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Starting The Game   2
Basic Controller Function  4
In-Game Continue functions  6
Getting Started    7
The Options Menu   8
Practice Mode    10
Startup Items    11
Championship    12
Link Mode    13
The race    14
Alternative Controllers   16
Credits     16
Warranty    17

Directional Buttons Move highlights in menus and change menu items.
X Button  Select
TRIANGLE Button  Return no previous menu from Options menu.
START Button  Skip demo/replay mode. Exits Results menu.

In-Game Controller Functions
Directional Buttons   Turn Left or Right
X, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, SQUARE Buttons Accelerate/Brake according to configuration.
L1 and L2 Buttons   Change camera position.
R1 and R2 Buttons   Gear shift Up/Down.
START Button    Pause/Unpause the game.
SELECT Button    Quit/Continue while in pause/Remove on-screen
    icons except timer

This is just what the name says. Practice your skills in one of the four vehicles on one of
the three tracks while competing against 7 computer controlled opponents. Learn how to
master your car and work out the tricky curves before going to Championship.

This is the real thing. Choose one of the four cars to race against the 7 computer
controlled opponents on all tracks, one after the other. Beat the qualifying time to advance
to the next track and make sure that the others eat your dirt.

Link Mode
Link up with your friends to show them what horsepower is all about. Put an end no the
discussion of who's the better driver by making them disappear in the dust.

Select this Menu Item to customize your control settings and adjust the sound effects and
music volume to your comfort. High scores can be saved on a memory card. You can also
select the type of music you want played here.

Getting Started
After the various logos have been displayed the Main Menu screen will appear.

Use the Directional Buttons up and down to change the highlighted menu item and press
the X Button to select.

If you don't perform any action within 30 seconds the game will switch to demo mode.
Skip the demo sequence by pressing the START button.

Use the Direction Buttons up and down to the desired menu item. Use the
Direction Buttons Left and Right to change Menu Item. Press the TRIANGLE
Button to return to the Main Menu screen.

Level (Easy/Medium/Hard)
Change this to select the skill level of the
computer controlled opponents.

Change this to select your favorite
button configuration.

FX Vol
Use Direction Buttons left and right to decrease and increase the volume of
the sound effects.

CD Vol
Use Direction Buttons left and right to decrease and increase the volume of the CD audio.

Use Direction Buttons left and right to decrease and increase the master volume.

Press here to enter the next option screen.

Save Menu
Enter here to save or load your high scores, controller setup and best times. The only way
to save over an existing saved game in Burning Road is to first delete the previously
saved game and then give the command to save the current game.

Analog setup
Select this to calibrate and setup your analog device (Sony compatible steering wheel, etc.).

Select two different soundtracks. The Classic Mix
or the U.S. Re-Mix.

Press here to enter the Main
Menu screen.


If you want on perfect your skills on a specific track this
is the game mode you should select.

First you have to select which track to practice on.
Choose between Beginner, Advanced and Expert. Use
the Direction Buttons left and right to change the
highlighted track and press the X Button to select.

You have a time limit of 8 seconds to make your
choice. After that the track which is highlighted will
automatically be selected.

Once you've selected the desired track it's time to
choose from one of the four cool vehicles. Each vehicle
has different abilities. Some are slower hut have better
road holding capabilities. Others are faster but
controlling them on the road is more difficult. Again use
the Direction Buttons left and right to change the
vehicle and use the X Button to Select. Again you have
Ii seconds to make your choice or the
currently shown car will be automatically selected.

Choose between Automatic Transmission (AT) or Manual Transmission (MT). If you select
Automatic Transmission your car will automatically shift gears up and down when needed.
When using Manual Transmission however, you can with some practice achieve better
acceleration than with Automatic Transmission. Again use the Direction Buttons left and right
to highlight the desired choice and use the X Button to select. Note that you again have a
limited time to make a choice.

Now that all your choices have been made, it's off to the race track. Prepare yourself for a
mind blowing race at incredible speed. Prepare yourself for Burning Road


You have practiced every curve on all the three tracks. You know them all, even in your
sleep. You have driven your car to the extreme and you beat them all in practice. Now it's
time fur you to go for the championship.

When you enter the Championship mode you will again have to choose in which car and
with what kind of transmission you wish to race. Once you have made your choices you
will be taken to the beginner track to prove your skills. If you win on the beginner track,
you will advance onto the advanced track and then onto the expert track.

If you want to show your best friend just how wrong he is when he claims that he
is the better driver, then challenge him in this Head to Head battle and show him up
once and for all.

When selecting the Link Mode Burning Road will seek out challengers for approximately 8
seconds. If no challenger has arrived within this time the game will return to the Main

If you experience problems while trying to establish a Link connection, make sure
that the Link Cable has been inserted correctly into the Serial I/O port on the back
of your PlayStation.

Once you have linked up you may choose your track, car and transmission and
launch into a race of honor.

Once the track has been loaded the countdown to
the race will begin. Three...Two...One...GO! Hit the
pedal and gun for the pole position. Watch those
sharp curves and get those power slides
under control.
You have five camera positions available in the
game: three behind the car, one in the car and one
in front of the car. Use the L1 and L2 buttons to
move the camera position in and out to the position that suits you the best.

Use the START button to pause and unpause the game. If you want to quit the race and
return to the Main Menu screen press the SELECT button while in pause mode.
[Screen Shot *Relative positions]

Remaining Time   Race Leader Position
Lap Counter   Position in Race
Total Time   Traffic Indicator
Lap Time    Revs Counter

 Current Gear

If you chose to play with Manual Transmission use the R1 and R2 buttons to shift gears
up and down.

While in the race you have a Heads-Up Display. Learn to read it to make the most of
the race.

The aim of the game is reach the finish line in the fastest time possible. You have a limited
amount of time to complete the race but you will get additional time when passing the
time extension flags placed around the tracks.

When you finish the race you will be presented with a replay of the ENTIRE race (not just
highlights) to see how you performed and what to look nut for the next time. Press the
START button to skip the replay sequence.

If you were racing in PRACTICE mode you will be asked if you wish to race again. Select
NO to return to the Main Menu screen. Now the score summary screen will appear with a
list of all the relevant statistics. Press the START button to exit this screen and continue
with the CHAMPIONSHIP (given that you finished the race within the qualifying time).

Alternative Controllers
For the ultimate game experience with Burning Road you should use an analog input
device or preferably a steering wheel.

Due to the various button setups on different controllers the references to the four buttons
of the original PlayStation Controller may not apply to your analog device.

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