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L2 - Decelerate
R2 - Accelerate
L1 - Switch gunpod
R1 - Switch gunpod
Select - Toggle HUD on/off
Start - Pause game
Directionals - Navigate Fighter
triangel - (not used)
square - fire weapon 1
O - Switch weapon 2 / cancel
X - Fire weapon 2 / execute

The following choices are displayed on the Title Screen:

The selected mode is displayed. Press the Left or Right Directional
Buttons to select another mode. Press the Button to execute.

You can start a new game immediately, but it is recommended
that you first create your own data file using the File Option.

Once a data file is created. Configuration settings, battle results. and gunpods obtained will be
recorded on the Memory Card automatically [using the Memory Card in Memory Card slot 1.
Create Data File Enter the name of the player and create a data file.
Discard Data File Delete the data file.
Score   View the battle results for your game.
Score Ranking  View the high score ranking.
Data Load  Load the data file recorded on the Memory Card.
Exit   Return to the Title Screen.

Use this mode to set up the game environment.
Difficulty 3 levels of difficulty can be chosen: Easy, Normal or Hard.
Controller The button assignments on the controller can be changed to your liking.
Screen Adjust You can adjust the positioning of the game screen to fit your TV screen.
Audio  The sound output can be changed to stereo or mono.
Exit  Return to the Title Screen.

If a Memory Card with an Einhander data file is inserted into the PlayStation. the player name will be displayed here. If there are multiple data files, you can select other data files using the Left or Right directional Buttons.

Select GAME START on the Title Screen to display the Fighter Selactian Screen.

The following information is displayed on this screen:

I] Fighter Name
2] Fighter Characteristics
3] Fighter Diagram

Press the Up or Down Directional Buttons to display other
fighters. Once you select a fighter, press the Button to
execute. The Weapon Selection Screen will then be displayed.

The following information is displayed on this screen:

I] Weapon Name
2] Weapon Characteristics
3] Weapon Diagram

Press the Up or Down Directional Buttons to display other
weapons. Once you select a weapon. press the Button to
execute. The game screen will then be displayed.

Two weapons are initially equipped on your fighter:

Weapon I: 2Dmm Machine Gun
A light-duty weapon which isn’t very powerfuL but can fire continuously.

Weapon 2: Manipulator
Snatches additional weapons [Gunpods] from the enemy and equips them on Einhander. It can also be
used for close-quarter attacks and as a shield.

If you have obtained additional Gunpods. they can be selected at the Weapon Selection Screen. If you have not obtained additional Gunpods, only the initially equipped weapons will appear.
NDTE: In order for additional Gunpods to appear, you must have saved your previous game.

Tactical fighters called Einhander were developed by Selene troops to attack Earth. There are 3 types of fighters players can select to play the game. Learn the distinct advantages of each and select the fighter which suits you best.

Endymion FRS Mk. II -Capable of loading 3 gunpods. Practice and skill are required to make
   the best of this fighter's potential.
Endymion FRS M. III -Strong initial equipment, but can only load 1 gunpod. This fighter is
   easy to habdle and good for beginners.
Astraea FGA Mk. I -Capable of loading 2 gunpods. Use gunpods alone or fire them
   simultaneously. Capable of focusing significant firepower.

1]  Einhander:
The fighter the player controls.

2] Equipped GP:
Number of gunpods equipped on the Einhander and number
of remaining bullets or remaining energy for the SP.

3] GP Window:
Displays the status of the Sunpads [ref. below].

4] Hit Gauge:
Shows damage done to enemy units

5] Score Counter:
Displays the current score.

GP Window
Each Sunpod has a certain durability. As the SP
takes damage, the color will change from green
to yellow to red. After taking sufficient damage,
a GP will be destroyed.

The only fighter on which you can load spare
Sunpods is the Endymion Mk. 11. Spare GP can be
equipped by using the and Buttons.
Gunpod ldentifiers
B=Blade  R=Riot
C = Cannon S = Spreader
S = Grenade V = Vulcan
H = Hedgehog  W = Wasp

The attacking power of an Einhander is minimal with the initially equipped weapons. Snatch on optional weapon called a Gunpod [GP] from enemies by using your ship’s manipulator arm. Equip SPs on your
fighter to exert your full destructive potential.

Procedure for Snatching GPs:

If an enemy with a SP approaches, destroy the core unit

When its core unit is destroyed, the enemy will spark and be unable to
attack. At the same time, the name of the SP will be displayed.

Approach the enemy and touch the Einhander to the SP or fire your
manipulator towards the GP.

The SP will be equipped on the manipulator of the Einhander.
Youve succeeded in snatching the GP.

There are some enemies that will drop a GP when the core is destroyed.
You will not incur any damage by touching an enemy that cannot attack.

If you snatch the same type of GP as one you are already equipped or loaded with, the number of
bullets will increase, and damage to the GP will be recovered.

If a GP's bullets run out, the GP will be thrown away automatically.

Gunpod is a generic name for optional weapons. Gunpods currently known to exist
are listed below along with their characteristics.

Each gunpods firepower, range and of bullets are ranked according to this chart:

[Spreader] Scatters shots in a ton-soaped pattern.
 Can hit multiple enemies simultaneously. but
 needs time to charge before firing the next
 salvo. By equipping it on the top of your ship,
 you can attack enemies behind you.
 Firepower: D
 Range:  A
 # of Bullets:   C

[WASP]  A multi-purpose launcher. Select rockets to
 concentrate on one target or homing missiles
 for attacking enemies in various directions.
 Fires homing missiles if equipped on the top
 of your ship or rockets if on the bottom.
 Firepower: B
 Range:  A
 # of Bullets: C

[CANNON] A 120mm cannon which has on automatic
 shall selection. Shells can go through multiple
 small-sizud enemies. A high-powered weapon
 which can destroy thin or regular armor with
 a single blow.
 Firepower: A
 Range:         A
 # of Bullets: E

[VULCAN] A Gatling-style 30mm machine gun capable
 of continual fire at ultra-high speed. Sweeps
 fire in front of enemies or diagonally
 downward. Widey used by the Earth troops
 and easy to obtain.
 Firepower: E
 Range:         A
 # of Bullets:   A

[GRENADE] Fires large, explosive titanium grenades for
 destruction on a large scale. Equip it on top
 to fire forward in an arc. Equip beneath your
 ship to drop grenades on your enemies.
 Firepower: A
 Range:  C
 # of Bullets: D

[HEDGEHOG] A defensive weapon which projects small
 bombs that explode ot close rango. By  
 scattering bombs op and dswn, it forms on  
 affective barrage Effective when used for
 missile countermeasures ond traps.
 Firepower C
 Range.  D
 # of Bullets B

[BLADE]  A laser-blade weapon used to pierce enemy
 armor. When you switch the position of the
 Blade frsm tho tsp of you ship ts the
 bottom (or vice versa it slashes at
 approaching enemies
 Firepower: A
 Range:  E
 # of Bullets: B

[RIOT]  Emits a high-voltage charge which destroys
 enemies from the inside, ignoring the outer
 shell. Hold down the fire button to charge for
 a stronger attack. Especially effective for
 enemies with thick armor.
 Firepower: A
 Range:  B
 # of Bullets: D

Many enemies can be destroyed with a single shot. However, larger
enemies are constructed from several armored units and are much
stranger. Learn each enemy’s structure and take advantage of their
weak paints.
In the following explanation, we will use a middle class enemy
"ENFORCER" to understand each unit.

Core Unit
This is the electronic brain of the enemy. The nucleus. in the center, must be destroyed. An enemy with
a damaged core becomes incapable of fighting. At this paint, if the enemy has a GP equipped on it,
you can snatch it away.

GP Unit [Gunpod]
The enemys main weapon. Destroy this quickly to prevent the enemy from firing on your ship.
However, if you plan to snatch the Sunpad for your awn use, it is recommended that you first destroy
the core.

Armor Unit
This heavily-armored unit protects the engine and the core. This is the hardest portion on the enemy
to destroy.

Engine Unit
Aim at the engines to disable the enemy. If the engine unit is destroyed, the enemy will not be able to move and will either crash or explode. However, there are cases when the OP will also be destroyed, so be careful if you are trying to obtain additional weapons.

Destroying enemies quickly may not be the best way to earn high scares, since the number of points awarded is affected by the hit gauge explained below,

Hit Gauge
This gauge measures damage to the core unit of small and mid-size enemies, and the destruction of
each unit of large—size enemies [mid-boss and bass].

The counter of the hit gauge increases based on damage inflicted. The point scale is shown below.

Destruction of care unit of small-size enemies: 5 paints
Destruction of core unit of mid-size enemies: ID paints
Destruction of each unit of large—size enemies: 5-40 points
If destroyed using a GP the paints will double.
If destroyed simultaneously, a bonus is added.

When the counter reaches MAX, it will go hack to MIN after a certain
amount of time has passed. The counter will then restart.

When you receive points for destroying on enemy, those points will increase based on the multiplier.
For example, when you earn your destruction points and your multiplier is X3, the points earned will be multiplied by 3.

The counter of the hit gauge will automatically decrease if it does not increase within a certain
amount of time. However, if the multiplier reaches the maximum amount of 16, it will be maintained for a period of time.

When you clear each stage, the result [total score] screen is displayed, A bonus will be added to your score based on the results of that stage.
SHOT DOWN [Number of enemy fighters shot down] I
500 PTS added for each fighter.

GUNPODS GAINED [Number of GPs acquired]
500 P15 added for each gunpod,

BOSS REPULSE TIME [Time taken to repel boss]
300000 PTS added if you heat the boss within 30 seconds,
-3000 PTS for each second exceeding 30 seconds.

FIGHTERS REMAIMING [Number of remaining fighters for player]
10000 PTS added for each fighter.

If the Einhander is destroyed during the game, the Restart Screen
is displayed. The number of fighters remaining will decrease by
one, but you can restart the game from the point the Einhander
was destroyed. If the number of fighters remaining is reduced to
zero, the Continue Screen is displayed.

If the time count reaches zero on the Continue Screen, the game
is over.

The game will end if "No" is selected on the Continue Screen, or if there are no remaining Continues,
At the end of a game, your fighter pilot performance will be evaluated,

The overall evaluation of the play is displayed on the radar chart, This can be
used as a gauge to understand overall tendencies in your play.

The difference between your last mission and the high score is displayed.

Your own battle history is displayed in the form of a line graph by each field,
If the graph points upwards, it shows that your skills are improving,

Shot Down: Evaluation of the total number of enemy fighters shot down,
Score: Evaluation of the total score.
Boss Bonus: Evaluation of the average amount of time taken to repel boss.
Highest %: The highest multiplier achieved.
Tech Pts: Evaluation of your defensive ability,
S Bonus: The number of secret bonuses you have found,
Official Code: Endymian FRS Mk. II
Production Code: Endymion.2
Origin: Selene
Users: Reconquester
Manufacturer: Asuna Industries, Flamsteed Factory
Empty Weight [tons]: 3.1
Length [meters]: 12.2
Width [meters]: 8.6
Height [meters]: 6.7
Maximum Speed [km/hr]: 3,880
Range [kin]:
Suandard Armament: Dafoe Murk IV 20mm gun [XI]
Sptional Armament: McMiIIan Gunpad Series [XI]
Earth’s capital is surrounded by nine gigantic anti-aircraft gun
towers and has on invisible air defense screen so the exterior wall,
While this city is the capital named after the Empire, it is also the
only large city left on Earth. Outside of the city stretch mile after
mile of radioactive desert. The only means of transport is the
gigantic armored train Mammoth which transports cargo and
passengers across this desolate wasteland.

This city on the frontier of the Empire also functions as the main
temple of the Zonnay religion, People from all over the Earth
constantly pass through this city for various reasons. In the heart of
the commercial district, colorful signs advertise gifts for the tourists.
However, items such as masks which are claimed to shield the
wearer from radiation due to divine protection should be considered
highly suspicious,

The capital is constructed over the ruins of a long forgotten city, with
anti-aircraft gun towers serving as menacing pillars. Even now,
materials are continuously excavated to further the construction of
the Empire. A somewhat lawless area, like much of Earth, a large
number of robotic ‘manhunters’ have been released by the public
peace police force. Recently, a gigantic unexploded ICBM launched
during the last world war was excavated from the bottom of the
wasted Autobahn, and became the topic of conversation,

The public peace police force is a police organization under immediate control of the church,
Although it is named police,’ its main duty is to defend the Empire and erase heathens, It is
essentially no different than on army. Within the ranks are elite special mobile units called
Ultra Commandos. They are equipped with the newest weapons the Empire has to offer and
are extremely dangerous.


Used by the special mobile force, this is a machine modified from the latest mobile armored
fighter. It has a transformation function enabling it to change from a high velocity form to a
battle farm. Due to a newly added weapons bay on its back, it can also change weapon type
depending on the situation. It is the strongest attack fighter protecting the Empire.


Used by the special mobile force, this armored car, equipped with a reactionary drive system,
is used to transport soldiers. Besides transporting a large number of mobile force members,
its equipped gunpods are quite powerful. It can be modified for a variety of purposes.


This ultra-heavy walking tank turned the world into a sea of fire during the old world war. It
was redesigned and modified into a robotic patrol machine. These strange figures patrol the
exterior of the capital night after night. It is the final harrier you will face if you make it out of the capital.

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