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CROC: LEGEND OF THE GOBBOS  (Sony Playstation)

(Courtesy of Hollywood Video rental game sleve insert,
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet scanner, Caere OmniPro OCR, and the
personal attantion of Morgan Andson)

------- ---- -------

While viewing the TITLE SCREEN press the X BUTTON on CONTROLLER 1 to
raise the MAIN MENU.

Use the directional pad to highlight OPTIONS and press the X BUTTON
to raise the OPTIONS MENU.

Use the directional pad to highlight CONTROLLER SET-UP and press the
X BUTTON to raise the CONTROLLER SET-UP MENU . Use the directional
pad to highlight CHANGE CONFIGURATION and select the preferred
Controller settings then use the directional pad to highlight RETURN
TO OPTIONS MENU and press the X BUTTON .

Use the directional pad and the X BUTTON to make selections for AUDIO
and MISCELLANEOUS OPTIONS then use the directional pad to highlight
RETURN TO MAIN MENU and press the X BUTTON to return to the MAIN MENU.

-- ----- -------

If you are beginning a new game, use the directional pad to highlight
START GAME and press the X BUTTON to begin the game. If you are
resuming play from a previous game use the directional pad to
highlight LOAD GAME or ENTER PASSWORD then use the directional pad
and the X BUTTON to make your remaining selections and resume

----- --- ----------
L1 BUTTON - Step to the left, Paddle to the left in water
L2 BUTTON - Camera height

R1 BUTTON - Step to the right, Paddle to the right in water
R2 BUTTON - Camera height


TRIANGLE BUTTON - Activate Croc-cam

O BUTTON - 180 degree flip flop
          (press when moving to flip and reverse direction)

X BUTTON - Jump, Press twice rapidly to STOMP (attack enemy or break
          open certain objects), Swim forward

SQUARE BUTTON - Attack (underwater tail attack- use this to break
          open boxes underwater)

X & SQUARE BUTTONS - Jump and attack

SELECT BUTTON - QUIT game (when paused)


  Press Right or Left- Turn right or left

  Press Up- Move forward, Climb up onto ledge, Push object

  Press Down- Move backward, Climb down from ledge

------- --- ----

The premise of the game is as follows: one day King Rufus, leader of
the Gobbos, a race of diminutive beings, was walking along the
riverbank when he found a small basket containing a baby crocodile.
Since Gobbos are an extremely compassionate race, King Rufus and his
fellow Gobbonians adopted the baby reptile and raised him as one of
their own. Nicknamed "Croc", the baby reptile grew up into a healthy,
happy young crocodile who, for all intents and purposes, considered
himself to be a Gobbo.

All was well until a vicious tribe known as the Dantinis invaded
Gobbo valley and took King Rufus prisoner. The evil Baron Dante used
his magical power to turn good creatures into evil monsters and soon
the entire Gobbo valley was in a state of chaos. Croc was the only
hope left for the Gobbos.  Only he had the size and strength needed
to overcome the evil Dantinis and save his beloved homeland.

You begin the game from the MAP SCREEN . The HAM of the current level
appears across the top of the screen. A GOBBO COUNTER appears on the
top right corner of the screen showing the number of Gobbos you
rescued the last time you played on the level (this counter will not
appear if there are no Gobbos to rescue on the level). once the game
begins a CRYSTAL DISPLAY appears on the upper left corner of the
screen. Press the START BUTTON to pause the game and a status display
appears across the top of the screen showing (left to right) the
CRYSTAL DISPLAY , any COLORED CRYSTALS that you have collected (there
are five different colored crystals to collect on each level), the
number of LIVES you have remaining and the GOBBO COUNTER.

On each level Croc will encounter a number of enemies and hazards
which he must overcome in order to rescue Gobbos and restore order to
Gobbo, Valley. Croc may dispose of encroaching enemies by swiping
them senseless with a spin of his tail (press the SQUARE BUTTON ) or
stomping them into oblivion (press the X BUTTON twice rapidly).

Croc may also use his stomp to break open objects or find hidden
areas (try stomping on top of the log at the beginning of the game).
Croc can maneuver about by riding on balloons, swinging hand over
hand across monkey bars, or throwing switches to activate moving
platforms. There are also eight secret levels in the game, each of
which contains one piece of a MAGICAL JIGSAW PUZZLE .

Collect 100 WHITE CRYSTALS to earn a BONUS LIFE (NOTE: If you are
carrying WHITE CRYSTALS and you are injured, you will drop the
crystals but you will not lose a life).

Collect the FIVE COLORED CRYSTALS on each level and you will gain
access through a CRYSTAL DOOR Collect a HEART and you will earn a

Collect KEYS to open locked doors (free caged Gobbos) .

Collect TORCHES to illuminate darkened areas.

At various junctures in the game you will find BEANY GONGS which
signify the end of the level (strike the gong with Croc's tail to
clear the level).

If Croc comes into contact with any harmful object he will either be
injured (he will drop all of his WHITE CRYSTALS ) or he will perish.
When all of your lives are gone you may CONTINUE from the beginning
of the last level attempted.

If you obtain a PASSWORD from the MAP SCREEN you may use the password
to resume the game from the last point attained in the game (NOTE:
When entering a PASSWORD U , D , L and R refer to the UP , DOWN ,
LEFT and RIGHT positions on the directional pad).

(c) 1997 Playcare. Playing Cards are a product of Playcare, 2525
Southport Way, Suite 'C', National City, California 91950

Croc: Legend of The Gobbos is a trademark and Copyright 1997 Sony.

Sony and Sony Playstation are trademarks of Sony Computer
Entertainment, Inc.

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