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TENKA Manual

Up Directional button  Move Tenka forwards
Down Directional button  Move Tenka backwards
Left Directional button  Rotate Tenka left
Right Directional button Rotate Tenka right
X button   Fire weapon/Use/Select
Circle button   Duck/Crouch
Triangle button   Jump
Square button   Run
R1    Display HUD/Select weapon Interact
   with object
R2    Strafe- when used with
   Directional buttons
L1    Look up
L2    Look down
START button   Pause - brings up in game menu.

These are the default Controller settings. If you wish to re-configure
your Controller, go to the Options menu, go to Configure Controller
and you will be able to choose from four pre-set Controller set ups.

During the course of the game you may quit the current game and
return to the title screen by pressing the start button and at the quit
menu screen choose "NO" to return to the game or "YES" to exit the
game and return to the title screen.

Tenka has two game environments the menus and the game itself.
When in the menu system, use the Directional buttons on your
Controller to highlight each option box. Press the X button on your
Controller to select the option currently highlighted. Press the
TRIANGLE button on your Controller to back up one screen anywhere
within the menu system.

Once the game is loaded, you will be presented with the main menu
screen, Use the Directional buttons to move around the menu options
and press the X button to make your choice.


3 5     6

1. Target Locked On
2. Ammo available
4. Shield Energy
5. Heartbeat
6. Object Detection Light
7. Health
8. Keys Collected (colors correspond to doors)
9. Inventory

Press the R1 button to bring up the Inventory. Use the Directional but-
tons to move the highlighting effect through the contents. When the
item you wish to use is highlighted, release the Directional button and
your choice will be implemented.

Projectile Weapons - the left hand icon indicates single, double, or triple shot weapon.
Plasma Weapons - the left hand icon indicates single, double, or triple shot weapon.
Activation Icons

Most doors will open as you approach them, However, there are other
doors that are not as co-operative, You may need to go into the HUD
and choose a key that you picked up on the way. Or there may be an
obstacle in the way of a door, in which case you will have to figure Out
away of removing it. Or you may have to solve a small puzzle to
open the door. Whaddya mean, I got to think??l! It's not all BLAST,
BLAST BLAST you knew,

Some of these come in handy for like, well, you know, completing a
level, To collect a pick up, simply walk over the item and you will
instantly add it to your collection of incredibly useful stuff.

Some bad guys drop these as you liquidate
them. Pick em up and when you have
amassed enough your mighty morphin'
weapon will grow bigger and more powerful.
Who says size doesn't matter? These can also
help you upgrade your radar.

Boost your shield. Hey who knows? You may
live to fight another day, you may eat slime.
Sometimes life's a kick in the...?

Feed my big weapon.

Open the door and see what lies, crawls, flies,
limps beyond.

The Innovative Self-Generating Polymorphic armory (SG-26) gives the
user a virtual Armageddon at his finger-tips.

The bullet read-out and magazine are favorably situated at the rear of
the weapon allowing the user to easily identify the rounds and
magazines available at a glance.

Pre-defined mechanical alterations are activated on the recovery of
security clearance cubes, gathered from the dying or dead bodies of
the enemy forces, As your security level increases through the game
the following features become available through your morphing' gun:

PROJECTILE WEAPONRY - APEX.LV - Standard Ammunition Firing
The projectile weapon utilizes low velocity armor piercing explosive
rounds (Depleted Uranium Tipped) which can be fired at three differ-
ent rates:

Single Round
Fires a single round - Man's best friend and will never desert you. You
will find it ideal for taking down low level security forces.

Burst-Semi Automatic
Fires a small burst, impacting on enemy shields. Provides instant
user gratification.

High Velocity - Pathfinder - Machine Gun
Fires rapid fire, If you're caught in across-fire or simply confronted by
a group of bad guys. the High Velocity Rapid fire will always plot a
safe route for you!

A fusion-powered laser system with dual diamond settings.

Single Laser
Fires single stream of piercing laser energy. Can cause a nasty rash -
of gorel!

Dual Laser
Fires double stream of disrupted laser flux. A design flaw in the SG-26
meant that the gun generated more power than could be concentrat-
ed into a single beam, Consequently, energy seepage occurs when
using this weapon causing electrical charge build-up around the dia-
mond tips.

Burst Laser
Equipped with a charged burst facility. Hold down the X button on
your Controller to generate the charge. Release the X button to
discharge the weapon. The longer you hold the X button down the
bigger the charge and the louder the 'pop' when this baby blows!!


APAD - Anti Personnel Area Denial Munitions - MINE
Released from the underside of the gun. Anything that moves in the
fall out area from this baby won't do for much longer! Press the X
button to drop these. They have a small delay device to allow you to
walk away in one piece! You can also link them together by dropping
them close to each other which will form a deadly chain reaction.
They may also be set off by shooting at them with another weapon
which makes them very useful as booby traps.

Rocket - 2.8 hvapr - THE VAPOR - ROCKET
The HVAPR is a 2.8cm, high velocity, anti-personnel rocket fired
from a miniature rocket launcher which emerges from the right side of
the gun.

The vapor welcomes enemies with open arms... and obliterates them.

The K220 is a compact grenade packed full of radioactive shrapnel
which explodes in an expanding dome causing maximum carnage as
it does so.

Distance and trajectory is player controlled - aim left and right using
the Directional buttons and use L1 /L2 to alter the trajectory. Press the
X button to lob the grenade. The longer you hold the fire button
down, the further Tenka will launch the airborne death egg.


Bionoids are security personnel created by the corporation. Human
body parts, sealed in heavy armor, they are controlled by the
BIONOID version of ZENITH which is inserted into the cerebral cortex.
Defined as the definitive weapon.

Each character has unique weapons and various means of
getting around from the shambling simplicity of the spike wielding,
machine-gun toting STALKOR, to the delicate FLIK FLAKKING of

The Bionoids ensure that progression in TENKA is not for
the fainthearted.

Low level security droids.
Again each of the six robots has unique
characteristics and weaponry.
Robots range from the slow moving single
shot laser firing VINCENT to the GUNNOR, a
fast moving, low flying, double barrel machine gun wielding son of
a gun.

Genetic Mutations
The genetic mutations and research samples
encountered on Extrevius place TENKA as a
game for all the family. These bizarre
creatures can have their arms and legs shot
off, so they lie on the floor in a pool of blood
or run around in hopeless circles.
The four genetics range from a head with three steel legs, namely the
BRAIN EATOR, to the floating bag of expanding gas and pus that is
the charming SUBJECT B.

1. Data track    8. Head First  (3:08)(Clarke)
2. Speech    9. No Perception 13:10)(Clarke)
3. Tenk-art   (2:30)(Wright) 10. Work zone  (3:22)(Clarke)
4. Look Behind You (3:44)(Clarke) 11. Beefy Justice (3:21)(Clarke)
5. Tapered Mind  (3:36)(Clarke) 12. A Hammer  (4:26)(Clarke)
8. Half Of The End (3:03)(Clarke) 13. Who's There? (3:08)(Clarke)
7. Joey Does Dallas (3:27)(Clarke) 14. Scaremonger  (3:05)(Clarke)
    15. A Suitable Death (3:03)(Clarke)


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