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Setup                                   2
Basic game controls                     3
Introduction                            4
Getting started                         6
Main menu                             6
Options screen                        6
Select Player screen                  7
Game screen                             8
The Battle zones                        9
Saving a game                           11
Loading a saved game                    12
MAXIMUM 3D    13
Character profiles                      14
Credits                                 16
Consumer Service & Warranty Inside back cover
LEGACY OF WAR puts you in the battle zone!  The default settings are shown here. You can change
these settings in the OPTIONS (Page 6-7) menu if you wish.
L1 button: Strafe on/off    
R1 button: Strafe on/off
L2 button: Use bomb      
R2 button: Use bomb
Triangle button: Weapon select
Circle button: Jump
Square button: Lie down
X button: SHOOT!

Directional buttons: Move Character

SELECT button:  Not used during gameplay
START button: Pause

The Legacy . . .
1957 A large object lands in the Amazon basin, near the ruins of a lost Mayan city. Scientists
dismiss the incident as a trivial cosmic occurrence. 1987 Rumors reach the Pentagon's front
office. Frightened villagers in the Amazon River area talk of a hideous being with an army of
evil alien henchmen. Two heroic members of the Elite Special Forces (operating under the code
names: "Scorpion' and "Mad Dog") are dispatched. They deal with the threat known as Red Falcon,
and put a stop to its attempt to take over the Earth.
1990. Red Falcon resurfaces. Re has recruited other alien allies, and also attempts to use
biological contaminants to turn U.S. forces into his soldiers of destruction. Scorpion and Mad
Dog reunite to deal with Red Falcon and Jagger Froid. Scorpion and Mad Dog kick serious alien
Fast forward to the future. The vile Black Viper is sent to accomplish what Red Falcon could
not: overtake planet Earth. Scorpion is sent in to erase Viper. After a brutal confrontation,
Viper is defeated.
Years later: The elite Contra Force-an independent law enforcement group made up of Special
Forces alumnus-is sent in to handle an Earth-based terrorist group known as D.N.M.E. who are
trying to take control of Neo City.
2636. The future is once again threatened by Red Falcon. Fortunately, descendants of Scorpion
and Mad Dog are on hand to deal with the situation. The Alien Wars take place, and the Earth
is nearly destroyed.
Five years later., mankind is recovering from the Alien Wars. The government establishes the
Unified Military Special Mobile Task Force, a.k.a. HARD CORPS, to help stem the rising threat of
crime that is running rampant in the cities. Order is restored. Or is it?
The present
Colonel Bassad is the dictator of a small country. Some call him cruel.
Some call him ruthless. Most call him an evil lunatic. It has only
recently been learned that during the Alien Wars, a security guard at a
top-secret military base managed to smuggle out an alien embryo. The
guard sold the embryo to Colonel Bassad, who has used it to breed sri
army of fierce alien mutants. Bassad is power-hungry and wants
nothing less than total control of the planet. There are rumors that he
is working with an alien ally. Some fear that this alien ally may help Bassad by providing an
army of alien mercenaries.
Before the conflict can escalate to such a disastrous level, the Special Forces are pressed
into service once again. They must try to put an end to this legacy of war.

Getting started
Once you have set up the game (page 2), you will see the opening
legal screens, then the introductory story, then the main menu.
(On many menu screens you can press the Triangle button for help.)

Main menu
You can select a 1 PLAYER GAME, 2 PLAYER GAME, OPTIONS or LOAD GAME (to load a previously saved
Highlight a choice with the Up/Down buttons and press X.

After you have selected a 1 Player or 2 Player game, you will advance to the Player Select

Options screen
Highlight a choice with the Up/Down buttons.
Adjust the game difficulty (EASY, NORMAL or HARD) with the Left/Right buttons.
Adjust the Music and SFX (sound effects) volumes with the Left/Right buttons.
Toggle the 3-D Mode on or off with the Left/Right buttons. If you turn the 3-D mode on, you will
need to wear the enclosed 3-D glasses. Press X to enter the controller configuration screen. Use
the Left/Right buttons to select one of the four options. (The default setting is shown on page
3.) Press X to select the configuration you like.

The Circle button returns you to the Options menu.
Adjust the Sound for STEREO or MONO with the Left/Right buttons.
Press the Circle button to return to the Main menu.

Player Select screen
Use the Left/Right buttons to toggle between the four main characters. The name of the
character and the type of weapon power-ups available to that character are listed at the
bottom of the screen.
Press the X button to select your character and start the game.
Press the Circle button to return to the Main menu.

The game screen
                                               Big BIG
Player 2
Player 1
          Remaining      Available        Remaining       Available    Remaining
          lives          weapons          Super Bombs     weapons      lives
            Player l's display                              Player 2's display

Power-ups        Ray               Tasha              Bubba             Cr1288
(Base weapon)    Machine gun       Machine gun        Machine gun       Machine gun
Yellow Falcon    flame thrower     flame thrower      flame thrower     flame thrower
Blue Falcon      Spread gun        Sparkling laser    Straight laser    Spread grenade
Red Falcon       Homing laser      Seeking laser      Homing bullets    Homing missile

The Battle zones
NOTE: the small man icons are 1-ups
Level One: Urban Warfare
Level Two: Jungle Conflict
NOTE: find falcon power-ups to gain the upper hand

Find the Bamboo Arcade and take some R&R with a few classics. Just don't get too booked and
forget your mission!
Level Three: River of Destruction
Use your radar to find and defeat the bosses and their troops.
Take control of the hovercraft and steer toward the end boss. First you'll have to take out the
Garbage Literally

Level Four: Mountain Stronghold  
Level Five: Bad Wavelength
Level Six: ...?

Saving a game
To save a game, you must reach the end of a level and defeat the
end boss. You will be given the option of saving your place or
continuing. If you want to save your game, follow the on screen
prompts. Otherwise, select NO and continue at your own risk.

NOTE: Do not remove memory card during save or load.

Loading a saved game
At the Main Menu you have the option to load a saved game. You
must have a previously saved game ready, of course (see previous
section). Make sure your Memory Card (sold separately) is
installed properly.
NOTE: You can save up to 12 games in each difficulty setting for one and two player games.


You can play LEGACY OF WAR with the enclosed 3D glasses. Just set the 3D Mode
to ON in the Options menu. Here are some tips to help you get the best 3D effects:
* Before putting on your 3D glasses (and after turning 3D Mode ON), adjust the
 brightness setting on your TV until you see two pictures (red and blue). (consult
 your TV's Owner's Manual for details.)
* Set the TV's contrast about 25-5O% higher than normal. (Consult your TV's Owner's Manual for
* While wearing the 3D glasses, adjust the TV's color so that you get one image rather than two
 (red and blue).
* Play with very little background light in the room so no glare appears on the TV.

Character profiles
Member of the Unified Military Special Mobile Task Force, a.k.a. HARD CORPS, following
the Alien Wars. Ray doesn't like to talk about the past, but the word is that be has taken part
in more combat than the government will actually confirm participating in. In addition to
being a hand-to-hand combat master, be is a weapon's expert and an ace pilot. Ray enjoys sushi,
tong walks on the beach, and owns a fabulous collection of show tunes.
Swift, silent, deadly. Before you make the obvious joke, note
that Tasha once destroyed a HF-72 Assassin Cybot with one
hit for making the same joke. She doesn't have a sense of
humor-her style doesn't call for one. She is all business, all
the time. A former soldier-for-hire, Tasha joined the
organized Special Forces because of the respect she gained
for Ray in a previous assault on Kyhsak II. She can kill in
many ways, but prefers heavy firepower because, she says,
she enjoys the fireworks.

An offshoot of the Assassin Cybots made by the defunct Wade
Industries before the Alien Wars. After the wars, Wade merged with
software giant ChuckSoft and formed Chuck/Wade
Arms, Co. Their first venture was the CD (Cyborg
Destroyer) series. This particular unit-from the
288 class-was reprogrammed by a member of the
HARD CORPS to function in both anti-gravity and underwater
environments. Previous Destroyer units had limitations in these
conditions, but were totally worthless in all other situations. Some of
the suits at Chuck/Wade are against these modifications and want
the unit returned-but skeptics say that they just want the ability to
market the unit themselves.
We know little about "Bubba". Although
there is no denying Bubba's effectiveness,
there is no knowledge of his (hers? its?)
past. An alien who can communicate in our
languages, Bubba has fought on behalf of Terrans
since before the Alien Wars. (The nickname came
from one of the HARD CORP's base computer geeks
when he was scanning the known planetary sites for
information about this alien.)

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