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Living in the seemingly peaceful kingdom of Guardia in 1000 A.D., the child Crono was chosen by guardian spirits to save the world from ultimate devastation.  Though Doomsday will not happen until the year 1999, the ancient seeds of destruction were planted long ago the the evil LAVOS.  Your mission in the world of Chrono Trigger is to travel back and forth through time to change the course of history, and stop LAVOS from succeeding in his dark plan.  On your journey, you will battle monsters and meet many helpful people in both the past and the future.  Some will become your faithful and powerful companions, while others will give you clues by telling you stories.  Pay attention to what they say, and good luck  in your adventure.

PRESENT:  in 1000 A.D., beneath the surface of peaceful surroundings, monsters from the past are scheming to destroy the world while residents celebrate in the kingdom of Guardia.

PAST:  back in 600 A.D., humans are at war against monsters controlled by the Prince of Darkness.  In order to help Guardia knoghts that have already been defeated, you must travel even farther back - to 65 Million B.C. - when Lavos first arrived on earth.

FUTURE:  in 2300 A.D. the world has almost been destroyed.  Survivors are hungry, hurt, and hopeless. Find out how to help them.  The future of the world depends on you.


CRONO:  is a typical teenager chosen to save the world.  A skilled swordsman, and as he journeys on, learns Lightning Magic spells.

MARLE:  is Princess Nadia of Guardia Castle.  Good with a crossbow, and learns Water magic during adventure.

LUCCA:  Crono's best friend.  She loves science and uses knowledge to build machines and very clever with weapons.  Eventually learns Fire Magic.

FROG:  used to be a Guardian Knight.  An accomplished swordsman who also uses Water Magic well.

ROBO:  is in a collapsed dome in 2300 A.D. trying to remember his master's directions.  Powerful and skilled with electric weapons.

AYLA:  is primitive but strong. She can break huge stones with a punch or kick.  Doesn't need to use magic.


CONTROL PAD :  move characters around.  Also used to move cursor and to switch window displays.

SELECT BUTTON:  In the Landscape Screen, use it to open World Map.

START BUTTON:  pauses the game during play. Used to continue when you have finished inputting your name.

A BUTTON:  is the "action" button.  It chooses commands and to do things like open chests, enter doors, and talk to people.

X BUTTON:  opens the Menu Screen.

Y BUTTON:  opens the Character Switch Screen when you're in the Map or Field Screens.  When you're in the Time Machine, it opens the Time Gauge.

B BUTTON:  allows you to "dash" when pressing it while walking in the Field Screen.

L / R BUTTON:  in battle, hold these down together to run away.  When using Time Gauge, pressing them will give you selection on era you want to travel to.  Also, press L + R + START + SELECT to reset the game.


There are two different modes used in battle:  ACTIVE  and  WAIT.  Active is for the pro.  Monsters will not wait for you to decide on your plan of attack.  Wait is for beginners.  You will have more time to decide on an attack method.


To input or change a name, frist choose a letter with a cursor and push the A button.  After you have spelled your name, press START.  Press B to erase a letter.  Whatever name you choose will be displayed throughout the game.


You can save three different games.  Likewise, there are 3 places from which you can begin a saved game.  You may begin from any one of those three saves.

MAP SCREEN :  while on the Map Screen, you can open the Save Screen at any time to save your game.

SAVE POINTS:  there are save points throughout the game.  Access the Save Screen in the Main Menu by standing on the Save Point and pressing X button.

THE END OF TIME:  When you reach the "End Of Time", be sure to save your game at the save point.


Field screen is where most of the action takes place.  You will see this screen when you are inside houses, caves, etc..,
INSIDE HOUSES:  talk to people, open treasure boxes, open doors in front of you and pick up food to re-fill HP and MP by pressing A Button.

DUNGEONS:  are full of monsters and traps. When you run into or touch a monster, you will automatically engage in battle.


Map Screen displays the world you are in.  To enter a building or area, press A Button.  

LANDSCAPE VIEW:  you move around between buildings, caves and other locations.  Only certain color buildings are accessible.  Look for hidden chests in forest.

WORLD MAP:  from Landscape View, press SELECT and you will access the World Map.  A dot on the map indicates your location.

HP SCREEN 1 :  Press X Button to access Main Menu screen.  A menu with six icons will appear. Use control pad to select and A Button

Character Status  Config.
Item   Character Order
Tech   Data Save

CHARACTER STATUS:  lets you know how each member is doing.  You can also equip your characters here
It also shows you the following:
Current level
Attack Power
Hit Points - how much damage you can take
Magic Points - casting a spell requires certain number of points. This shows how many you have.
Defense Power

Character's Face  Type of Magic (your character is able to learn)
   Character Name
   Current level
   Current Equipment - currently you are using
   Item Name - you are currently holding. You can also equip these items.
   Magic Defense - resists spells cast upon you
   Hit - your ability to strike a target.
   Magic - strength of your magic
   Power  - your strength
   Evade (Ev.) - how well you can evade attacks.
   Stamina - the higher the number, the faster your HP will grow at level up.
   EXP - experience points
   NEXT - how many experience points you need to reach next level.

EQUIP ITEMS:  when you equip these items, pay attention to your status.  Sometimes your level can affect an item's effectiveness.
First choose the character you want to equip.  Next choose the item you want to change.  Finally, choose the item you want to replace it with.


ITEM SCREEN:  shows all items your party is currently holding.

Use/Move:  select to use or move items
Organize:  organize your items by their category
Item Description:  tells what selected item does.

USING ITEMS:  items you can use during battle and in the field will be highlighted in yellow.  Other items will be in white.  Move the cursor to the item and press A button.

ORGANIZE:  Select Organize.  Press A button.  It organizes automatically.


TECH SKILLS SCREEN (TEC):  your special attack ability.  As you win battles, you gain more tech skills.  Can also use certain skills with other caharcters.


CONFIGURATION SCREEN:  you can change features such as music, text speed etc..,  You can configure your game any way you like it.  An icon represents a game function.

Sound Select:  either stereo or mono
Battle Mode:  Active or Wait
Menu Cursor:  use to automatically select the same sub-screen everytime you press X button
Battle Cursor: allows you to program your favorite attack and use it automatically.
Skill/Item Position:  automatically choose tech skills and items
Battle Speed:  to change battle text speed and battle gauge speed  (1 is fast,  8 is slow)
Window Color: change color of text window
Controller: change configuration of the buttons
Battle Gauge:  there are two types of battle gauge.  You can choose fast or slow,  or turn it off.

CHARACTER EXCHANGE SCREEN :  During play you may want to change your party's configuration.  For example, a certain character is required to ask questions of others, and in battle one character may be more effective than another.  To move characters around, move cursor to a character and press A button.  Then move cursor to where you want to place that character and press A button.  If the window is dark, you cannot move the character displayed there.


SAVE SCREEN :  to access, choose icon that looks like a pencil writing on paper.

SWITCH CHARACTERS:  to switch characters in your party,  press Y button.   You need at least 4 characters, and you can switch at any time except in battle.  You cannot select characters with dark screen.  Change your characters often to build levels and learn more techniques.  It is important for all characters to perform at their peak.

BATTLE SCREEN :  starts when you touch an enemy.  If your battle gauge is on,  it must be full before your next attack.

BATTLE SEQUENCE:  this is an example of a typical battle sequence.

1.  When you run into or touch an enemy, the action bar will appear.
2.  When battle gauge is full, you are able to attack ( or you can run by holding L and R buttons ).
3.  Choose from one of the three commands:  Att.   Comb.   Item
4.  Choose the enemy you wish to attack.  It is possible to attack more than one monster at a time.
5.  To win you must defeat all enemies.

If you want to use Combination  Tech,  you have to wait for the other characters' battle gauges to reach full power.  When more than one character is ready for battle, and they both learned Tech Skills,  "Tech" will change to "Combo".  You can also choose to take your turn by using an item.  For instance, you may need to heal yourself with Tonic.

MULTI - ENDING :  depending on where you are when you defeat the final boss, you will get a different ending.
Chrono Trigger Abbreviated Instructions
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