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Darkstalkers Instruction Manual

Set up your PlayStation game Console according to the
instructions in its Intruction Manual. Make sure the power is off before
inserting or removing a compact disc. Inser the DARKSTALKERS disc and close
the Disc cover. Insert game Controllers and turn on the PlayStation game
Console. Follow the on-screen instructions to start a game.
It is advised that you do not insert or remove peripherals or Memory cards
after the power is turned on.

BUTTON                   FUNCTION
                         PAUSES GAME
                         JOINS IN GAME IN PROGRESS
SELECT BUTTON            SELECTS GAME MODE (See Title Screen)
                         CHANGES SETTINGS (See Option Mode)
                         MOVES CHARACTER

 IMPORTANT NOTE: The Directional button positions for a player facing the
          right. The controls are reversed when facing the left.


DASH: Press Directional button twice in the same direction (left or right
You can even dash backward with any character, but Victor can only dash

GRAB/THROW: Press Directional button toward opponent, then press any Punch
or Kick button.

When the sun sets and humanity retreats to the imagined safety of their
beds, a mysterious entity appears in the sky to assemble the wicked and the
evil. The unimaginable secreat power of the dark is unleashed! Ten
supernatural beings of destruction have materialised to wage their eternal
war for the domination of the night. The Vampire, the Mummy, Frankenstein,
Bigfoot. . . their very names conjure fear. But who or what has summoned
them? These creatures of myth and legend, the Darkstalkers, have gathered
for what is destined to be the greatest battle ever. And the fate of all
humanity rests on who wins the epic struggle.
The Darkstalkers are coming. . .tonight!

To adjust the options in your game, from the Darkstalkers title screen, use
the Directional button to highlight OPTION MODE. The press the START
button. Select an item by pressing Down or Up on the Directional button,
then change the item by pressing Left or Right on the Directional button.
Press the START button to return to the title screen.

There are 8 levels of difficulty available for Darkstalkers. Adjust the
number of stars for the difficulty from Low to High.

You can play with or without a time limit. If you set the timer of off, and
infinity symbol will be displayed.

You can choose any button for your punch/kick functions.

Adjust the sound on your game for stereo or mono sound, depending on the
capabilities of your sound system.

There are 2 modes of play for Darkstalkers. Each match is a best-of-three
round battle. After a battle, the win/loss screen appears. Unless you turn
off the PlayStation, win/loss records for each player will be held. At the
continue screen, press athe START button before the timer reaches zero in
order to continue. To bypass the continue screen and end the game, press
any button other than the START button.
Refer to the descriptions below to determine ehich mode of play you want.

This mode is the popular arcade mode, where you select a Darkstalker
character and fight your way through the other computer-controlled
characters. It is a one-player games, but a second player can join in at
any time. Press the START button on the opposite controller to join in. The
character select screen will appear.
Use the Directional button to highlight this mode, then press the START
button to select this mode. You will then see the character select screen.
Use the Directional buttons to select one of the three game speed settings,
then highlight a character and press the START button to begin play.

V.S. MODE is the classic 2-player contest. Use the Directional button to
highlight this mode from the title screen and press START button to select
it. You will then be presented with the character select screen. Use the
Directional button to highlight a character then press START button the
select the character.
Once you have selected your character, the player handicap screen will
appear. On the handicap screen, you can set the level of inherent skill for
both players, as well as select the background stage for the fight.

The higher the skill level is set, the increased attack power and defensive
power your character will have. Once you exit the handicap screen, you can
change your button configuration before you begin the fight. Hold down
SELECT button on either Conroller when exiting from the handicap screen.
When you have finished adjusting the buttons, press the START button to
begin play.

The following is a description of each character and a short list of moves
beyond the basic punches and kicks. The moves are described in this manner:

As you perform punches, kicks and moves, your character's SPECIAL meter
will charge gradually. When the SPECIAL meter is fully charged and
flashing, you can execute even more powerful special moves and hidden
special moves. The meter begins to decrease after it starts to flash, but
you can execute the SCPECIAL move as long as it flashes. The meter returns
to zero if you execute the move.

                              Birth Place: Romania
       Vampire                Birth Date: 1483
  Demitri Maximoff            Height: 197
- Prince of Darkness          Weight: 101 kg
                              Demitri has called together the
                              darkstalkers to prove he is still the lord
                              of the night. Even after 500 years, his
                              fighting skills have not dulled, and he is
                              up to any new challange.
                              The Vampire is a good, standard character.
                              His normal moves are powerful and useful.
                              Utilise the Jumping Hard Punch and the
                              Standing Heavy Punch. Be careful, though,
                              as these attacks are ineffective against
                              J.Talbain and Morrigan.

Hellfire                Spinning Uppercut        Fallen Angel
D,DR,R + any Punch      R,D,DR + any Punch       D,DL,L + any Kick button
button                  button
Air Hellfire            Dashing Uppercut
Jump, then perform      Dash, then perform
Hellfire                Spinning Upercut

                              Birth Place: England
      Werewolf                Birth Date: 1940
     Jon Talbain              Height: 6 ft. 1 in.
- Whirlwind Wolfman -         Weight: 154 lbs.

                              Jon inherited the family curse of
                              lycanthropy early in his life. At first he
                              sought an escape from his curse but now has
                              come to accept what he is.
                              The Werewolf does not have many special
                              moves but he is very agile. His range for
                              throw attacks is half the other characters,
                              yet his special throws have the same range
                              as the other characters' normal throws. It
                              will take much practise to master the

Luna's Hammer           Blaze Kick               Roll Throw (when near
D,DR,R + any Punch      D,U + any Kick button    opponent)
button                                           R,DR,D,DL,L + Medium or
Diagonal Luna's Hammer                           Hard Kick button
R,D,DR + any Punch
Jumping Luna's Hammer
Jump the R,DR,D + any
Punch button

                              Birth Place: Germany
    Frankenstein              Birth Date: 1830
Victor von Berdenheim         Height: 8 ft. 1 in.
 - Crusher Corpse -           Weight: 507 lbs.

                              Victor is the creation of the mad doctor
                              von Gerdenheim. Although his creator is
                              long gome, Victor still struggles to find
                              his place in the world.
                              He is slow, yet very powerful. His special
                              throws have long range, and are the most
                              powerful. Some of his moves can be made
                              more powerful or have additional range by
                              pressing the buttons longer. His Special
                              moves can neutralise projectiles.

Whirlwind Punch       Dashing Knee           Grab Shock (when near
D,DL,L,R + any Punch  D,DR,R + any Kick      opponent)
button                button                 U,D + Medium or Hard Kick
Von Stomp             Rush Kick              button
DL,DR + any Kick      Hold R for 2 seconds,  Power Belt Throw
button                then L + any Kick      (when near opponent)
                      button                 Press Directional button in
                      Rush Punch             a 360 degree motion, then
                      Hold R for 2 seconds,  press all 3 punch buttons
                      then L + any Punch     simultaneously
                      button                 Mega Shock (when near
                                             D,DR,R + Medium or Hard
                                             Punch button

                              Birth Place: Australia
       Zombie                 Birth Date: 1889
     Lord Raptor              Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
 - Rocker of Death -          Weight: 86 lbs.

                              Lord Raptor is an aristocrat who belives he
                              should bear the title of "Lord of the
                              Night". Although born during the Victorian
                              age, he finds modern speed metal music more
                              to his liking.
                              He has a long reach with his self-contained
                              weapons, such as his chainsaw legs. He is
                              effective against opponents that jump at
                              him, but you must be quick to pull off the
                              attack. Raptor is the only character that
                              can pursue and attack a fallen opponent.

Helicopter              Air Helicopter           Hell's Gate
D,DL,L + any Kick       Jump, then D,DL,L + any  L,DL,D,DR,R + any Kick
button                  Kick button              button
                        Death Dance (when        Coffin Maker (when near
                        opponent is down)        opponent)
                        U,D + any Kick button    D,DR,R,UR + Medium or
                                                 Hard Punch button

                              Birth Place: Scotland
      Succubus                Birth Date: 1678
  Morrigan Aenslaed           Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
- Queen of the Night          Weight: 128 lbs.
                              Morrigan takes her last name from an
                              ancient queen of Scotland. She is known as
                              a temptress, and a mistress of the night.
                              She wishes to become "Queen of the Night"
                              The Succubus has the ability to perform
                              combination attacks very quickly. Her
                              standing Medium Punch and standing Hard
                              Kick are most potent. She can also get
                              behind and opponent and attack before they
                              can block using her diagonal dash ability.
                              Morrigan is a solid fighter for novice

Fire Bat                Shadow Blade           Demon Blade
D,DR,R + any Punch      R,D,DR + any Punch     Jump, then D,DL,L + any
button                  button                 Kick button
Diagonal Fire Bat                              Hell Ride (when near
Jump, then U,UR,R + any                        opponent)
Punch button                                   R,DR,D,DL,L + Medium or
                                               Hard Punch button

                              Birth Place: Egypt
        Mummy                 Birth Date: 2664 BC
      Anakaris                Height: 8 ft. 9 in.
 - Pharoah from the           Weight: 18 oz. - 1212 lbs. (variable)
       Crypt -
                              Anakaris was once the greatest warrior
                              Pharoah, and now nearly 5,000 years later
                              he intends to prove that he is still the
                              greatest warrior in existence.
                              The mummy is very slow, but has some
                              dazzling attacks. His crouching hard punch
                              is effective against air attacks, and is
                              useful when getting up or countering trap
                              moves. One of his Special moves can curse
                              an opponent and neutralise hime or her for
                              a certain amount of time.

The Void (catches      Pharoah's Curse          Sarcophagus Slam
projectiles)           Jump, then R,DL,D,DR +   (opponent far)
R,DR,D,DL,L + any      any Punch button         All 3 Kick buttons
Punch button           Sarcophagus Slam         simultaneously
Retribution (after     (opponent near)          Long Snake
successful Void)       All 3 Punch buttons      R,L,R + any Punch button
D,DR,R + any Kick      simultaneously           Ground Warp (when near
button                                          opponent)
                                                D,DR,R + any Punch button
                                                (press Punch button while
                                                simultaneously pressing R

                              Birth Place: Las Vegas
      Cat Woman               Birth Date: 1967
       Felicia                Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
- Teen Feline Dreamer         Weight: 128 lbs.
                              Felicia is an exotic battle dancer. The
                              youngest of the Darkstalkers, she intends
                              to prove her strength to all.
                              Shw uses her cat claws very well, and it is
                              her best and strongest weapon. The cat
                              woman is a balanced fighter, yet tends to
                              be wide open to attack after she executes
                              her Special moves. Be careful!

Rolling Smash            Litterbox Kick         Scratching Post (when
R,DR,D,DL + any Punch    D,DR,R + any Kick      near opponent)
button, then press any   button                 R,DR,D,DL,L + Medium or
Punch button repeatedly  Lunge Kick             Hard Kick button
Rolling Slash            L,D,DL + any Kick
L,DL,D,DR + any Punch    button
button twice

                              Birth Place: Japan
       Samurai                Birth Date: 1673
      Bishamon                Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
- Accursed Warrior -          Weight: 132 lbs.

                              Bishamon was charged with protecting his
                              land and his people. To do so he doned a
                              forbidden suit of armour and a cursed
                              sword. Bacause of the forbidden items, he
                              has never rested from his duty. He still
                              has a noble heart, however, and defends his
                              The Samurai has limited defence for air
                              attacks but makes up for it in his
                              incredible chain combination attacks. These
                              are difficult to master, as are his throw
                              attacks and special throws. Bishamon's main
                              advantage is with his long reach, so
                              utilise this to be successful.

Long Strike            The Impaler              Spirit Hold
Hold L for 2 seconds,  L,DL,D,DR,R + any Punch  Jump vertically, then
then R + any Punch     button                   U,UR,R + any Punch button
button                 The Divider (when
Low Strike             Impaler connects)        The Skinner (when near
Hold L for 2 seconds,  D,DR,R + any Punch       opponent)
then R + any Kick      button                   R,DR,D,DL,DR + any Punch
button                 The Retriever (when      button
                       Impaler connects)
                       D,DL,L + any Punch
                       Upper Slash (Reversal
                       when on ground)
                       R,D,DR + any Punch

                              Birth Place: Brazil
       Merman                 Birth Date: 1953
        Rikuo                 Height: 6 ft.
 - Hero of the Sea -          Weight: 137 lbs.

                              Belived to be the last of his aquatic race,
                              Rikuo searches the world for news of others
                              of his kind.
                              Rikuo is very agile and has a long attack
                              reach. He is very effective in ground
                              attacks with his kicks. Try using his
                              "Sonic" to get the opponent to jump over,
                              then return with a dose of "Swamp Gas".

Sonic                    Jumping Drill           Tounge Throw (when near
D,DR,R + any Punch       Dash backward, then     opponent)
button                   press any Kick button   R,DR,D,DL,L + Medium or
Swamp Gas                Dorsal SawL,R + any     Hard Punch button
L,DL,D,DR,R + any Kick   Punch button            Frenzy (when near
button                                           opponent)
                                                 R,DR,D,DL,L + Medium or
                                                 Hard Kick button

                              Birth Place: British Columbia, CANADA
       Bigfoot                Birth Date: 1903
      Sasquatch               Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
    - Snow Hulk -             Weight: 397 lbs.

                              Leader of an ancient race of snow people,
                              Sasquatch has decided to make the outside
                              world aware of his people.
                              His light punch can stop an opponents' dask
                              attack. His Vortex Kick is effective
                              against air attacks, and his dash attack in
                              ruthless. Command the power of ice with the
                              fortress and the blast. The blast,
                              particularly, works well as it freezes an
                              opponent and renders them immobile for a
                              short period of time.

Frost Blast            Ice Fortress               Icicle Hammer (when
L,DL,D,DR,R + any      D,D + all 3 Punch buttons  near opponent)
Punch button           simultaneously             R,DR,D + Medium or Hard
Vortex Kick                                       Punch button
R,DR,D + any Kick                                 Refreezer (when near
button                                            opponent)
                                                  D,DL,L + Medium or Hard
                                                  Kick button
                                                  Big Swing (when near
                                                  Press Directional
                                                  button in a 360 degree
                                                  motion, then press
                                                  Medium or Hard Kick

                              Birth Place: Mexico
        Robot                 Birth Date: 520 AD
       Huitzil                Height: 7 ft. 3 in.
     - Phobos -               Weight: 2.27 tons

                              Constructed to be the ultimate guardain,
                              Huitzil has been programmed by the ancient
                              Mayan people to protect Central America
                              from great evil, and from any other outside
                              threat. Watch out for his "Plasma Beam",
                              which comes from 2 different heights; avoid
                              it, not block it. His missiles explode for
                              awhile, so watch out!

                              Birth Place: Planet Hellstorm
        Alien                 Birth Date: 1991
                              Pyron is the supreme overlord of his world.
                              He is being composed of almost pure energy
                              that can take solid form. Being a totally
                              unnatural creature, he feels that he should
                              be the lord of the Darkstalkers.

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