is not possible.

- Page - 21

Limit Breaks - Appear in Times of Need
When  a  character is in a critical situation, a |> may appear next to
the   command of a character, signifying the availability of a
Limit  Break.   Limit  Breaks  are  powerful techniques unique to each
character.   When  the player holds down the directional button to the
right  and  then presses the button while |> is showing, the Limit
Break will be activated.

Squall [Renzokuken]
Press  the R1 button in sync with the mark that appears on the gauge.
if  the  timing is correct, damage will double.  A finishing move may
also be activated at random.

Seifer [Fire Cross]
Selecting    will automatically  activate "No Mercy", an
attack that strikes all enemies in range.

Zell [Duel]
Once  this  Limit  Break  is  triggered, continue pressing the button
entries  listed  on the screen until the time limit displayed reaches
0.  Each successful entry will unleash a damaging combo attack.

Quistis [Blue Magic]
A list of acquired Blue Magic will be displayed when this limit Break
is  activated.   Select  the  technique  to be used and press the
button to trigger its effects.

Selphie [Slot]
Once  this  limit Break is triggered, it will randomly determine what
type  of  magic  will  be  activated,  and how many times.  After the
random  selection  is  complete,  the  player  can  select   to
activate  the  selected  magic  or to go through the random
selection process again.

Irvine [Shot]
When  this Limit Break is triggered, an option to select the types of
ammunition  will  appear.   After  the selection is complete, the ATB
Gauge will begin to run backwards.  At this point, the player will be
able  to  shoot  bullets  by  pressing  the R1 button until the gauge
decreases to 0.

Rinoa [Combine]
Rinoa's  Limit  Breaks  involve  attacks with her dog, Angelo.  After
selecting   ,   depending   on  the  situation  and  learned
techniques, one attack will automatically be activated.

- Page - 22

Main Status Abnormalities And Their Cures
It  is  possible  to  receive Status Abnormalities from enemy attacks.
Some  examples  of these effects and their respective cures are listed

[Status Abnormalities which remain after battle]

Poison   - HP  decreases with activity.  Cure with  Antidote  (item).

Petrify  - Character cannot participate in battle.  Recover with Soft

Darkness - Physical Attack Hit Rate decreases. recover with Eye Drops

Silence  - Character  cannot   use  the   ,  ,  or  
           commands. Recover with Echo Screen (item).

* The  above  abnormalities  (Poison, Petrify, Darkness, and Silence)
  may also be cured with Remedy (item) or Esuna (magic).

Zombie   - Recovery items and  magic effects deal damage.  Recover by
           using Holy Water (item) or Dispel (magic).

KO       - Once the HP of a party member reaches 0, that party member
           can  no  longer  participate  in the battle.  Recover with
           Phoenix Down (item) or Recovery magic.

- Page - 23

[Status Abnormalities during battle]

Sleep     - ATB Gauge stops when the character falls asleep.  Recover
            when hit by Physical Attacks or with the passage of time.

Curse     - Limit  Breaks  cannot  be  activated.  Recover  with  the
            passage of time or with Holy Water (item).

Berserk   - Character  will attack enemies automatically.  The player
            will have no control over the character.

Confuse   - Commands will be randomly selected.  The player will have
            no control over the character.

* The  above  abnormalities  (Sleep, Curse, Berserk, and Confuse) may
  also be cured with Remedy (item) or Esuna (magic).

Slow      - The  ATB Gauge  decreases  its speed.  Recover  with  the
            passage of time, Esuna (Magic), or Haste (Magic).

A battle may end in one of two ways. Both are discusses below.

Annihilation of the Enemy
When  the  player  defeats  all  the  enemies in the battle, the party
acquires  Experience  Points  and  Ability Points (even when the party
runs  away,  if  damage  has  been dealt to the enemy, some Experience
Points  will  be awarded).  When a certain amount of Experience Points
are  obtained, the character will Level UP.  At other times, the party
may find valuable items dropped by defeated enemies. Levelling UP also
applies  to  GFs that have been Junctioned to fighting characters (see
page 30).

Game Over When the Entire Party is Unable to Continue
If the HP of the entire party reaches 0, if they all become petrified,
or  if  the  time limit is  exceeded on timed events, the game will be

- Page - 24

                          Junction System

The  newly  introduced  Junction System enables the player to change a
character's   qualities   and   direction   of  growth.   Grasping  an
understanding  of  the  terms related to the Junction System listed on
the  right  will  enable  the  player  to  understand  the flow of the
Junction System illustrated below.

1. Obtain a Guardian Force (GF) (see page 26)
Obtaining a GF will allow the player to use the Junction System.

2. Select an Ability to be Learned by the GF (see page 28)
Use  the    command on the Menu Screen to choose an ability to be
learned by the GF.

3. Junction the GF (see page 30)
Junction the GF by selecting on the Menu Screen.

4. Junction Ability (see page 31)
Junction the ability that a GF possesses to a character.

Draw Magic from the Enemy
Once a GF has been successfully Junctioned to a character, the
command  may  be  Junctioned.   After Junctioning the command,
draw magic from enemies during battle (see page 31).

5. Junction Magic (see page 33)
Junction  magic  that  has been drawn from enemies to the character's
stats (e.g.  HP, Str, EL-A/D, etc.).

- Page - 25

In  this  game,  Junction  refers  to equipping characters with things
other  than  physical  objects such as weapons and armors.  Basically,
this  involves Guardian Forces (see below).  It also allows the player
to equip (or Junction) characters with magic.

GF  is  the  abbreviation  for Guardian Force.  Guardian Forces can be
summoned  during  battle.   In  FF8, Junctioning a GF with a character
allows  the GF to Level UP in the same way the characters do.  As a GF
grows  stronger, it will grant Special Abilities to the character with
whom it is Junctioned.

Characters  are able to draw certain elements from enemies and possess
those  drawn  elements as magic.  In FF8, since magic cannot be bought
in  shops,  a  commonly  used  method  to  obtain  magic is to draw it
directly  from  enemies.   It is also possible to obtain magic through
draw points and by refining magic from items.

- Page - 26

In  order  to utilize the Junction System, it is necessary to obtain a
GF.   This  is possible by defeating a GF itself or by drawing one out
of  a  boss monster.  There may be other times when the player will be
able to obtain a GF in unexpected locations.

The  first  Guardian  Forces  can be obtained at the beginning of the
game in Balamb Garden by reviewing the study panel.  By accessing the
 command  on  the  study panel, the player will be able to
obtain two Guardian Forces, Quezacotl and Shiva.

Guardian  Forces  have tremendous power that can provide a party with
extraordinary  strength.  A few of the Guardian Forces are introduced

 Spirit which governs lightning

 Appears amongst lightning clouds and showers the enemy with "Thunder

 Spirit which manipulates ice

 Freezes  surrounding  objects  with  "Diamond  Dust" and damages all
 enemies with extreme cold.

 Demon spirit that commands fire

 Summons and then unleashes "Hell Fire", a massive ball of flame that
 burns all enemies.

- Page - 27


Select the direction of growth for the GF
To  select  an  ability to be learned by a GF, press the button to
display  the  Menu  Screen  and  select  the   menu heading on the
screen.  Guardian Forces that are available to learn abilities will be
displayed.   Select  the  desired  GF  with  the    button  and the
Abilities  Screen  shown  on the right will appear.  Using the
menu  heading  on  this  screen,  the player will be able to check the
status  of  the  GF  and select the ability for the GF to learn.  This
ability  will  be  gained  once  enough  Ability Points (AP) have been
accumulated through battles.

(top to bottom on screen)
GF Status Screen - Displays the basic ability of the GF

1. Notice Window - Display the command which opens the
                  Abilities Screen.

2. Name          - Display the name of the GF.

3. LV            - Display the level of the GF.

4. HP            - Display current HP / Maximum HP.

5. Current EXP   - Display the Experience Points acquired.

6. Next Level    - Display Experience Points necessary to Level UP.

7. Learning      - Display the name of the ability being learned.
                  Current AP / Necessary AP to gain ability.

8. Compatibility - Represent the compatibility between the characters
                  and the GFs (see page 32 for details).

- Page - 28

Using  Learned  Commands - The only abilities that can be used are the
                          ones the GF has learned.

Learn - Select the ability to be learned by the GF
When  the  player  presses the button on the GF Status Screen, the
abilities  that  may  be  learned will be displayed in a window to the
right  of  the  screen.   Select  the  ability to be learned using the
directional  button  and  press the button to execute the command.
If  the ability has already been learned, the word "Complete!" will be

1. Select Ability - Select  the ability to be learned by the GF using
   the  directional  button,  and press the button to execute the

2 Battle - Battle  while  the  GF is  Junctioned  (see  page 30)  and
           collect AP.

3. Acquire Ability - Once  enough AP has been collected,  the GF will
                     learn  the ability.  Repeat steps 1 through 3 to
                     learn more abilities.


These abilities allow the player to Junction magic to character stats,
letting  players  customize a character's characteristics (see page 33
for details).

HP-J   - Junction magic to HP.

Str-J  - Junction magic to Strength.

These  abilities  allow  the  player to add or customize commands on a
character's Battle Window.

Magic  - Make the command available, allowing characters to
         cast magic on or off the battlefield.

GF     - Make the command available, allowing characters to
         summon Guardian Forces during battle.

- Page - 29

These  abilities  add  special  skills  and  improve  the values of an
individual  character's  stats  by  setting them in the Ability Window
below the Command Window while Junctioning.  Normally, a character has
only  two  slots  available  for this type of abilities.  However, the
player  will  be  able  to  Junction  more after certain abilities are
learned by the GF.

Str+20%  - Character's strength will increase by 20%.

Mug      - Change the command to .

Cover    - Receive attacks in place of another party member.

These abilities provide special effects that benefit the entire party.
Only  one  character needs to have a Party Ability set in order for it
to take effect.

Alert     - Prevent back attacks and first strikes by enemies.

Move-Find - Find hidden Save Points and Draw Points.

These  abilities  increase  the  power of the Guardian Forces.  Unlike
other  abilities, these abilities do not need to be Junctioned to take

SumMag+20% - Increase the effect of attacks from Summon Magic by 20%.

GFHP+20%   - Increase GF HP by 20%.

These  abilities  will  be  added to the menu heading on the
Menu  Screen.  They do not need to be Junctioned to characters and can
be used at any time.

Haggle   - Purchase items in shops at a discount price.

F Mag-RF - By refining certain items, a character will be able to
           create "Fire" magic.

- Page - 30

Junctioning the GF is crucial to the character's power

After selecting the ability to be learned by the GF, it is ready to be
Junctioned.   Select    on the Menu Screen and press the
button.   Select  the  character  who  will  Junction the GF using the
directional  button  and press the button.  After that, select the
headings    and respectively.  A window will now appear
displaying  the GFs.  The names of GFs that are ready to be Junctioned
will  appear  in  white  font  while  already  Junctioned  GFs will be
displayed  in  gray.   Learned  Abilities  of each GF may be viewed by
selecting  a GF and pressing the button.  Select the GF that is to
be  Junctioned  with  the directional button and press the button.
After  completing  the  selection,  press  the button to exit this

GF Growth rate
Like  the  characters,  The  Guardian  Forces grow and mature.  While
Junctioned  to  a  character,  the  GFs  will also receive Experience
Points  after  every  battle.   On  occasions  where  several GFs are
Junctioned,  the  Experience  Points  are  divided evenly between the
Junctioned  Guardian Forces.  With 300 Experience Points, if only one
GF  is  Junctioned,  it  will  receive 300 points, but if two GFs are
Junctioned,  each  will  receive an equal distribution of 150 points.
When  a certain level of Experience Points have been attained, the GF
will Level UP, and its HP and Attack Power will increase.

Characters  with  a  Junctioned  Guardian  Force  can  also have magic
Junctioned  to  their  stats.   To  Junction magic manually, enter the
Junction  Screen  and  select  .   When  the command
becomes  available,  select it to enter the Magic Junction Screen.  To
Junction  magic  automatically,  choose   in the Junction Screen
instead  of  .   A new screen will appear, giving the player
three  new  options; , and .  These options refer to a
style of play that player would like their character to be suited for.
When  the selection is made, magic will be Junctioned according to the
style chosen (see page 33).

*   and commands will not be available if the character
   does not possess any magic.

- Page - 31

Determine Abilities to be used during battle

Select    on  the  Junction Menu for the Battle Window (the
screen will be automatically switched to this screen after exiting the
GF/Magic  Junctioning  Menu  if  the  character  does  not possess any
magic).  Here, in addition to deciding what commands will be available
during  battles  by  Junctioning  Command  Abilities,  the  player can
customize  characters  by  Junctioning  Character  Abilities and Party
Abilities.   To  do  so,  select  the  slot  where  an ability will be
Junctioned  using  the  directional  button  and press the button.
Then,  use  the  directional button to select the ability that will be
Junctioned  and  press  the button again.  Press the button to
exit this menu.

One Point of Advice
Command Abilities that are used in the beginning of the game

The  four  Command  Abilities that become available immediately after
obtaining  a GF are the most basic and important commands to know and

1. Draw - How to obtain magic
One of the most frequently used commands is , which enables the
player  to  draw  out  the  element  of enemies in the form of magic.
Since  it  is  the  most common way characters will be able to obtain
magic, players should Junction this command to characters right away.
If  a player wants to cast magic immediately after it is drawn out of
an  enemy  during  battle, select using the directional button
and  press  the    button.   If not, the player can select
using the same method to store the magic for use at another time.

2. Magic - It is possible to use magic during battle
Once  spells have been drawn out and stocked with the command,
using  them will require the command.  Selective use of magic
is  an important strategic element in the game.  Fire magic should be
used  against enemies who are weak against fire, while stocking up on
Cure  magic  can  prevent  the destruction of the party when fighting
against  enemies  who do not have Cure available to be drawn.  In the
beginning,  it will be useful to have members who can use both
and commands.

- Page - 32

3. GF - Like the characters,  GFs receive damage if they get attacked
        while they are being summoned
When  the command is executed, the GF will take the place of the
character  who  summoned  it  and shield that character with its life
force.   The ATB Gauge will turn blue and begin decreasing.  When the
gauge  reaches  its  end,  the  GF will appear and unleash its power.
During  the  summoning process however, the GF is vulnerable to enemy
attacks,  and will take damage in place of the character who summoned
it.   If  the GFs HP ever reaches 0, summoning that GF will no longer
be possible for the remainder of the battle.

Restoring Guardian Force HP

There  are  two  ways  to  restore  the HP of the GF who has received
damage  during  the  summoning  process.  One method is to stay at an
Inn.   Another way is to use recovery items specific to the GF.  Such
items  are  sold  in  shops.  The symbol "G" designates a GF specific
item.  it is best to purchase them whenever they are available.

Depending on compatibility, the summoning time for a GF may decrease

A  degree  of  compatibility  exists between the GF and the character
that  has  summoned the GF.  The higher the compatibility number, the
quicker  the summoning process takes place.  In order to increase the
compatibility  between  a  character  and  a GF, the character should
summon  that  GF  often  and  use  magic  with  the  same  or similar
properties  as  the  GF.   There  is  a possibility, though, that the
compatibility  of  the GFs which have not been summoned will somewhat
decrease.   The best way to avoid getting a GF jealous or to increase
the  compatibility between a GF and character is to Junction only one
GF to a character and use it exclusively.

4. Item - It is possible to use items during battle
It  is  possible  to use items stored in inventory during battle.  If
the  player  would  like  would  like to use recovery items or attack
items  during  battles,  the    Command  Ability  needs  to  be
Junctioned in advance.

- Page - 33

Increase  a  Character's stats with magic that has been drawn out.  In
order to Junction magic, two conditions must be fulfilled.

1. A GF that has learned the appropriate Junction Ability is

2. The character possesses magic.

With  these  two  conditions,  it  is  possible to Junction magic to a
character's   stat  and  increase  its  value.   After  selecting  the
 command  on  the  Menu  Screen,  select the and
 headings  respectively.   When the Junction Ability Window is
displayed,  it  is  necessary to decide which magic will be Junctioned
with  a  stat  that  is  available for Junctioning (displayed in white
font).    Switching   between  the  Junction  Ability  Window  can  be
accomplished by pressing left or right on the directional button.

One Point of Advice
Warning when Junctioning magic
"Junctioning  Magic"  does not mean magic should be attached to stats
at  random.   Benefit from the Junction system by utilizing the hints
listed below.

1. Basics of Magic Junction
It is not possible to Junction the same magic to different stats.

This  is  a  basic  rule when considering Junctions between magic and
each stat.  This simply means that it is not possible to Junction the
same  magic  to  different  stats  at  the  same time.  it is best to
Junction  magic  to  each  Junctionable  stat  and  observe  how  the
numerical  values change.  When the figures increase, the numbers are
yellow.   If  there  are  no  changes, the numbers are white.  If the
values  decrease,  the  numbers are displayed in red.  The player can
decide  which  attribute  to  Junction  after observing the change in
values.   Another  option  is to use the command, which is the
third  heading in the Junction Menu.  When is selected, ,
 and    are displayed; the player should select the choice
which  best  meets  their needs with the directional button and press
the   button to execute the command.  Once selected, magic will be
automatically  Junctioned  to the stats which best fits the selection

- Page - 34

2. Compatibility Between Magic and Junctioned Stat
Depending  on  the  Junctioned  magic,  the  maximum  stat  value may
fluctuate.  Compatibility exists between certain stats and magic that
are  Junctioned.   For instance, "Cure", which recovers HP, should be
Junctioned  to  HP, and "Protect", which increases physical endurance
during  battle, should be Junctioned to Vitality.  The value of these
stats  will  be  greater  with  compatible  magic than with unrelated

3. Junctioned Stat Values are Based on the Amount of Magic in Stock
The greater the quantity of the magic  being Junctioned, the higher
that stat value

It  is  important  to  remember  that along with the compatibility of
magic,  Junctioned  stat values are also based on the amount of magic
it  is  Junctioned to in stock.  The more magic in stock, the greater
the  plus  value  becomes, and vice versa.  If the player uses up the
magic that is Junctioned during battle, the stat with which the magic
was   Junctioned  returns  to  its  base  value  and  the  plus  unit

When the number of the magic in stock is 99
Basic value + [a] (large)

The greater the number of magic being Junctioned, the more stats will

When the number of the magic in stock is 1
Basic value + [a] (small)

- Page - 35

Use to customize characters
The  newly  created  Junction  System  makes  its  debut in FF8.  Its
purpose is to enable  the player to customize their characters freely.
How will the player combine the GF necessary for character development,
and  how  will  the player Junction abilities and magic to stats?  How
will  the  player distribute the magic that is obtained during battle?
Will  the player use magic during battle, or will the player stock the
magic  to  increase  the  character's  power?  Perhaps the player will
distribute them evenly.  Success and failure are based on the player's
judgement, his or her ability to manipulate the different variables of
the  Junction System will determine how well the characters accomplish
their goals in the game.

- Page - 36

                       CARD GAME/TRIPLE TRIAD

Triple Triad is a card game similar to dominos that lets party members
duel  non-player  characters (NPC's) with the cards that have in their
possession.   The  winner  of  the game gets to select a card from the
playing hand of their opponent.

There  are  three  ways  to  obtain game cards.  Characters can obtain
cards  by winning a challenge against a NPC, by defeating monsters, or
by  using  the   Command during battle, The command is an
ability  that can be learned only by a GF and must be Junctioned prior
to battle.

To challenge a character, the player must first possess more than five
cards.   When this condition is met (by talking to the man next to the
elevator  on  the second floor of Balamb Garden), press the button
when facing a character to initiate the challenge.

The  basic  rules  of  the  game  are  simple.   The character and the
opponent  will  start  with  a  hand  of  five  cards each.  Each card
represents  a  point.   The  character  gains or loses  points as they
capture  or  lose cards.  After the computer randomly selects who goes
first, each player places one card at a time on the 3X3 grid until all
nine  slots on the grid are filled.  The winner of the game is the one
who  possesses  the  most points at the end of the game.  Keep in mind
that as the  player  progresses  through FF8, "local rules" may appear
which change the way the game is played.

Each  card has four numbers.  Each number represents the strength of a
side  on  each  card, and can have a value between 1 and 10 (a 10 on a
card  is  denoted as an "A").  If the player places a card on the grid
next  to  a card that has a smaller number on the side adjacent to the
player's  card,  the  weaker  card  will be captured by the player and
converted to their color.  At the same time, the player gains a point,
while  the  opponent  loses a point (points are based on the number of
cards  a  player currently controls, counting captured cards and cards
not yet in play).

For  instance,  the  opponent  places a card that has a 3 on the right
side  in  the  top left corner of the grid.  To capture this card, the
player  can place any card that has a number larger than 3 on its left
side to the right of the opponent's card.

- Page - 37

There are four types of cards a player can collect:

- Monsters

- Bosses

- GFs

- Characters

The  most  common  cards are monster cards, followed by boss cards, GF
cards,  and character cards.  The more powerful card is, the harder it
is  to  find.   Later on in the game, an ability can be learned by the
GFs  that  let  the player convert cards in his or her possession into
rare items needed for weapon upgrades and magic refinement.

Some  examples of the local rules that may be encountered later in the


Open:   All ten cards will be facing up so the player can see them.

Random: Five cards will be selected automatically from the player's
        collection of cards.


One:    The winner of the game can choose one card from the
        opponent's hand and keep it.

Diff:   The winner of the game can choose a number of cards equal to
        the difference between the winning score and losing score.

All:    The winner of the game can keep all cards used by the

Direct: Each player gets to keep the cards they captured at the end
        of the game.

A  detailed  description of the Triple Triad rules can be found on the
Tutorial  Menu  in  the  Menu  Screen and on the study panel in Balamb
Garden.   Press  the button to open the Menu Screen and select the
 command.   Use the directional button to select Rules> and press the button to read more about Triple Triad.

- Page - 38


(*NOTE:   Chocobo World requires the PocketStation personal game unit,
which may not be available for purchase outside of Japan.)

After  obtaining  the  Chocobo  in the actual game, the player will be
able  to  play  Chocobo World, a mini-game played on the PocketStation
personal  game  unit.   Select    on  the  Menu Screen while the
PocketStation  personal  game  unit  is  inserted into the MEMORY CARD
slot.   Afterwards,  follow  instructions  to  download the game data.
Boco  will  move  to  the  PocketStation  with the command and
return to the FF8 game with the command.
If  the  player  would  like  to  save  in the "Home" mode, it will be
necessary to save the game using the regular save method in FF8.

Boco    - A Chicobo (baby Chocobo) who follows Chocobo

MiniMog - A lost infant Mog

Events Occur when Boco Encounters Friends
While  moving  on  the  Walking  Screen,  certain  events  will occur.
Starting  with  Cactuar  who  hands  out items, various characters and
friends  await  Boco's  appearance in order to help Boco out along his

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Boco embarks on an epic journey
Finding  a  Chicobo  in  FF8  and  saving it to the PocketStation will
enable  the player to enjoy the games listed in the following section.
Finding Mog will be the primary objective of Chocobo World.

1. Finding Mog
Try to find the MiniMog who has become lost within the PocketStation.

2. Raise the Chicobo
Boco, who appears as a Guardian Force (GF) in FF8, can only be raised
in the PocketStation.  For information on how to raise Boco, refer to
the section "battle & Levelling UP" on page 40.

3. Collecting Items
Items  found  in  Chocobo World can be brought back into the world of
FF8.  There may even be rare items that cannot be found in the actual
FF8 game.


Learn Various Maneuvers
There  are  three  different  screens  in Chocobo World.  Refer to the
following  information  to  learn hoe to play on each screen.  Playing
methods and battle arrangements are explained below.

Main Game Screen - Move Boco in any direction

up button    - Walk Boco further away (North)
down button  - Walk Boco closer (South)
left button  - Walk Boco left (West)
right button - Walk Boco right (East)
enter button - Display Menu Screen

- Page - 40

Confirm  status and movement methods.  Can also check settings for the
optical communication.

up/down button - Select / Toggle between displayed menu settings.

left/right button - Scroll through menus

enter button - Use the  optical  communication function, send data to
               another  PocketStation.   Otherwise, return to Walking

The screen changes to the Battle Screen upon encountering an enemy.

up button - Not Applicable

down button - Not Applicable

left/right button - By pressing them alternately, the ATB count will
                    reach 0 sooner.

enter button - Not Applicable

Upon encountering an enemy, the screen will switch to a Battle Screen,
and  battle  will  ensue.   When  the  numbers displayed in the bottom
middle  portion  of  the  screen  (the left number is the enemy's, the
right  number is Boco's) reach 0, attacks will be waged.  Upon winning
a  battle,  Boco  will  receive  magic stones.  If the stones line up,
Boco's level will increase.

When  defeated, Boco will continue to sleep until its HP is completely
restored.  It is possible to wake Boco up during sleep, but it is best
to wait until it has recovered completely.

- It is possible to fight against a friend's "Boco" using the optical
  communication  function.   Select   from the
  Menu Screen.

- Hold  down  the  enter  button  to switch to the CONTINUE/EXIT Menu
  Screen.   It  will then be possible to select (game over) or
  (continue game).

- 7 memory blocks will be used exclusively for the PocketStation.

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