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    Crypt Killer is a Trademark of Digital Pictures, PlayStation
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Vault is ©Ishy 1997

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Note this document is a near exact copy of the Crypt Killer Manual.
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promptly deleted.

 Playing with the Controller:

Directional Buttons: Move the Aiming cursor during game; also to move
among selections in the menu screens.
R1 & R2 Buttons: Increase cursor speed.
Triangle Button: Use Bomb.
Circle Button: Shoot.
Square Button: Use Bomb.
X Button: Reload; select option in menu screen.
Start Button: Start the game.  Pause during the game.

 Playing with the Justifier:

Trigger: Shoot; also use to toggle between items/settings in the menu
Auxiliary Button: Use Bomb.
Start Button: Pause during game; also use to select an item on main
menu or toggle between settings in the options menu screen.

 Are You Ready to Explore...
Are you ready to plunge into the deep catacombs of these ancient
ruins?  If so, you may find the fabled Eyes of Guidance.  These mythical
jewels have eluded others such as yourself for many centuries.  They
are, perhaps, the second or third most sought after treasures in
existence, right behind the Holy Grail and the lost city of Atlantis.
The stories predate our-western history.  However, since the
dawn of written language, scholars have uncovered fragments of the story.
Although the tale is incomplete, this is what we have been able to piece

 Search for the Lost Treasures...
Long ago, before the formation of more "recent" civilizations
like the Egyptians and Mayans, there was a culture that sprang up in a
fertile valley nestled near a large body of water.  Though the exact
location has yet to be pinned down, most have ruled out the Nile or
Amazon Basin regions (Some theorists say it could have been a vast
continent-splitting river many miles across, which later receded and
became the Grand Canyon in the southwestern portion of the United
States of America, but other studies cite references to areas of
southern Asia and a possible land bridge to Australia).  This society
prospered for a short span of time, but for some unknown reason it
came to an abrupt end.  There are links, however, between its history
and other icons from seemingly separate cultures.  For example, there
have been remnants of pottery which show characters not unlike some
Greek mythological beings.  There are also graphic depictions of
mummification that were thought to exist only in Ancient Egyptian
society.  Wall carvings showing what appear to be water-based life-
forms remind one of Atlantis.  And some archeologists even claim there
are links to Stonehenge, based on Druid-like religious symbols which
were uncovered.

 The Crystals...
One reason for their disappearances is linked to time-travel.  
The popular myth is that they were either from another planet or were
visited by aliens.  These "visitors" left behind some crystals that gave
people in this ancient society the ability to travel through time.  
Through some unknown means of navigation, these crystals created links
with other cultures.  This is where the term "Eyes of Guidance"
originated.  There is a large statue with eye sockets which are blank.
Some say that the Eyes of Guidance could be placed in different
combinations to allow time travel.  The theory also holds that the
Eyes of Guidance were used to time travel, amass unimaginable treasures,
then travel again and leave the treasures around in "time vaults" while
they continued on their journeys.  Somewhere along the line, it is
believed that the users of the crystals somehow merged with the cosmos
and were lost in time, or they met with a much worse fate...

 ...The Ancient Tombs of Death...
The search for the crystals heats up as more information is
learned about these ancients.  You, of course, are interested in
recovering the Eyes of Guidance.  So far you have discovered the
ancient tombs which you believe hold the last traces of this ancient
culture, and you are determined to find the crystals.  You have, of
course, heard rumors of a wandering spirit guide, but the details are
very sketchy, at best.  Perhaps your journey to this place will be
profitable, if you survive, that is...

 Will Your Journey Be Profitable?
When you have loaded the game properly, the Main Menu will
appear.  You will have two options: Start the game or go to the Options

Start Menu
Begin a new game by selecting this option and pressing the Start
button.  The next screen you see is the player entry screen.  One or two
players can participate by pressing their respective Start buttons.

Stage Select
Your goal is to recover two "Eyes of Guidance" and recover
ancient treasure.  The world you select and the paths you choose may
lead to different endings.  To select a world, point and shoot!

Options Menu
There are several settings which can be modified.  Using the
"Justifier", pull the trigger to scroll down the list.  When you wish
to change a setting, highlight it, then press the Start button until
you are satisfied with your selection.  Move down the list and
highlight Exit, then press the Start button to go back to the Main
Menu and play the game with the new settings.

Difficulty (Default = Medium)
There are eight levels, ranging from Easiest to Hardest.

Gun Looseness (Default = 3)
This controls how close your "bullet" needs to be to score a hit.
The range is 1 (bullseye) to 5 (close enough!).

Life (Default = 3)
The amount of "health" you have.  It is represented on screen by
red hearts on the top of the screen.  When your health runs out, the
game is over.

Bomb (Default = 2)
The number of bombs you start the game with.

Continue (Default = 2)
The number of times you can restart the game from your current
position after losing your "life".

Reload (Default = Manual)
With Manual reload, you must point your gun off screen and pull
the trigger to refill your ammo supply.  With Auto reload, you don't
have to aim off screen, but you will still use an extra shot to reload.
You can however, still point off screen and pull the trigger to reload
in Auto mode, if you wish.

Audio (Default = Stereo)
Set for Stereo or Monaural, depending on your system setup.

Radiance Adjust (Default = 100)
Helps to compensate for the amount of light in the room where
you are playing.  This is important if you are using a light gun, but
not if using the controller.

Gun Adjust
Lets you "center" your gun's sights to get an accurate reading on
your targets.

Key Assign
Switches the buttons on the Controller.

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