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1) The game features advanced electronics and may not be exposed to extreme
temperatures. Don't ever try to dissasemble it.

2) Don't ever touch the contact-surfaces and let them get wet or dirty.

3) Never clean with gasoline, alcohol and other strong liquids.

4) Take a break sometime if you play too long.


From the castle Mordrocs deep vault a ghastly stench searched through the
cold, damp midnightair: an obvious proof that the wizards favorit, the
flamethrowing dragon Singe, was home. Singe is the beast that guards
princess Daphne who's lock up in the dungeons deep below the groundlevel.

Dirk the Brave went right to the castlegate. He felt no fear, but fear is
only for the weak. No-one else than him would even dare come close to the
frightful castle where Mordoc keep the helpless princess. Now it's time for
heroes, now it's time for old honourable action. Now it's time to seek out
the Dragons Lair...

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Dare you take the role as Dirk and try to rescue princess Daphne from the
evil wizard Mordroc?

Dirk has to get past the wall, through the castle and down the dark, damp

On the way Dirk must fight Snakes, the Lizardking, Tough warriors, Ghosts
and hordes of other enemys. Finally Dirk has to fight the fantastic dragon
Singe before he can rescue the princess.


Make sure that the switch on the Main unit is in position OFF. Insert the
cartridge as it's described in the SNES manual and place the switch in
position ON.

After the introduction shows the Language options screen, choose desired
language by pushing Up/Down on the Steerbutton. Confirm the choise by
hitting Start-, Select-, A-, or B-Button.

After the Language options screen you will end up at the menu screen and
after a couple of seconds the introductions starts and a short game
demonstration. Push Start-, Select, A-, or B-Button again to return to the
Menu screen anytime under the demonstration.

Start the game from the Menu screen either by pushing the Startbutton or by
choosing "Start game" and hitting the Select-, A- or B-Button.

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B-Button - JUMP. The more you keep it pressed, the higher you jump.

B-Button - SWIM. If Dirk is in the water you hit constantly to make him

Y-Button - THROW. Dirk throws his weapon in the direction as he's turned.

A-Button - THROW.

X-Button - SWORD. Press the button to make Dirk raise his sword. When you
release the button he will cut down.

Startbutton - PAUSE.

LEFT/RIGHT - RUN. Dirk runs the desired direction.

DOWN - CROUCH. Dirk crouches the enemy or obstacle. But remeber that Dirk
can't use his weapon while crouching.

DOWN - CLIMB DOWN. If Dirk stands next to a rope he climbs down.

UP - CLIMB UP. If Dirk stands next to a rope he climbs up.

PLEASE NOTE: The function of the buttons A, B, X and Y can be changed at
the Menu screen.

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Dirk only has one goal - to rescue princess Daphne. Of course also to
survive - but thats a matter of secondary importance to him.

Dirks energy is shown with a number of shields Far down to the left to the
screen. When the game starts he has one shield less than maximum. Dirk can
therefore collect one more shield.

If Dirk bounce in, or is hit by the enemy, his energy will reduce with a
shield. When the shield are out it's eneough with one more hit to make Dirk
transform inte a pile of bones - not good!

When you completed a stage, another one opens up on the map that Dirk can
follow to the next level. How completes Dirk a stage? Easy, just look for
the sign "EXIT", but he must make the level in time.

At the end Dirk stands infront of Singe in dragon person and as soon he
defeated his old rival he reaches the Beautiful Daphne.

Dirk can also find bonus and weapons on the way, They will be described on
the following pages.

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Dirk can use a number of objects as he finds on the way. You immediatly see
what some are to be used for, while others can be more tricky.

Dirk can climb up or down by using the ropes and flagpoles. If the rope
reaches a floor Dirk can climb up direct. If the rope hangs above the floor
Dirk must jump up to it by you pushing Up on the steerbutton. After some
practice you'll manage the ropes without difficulities.

You'll find a number of weights and seesaws due to Dirk isn't heavy enough
to get some of the falling platforms down on his own hand. The sea-saws are
used to get the weight on the platforms. The higher Dirk jumps from, the
longer longer the weights will be thrown.

Anvils are in general dangerous, but some can be used to help Dirk over
some difficult platforms. Push a 'nice' anvil in a firepot and Dirk will
get over to the other side in one piece. But if the anvil moves you must
avoid it!

There are also a number of jumpsprings in the castle. A few can help Dirk
past tricky places.


A Points to player 1

B Points to player 2 (in occurring cases)

C Remaining lives you can collect up to 99 lives, but only 3 will be shown
on the Gamescreen.

D Remaning time at the actual stage. Dirk loses a life if the time runs

E Number of collected goldcoins.

F Number of remaining shields.

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To help Dirk out almost impossible adventure you'll find a number of
weapons here'n there at the Mapscreen. Dirks task will be much easier if he
uses the right weapon at the right moment.

SWORD - Dirk always has got his faithful sword. It is his most powerful
weapon - but the enemy must be in reach. A single cut is often enough to
make the worst monster bite the dust.

AXE - Standard throwing weapon, but also the weakest.

DAGGER - The Dagger flies straight forward which is good when Dirk leaps
over edges.

SHURIKEN - The most powerful throwing weapon, but it returns and hit Dirk
himself if he misses the target.

Certain enemys need more hits by the throwing weapons.

You'll find weapons by crushing some bonus jewels.

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Bonus jewels will you find everywhere. Singe has dropped them when he lurks
around in the castle for intruders.

Dirk can crush the jewels with his sword and maybe find some of the
following bonusobjects:

WEAPON - Throwing weapons are in the jewls.

GOLD - If Dirk collects 25 gold coins he'll get access to the bonus section
in the end of the actual stage.

HEARTS - Gives Dirk a new shield, if he already hasn't got a max number.

TIME - Increases reamaing time with 60 seconds. Necessarry in several of
the more difficult stages.

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GAME START - Begin game.

PLAYERS - Choose between a game of 1 or 2 players (ONE-TWO PLAYERS). At the
2 player game the players shifts playing.

MUSIC - Turn on or off(ON/OFF) the music.

PASSWORD - Type a password to continue an old game.

OPTIONS - Change the grade of difficulty or the function of the controls

Push Up/Down on the Steerbutton to choose and after that on Select-, A- or
B-Button to confirm or choose between the alternatives.

Hit Startbutton to begin game with the selected choices.

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First off you have the possibility to change to grade of difficulity: EASY,

The choise affects the number of shields. The harder game the less shields.

You can also decide which buttons on the JOYPAD who shall control the games
functions. Buttons a, B, X and Y can all be used for Jump, Throw or Sword.

Push Up/Down to choose and after Select-, A- or B-Button to shift between
the alternatives.

Push the Startbutton to return to the Menu screen.

PLEASE NOTE: If you change the function of the buttons, but don't do for
all three of the functions, the game works bad until you hit RESET or redo
the button choice.

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On the Mapscreen you can see Dirks progress in the game.

When the game begins you can only reach one level. When you have completed
that you can continue to the next. The player must by him self guide Dirk
to any of the open stages, normally the new.

When the game goes on more levels open. Some stages have more than one

You can return to a already completed level, maybe to collect certain bonus
objects as you know belong there.

Do use the Steerbutton to guide Dirk between the different kind of stages
along the way. Push Start-, A- or B-Button to come to the actual level.


Dirk starts the game with three lives. When all of them are wasted the game
is over.

If you've gotten a password(as below), or you've written a password the
game continues from that spot.

That means you don't have to play the stages you've already completed.

If you've gotten more than one password, the game begins be the latest.

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The passwords has been made to fit the experienced players skill level. A
novice can find it hard to type the more advanced passwords. This stops the
novice players from taking a look on stages ahead.

The idea is simple - every coloured ball must be placed in the right hole
(marked with a numbered flag). You must solve the task in a certain time.

Dirk has to get to he EXIT before the password is registrated.

When you grow more experience by the game it gets easy typing the right

When you've typed the right password the Map screen will show the actual
stage. All following games starts on that level if you don't get a new
password or hit RESET.

If you type in the wrong password, the game will start from last startspot.

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1. Look out for bubbling oil on the walls - it's VERY slippery.

2. If Dirks lost much energy, go looking for energy shields.

3. The longer Dirks is on a certain stage, the more often he gets a visit
by the "snapdragon". Finish the levels as fast as possible.

4. Extra lives are often hidden in the more difficult parts of the stages.

5. In certain levels there's more than one EXIT. The harder it is to reach
a EXIT, the longer Dirk can walk on the Map screen.

6. The yellow barrels in the cave levels are very explosive. Try to push
the together.

7. When Dirk swims he can't use his weapons - he must stay away from all

8. Dirk can jump out of the water if you push fast, several times on the
B-button. Guide him up on a low platform when he bubbles.


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