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The objective of this game is to stop the mad Dr. Neo Cortex and his army of mutated animals.  
This game supports one player.

It's not exactly a good day for the world down under.  The evil Dr. Neo Cortex has been using
his Evolvo Ray on the local island marsupials in order to create an army of super animals.  
But he messed with the wrong marsupial to mutate.  Our hero, Crash Bandicoot has been deemed
unworthy by the doctor and ejected from his island fortress.  But Crash's girlfriend Tawna is
still on the island so now Crash will stop at nothing to defeat the doctor and rescue his lady
love.  So get ready for your introduction to Sony's answer to those other company's aging
mascots!  Crash Bandicoot!

Basic Game Control & Movements

To connect your PSX System, turn Power button off.' Push the 'Open' button to release CD lid,
then, insert CD and close lid.  Turn Power Button on.  Never insert CD when power is on.

Buttons From left to right you will see D-Pad arrows on the face of the Control Pad, above
this on the top you will see the L1 and L2 buttons. In the middle you will see the Select
button and Start button.  Next at the top you will see the R1 and R2 buttons, and on the right
face of the Control Pad you will see a pad with a triangle, a circle, an X and a square.


D-Pad   Moves Crash around the screen
Square or Circle Spin
X   Jump
Triangle  Shows inventory and number of lives
Start   Pause/resume

Things To Know

There are ever 30 levels spread among the three islands you'll explore in Crash Bandicoot.

Crash has two types of attack, jumping and spin kicking.  Use the jump attack to launch into
the air and onto an enemys head.  The spin kick attack Is more powerful and can knock the
enemy right off the screen.  You can earn extra bonus points by spin kicidng one enemy so it
knocks a second enemy off the screen.

Use both forms of attack to open the boxes you'll come across throughout the game.  Some
boxes show an icon indicating what's in@.  The types of icon boxes youll come across are
Wumpa Fruit, 100 of which earns you an extra life; The Witch Doctors Mask, which protects you
from one enemy痴 attack.  TNT, which off an explosion after 3 seconds.  Crash's Face, which
gives you an extra life; and the Checkpoint, which allows you to return to the stage where
you discovered the first box.  Arrow and Bounce boxes give you something good after repeated
jumps on them.  Boxes with Question and Exclamation Marks are a surprise.

There are Bonus Rounds on each stage. To gain access to them you must first find 3 token boxes
that have the likenesses of Tawna, Dr Neo Cortex or his assistant Dr. N Brio, Once you collect
3 tokens the screen will freeze and you値l be transported to that stage痴 Bonus Round, Jump
and Spin Attack. a ton of boxes to collect bonus fruit and keys to hidden rounds, If you fall
off the screen you値l be transported back to the stage you just left.

If you make It through an entire level in one life you値l go to the Stage Clear Area.  Here
you can check how well you did and if you earned any Gems or special bonuses.  It you did lose
a life while trying to complete a stage you値l return to the Main Map Area where you can see
how many boxes you missed on that stage.

If you have a memory card installed you can save your progress at certain Save Points during
the game. The Save Points are all located in the Tawna Bonus Rounds.  At other points in The
game you値l be able to save the fact that you've earned a gem or key.  It you don't have a
memory card you can use the Pa feature to return to completed stages of the game,

Hints, Tips & Clues

To earn the Gems you must make it through a level without losing a life and by finding all of
the boxes.

A quick hint when you come upon the boulders on the first Island, Run!

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