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       Instruction Manual
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                   --- An I.f.L.a.b. document ---

                        = X Button
                        = Circle Button
                        = Square Button
                        = Triangle Button


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                         Table Of Contents

                  Getting Started ..............2
                  Controlling The Car ..........4
                  The Story ....................6
                  Main Menu ....................6
                  Training ....................15
                  Film Director ...............17

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                          Getting Started

Pictures of the PlayStation and Dual Shock.

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                        Controlling The Car

Use to accelerate the car.

Directional Pad/Analog Dual-shock Controller Steering:
Use  the  left and right directional buttons or the Analog Dual shock
controller to steer the car.

Brake and reverse:
Hold  down    to slam the brakes on all four wheels.  Once the car
has stopped,  if  you  continue  to  hold  this  button, the car will

Pull handbrake:
Hitting will yank the handbrake and lock the rear wheels. Use the
handbrake to  throw the car into tight bends, or to spin 180-degrees.
(Note that the car automatically locks the rear wheels in fast turns;
see the Options section to turn automatic braking off).

Floor  it  and  smoke  the back wheels.  Use the burnout for dragster
style getaways or to get out of tight spots when the Cops corner you.

Max Steer Lock: L1
Holding  L1 will instantly turn the steering wheel all the way in the
direction you are turning.  Use it for over-steer correction.

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Horn: R1
Blast  the  horn to terrorize pedestrians on the sidewalks and in the
café bars.

Look Left: L2
Hold  L2  to look left.  Try looking as you drive through crossroads,
or when you're looking out for the cops.

Look Right: R2
Hold  R2  to look right. Try looking as you drive through crossroads,
or when you're looking out for the cops.

Look Behind: L2 + R2
Essentially your rear view mirror, hold both L2 and R2 to look behind
you.  When  the  cops are on your tail you need to know exactly where
the are and what their next move could be.

Switch camera view: SELECT
Hitting  select  will  cycle  the  camera  view  through  3 different

Pause the game: START
The Start button will pause the action.

Dual Shock:
If  you have an analog dual-shock controller inserted it will vibrate
when you  are  spotted  by  a  vigilant Cop, when you collide with an
object or drive on rough terrain.

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                             The Story

Your name is Tanner.  A few years back you left professional stock car
racing for police work.  Now you're going undercover to infiltrate the
underworld's most powerful, most dangerous organization:  the Castaldi
family.   You've  turned  in  your  badge and left New York for Miami,
where your first contact awaits.  Watch your back, Tanner; when you're
in this deep, you don't know who you can trust.

                             Main Menu

Once  the animated introduction has finished the game will take you to
the  Main  Menu.   Here you'll find game options and various games for
you  to  play.   Move  the  directional  buttons from left to right to
highlight  your  choice and hit to select.  Following is a list of
the different types of games and game options.  Undercover is the main
game,  but  try  the  Training  section first to help you develop your
driving skills and practice for your first mission.


New Game
Selecting  New  Game  will  take  you to a disused multi-story parking
garage  where  you  get  the chance to show off your driving skills to
your  potential employers in the underworld's version of an interview.
If  you  pass  the  tests in the allotted time you will go undercover,
driving missions for Castaldi and his minions in four cities, starting
in  Miami.  Later missions will take you to San Francisco, Los Angeles
and  New York.  If you're having trouble passing the interview, select
the  Training section from the Main Menu to see an example of how it's

Load A Saved Game
This  enters  the  memory  card manager screen; from here you can load
your  saved  games.   Once  you've  loaded  your  game you'll be taken
directly to the motel room in the city where you last saved.

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The Interview
In the parking garage you'll see the following display:

In  the  top  left  you'll see a stop watch marked at 60 seconds; this
indicates  the  amount  of  time  you  have  left  to complete all the
maneuvers  listed on the top right of the screen.  When time is almost
up,  the  stopwatch  will begin to flash red as a reminder to put your
foot down if you want the job.

At the top right of the screen is a list of driving maneuvers you have
to complete in the allotted time.  If you haven't been to the Training
garage  first,  you  may  struggle  with  some of the more complicated
moves.  (See Training below)

Once  you  successfully  complete a move, a red line will cross it off
the  list.   But  it's not just the maneuvers you have to worry about;
there  are  a  number  of parked vehicles in the garage to make life a
little more difficult.

Each time you scratch the paint job - whether you hit another vehicle,
a  wall  or a pillar - a red X will appear at the top of the list.  If
you get four X's, the interview is over and you'll have to try again.

If  you  manage to complete all the moves in time, the job's yours and
you'll move on to the first motel room, located somewhere in Miami.

In The Motel Rooms
When you're up against some of the toughest gangsters and hoods around
it's a good idea to keep a low profile.  After your interview with the
Castaldis,  you'll  return  to your motel room.  You're not staying at
five  star  resorts, but at least these places are safe.  Listed below
are the items you'll find in the rooms and their uses.

Move  the directional buttons from left to right to move from location
to location.

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Save Game
At various points throughout the missions you'll be able to save your
progress.  Selecting the VCR will take you to the memory card manager.
From  here you can save your game in a free space or write over any of
your previous save games.

Get A New Job
Messages  on  the answering machine are your mission choices, left by
clients  while  you've  been  out burning rubber on previous missions.
The icons from left to right represent:

- Hear previous message
- Play current message
- Hear next message
- Accept message

Selecting  Accept current mission will launch the mission described in
the current message.

From the options toolbox you can adjust the following settings:

- Music Volume
- SFX Volume
- Auto Handbrake
- Vibration

Take A Drive
Take  a  ride around the city where you currently reside.  There's no
better  way to acquaint you with the streets, shortcuts, hiding places
and alleyways.

Quit Back To Title Screen
Quit your current game and return to the main menu.

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On The Road
When  you're  playing  the  game  in  the  cities, the following items
indicate your progress and status.

The  timer  at  the  top of the screen indicates your current mission
time.   The  timer  counts down for some missions, and go up for other
missions.   Sometimes  you'll  have  to  reach checkpoints to add more
seconds to your available mission time.

Every  time  you  hit a building, wall, solid object, or vehicle your
car  takes  some  damage.   The  severity of the damage depends on the
severity  of  the crash.  Once the damage bar becomes full your car is
wrecked and it's Game Over.  If at any time you flip onto your roof or
side,  your damage level will increase to maximum and the mission will
be over.

Your  Felony  bar increases when you commit a crime (like speeding or
reckless  driving)  in  a Cop's field of view (This is explained under
the  Radar  heading  below).  Once the cop chase ensues his aggression
will increase along with your rising felony rating.

The  radar indicates your position in the city, your objectives and -
most  importantly  -  the  Cops.   Cops are shown as white dots with a
field  of  vision  cone,  which indicates their direction and range of
vision.   If  you commit a felony within a cop's field of vision cone,
he'll  give  chase  and  alert HQ, who will dispatch more anxious Cops
determined  to  stop you in your tracks.  At this time their vigilance
increases  and  their  range  of  vision  expands.   When you're being
pursued the radar will flash red and blue.  When you successfully lose
your pursuers, the radar will return to its usual color.

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Your  mission  objective  or waypoint is also marked on the map.  The
cities  in  Driver are enormous so you can't always see your objective
on  the  radar  (you  can  find  your  objective by pressing Pause and
selecting  Show Map.).  However, a large triangular black "arrow" does
appear  on  your radar, pointing at you objective or waypoint.  As you
get  nearer  to  the  objective  the  arrow will begin to narrow.  The
closer  you  get,  the narrower the arrow becomes, until the objective
comes into view on the radar and is marked as a flashing white dot.

Cop Location Arrows
If  the  Cops spot you committing a felony, they'll initiate a chase.
Press  the L2 and R2 buttons simultaneously to look behind you and see
where  they  are,  but  this isn't always a good idea if you're making
your way through busy rush hour traffic.  Each red arrow at the bottom
of  the screen gives you an instant indication of each pursuing Cop's
position.   If  the red arrows are transparent this means the Cops are
in  pursuit  but  some distance away.  Once the Cops get right on your
tail the arrow will become a deep red.  The number of arrows shows how
many are in pursuit.

During the in-game sections you will come across the following menus.

Pause Menu
Continue     - Continue with your mission
Restart      - Begin the mission again
SFX Volume   - Adjust Sound Effects level
Music Volume - Adjust Music level
Film Editor  - Move to replay editor
Quick Replay - Show an Auto Director replay
Show Map     - Show an overhead map. Indicating your position in the
               city, a white pulsing dot, and your next objective, a
               red pulsing dot
Exit         - Quit to Main menu

- Page - 11

Mission Over
Film Director - Move to replay editor
Quick Replay  - Show Auto Directory replay
Save Replay   - Save your replay with the Memory card manager
Save Game     - Save your game with the Memory card manager
Continue      - Continue with your next mission
Exit          - Quit to Main menu

Mission Failed
Film Director - Move to replay editor
Quick Replay  - Show Auto Directory replay
Save Replay   - Save your replay with the Memory card manager
Try Again     - Attempt the mission/game again
Exit          - Quit to Main menu

                            High Scores

Your  success during the various driving games can be recorded here in
the Hi-Scores section.

View Tables
Tables are listed separately under the following headings:

Dirt Track

Load Hi-Scores
Load any previously saved Hi-Score tables.

Save Hi-Scores
Save your current Hi-Score tables to memory card.

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The Options menu allows you to change the following settings.

Music Volume - Adjust the slider to increase or decrease the volume.
Effects Volume - Adjust the slider to increase or decrease the
                 volume. Hit to test the sound effects level.
Accept Changes

The Gameplay options menu allows you to change the following options:

Cop Difficulty  Easy/Med/Hard
Changing  the  Cop Difficulty will affect the overall driving ability
and  effectiveness of the Police forces across all Undercover missions
and driving games.

Auto Handbrake  On/Off
Turning  Auto Handbrake on or off will affect the overall handling of
the  car throughout the game.  The game defaults to Auto Handbrake On.
This  gives  the  car  the  tendency  to  over-steer into corners; the
sharper you turn into the corner the more you'll notice the over-steer
and eventual spin.

Auto  Handbrake  Off  causes the car to under-steer into corners, and
you'll have to use the handbrake to make the turn successfully and
carry  through  your  entry  speed  as  you  correct  the steering and
continue on your way.

Vibration  On/Off
If you have an Analog Dual Shock controller inserted this option will
allow you to turn the vibration on or off.

Accept Changes

View Controls
This  option will display the controller and the position and function
of each of the buttons.

- Page - 13

Center Screen
If  the  image  on  your  screen  is off-center, select this option to
adjust  it.   Use the directional buttons to move the screen up, down,
left or right.  Press to save the new screen position.

                            Take A Ride

Take  A  Ride  lets  you take a free drive through any one of the four
cities in Driver.  At the beginning of the game you'll be able to take
a ride through the streets of Miami and San Francisco.  You can take a
ride  through  Los  Angeles and New York once you have reached them in
the Undercover section of the game.

When  you  select  the city you want to drive through you will then be
asked  if  you want to drive at night or during the day (except in Los
Angeles, where all the drives and missions take place at night).

                           Driving Games

You can partake in any of the driving games from this menu.  After you
select  a  game  you  will then be asked which city or level you would
like to play.  At the beginning of the game you'll be able to play the
game  across  the  streets  of  Miami and San Francisco.  You can play
through  Los  Angeles  and  New York once you have reached them in the
Undercover section of the game.

Start  by  choosing  a city; you can select any city you've reached in
the  Undercover  section  of  the game.  Once you start you'll have to
chase  and  crash  into  the  lead  car  as  it tries to out-maneuver,
out-brake and out-wit you across the streets, parks and alleyways.

At  the  start  of  each  Getaway  game  the  Cops  are  on  your tail
immediately.   You must lose them by any means necessary.  The quicker
you lose the Cops the better.

Cross-Town Checkpoint
First  select  the city you want to race across.  Once the game starts
you'll  have to race from checkpoint to checkpoint in the fastest time
possible.    The  checkpoints  are  shown  on  the  radar.   Once  you

- Page - 14

successfully  reach the first one, the second one will be shown on the
map, and so on until you complete the level.  The faster the time, the
better.  There are two Checkpoint games in each city.

Trail Blazer
Hit as many markers as possible, and finish fast.  Your finishing time
will  be  affected  by the number of markers touched, one second added
per cone.  The higher the time, the better.  Once you've completed the
course  hitting  all  the  markers, go for it again to try and improve
your time.  There are two Train Blazer games in each city.

How  long can you survive against a barrage of veteran Cops, hell-bent
on taking you in, whatever the financial cost of replacing damaged Cop
cars?   The  idea  is  to  survive as long as possible; the longer you
survive the better.

Dirt Track
Follow the circuit through the cones, across the slippery desert dust,
weaving  in  and out of the buildings and fences.  You'll be penalized
for  knocking  over  cones  and  seconds will be added to your overall
finishing  time.   You  will also be penalized for driving outside the
marked circuit and missing the course checkpoints.

Practice  on  the dirt track of your choice; it's an ideal way to get
used  to  controlling  and  maneuvering  the  car in tricky, tight and
slippery  surroundings.  Once you complete a lap you will be joined by
a  "glass"  car, which represents your best lap in this session.  This
will  give  you  the  perfect  visual indication of your progress - or

Time Trial
Choose  one of the Dirt Track course and go for your best time over a
set number of laps.  There is no "glass" car this time; just go out on
the track and set the best time.  There is an on-screen representation
of your progress.

- Page - 15


Once  you complete the final mission of the game, you will be rewarded
with  secret  cheat  codes.  Once they're unlocked, you can enter them


Car Park
Watch  the  demonstration car as it shows all the routes and maneuvers
you'll  need  to  master before moving on to the undercover story line
and  missions, by passing the parking garage interview.  Positioned at
the  top  right  of the screen is a graphic displaying the PlayStation
Controller.   As  the  demonstration car performs its maneuvers, watch
the  key  presses  and  movements indicated on the controller.  At any
time  you  can  quit the demonstration by pressing Start and selecting
"Try It" from the menu; this time it'll be you in control of the car.

Use the button to smoke the back tires.

To  pass this test simply accelerate forward and press the button
to wrench the handbrake.

Watch the demonstration car closely as it weaves through the concrete
pillars  in  a continuous figure-eight motion.  Complete a full slalom
of one row of pillars to pass this move.

Accelerate  forward,  wrench the handbrake and hold it while steering
left or right until the car has completed a 180-degree spin.

Accelerate forward using the burnout button .  Steer left or right
and  control  the  car  as it spins in a "doughnut".  Hold the burnout
until the car spins through 360-degrees.

- Page - 16

Reverse 180
Hold  the  brake/reverse  button , and as the car gathers speed in
reverse,  wait  for  the  engine revs to peak then release the reverse
button  while  turning left or right.  Hold the steering until the car
spins through 180-degrees and settles facing the right way.

Find enough room to pick up speed in a straight line, set off at full
acceleration  and  don't  let  off  the  gas  until a red line appears
through "Speed" - or until your nerve goes.

Again,  watch  the  demonstration  car  as  it  performs a lap of the
parking  garage.  Drive around the outside of the pillars, taking care
not  to  smash into them, the walls or parked cars.  If you complete a
full lap of the parking garage unscathed you're through.

The Desert
More  open  training  through  a  number  of dirt tracks, circuits and
slaloms  across a number of different surfaces.  Positioned at the top
right   on   the  screen  is  a  graphic  displaying  the  PlayStation
Controller.   As  the  demonstration car performs its maneuvers, watch
the button presses and movements of the controller.

Once you've watched the "glass" car make its way across the course you
can  move  onto  the  Desert  and  try  it  for yourself.  To stop the
demonstration at any time press the Start button.

Don't  let the "glass" car get too far ahead of you, or you'll have to
start  over.   Also,  hitting cones and other obstacles will result in

Pause Menu
Continue     - Continue Demonstration
SFX Volume   - Adjust sound effects level
Music Volume - Adjust music level
Exit         - Quit to main menu

- Page - 17

Demo Over
See it again - Re-start demonstration
Try it       - Have a go yourself
Exit         - Quit to main menu

                             Car Chases

The Film Director section of Driver is essentially your own director's
editing  suite where you can view your pre-saved replays or follow the
instructions  below  to edit every camera type, timing and position to
create a car chase movie of your very own.

Load Film Replays
This  takes  you  to the Memory Card Manager where you can load any of
your pre-saved  replays.   Once loaded you'll be taken straight to the
Film Director where you can begin editing your own car chase movies.

Play Chase 1-4
There  are  four example car chase movies on the Driver disc, recorded
and  edited  by  the  Reflections team.  You can either watch these as
great  examples  of what can be achieved with little time and patience
with the Film Director.

                           Film Director

Using  the  intuitive  icon set across the top of the screen you'll be
able  to place cameras wherever you want them.  Zoom in on the action,
attach  cameras  to  cars,  position cameras to follow your car, place
static  cameras  to watch the action fly by or simply sit back and let
the  game  do  all this for you with the Auto Director.  The choice is

- Page - 18

The  colored bar across the top of the screen scrolls along from right
to  left  when  you hit the play button, start the Auto Director, fast
forward  or  frame  advance.   The black line in the middle of the bar
represents  the  replay's  current  position.   The  color  of the bar
changes  and  corresponds  to  each specific camera type.  They are as

Chase Camera           - Red
Fixed Camera (Zoomed)  - Green
Fixed Camera (No Zoom) - Yellow
In-Car (Player)        - Dark Blue
In-Car (Pursuer)       - Light Blue

When  the  new  color/camera  reaches  the  black  marker  the  camera
perspective and type will change.

Beneath  the  bar  (from  left to right) the icons shown represent the
functions listed in more detail below.

Hit    to  select  all  of  the  icons from the menu and sub-menus.
Whenever  you  make any changes to the camera positions, locations and
types,  the  Film  Director  will give you the option of trying camera
angles  before you put them in place.  You can do this from camera sub
menus detailed below.  If you're happy with the new camera status, you
must  always select the OK icon in that specific sub-menu to implement
the change in your replay.  Without hitting OK, the camera choices and
selections  will  be cancelled and the replay viewpoint will return to
the previous camera location.

This loads and immediately pauses the reply.  Select the play icon and
hit    to start the replay running.  If you hit during a replay
while  it  is  playing, you will be returned to the icon set.  Play is
used to reach any particular point of interest or action sequence that
you want to edit.

Auto Director
Hit  the  Auto Director icon and the Film Director will run the replay
in  full, and dynamically switch cameras for you.  This is a quick and
easy  way  to  not  only watch your replays but also a useful tool for
learning  the  finer  details and functions of the Film Director.  You
can  interrupt  these  replays  at  any  time  and  begin editing them

- Page - 19

Fast Forward
When  you  hit  fast forward the replay will freeze while it seeks the
desired position or next camera change.  You will continue to hear the
game running but you will temporarily lose the picture.  Hit again
to return to the replay, in pause mode.

Frame Advance
Tap  the    button  to  advance  the  replay  one  frame at a time.
Essential for when you need to find the exact moment you want to focus
on  in  the  replay. Hold down the button to advance at the normal

Rewind To The Beginning
Selecting this icon will instantly rewind the replay back to the start
by re-starting your replay.  Don't worry about your camera changes and
edits, they will remain the same after the restart.

Add Camera
Selecting this icon opens up a submenu with different types of cameras
for you to choose form.  Camera types that can be adjusted or modified
will  have  another  submenu extending horizontally off of their icon.
Each  added camera will be effective at the point at which you stopped
the replay, represented by the black marker.

These are the different types of cameras you can add:

In Car
This  camera changes the viewpoint to an in-car shot from either your
car or any pursuing vehicles.

Chase Camera
This  chase  cam  will  chase  the  car at the angle and position set

 Move Camera
 This  camera defaults to focus on your car as the point of interest.
 Use the directional pad to move the camera towards the car (up) away
 from the car  (down),  around the car clockwise and counterclockwise
 (left and right), higher (L1), or lower (L2).  Holding R1 down while
 pressing these keys will double their movement speed.

- Page - 20

Tripod Camera
A  tripod  camera  is a fixed, stationary camera, which will focus on
any specified action point or vehicle of your choice.

 Move Camera
 Use  the same controls listed above (Move Camera) to move the camera
 towards, away from or around the scene.  It will default to focusing
 on the car.

 Lock To Car
 Select  this  icon  and  the camera will focus on and follow (from a
 stationary position) the car's movement.

 Move the camera to focus on any specified place of interest.

 You can zoom in or out of the shot only if you are aiming the camera
 at the car.   Once  the  replay  is running, you'll notice that this
 camera  zooms and focuses  on  the  lead  car in accordance with its
 position, relative to the static camera.

You must hit OK to implement any and all changes you have made in all
the menus.

Change Camera
Edit  Camera will change the camera type that the current replay frame
has  paused/stopped.   This  is  indicated  by the black marker at the
center of the colored bar.

In Car
Change camera type that the black marker is currently on to In-Car.

- Page - 21

 You Or Pursuer
 Cycle  through  the  perspectives  of  any  vehicles giving chase by
 selecting this icon and pressing . When you find the car that you
 want  the camera fixed to, select the "In Car" icon again.  Remember
 to select OK from the bottom  of  the sub-menu to make these changes

Chase Camera
Change camera  type  that  the  black marker is currently on to Chase

Tripod Camera
Change  camera  type  that the black marker is currently on to Tripod

 Move Camera
 Use  the same controls listed above (Move Camera) to move the camera
 towards, away from or around the scene.  It will default to focusing
 on the car.

 Lock To Car
 Select  this  icon  and  the camera will focus on and follow (from a
 stationary position) the car's movement.

 Move the camera to focus on any specified place of interest.

 Move Camera Start
 Move  the start position of the camera the black marker is currently
 on forwards and backwards in time using the directional pad left and

 Delete Camera Position
 Delete the camera that the black marker is currently on.

You must hit OK to confirm any and all changes.

- Page - 22

Save Replay
Once  you  are happy with your replay editing and changes you can save
your  work  to  memory  card.  You can save your progress at any stage
during  the  editing sequence and return to complete your "movie" at a
later date.

Selecting OK will exit the Film Director; you will be prompted to save
your replay if you have not already saved it. This will exit the Film
Director and take you back to the main menu. If you want to exit
quickly, save your replay first.

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small  font  size  of  approx.   7 - 9 points.  Or do what you want of
course :)

Greets  go  out to the creators of this incredible game!  It initially
had  the  same  effect  on  me  as, hmm, say "Oh my god!  It's full of


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