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They're intelligent. Highly-trained. And they kill without
remorse. They're a team of vicious international terrorists and
unless their demands are met, hundreds of innocent lives will be
lost. Hostages have been taken. Explosives set. Now, from the
glass-and-steel labyrinth of the Nakatomi Plaza high-rise to the
crowded terminals of Washington/Dulles airport to the mean
streets of New York City, timers tick down the seconds until the
bombs detonate, creating an inferno of twisted wreckage and
mangled bodies.

The situation looks hopeless.
Except for one factor the terrorists never planned on.

Detective John McClane. A cop with the determination of a pit bull
and the bad habit of always being in the wrong place at the
wrong time.

It's up to you to help McClane wipe out the terrorists, find
and free the hostages, and defuse the bombs before it's too
late. You'll need brains, skill, and a little help from some of
the most deadly weapons a cold-blooded terrorist or hero cop
ever laid hands on. Not to mention, the guts to take on
impossible odds and come out on top - or die trying.


Getting Started
Insert the Die Hard Trilogy disc into the PlayStation' console and
close the Disc cover. Insert game controller and turn on the PlayStation'
game console. After a few moments, the title screen will appear.

* When the game begins, you'll see icons representing the three
 different games: Die Hard, Die Hard 2: Die Harder and
 Die Hard With A Vengeance.

* Press the LEFT or RIGHT Direction Buttons on your controller
 until the icon you want is at the front of the screen.

* Press START to load that game.

* Press SELECT to display the MAIN OPTIONS SCREEN.


* Press START to pause the game at any time.

* Press UP or DOWN to change the memory card slot in use.
 DHT uses one memory card block which contains 8 slots. Each
 slot holds one complete save for DH 1, 2 and 3.


The following are all of the options displayed when SELECT is pressed.

From this screen you can change things like Music Volume, Sound Effects
Volume, Controller Setup and Memory Card Options.

Press the UP or DOWN Direction Buttons to highlight the
Option you want.

Press X or use the LEFT or RIGHT Direction Buttons to select.


Music: Use left and right to adjust volume slider.

SFX: Use left and right to adjust volume slider.

Memory Card Options: If you're using a MEMORY Card, you can select
this option to save game information. Using one block, you'll be able to save
up to eight DIE HARD TRILOGY games.

Each SAVE includes information for all three games, with Latest
Level reached, number of lives remaining, high score and personal

LOAD FROM CARD: Press X to select this option. Using the
Direction Buttons, highlight the game of your choice.
Press X again to load.

for the first time, the game will default to SAVE GAME I.
To change the SAVE GAME, go to the Memory Card Options
Screen on the Main Options Menu and select CHANGE SAVE W
GAME. (You can save your game at any time during game play by Z
using the SAVE Option on the PAUSE Menu. This will save your status I.
as of the start of the current level.)

COPY SLOT: Select the SAVE GAME you want to copy
and press X. Select the destination for the SAVE GAME
and press X again.

CLEAR SLOT: Select the SAVE GAME you want
to delete and press X.


GAME CODE: If you do not have a memory card, you may use the
game code to load and save your game. You can also change the
password displayed on the screen with the following buttons.
DIRECTION PAD Moves cursor.
X  Press X to enter code.
SQUARE  Cycles backward through available letters.
CIRCLE  Cycles forward through available letters.

Hardest Score - Displays all high scores for each game.
Press left/right to change game.

Blood - Slider that changes the level of gore in the game.

Controller - Access the controller configuration screen. Once in the
controller configuration screen, you can change the controls for DH 1, 2 & 3.
Use up/down to change the control method and left/right to change game.

Credits - Displays the credits.

Audio - Allows switching of audio from stereo to mono.


Die Hard

Nakatomi Plaza: The Objective

You are in the parking garage of Nakatomi Plaza. a Los Angeles
skyscraper wired to explode. Above you, there are 19 more floors, crawling
with terrorists. They're out to steal millions in negotiable bonds held in the
Nakatomi Corporation's safe, and they won't hesitate to kill hundreds of
hostages in the process.

Now, you've got to fight your way up, floor-by-floor, to the rooftop-
searching hallways, office suites, the grand ballroom and even floors under
construction-killing all the terrorists and rescuing as many hostages as
possible along the way.

Oh, one more thing. Once you kill the last terrorist on each floor, a
bomb is activated. It will appear on your map as a flashing dot. Get to it in
time and you'll automatically move to the next floor. Don't, and Nakatomi
Plaza will be obliterated. So get ready. John McClane is about to begin what
could be the wildest - or the last - Christmas of his life.


Controller  Action
CIRCLE   Change grenade
CROSS   Fire primary weapon
SQUARE   Throw grenade
LEFT/RIGHT 1  Sidestep left/right
LEFT/RIGHT 2  Roll left/right
START   PAUSE game/Options
SELECT   Changes 'map zoom'


To free a hostage: Walk up and touch them. They'll find their own
way out. Note that hostages can still be killed if their path takes them
into the crossfire.





Terrorist Gunsight: When you see McClane here, it means a terrorist
is targeting him. The red arrow shows the direction of the attack.

End of Level Bomb LED: Appears when the final terrorist on each level
has been killed. Get to it before the LED reaches zero, or you and Nakatomi
Plaza will be vaporized.

Radar Screen: The radar screen will show you a map of the level
with the following information.

BLUE  Hostage
YELLOW  Pick-up
RED  Terrorist
FLASHING RED End of level bomb

When the game begins, McClane carries only his police-issue
15-shot automatic -hey, he came to Nakatomi Plaza to visit his wife,
not take on an army. This is his default weapon. It has an infinite supply
of ammunition, BUT after 15 shots, you must fire once more (that CLICK
means, your magazine is empty) before the pistol automatically reloads.

There are more powerful weapons and explosives in the form of pickups,
dropped by dead terrorists or hidden around the levels, Walking over a
weapon adds it to your arsenal. McClane keeps only his pistol and the last
weapon he collected (he simply cannot weigh himself down with too many
weapons). Grenades and other explosives in your arsenal are selectable
before use.


Pistol: McClane's default weapon. Reloads
automatically after each IS-shot clip
is fired empty.

Shotgun A powerful weapon. Reload is slow.

Assault Rifle: Very deadly
with high power 7.62mm bullets.

M60 Machine Gun: Belt fed machine gun.
Very powerful.

MP5 Sub-Machine Gun: A small, hand-held
weapon firing 9mm ammunition.

Smoke Grenade: Will  Grenades: Explosion  Flash Bang grenade: Stuns
disorient terrorists and is capable of killing  any terrorist within range
obscure their vision long multiple terrorists,  of the grenade for a short
enough to cover an  breaking glass, knocking period of time.
attack or evasive action. down doors and partitions.



How can you fight terrorists if you're wounded, bloody or in
need of a hot dog? Keep your eyes open for pickups. They may be
in the open, dropped by terrorists or found in boxes. In the later
stages of the game McClane will be given opportunities to collect
extra lives by saving hostages from execution.

Cola, Drinks, Hot dogs, etc.: Items
help replenish McClane's health level.

First Aid Pack: A larger health boost.

Medical Kit Can take care of
major damage

Bullet Proof Vest: Provides good
protection while it lasts.



Enter the building from the dark, dangerous underground
Garage and try to make it through Reception. Battle through terrorist-
filled offices to the machinery-filled Maintenance Levels. Crash the party in
the Ballroom, or meander through temporary partitions on the Construction
Levels. Hide in the boardroom of the Executive Level, or root out the
hostages in the Vault. Wind your way through Nakatomi Plaza until you
reach the Computer levels, treacherous with broken glass scattered
everywhere, home to the strangest, most heavily armed bosses,
surrounded by their henchmen.

If you've been good and rescued the Hostages, you'll earn a bonus trip
to the rooftop. Here, whilst picking off snipers and escorting the hostages to
the escape Chopper, you can gain numerous rewards - if you can find them
before the last Hostage escapes. Yippie-Ki-Yay!


You've killed the terrorists, faced the Bosses, saved some
hostages and made it to the elevator before the Level Bomb
exploded. Here's where you relax and get your reward. Until the
elevator doors open on the next level, that is. Yippie-Ki-Yay'


Die Hard 2: Die Harder
Washington/Dulles Airport: The Objective

If you're New York cop John McClane, there's got to be one Thing you're
asking yourself as you arrive at Washington/Dulles Airport to
pick up your wife: Why does this always happen to me? The place
crawling with terrorists. They've come to rescue a South American
dictator - and drug kingpin who's being flown to the U.S. to stand
And you walked into the middle of the plot.

You see all the action through McClane's eyes, as he races through
the terminal annihilating terrorists-but hopefully not civilians and I
From the concourse to the New Annex. From the runway
to the surrounding countryside. On foot. By snowmobile. Even by
helicopter, the chase continues with rapid-fire speed, until you
bring down the terrorist escape plane.



The program will control McClane's movement through the game,
scrolling from one area to the next, starting, stopping or moving
continuously as needed. You control McClane's weapons, aiming, firing,
and throwing explosives.

Aim by moving the CROSS-HAIR on the screen with Direction
Buttons. The AUTO ZOOM will zoom in on the view in the Cross Hair
for more accurate aiming. REMEMBER, when the action extends past the
edges of the screen an ARROW on the outer edge of the Cross-Hair will
point to terrorists lurking just out of sight. Moving the Cross-Hair to the
edge of the screen will cause McClane to turn his head and bring this an
into view.

Controller  Action
CIRCLE   Throw grenade
CROSS   Fire weapon
SQUARE   Fire rocket
LEFT/RIGHT 1  Move Cross-Hair using
  Manual Speed (See OPTIONS)
LEFT/RIGHT 2  Reload current weapon
START   PAUSE game/Options

To pick up a weapon or an object, position item in the Cross-Hair
and shoot once.


Mouse    Action
Left Button   Shoot
Right Button    Grenade
Hold Right Button  To Shoot
 and Press Left Button   Rocket Launcher
Hold Left Button  To Reload
 and Press Right Button
Left Button    Starts Game

Gun    Action
Trigger    Fire
Start Button   Pause/Options
Special Button   Grenade
Special Button + Trigger Rocket

Note: While using the mouse or the gun, the game can
be paused and options can be changed by pressing Start
on Controller #2.





Blue Target Circle: Highlights any person onscreen who has a gun.
Red Target Circle: Means you've been targeted by a terrorist.
The outer arrow shows the direction of the threat. When the two arrows
on the target line up, the enemy will shoot. If more than one enemy is on
screen, the Red Target Circle highlights the one who will shoot first.

* If you're hit, the screen blurs momentarily.



If you've been to an airport lately, you know how tense Security
when you walk in with lots of heavy weapons. Which is why, when this
game begins, McClane carries only his police-issue 15-shot automatic.
may find a second pistol, in which case he will carry both at once, dot
his firepower. These are his default weapons. They have an infinite supply
of ammunition, BUT when empty you must push RELOAD for a fresh

There are more powerful weapons and explosives in the form
of pickups, dropped by dead terrorists or hidden around the levels.
Fire at a weapon to pick it up. When a weapon runs out of ammo
or McClane picks up a new weapon, the old one is dropped. (With the
exception of the pistols). However, if a player is given a weapon as a
"GOOD COP BONUS" he will default to this weapon from then on.

AK47 Machine Gun

RPG Rocket: Creates a huge radius of destruction

Fragmentation Grenade: Creates a smaller radius:
of destruction than the rocket.

Information on the following high powered weapons; the Pistol,
12 Gauge Shotgun, and MP5 Sub-Machine Gun can be found in the
Die Hard weapons list on page 13.



Every hit McClane takes weakens him, so watch for Pickups that may be
in view, hidden or dropped when a Terrorist dies. Grab Pickups by lining them
up in the Cross-Hair and shooting them once.

Cola: Will restore McClane's health to varying degrees.

Medical Kit: Can take care of major damage.


The onslaught begins upon your arrival at Dulles Airport's Main Terminal.
Terrorists besiege you from all sides as you blast your way to the Terminal's New
Wing, still under construction, and into the cold, damp Tunnel that runs beneath
the Runway. After a long battle around the jet, you battle your way into the Plane
Interior until you reach the cockpit. If you manage to escape alive, you parachute
into the Church and its surrounding woods.

Make it out of this unholy terror and you'll find yourself engaged in the
high-speed Snowmobile Chase. Slaughter the cold-blooded terrorists as you slalom
through the blinding snow and you're ready to board a chopper.

Your final mission: Plane intercept. If you thought the snowmobile was
a rough ride, just wait until you're trying to target the four jet engines in
buffeting winds at 12,000 feet.

If McClane flies the unfriendly skies successfully, here's where you'll
see the results. Bonus points are awarded for number of Terrorists killed
to "Hostages saved and remaining health".


Die Hard With A Vengeance

New York City: The Objective

New York, New York. If you can make it here, you'll make it anywhere -
and if you can't, half of Manhattan will disappear in a blinding flash.

This time, it's a gang of terrorists led by the twisted genius, Simon.
They've stashed bombs throughout the city to cover a multi-billion dollar
heist. And Simon says, John McClane is the only one who can defuse them.
But the clock is ticking.

It's a test of your nerves and your driving skills, as you and your
reluctant partner, Zeus, seek out and commandeer more than fifteen
different vehicles, stomp the pedal down and go. Blaze through the
traffic-choked streets of Chinatown in a high-powered sports car.
Scatter some skaters in Central Park, in a dump truck. Grab a cab and drive
it right into the subway system. Whatever you do, you've got to get to the
next bomb and run it over before it detonates. Then, outrun the terrorists
before they escape.


Controller  Action  
UP   Move forward slowly
DOWN   Reverse
LEFT   Turn left
RIGHT   Turn right
TRIANGLE  Cycle through views
CROSS   Accelerator/Gas pedal
SQUARE   Brake
CIRCLE   Turbo


LEFT 2    Handbrake turn "with gas" for 90 degree.
RIGHT 2    turn "without gas" for 180 degree turn.
LEFT 1    Horn
RIGHT 1   Horn

You can swap vehicles in any specially-marked Parking Lot.
Once you pull in, the change is made automatically and game control
returns to you.






* Follow the RED ARROW on the Compass to the nearest Bomb.
* Follow the BLUE ARROW on the Compass to the nearest Parking
 Lot to change cars. Depending on the View you choose, you'll either
 be looking out the windshield from McClane's point-of-view, or trailing
 slightly above and behind your vehicle.
* BOMBS are indicated by a RED TARGET. Drive over to defuse it.
* You will have to hit the BOMB CAR a few times to destroy it.
* The clock enlarges to full screen as time runs down to the last
 5 seconds.
* In sections of the game when you're pursuing a Terrorist vehicle
 through the subway, a Scanner will appear, mapping your position.


McClane starts out driving a TAXI. As the game progresses, you'll have
the chance to try out many of the other vehicles. Each offers different handling
speed, acceleration, braking, weight and skid capabilities. A skillful driver can learn
to execute some incredible stunt maneuvers.


Time: Gives McClane more time and a better
chance to reach the next bomb.

Turbo: Activate with the CIRCLE key.

Launch: Drive over these mini-bombs to
catch some air.

Points: Extra points.

EMS: Summons an ambulance.
Perfect when you're stuck in heavy traffic.

Nitro: Gives vehicle an extra surge of power.



Peel out of Harlem, past that famous New York landmark-
piles of garbage bags on the sidewalk- and get on the Subway System
with its dark maze of tunnels. Look out for oncoming trains! Make it
past the traffic lights of West Side Highway and it's welcome to Chinatown.
The one-way streets are clogged with pedestrians and market stalls, but
you can always use the sidewalks.

Challenge your driving skills in the Financial District as you race through
Wall Street rush hour. When you hit The Aqueduct, an enclosed tunnel brings
you face-to-face with the City's most numerous residents: Rats.
Watch for workmen and jutting pipes until you're on The Waterfront. Survive
this dockside obstacle course and it's the Finale: a white-knuckle chase
with mad Simon himself.


You drove at top speed through Manhattan, ignoring traffic lights,
pedestrians and public property. You raced down dark subway tunnels,
insanely ignoring the threat of oncoming trains.

Either you're a New York cabbie who just finished an average day's work,
or you successfully completed a level in DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE
and you're ready for your bonus points. Points are added for safety margin,
citizens saved, car damage and time remaining.


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