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                          Demolition Racer

                   --- An I.f.L.a.b. document ---

                        = X Button
                        = Circle Button
                        = Square Button
                        = Triangle Button

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`- Page -. 1


               Factory Standard Driving Controls...3
               Main Menu...........................4
               Single Race.........................4
               Game Select.........................4
               Track Select........................5
               Car Select..........................7
               Demolition League..................10
               Two Player.........................12
               Visual Displays....................15
               Racing Tips........................16
               Keys To Success....................20

`- Page -. 3

                 Factory Standard Driving Controls

Note:    Controls  can  be  customized  by  selecting  the  CONTROLLER
CONFIGURATION  selection  in  the  Options  Menu  (OPTIONS in the Main

- Accelerate
- Brake
- Camera View
- Horn

L2 - Hand Brake
R2 - Rear View

Directional Buttons - Steering (Digital pad only)

Left Stick  - Steering
Right Stick - Push forward to accelerate, pull back to stop/reverse

START - Pause game and display Pause Menu

`- Page -. 4


Welcome to Demolition Racer, the racing game without pitstops, without
a  yellow  flag,  and  totally without mercy to your opponents or you.
The  other  racers won't just want to beat you on laps, they will want
to  pound  your  vehicle  into  bent and broken spare parts.  It isn't
enough to lap your opponents, you will have to CRUSH them.

                             MAIN MENU

The  Main  Menu  offers  the  following  options.  Use the directional
buttons to select an option and then press the button.  To back up
one  menu,  press  the   button.  To return to the Main Menu during
game-play, press the START button and EXIT.

Enter your name, using the directional buttons to maneuver around the
screen and the button to choose your letters.

GAME  SELECT:   In the beginning, only a handful of courses are open.
If you  place first in the different events in Demolition League, you
will unlock tracks you can play in Single Player mode.

 DEMOLITION:   Your  goal  is  to  complete  the  race with a working
 vehicle.   On  your  way  around  your laps, you can score points by
 crunching  into  the other racers.  Beware of them doing the same to

`- Page -. 5

On  the  circuit  tracks,  coming in first isn't everything - how you
place  is  only  a  modifier  to  the  points  you score bashing your
opponents, and the resulting point determine the outcome of the race.
It  is  possible  to come in fourth of fifth in the race, but win the
race on the points scored by driving aggressively.

 THE CHASE:   Drive defensively!  The other racers will try to win by
 driving  quickly  and  avoiding  collisions.   Your only goal is the
 finish line!

 CHICKEN:   Race  on  a circuit track against other racers who aren't
 necessarily  driving  in  the  same direction as you.  Ram the other
 racers  to  slow them down, but preserve your car in order to finish
 your laps.

 LAST MAN STANDING:  In a bowl, smash your opponents,  and try not to
 get  smashed  yourself.  Score points by smashing your opponents and
 try to survive as long as you can.

 SUICIDE:   A bowl competition with a difference.  Do the most damage
 to yourself in the least amount of time to win.  First driver with a
 dead car wins this competition.

TRACK SELECT:   Use  the  right  and left directional buttons to page
through  the  tracks  open  to  you.  Use the button to make your

`- Page -. 6

 USS DEMOLITION:   Head  into  the  wild black and blue yonder as you
 race  across  the deck of this aircraft carrier and the areas around

 REDNECK RACEWAY:  Grab your chicken and start your engine as you get
 ready  to  race  on  this  concrete and dirt monstrosity.  Don't get
 caught  in  a compromising position in the tunnel and watch for dips
 on the curves.

 FREEAY DRIVEBY:   My  oh  my, it looks like someone left an overpass
 construction site open for the day.  Don't let the puddle get you.

 PITBULL SPEEDWAY:  This  dirt track is as long and wide as they come
 around  here.   Hard  core racers will take the big jumps as fast as
 possible and might end up with a surprise.

 MELTDOWN:   Seemingly  innocent  of all malice, this drive through a
 light industrial area can turn deadly in the blink of an eye.

 HUNTERS QUARRY:   An  abandoned rock processing plant is the perfect
 place for a Demolition Race.  The uneven surface can be difficult to
 navigate,  but it provides plenty of opportunity to get some air and
 land on your opponents.

 PARKING  LOT  PILE  UP:   Racing  up  through  and  out of a parking
 structure  is like a dream come true.  Watch out for parked cars and
 don't get squeezed against a dumpster.

 CHEMICAL PLANT:   This  eerie  location  is a prime spot for mayhem.
 Toxic sludge and smoke are produced in equal doses.

`- Page -. 7

 SCRAP HEAP:  It is  fitting to race through the vehicular equivalent
 of a graveyard.  Drive well through the tight channels, or you might
 find yourself resting in pieces.

 GO  CART  CARNAGE:   The  sharp  turns on this track were originally
 designed  to  provide  fun of a different kind, but they are perfect
 for creating opportunities to smash and be smashed.

 LYON STADIUM (BOWL):  Grass and mud;  what more could you need in an

 PELTON STADIUM (BOWL):  Catch air off the hill in the middle of this
 arena  at  the  right  time and you might be able to use one of your
 opponents for traction.

CAR  SELECT:   Use  the  right  and  left directional buttons to page
through  the  cars  open  to  you.   Use  the button to make your

 BOBCAT (EASY): Small and quick, this little minx makes up what lacks
 in strength with agility and handling.  Precision and skill are more
 important when driving this vehicle.  Choose your impacts carefully.

`- Page -. 8

 CRUISER (EASY):   "Slow and steady wins the race"  is exemplified by
 this  beast.   It  may not be lightning fast but it can take a great
 deal of punishment.  Grind the opponent into scrap.

 MANTIS (MEDIUM):  As deadly as its namesake, this car is very quick.
 The  handling  is  a  bit tricky so watch those turns.  It certainly
 provides the driver with all the tools to emerge victorious.

 MARAUDER (EASY):  This  mid-sized  Hun  will  leave  your  opponents
 begging  for mercy.  Combining toughness, speed, and power, it is an
 excellent  choice  for  the  competitor  looking for a little bit of

 PREDATOR (HARD):  Speed  kills.  Those  are  the watchwords for this
 swift  hunter.   It  takes  a skilled master but the satisfaction of
 blazing down the track after your prey with everything blurring past
 is like nothing else.

 RENEGADE (MEDIUM):  This rebel handles like a dream. Not the fastest
 vehicle, but avoiding and causing impacts are a breeze in this baby.
 The twists and turns of a race will be fodder for anyone behind this

`- Page -. 9

 VANDAL (SPECIAL):  Get  ready  to  steal victory from the enemy.  No
 other  vehicle  takes  a  hit  better than this steel crusher.  Plow
 through  your opponents  directly  and fearlessly on your way to the

 WIDOWMAKER (SPECIAL):  This killer is death on four wheels. The bell
 will toll for anything in your path when you are guiding this mobile
 funeral procession around the track.

PAINTSHOP: After  you've chosen your vehicle, you can customize it in
the  Paintshop.   Press the button to get to the Paintshop screen
from the Car Select screen.

 COLOR 1 & 2:  Press  the button to select the color palette. Use
 the  up and down directional buttons to choose a color.  Press R1 to
 use the brightness palette, and use the directional buttons to alter
 the  brightness.  Press the button to make your color selection.
 Repeat the process for Color 2.

 RESET:  Press  the   button to reset the colors to their previous

 LOGO:  Press  the   button to select the logo menu, and the right
 and  left  directional  buttons  to  choose among the logos you want
 placed  of  the  roof of your vehicle.  Press the button to make
 your logo selection.

`- Page -. 10

 FINISH:  Press  the    button  to  accept  your new paint job and
 vehicle logo.  This will take you back to the Car Select screen.

                         DEMOLITION LEAGUE

Choose one of the two league championship paths.  Arena League for the
bowl  demolition  games,  or  start  with  Rookie League if you prefer
circuit race smash-em-ups.

CONTINUE OR RACE AGAIN: If you have placed well enough to advance, go
on  to  the next race.  If you haven't scored well enough to advance,
you are given the option to try again.

REPLAY: Take a look at your last race from the camera's view.

VIEW RESULTS: Take a look and see how well you're doing in comparison
to your opponents.

LOAD/SAVE: Load  a  saved  League  game,  or save your current League
game, including your score and everything you've won so far.

QUIT: Stop playing in the League,  and lose all the progress you have
made since your last Save.

`- Page -. 11

ROOKIE LEAGUE: Choose  and customize the look of your "easy" vehicle.
Race  in  four  demolition-style  circuit  races.   Your  car will be
refurbished before each new race.  After you've placed at least fifth
in  all  the  races,  face  your  new  challenges  with your winner's

SEMI-PRO LEAGUE: Choose  and  customize  the  look  of  your "medium"
vehicle.  Race in six demolition-style circuit races.  Place at least
third  in  every  race  to  face  new  challenges  and receive better

PRO LEAGUE: Customize  the  look  of  your  Predator.  Race  in eight
demolition-style  circuit  races.  You must place first in every race
in order to advance in the League.

ENDURANCE LEAGUE: Choose and customize the look of your vehicle. Race
in ten demolition-style circuit races.  Make your car choice wisely -
you'll  be  using  it  over a wide variety of tracks.  You must place
first in order to advance.

ARENA LEAGUE: Choose an unlocked vehicle, personalize your paint job,
and  compete  in  three  back-to-back  demolition bowl events.  Score
points  by  running into your opponents, but try to keep your vehicle
running  as  long  as  possible.   Remember  that being fast lets you
score.  You must place first in order to advance.

NOTE:   You will only be included on the High Score table if you win a
race in Single Race mode.

`- Page -. 12

                             TWO PLAYER

Choose from six different two player settings.

TEAM DEMOLITION: You and a buddy pair up against all comers. Your two
scores  are  added  together  and  compared to the scores of all your
surviving opponents.

HEAD 2 HEAD DEMOLITION: Face  off against another player to test each
others skill in a demolition race.

CHASE: Race  against  each  other  in  a standard to-the-finish race.
Damage isn't accumulated in Chase - only time matters.

CHICKEN: Race  in the opposite direction from the other racers on the
same  track.   You're racing against the clock - damage doesn't count
in this event.

LAST MAN STANDING: It's  you against your buddy in this slammin' bowl

SUICIDE: First player to destroy his car... WINS!!

`- Page -. 13


LOAD/SAVE:   Select  this  option from the Options Menu to access your
Memory  Card  that  is  plugged  into  Memory  Card  Slot  1  of  your
PlayStation.   The  Memory  Card  sub-menu is detailed below.  Use the
directional buttons to select an option and then press the button.

NOTE: Do not remove a Memory Card during a Load or Save.

LOAD: Select  the  Load icon to load the current state of all aspects
of  the  game.  this includes all the bonuses you have unlocked, your
game  settings,  and  all  your  high  score information.  Follow the
onscreen instructions to load a game.

SAVE: Select  the  Save icon to save the current state of all aspects
of  the  game.  This includes all the bonuses you have unlocked, your
game  settings,  and  all  your  high  score information.  Follow the
onscreen instructions to save a game.

AUDIO:   Select  this  option to make alterations to the volume of the
sound effects and background music.

SFX VOLUME: This sets the sound effects volume.

MUSIC VOLUME: Set the volume of the background music.

CD TRACK: Choose which background music you want to play.

`- Page -. 14

SCREEN CONFIGURATION: Use  the directional buttons to center your game
screen on your television.

GAME SETTINGS: The  sub-menu  allows you to set various parameters for
gameplay.   Press  the    button  to  select the option you want to
change,  and  toggle  the  options  using  the  right/left directional

POWER-UPS: Toggle this option to play with (or not) the four power-up
crates that appear randomly on your race course.

 - If  you see the black box with the skull, try to keep from driving
   through it! It will explode and do damage to your vehicle.

 - The  white  box  with  the  red  question mark has nothing but raw
   POINTS. Run it down and see what you find.

 - Need a quick fix?  Slam into the green box with the wrench and get
   some of that damage wiped from your vehicle.

 - Slam  into this blue box and your damage meter turns blue.  You'll
   be invulnerable to damage for a short time.  Take advantage of it.

CHASE LAPS: Choose the number of laps for the Chase.

SPLIT SCREEN: Toggle  between  vertical  and  horizontal split screen
when playing a two player race.

VIEW CREDITS: See who made this madness possible.

`- Page -. 15

CONTROLLER CONFIGURATION: Select  alternative control configurations.
Use the directional buttons to select and change an option.

HIGH SCORES: View you standings in each game mode on each track.

                          VISUAL DISPLAYS

TIME/POINTS: The timer in the upper right corner displays your elapsed
time  in  the  current race, or the counter in the same place displays
your accumulated points.

LAP COUNTER:   The  upper  left  of the screen lists, in the form of a
fraction,  the  lap  you  are racing over the total number of laps for
your race.

RACE POSITION:   The numbers on the top middle of the screen show your
current  place in the pack and the current total number of functioning
vehicles in the race.

SPEEDOMETER/TACHOMETER:  The dial in the lower right hand corner shows
current  engine RPM.  The number on the left in the digital readout is
your  speed, and the number on the right of the digital readout is the
gear you are currently using.

BRAKES:   The  taillights  come on as a visual indication that you are
braking.   The  brake  is a valuable tool, it will help you win if you
learn to use it wisely.

`- Page -. 16

CAMERA:   You  have a choice of several camera positions in and around
the car.  It is helpful to find an angle that you are comfortable with
at the beginning of the race, and sticking with it as you drive.  Some
practice  will tell you what works best for you.  Press the button
to  alter  the  camera view of your vehicle; press the R2 button for a
view of what is behind your vehicle.

DAMAGE METER:   On  the  bottom  left  of  the  screen  is a graphical
representation  of  your  car.  You start with 100 points, and as your
vehicle  takes  damage,  the  number gets smaller, and the car outline
begins to fill with red.  The more red the silhouette becomes, and the
smaller  the  number gets, the more damaged your vehicle is.  When the
icon begins to blink, it means your car is nearly destroyed.

                            RACING TIPS

As  long  as  your car is going to get banged up, or even wrecked, you
might as well do it yourself.  Drive offensively, and score points for
the  damage  you  take - but watch your damage meter in the lower left
corner.   If  it goes to red, your car is about to die.  You have only
one  hope:   avoid  any crashes at all and make it to the finish line.
As  you can see, your tactics must change if your car gets to damaged.
If  you totally destroy your car, then you are out of the race and you
will be shown as "DNF" or "Did Not Finish" on the Results screen.

`- Page -. 17

The  scoring  system  rewards  you  for:  1) bashing opponents and; 2)
placing  well  in  the race.  To get a winning score you must do both.
You  are  awarded points for finishing first, second, third, etc.  You
are also awarded points for damaging opponent cars.  These two numbers
are  multiplied  together  to yield your final score.  All the players
are ranked by this final result to determine the winner.

The faster you collide, the more points you will get.  You can receive
points for hitting a car into a wall as well as spinning an opponent's
car from the force of the impact.  Landing on an opponent's vehicle is
a sure way to take him out of the race with one hit.  And it's worth a
heck of a lot of points!

For  the  first  few  laps,  stay  in  the pack and collide as much as
possible.  Don't drop too far back or else you won't be able to finish
near  the  top of the pack.  On the last lap, race for the finish line
and  try  to come in first.  If you rack up lots of crash points, then
you  can  frequently win overall even though you came in only third or
fourth across the finish line.  If you come in first, but do not score
any  crash  points,  then  you'll  lose.   If you score a lot of crash
points  but  come in last, then you'll lose.  You must do well in both
areas - scoring crash points and finishing well.

`- Page -. 20

                          KEYS TO SUCCESS

Winning  any  of  the  League Championships "unlocks" cars, events, or
tracks that are initially inaccessible.

LEAGUE       EVENT              CAR         TRACK
------       -----              ---         -----
Rookie       Semi Pro League    Renegade    Lyon Stadium
            Chase              Mantis

Semi Pro     Pro League         Predator    Pelton Stadium
            Chicken                        Meltdown
                                           Hunters Quarry
                                           Scrap Heap

Pro          Endurance League               Redneck Raceway
                                           Chemical Plant
                                           Go Kart Carnage

Endurance                       Vandal      Reverse Tracks

Arena        Suicide            Widowmaker

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