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Developer: Asmik
Publisher: Asmik of America

The Mission
*In the year 1991, a powerful oil-rich dictator in the Middle-East has waged war on the world.  
You must navigate a super-modified Nuclear Apache Helicopter, D-FORCE, through six countries
and infiltrate the enemies headquarters.  If the ol' apple pie and baseball are to remain as
symbols of our country, you'd better get on the ball.
*As well as constant enemy attacks, this warped leader has chemical biologists developing
prehistoric beasts to tear your chopper out of the sky.  And we're not talk'n about your
everyday dinosaurs either; there are helicopter eating creatures that could bring about your
true test of non-stop, creative thinking.
*'Course you'll have the latest weapons at your side.  And the farther you go, the more you'll
get a chance to use them.  If you are able to conquer the seemingly endless enemies, watch out
for the...we're losing you...your radio's breaking up...good luck, you're on your own!
*Your chopper blades are spinning - there's no turning back!  Never fear, you're in command of
the ultimate weapon, D-FORCE!

Option Mode
*The Option Mode will allow you to do several things.  Here is a list:

1)  Listen to the sound effects of the game.
2)  Listen to the music of the game.
3)  Select the level of difficulty.
4)  Select 1-9 Lives for the beginning of the game.

Player Controls
*When your Apache rises to a safe flight altitude you will be in control

The Direction Pad
*Steers you in the direction you select.
L & R Buttons
*Raises and lowers your altitude in the Exploration Mode.
B Button
*Fires your weapons in all Modes.
Start Button
*Pauses & unpauses a game.

The Weaponry
*Power-up items will allow you to increase the amount of fire from your cannons. When you
eliminate an SR-17 it will leave behind a Power-up chip for the taking.
*The Apache has been specifically modified to carry new weapons.  The weapons will increase as
you pick up more chips.

This is a list of the weapons you can arm yourself with:

1)  Cannon (Stock with your Apache).
2)  Multi-Cannon.
3)  Super-Cannon.
4)  Sidewinder Missile with the Super-Cannon.
5)  Electrowave with Sidewinder Missiles & Multi-Cannon.
6)  D-Force with Sidewinder Missiles.

The Areas

1)  The Gulf Installation (Shooting).
2)  Inland Sector 1 (Exploration).
3)  Mirage Installation (Shooting).
4)  Mythical East (Exploration).
5)  Inland Sector 2 (Exploration).
6)  Enemy Headquarters (Shooting).

The Mini Bosses & Bosses

1)  Mini-Boss:  Electro-Rocker.
    Main Boss:  Super Tank.
2)  Main Boss:  Dorf.
3)  Mini-Boss:  Plasma Tanks.
    Main Boss:  SR-72.
4)  Main Boss:  Beldor.
5)  Mini-Boss: Cantor 3 in 1.
    Main Boss:  Gatalina.
6)  Main-Boss:  Razor Tank.
7)  Mini-Boss:  Idabashi Station.
     Main Boss:  Pendulum X.

High Scores
*When you achieve a high score you will be invited to enter you initials at the end of the
game.  The scores will remain until the power is turned off.
*So challenge your friends to a game of D-Force.  When you achieve a high score, send you score
to Nintendo Power for registration in the high score section of the magazine.

The Tips

1)  When fighting Electro-Rocker in Stage 1, stay at the top of the screen and fire sidewinder

2)  In Level 2, shoot Dorf the boss in the face, but watch out for his tail!

3)  Start D-Force with nine lives by adjusting the players area in the Option Mode.  You will
need extra help.

4)  In Level 3, when you fight the Plasma Tanks, look for a safe spot on the lower right hand
side of the screen.

5) To beat Cantor 3 in 1, you should follow the path of Cantor's pieces as they move, and keep
"D-Force Instruction Manual"
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