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                             Evil Zone

                    --- An I.f.L.a.b. document ---

                          = X Button
                          = Circle Button
                          = Square Button
                          = Triangle Button


- Page - 1

                         Table of Contents

              Setup Information ______________ Page 2
              Controls _______________________ Page 3
              Storyline & Tournament Rules ___ Page 4
              Enter The Battle _______________ Page 5
              Select A Warrior _______________ Page 6
              Warrior Profiles ____________ Page 7-11
              Option Menu ___________________ Page 12
              Practice Mode _________________ Page 13
              Basic Techniques ______________ Page 14

- Page - 2

Regular Picture of the PSX console.

- Page - 3


L1/R1 Buttons: Arena Selection
L2/R2 Buttons: Handicap Selection

Directional Buttons - Move your character into battle
                   - Highlight menu selection

Start Button: Pause

- Attack/Cancel Menu Selection
- Not Used
- Confirm Menu Selection
- Guard

- Page - 4

                    Storyline & Tournament Rules

IDAHURCA, a  being  capable of existing in multiple dimensions at one
time,  threatens  the  world  of I-PRASERU (Happy Island).  Though the
cost  was heavy, the inhabitants of I-PRASERU were able to temporarily

However,  the  danger is not over.  IHADURCA must be destroyed before
she  emerges  from  EVIL  ZONE.  To do this, I-PRASERU called upon the
mighty warriors from other worlds.

A  tournament  is  held  to  select  the  strongest  warrior  to face
IHADURCA.   These  warriors  have  many  reasons  for wanting to fight
IHADURCA; but right now, they are warriors.

- Page - 5

                          Enter the Battle

Story Mode:
Confront  each  one  of  the  warriors.   Learn  why  they  enter  the
tournament and how they already met in the past.

One Player Battle Mode:
Confront  each  one  of  the  warriors  randomly.   Another player can
challenge and join the game at any time.

VS Mode:
Two players fight against each other.

Survival Mode:
Defeat as many opponents as you can with only one life.

- Page - 6

                          Select a Warrior

- Choose your Warrior using UP and DOWN directional buttons.

- Choose your Arena using the L1/R1 buttons.

- Set up your handicap using L2/R2 buttons.

- Page - 7

                          Warrior Profiles

Setsuna Saizuki "The Guardian Angel"
She  is  a college girl with a special power - a coexisting conscious
called  Karin.   Midori  was  her  childhood  friend.   Setsuna  seeks
Thadurca  because  she  feels  a strange power drawing both of them to

Linedwell Rainrix "A Medium at Daybreak"
His  dream  is to become a metal rock musician.  He fought Hamika who
was sent on a mission from the Tenpouin Clan, a descendant of Onmyouji
who  used  the  principals  of Chinese Yin-Yang philosophy, to destroy
Linedwell's  magic sword Shahal, which means "Lucifer standing for the
god of the morning star."

- Page - 8

Erel Plowse "Mercenary"
It's about "invincible beauty," she says.  As "the gods' helper," she
has  moral  values.   Her  biggest fear is Rikanslope, a werewolf, who
caused  Faily, her best friend's death.  She wants to destroy Ihadurca
in order to impress the young magician she likes.

Gally "Vanish" Gregman "The Bounty Hunter"
His  accomplishments are sublime.  He is a kindhearted person.  He is
fearless  and  tough  but  is  known as a very nice guy.  He loves his
young wife Sayaka very much.

- Page - 9

Keiya Tenpouin "The Man in the Shadows"
The  head  of  the Tenpouin Clan for the next generation is extremely
proud  and  believes  one  must use his power only for himself.  He is
summoned  to  destroy  Ihadurca  although he needs the power to revive

Midori Himeno "Grappler and Passionate"
She is currently 21 years old and a future alumni of the Fuin Martial
Arts  School.   She  loves  to  fight  and  is always seeking a strong
opponent.   Therefore,  she  will  gladly accept the chance to destroy

- Page - 10

Danzaiver "Exceptional Inspector"
As  a  special  inspector, he wants to protect the environment of the
planet.   He  is part of the tactical arm of The All Galactic Frontier
Civilization  Defense  System.   He  is a man of frank disposition and
tends  to lose his sense of judgement in a battle.  He is presently at
war with the planet-hunting brigade.  CRYOS under the command of Chief
Gillaclva,  who  is  trying  to  capture  the  Planet  Earth.  He uses
"Zerochaku"  as  his  command to cause tactical frame to morph.  He is
summoned  to  I-Praseru  to  destroy  Ihadurca  in order to defend the
people of the planet.

Alty Al Lazel "Wizard"
He has a gift - "The Lost Legacy" - and was invited into the court to
become a court magician.  He is very sensitive although he often tries
to  seem  strong-minded.  He opposes the way of using someone summoned
from  another  world  as  the  medium  for  securing  the divine wish.
Therefore, he decides to destroy Ihadurca with his own hands.

- Page - 11

Kakurine "Priestess"
Although  she is over 10,000 years old, she lives beyond time, looks,
and  acts  like  a  little girl.  She has super transcendental powers.
Kakurine  wants  to  destroy  Ihadurca, Lea's incarnation, in order to
bring her childhood friend Lea back to one existence.

Ihadurca "The Absolute Existence"
must be destroyed...

- Page 12

                            Option Menu

Battle  Rank:   Sets  up the strength of your opponent in story and 1P
battle modes.

Life  Stock:   Sets  up the number of life increments per battle in 1P
battle and VS.  modes.

Sound: Sets up the Stereo or Mono.

Card Load: Loads saved game data.

Card  Save:  Saves game and settings on the memory card.  One block is
required when saving.

Key Config.: Changes the controller configuration.

Extra: Adds special settings as the game proceeds.

Exit: Goes back to the title screen.

- Page - 13

                           Practice Mode

You  can  either  choose the simulation mode to practice the different
moves  and  combos or you can choose to look at the tutorials to learn
the different techniques.

During  the  simulation  mode, you can change the settings by pressing
the Start Button.

Com Action: Changes your opponent's behavior.

Key Disp: Displays on screen the buttons you hit.

Practice Menu: Goes back to the practice menu.

Chr. Change: Selects a different opponent.

Exit: Goes back to the practice mode.

- Page - 14

                          Basic Techniques

Right Directional Button: -> Move Forward; ->-> Run
Left Directional Button: <- Move Backward
Up Directional Button: Move Toward the Background
Down Directional Button: Move Toward the Foreground

Basic Attacks
The  type  of  attacks  will  depend on the distance you are from your
opponent while pressing the Attack Button.  

At  close range, one pressure will make two hits.  You can hit a third
time  by  pressing the Attack Button a second time while the attack is

When  far  away,  you  will hit your opponent with bullets and spells.
Three continuous attacks are possible.

Step Attacks: Directional Buttons plus at the same time.

- Page - 15

Press   to block you opponent' attacks.  With the right timing, you
can  repel  it.   When  you  are  lifted up in the air, you can take a
defensive position by pressing .

Store Up Power
Hold down to fill your power gauge.  When the life gauge indicates
full  power,  a Power Crystal is created.  The less amount of life you
have,  the faster you create the Crystals.  Each character can save up
to three Crystals.

[IfLab Note:  Well, that's the manual.  It feels incomplete to me, but
that  is  all  of it.  So don't complain to me; as usual, I enter them
word for word.]

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