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(1) THANK YOU...

for purchasing the Sunsoft Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage Game Pak.  Please
read this instruction booklet carefully before starting to play the
game.  In doing so, you will be able to play the game better and enjoy
it even more!  Remember to keep this manual in a safe place.


Rabbit Rampage.....................2
How to Start the Game..............3
How to Use the Controller..........4
Object of the Game.................5
Game Play Screen...................6
Trainer Screen.....................6
Attack Techniques...............7-10
ACME Devices...................11-14
Style Rating......................15



“What’s up Doc?”  Bugs Bunny, that carrot-chomping, “wascally wabbit”
is searching out his nemesis who is constantly painting him into ever-
changing corners.  A lunatic animator is out to get Bugs, but little
does he know that Bugs has an ACME arsenal at his command.  He’ll throw
pies into the face of his enemy, use mirrors to deflect shrinking rays
and paint skunk stripes on the backs of cats.  There are many more
tricks up this clever rabbit’s sleeve.  The animator throws Bugs into
the middle of dangerous situations, each like a different cartoon.
Bugs may find himself outsmarting hunting hounds in the forest with
Elmer Fudd one moment and then find he is smack dab in the middle of a
wrestling ring facing The Crusher the next.  In the tenth and final
level, discover the mad animator behind the chaos.  Saturday mornings
were never this crazy!



Insert the Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage Game Pak and turn the system ON.
Press Start to begin the game.  You have the option to change the
controller settings.  Press Select to go into the Options screen.  
Set-up Controls will allow you to change the controller settings.  Reset
Controls returns to the default controller setting.  Trainer Screen
lets you practice moves and setting ACME devices.  You can choose the
difficulty of the game play to “Practice” or “Normal” mode.  To begin
the game select Return.



Control Pad: Move Bugs left or right
            Duck (We don’t mean Daffy!)
A-Button: Release ACME Device
B-Button: Jump
B-Button + Up: Jump Higher
B-Button + Down: Go into a rabbit hole
                Drop through platforms
B-Button then Y-Button: Super Squat Buster (while descending)
X-Button: Kick
Y-Button: Throw pies (do not use turbo)
Y-Button + X-Button: Spinning Attack
Top Left and Top Right Scroll: Toggle forward or backward through ACME
Start: Begin/Pause game play



A mysterious animator is out to drive Bugs Bunny crazy by throwing him
in the middle of one strange situation to the next.  Each level has
different enemies and Bugs-unfriendly traps.  In this one-player game,
Bugs must make it through nine levels in order to come face-to-face
with the animator behind all of Bugs’ trouble.  Each game begins with 5
tries in the Practice mode or 3 tries in the Normal mode and you can
gain extra lives by collecting “1 UP” icons.  There are three continue
options.  Continues may also be given as rewards for style points at
the end of each level.  There are several attack techniques to use
against enemies ranging from spinning attacks to pie-throwing.  The
wonderful people at ACME have provided Bugs with a variety of tricks to
use against enemies, each with a different effect.  Be sure to collect
spinning arrows.  They will allow Bugs to drop a “BUGS WAS HERE” sign.
Each time you drop a “BUGS WAS HERE” sign it acts as a returning point
after Bugs gets rubbed out by the animator’s eraser.  If Bugs can get
past all of his rivals in each cartoon-like level, he will unveil the
animator and dry up his inkwells once and for all.



1. Lives: Shows Bugs’ current number of lives left.
2. Energy: This meter represents the amount of energy Bugs has.  The
more complete the carrot is, the more damage he can take.  It also
monitors the spinning attack.  Replenish the meter by finding and
eating carrots.
3. ACME Device: The currently selected ACME Device is displayed in the


In order to get warmed up for the adventure ahead, you can play in a
training area without any enemies.  Here you can attack floating
targets to get the hang of the controls.  Select the Trainer Screen in
the Options menu to try out your skills.  You’ll have a chance to
practice the controls and learn how to use ACME Devices.  To get out of
the Trainer Screen hit the Start button.



Spinning Attack

Bugs will continuously spin by pressing the Pie-throwing and Kick
buttons at the same time.  During the use of this attack, Bugs knocks
enemies out of the way and will be invincible but it will drain his
energy.  The attack can be used at all times except when Bugs is
setting an ACME Device, being hit by an enemy or jumping in the air.
This is the strongest attack available.




With all his might, Bugs releases an incredibly powerful kick.  Yet, it
is graceful at the same time.  This attack is stronger than throwing
pies but not as strong as the spinning attack.



Throwing Pies

There’s nothing funny about getting a cream pie in the face, especially
when Bugs is throwing them.  This attack is weaker than the spinning
attack and the kick, but Bugs has plenty of ammunition.

Super Squat Buster

By pushing the Jump button then the Pie-throwing button, Bugs will land
on top of the enemy with a squat.



Release ACME Device

The A-button releases the ACME Device shown in the top corner of the
screen.  He must collect the items before using them and can choose the
device to spring on an enemy when he has more than one available.  The
player can toggle through ACME Devices while the game is paused.  This
is an excellent technique to use to make sure that the device you want
to use on enemies is ready to go without having to confront the enemies
at the same time.  By pressing the A-button, the ACME Device is dropped
directly in front of Bugs.  To throw the ACME Device long distance,
press Up and the A-button.  For an in-between throw, press Down and the



Bugs will find ACME Devices to collect and use against enemies.  When
the time is right, the A-button releases the device.  Some ACME Devices
need to be triggered by an enemy getting within range or touching it.
If the device is not triggered by a certain time, it will disappear.

ACME Devices will never backfire on Bugs and he is invincible while
setting off the device.


To fight the Bull, Bugs will get his attention with a red cape.  When
the Bull charges, Bugs pulls the cape away to reveal an anvil.


These act as checkpoints for Bugs to return to when he loses a life.

Black Hole

If Bugs drops a black hole, an enemy will drop through it as they
attempt to walk across it.


(12) ACME DEVICES Continued

Bull’s Eye

Bugs drops a bull’s eye on the ground which when walked across by an
enemy will drop an object on him (such as a safe or anvil).  An enemy
must walk across it to activate it.


Chompin’ on Bugs’ favorite food restores his energy.


When Bugs faces the Big Bad Wolf, he can put a stop to the wolf’s hot
air by placing a cork in his mouth while he is inhaling.  He’ll fill
himself up with air and float away.

Exploding Bones

Bugs throws a bone which attracts the hunting hounds and explodes when
they pick it up.




Though it may be tasty in a sandwich, it does create a sticky
situation.  When Bugs throws the jar of jam, it spills over, trapping
enemies in the gooey mess as soon as they walk into it.


By placing mirrors is front of Instant Martians firing shrinking ray
guns, the shrinking ray will deflect off the mirror and shrink the
Instant Martian.

Paint Brush

When Bugs throws the paint brush, it will paint a white stripe on a
black cat.  Pepe LePew will spot his “skunk-amore” immediately,
carrying it off in a hot air balloon for a rendezvous.

Pies and Tomatoes

Bugs throws a cream pie or tomato that stuns the enemy for a short
period of time.


(14) ACME DEVICES Continued

Round Bell

When Bugs releases the bell, it tricks Crusher into thinking it is the
end of the round.  As Crusher stands motionless, Bugs can lay into him
with an attack.


The cute little tanks must be placed in front of the enemy.  Once
picked up, they explode in the enemy’s face!

Turkey Surprise

Taz may think it’s a gourmet dinner but this turkey is stuffed with a
special blend of dynamite guaranteeing a bad case of heartburn.  After
Bugs releases the turkey, Taz pops in into his mouth then it explodes
in his stomach.

TNT and Cannonball Bomb

Bugs must place this in front of the enemy to walk over.  Once
activated, the TNT or bomb will explode.



At the end of each level, style points will be determined by an
internal score keeper the player never sees.  Bugs will gain and lose
points based on how he plays in the game.  If the player uses brute
force such as kicking or pie-throwing rather than an ACME device he
will tend to score low.  After all, it’s not how you play the game,
it’s how much pizzazz you have.  Also, the player will receive more
points by making it through the level on one try.

Depending on Bugs’ performance in the level he will get one of twenty
ratings determined by the number of points the player has racked up.
The style ratings range from “Maroon” to “Super Rabbit”.  If Bugs
receives a high style rating he will be rewarded.  Some of the rewards
include health, points, 1 up and continues.


[The next-to-last page of this manual contains, of all things, a coupon
for 50¢ off on a box of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran.  The expiration date is
March 31, 1995.]


“That’s all Folks!”™

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