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COMMAND SCREENS...........................6
    IN THE FIELD.........................6
    FIGHTING SCENES.....................11
LOG YOUR ADVENTURE.......................18
    GETTING STARTED.....................19
    COPYING FILES.......................20
    ERASING FILES.......................20
    SAVING FILES........................20
GOODS AND SERVICES.......................21
    DRAGON SHRINE.......................24
THE ADVENTURE BEGINS.....................25



A Button       See the next page.

B Button       Press the B button to back up one step in the Command

X Button       Not used.

Y Button       Not used.

L Button       Not used.

R Button       Not used.

Start Button   If you have collected the Map, you can see it by
              pressing the Start Button.

Select Button  See the next page.

Control Pad    Use the Control Pad to move your characters in the field
              and to move the cursor in the Command Screens.

If you wish to change the button assignments, use the Option Mode in
the In-the-Field Command Screen as explained on Page 10.



A Button

The A Button is the all-purpose action controller.  You can use it to
confirm your choices in the Command Screens and to perform actions in
the field.  Press the A Button to talk to characters in castles and
villages and to open treasure chests and doors.  You can also use it to
search the area around your party.  A tap of the A Button will let you
know if there are any hidden items in your immediate surroundings.

*Position your party leader next to another character and Press A.

*If the character has more to say, an arrow will appear.  Press A

*To search for items in areas like chests or treasure boxes, press A.

Select Button

The Select Button is mainly used to access the In-the-Field Command
Screen.  In the Command Screen, you can manage the actions and
attributes of your party members.  See Page 6 for a complete
description.  You can also use the Select Button to look at the maximum
Hit Points and Magic Points of your warriors in the middle of a fight.

*Press Select to enter the Command Screen in the field.

*Press and hold Select to see maximum points while fighting.



Command Screens are used to give your characters special assignments.
You can give them items to use or carry, position them in the party and
check their status.

In the Field

One of the secrets to success in the world of the Dragons is careful
management of your party.  It pays to know the power and abilities of
your warriors at all times and to make sure that they are ready to
fight.  While your party is traveling from one place to another, press
the Select Button to switch to the Command Screen and take a look at
how your party is doing.  Here you can view the status of your party
members, manipulate their items and equipment, and replace them with
other characters.



The Item Selection entry in the Command Screen [the bag icon] allows
you to manipulate the items in your party’s inventory.

*With the Use Command [hand icon], you can choose to use any of the
items in your possession that apply to your current location.

*[? icon] This command will explain the use of any item in your
inventory.  Highlight the item, then press the A Button.

*[left/right arrows icon] If you want to keep the most important items
at the top of the list, you can move them by using this command.



*[trash can icon] If your item inventory is full, you can throw away
items that you won’t be needing by using this command.

[armor icon] Every warrior should be well-equipped.  You can put the
right weapons into the right hands with this command.

[magic staff icon] Your magic users will conjure up spells of your
choosing when you use this command.  The spells that can be used are
shown in bold type.

[ST icon] As you defeat enemies in the world of the Light and Dark
Dragons, the members of your party will become stronger.  You can take
a look at the current status of your warriors with this command.  Then
you can continue the fight and build them up to the next level.



[screenshot of status window:

LEVEL        26  Str.         96
EXP      124869  Vigor        90
H P     207/207  Agil.       102
A P     105/105  Wisdom       68
                Luck         77]

LEVEL    With more and more experience, your warriors increase their
        level of ability as shown here.

EXP      The Experience line lets you know how much experience your
        warriors have.

HP       The current Hit Points for your warriors and their current
        maximums are displayed here.

AP       Magic users expend Ability Points with each spell.  This shows
        how many points they currently have and how many they can

Str.     Certain warriors have more power than others.  This entry
        increases with each new level.

Vigor    It pays to be able to last in long battles.  This line shows
        how well your warriors will hold up.

Agil.    This entry shows how easily and quickly the members of your
        party can move.

Wisdom   The members of your party vary in how savvy they are.  This
        entry explains which ones are on the go in the brains

Luck     A little luck will go a long way in your quest to save the
        world.  This entry will show who has it and who doesn’t.



[up/down arrows icon] To put stronger characters in front and weak
characters in the rear during battle, choose this command.

[left/right arrows icon] Use this command to rearrange your party and
activate the four characters you wish to use at any given time.

The Option Command [OP icon] allows you to change the speed of the
messages on the screen, select stereo or mono for the sound and change
the button assignments.  Highlight the desired entry and press A.

[END icon] This command takes you back to the action.  You can also
press the B Button several times to return to the field.


(11) Fighting Scenes

The Fighting Scene Command Screen appears automatically with every
combat situation.  This allows you to use the most appropriate strategy
for each battle.  In some cases, it pays to charge with everything you
have.  In other cases, it’s best to run and live to fight another day.

[sword icon] By using this command, you have chosen to manage the
strategy of each party member individually.  This is the best option in
challenging conflicts.

*[sword being drawn icon] After you choose to have a warrior attack,
you can select the enemy who will be on the receiving end.



*[shield icon] If a warrior is on the brink of losing all of his or her
Hit Points, it is a good strategy to defend.

*[magic staff icon] Once you choose for a magic user to cast a spell,
you can select which of the available types of magic will be used.

*[bag icon] If the time is right to use an item, you can select and
operate the item with this command.

[AB icon] In battles which involve enemies that can be defeated with a
limited amount of effort, you can use the Auto Battle Command to get
rid of them in a hurry.

[RUN icon] If you’ve been ambushed and your main goal is to make it to
a safe place in one piece, it might be best to run away.



[ST icon] You can take a look at the status of your party before you
make your decision on how you will fight.

[up/down arrows icon] Fighters in the front of the party will attack
stronger.  Fighters in the back will defend.

[left/right arrows icon] If one of your warriors is low on Hit Points,
it might pay to call in a replacement from among the warriors who are
available to fight.



There are a total of eight characters who will join you at some point
in the adventure.  They each have their own special abilities.  It pays
to know these attributes when you are deciding you will be in the


This member of the Light Dragon Clan will be with you from the

Use the power of the Light Dragons to overcome the forces of evil.

*By succeeding in tests of strength and courage, he will learn to
transform into 9 different dragon types.




This princess of the world of Dragons is one of the winged warriors.
She can take to the air and carry non-flyers with her.  Nina is not the
strongest fighter in the group, nor does she conjure attack magic.
But, she can use her magic to recover her Hit Points and those of the


This member of the party is a creature of the forest.  When he leads
the group, he can use his bow and arrow to hunt down animals in the
field.  Press the A Button to shoot an arrow.  He can also guide the
group through areas with tall trees.

*When Bo leads the party, you can explore the woods.

*Bo’s bow can be used to hunt creatures for food and items.




Sometimes it pays to have a thief on your side.  Karn is a thief who is
also a master lock-picker.  If you come across a locked door or
treasure chest, and you don’t have the key, you can call on Karn to
open it.

Use Karn’s magic of transformation to meld with other warriors.

During the course of your adventure, Karn will learn to meld together
with other members of your party and become a force to be reckoned




This sea-worthy merchant values money over anything else.  He will be
able to provide weapons and other items to the members of your party
for a price.  He can also cast special spells for water travel.


As a party leader, Ox will also slow down the rest of the group,
causing more enemy encounters.

*The strongest member of the party is mighty but slow.  When Ox leads
the party, you can use him to break through cracked walls with one
swing of his hammer.




The mysterious indigo warrior is a master of attack spells.  She is a
good character to have on the offensive.  Bleu can also cast spells
that will take your party out of dungeons and transport the group to
different destinations.  She will join your party late in the


This little warrior has big claws which will prove to be a real help
when you want to go underground.  Mogu is a good digger with a flair
for adventure.



Getting Started

When you begin your fight to save the world of Dragons, you’ll start
with a new file to keep your adventure information.  Select the New
Game Option and press the A Button.

The Character Name Screen will appear.  Choose a name for the hero (up
to four letters) and press the A Button to confirm your choice.

The Option Screen allows you to change the message speed, the sound
configuration, and the button assignments.  You can access this screen
in the game from the Command Screen.

Once you’ve made your way through the introductory screens, you’re free
to start your adventure.



Copy Files

If you’d like to branch off and go in two different directions in your
game, you can copy the information from your adventure onto another
file.  Then you can play and save the games separately.

Erase Files

If you’d like to make room for new adventures in your game’s built-in
battery, you can erase files that you are no longer using.  Highlight
the file in question and press the A Button to erase.

Save Files

There is a Dragon Statue in a building in every town.  Walk up to this
statue and press the A Button to save your progress.  It pays to save



You’ll find establishments in towns that offer items for sale and a
place to rest.  Make sure that you visit these places before you move
on to each new challenge.


Inns provide a place for your party members to catch up on their sleep
and get ready for their next adventure.  A good night’s rest recovers
Hit Points and Ability Points.


If you’ve collected a lot of items and money on your adventures and
you’d like to keep them in a safe place, visit a storage facility and
store your stuff for no charge.




There are shops that sell weapons and shops that sell herbs, food and
other items in every town.  Save your cash and buy the best that you
can afford.

Weapon Shops

In order to take on the enemies of the Light Dragons, you should
purchase the latest enemy vanquishing devices from these merchants.

[BUY icon] Weapon merchants have a wide variety of items for sale.
This option allows you to exchange cash for goods.

[<-> icon] If you’ve got a weapon that you’ve grown out of, you can
trade it in (with some cash) for something else.



[$ icon] Merchants buy used weapons for an amount that is less than
their original purchase price.

[? icon] Use this option to have the merchant explain the use of any of
the weapons for sale.

[END icon] You can use this option to end your conversation with a
weapon merchant and move on to the next encounter.



Item Shops

In Item Shops, you can purchase helpful objects including herbs, food,
cures and fish bait.  Every shop offers a different assortment of

Dragon Shrine

You will find a building that houses a statue of a dragon in every
town.  If you walk up to the statue, then press the A Button, you’ll
have the option to save your progress on the game’s built-in battery.




After many years of peace, the Dark Dragons have amassed an army and
have begun to take the land by force.  The world needs a hero.

Camlon Castle

A band of ruthless monsters have descended upon Camlon Castle.  As the
hero of the Light Dragon Clan, you are the only hope for the kingdom.
It is up to you to enter the castle and do away with the offending

*Water of Recovery replenishes the hero.

*To open a door, like this one, push the A button.

*The monster of the castle is a huge toad.


A series of earthquakes is rocking the world.  Travel to Nanai by night
and stop the quakes by shutting off an earth-shaking machine in the
town’s underground.



*Journey to the underground of Nanai.

*Take on a powerful agent of the Dark Dragons.

*Turn off the powerful earth-shaking device.


With the earthquakes gone, you can move on to the town north of Nanai
where the King has been poisoned by opening an evil letter.  This is
the work of a Dark Dragon wizard.  As the hero sleeps, the King’s
daughter will take matters into her own hands.

*The Hero falls asleep.  Suddenly, you have control of Nina.  Now she
can go to the Town of Karma.

*There is food in the house.  Eat it!  You’ll recover some HP.

Forest to Karma

As Nina, the King’s daughter, begins her solo journey to save her
father, she encounters a host of evil forest-dwelling creatures such as
poisonous spiders, and beetles.  It’s important to bring plenty of



Towers of Karma

There are two towers in the town of Karma.  You’ll end up climbing one
of the towers, then crossing over a bridge to the next one.  This is
where you’ll find the antidote for the King.

*Defeat the agent of the Dragons in the first tower.

*Push a button to make a bridge and cross over.

*Save your progress at the top of the second tower.

Tantar and Tuntar

With the King of Winlan saved, you are free to move on to a pair of
towns to the East.  There are Black Dragon forces working in these
towns.  Take the Iron Ore to the Blacksmith and have him make a Saw.

Forest to the Dungeon

You’ll need the Saw in order to cut your way into this misty, wooded
area.  Cut through the log in the path and move on to the Black Dragon
Dungeon to search for the abducted Chief.



Dark Dragon Dungeon

The Chief is being held captive in this dingy, underground hideout.
There are two passages to follow.  The shortest route is peppered with
hidden holes.  The long route is safer, but it may take more time to

*The short route through the dungeon includes holes.

*A guardian of the Dark Dragons waits at the end.

*Bo will join your party at the end of the Dungeon.


Once you’ve saved the Chief from the dungeon, you’ll be free to move
through the woods to Romero with Bo in the lead.  The people of Romero
need the Cleansing Water from the cave in the West.  In order to carry
the water, find the Water Jar in the tomb at Romero.

*You’ll receive a map of the world in this town.

*Talk to the woman in the graveyard at night.



Cave of Cleansing Water

After you get the Water Jar in the tomb at Romero, you can go to the
cave in the South West and fill the Jar with Cleansing Water.  The
Water will rid the town of zombies and you will be rewarded with the
Stone Tablet.


The floating island of Agua appears when you use the Stone Tablet at
the lake.  This is where you will find the King Key which operates the
Stone Robot north of Tantar and Tuntar.  The Robot will help you bring
water back to the dry river.

*Use the Stone Tablet to gain access to the island.

*Take on the Dark Dragon guardian of the island.

*Pick up the King Key and move on to the Robot.

Stone Robot

The Stone Robot north of Tantar and Tuntar is capable of destroying the
boulder that blocks the river.  Enter the robot through its right foot,
then use the warp chambers to make your way to the controls.



*A knight blocks the path inside the Stone Robot.

*Use the warp chambers to get to the top.

*Use the Robot’s laser to break the big rock.

Water Cave

Once you’ve been rewarded for bringing water back to the river between
Tantar and Tuntar, you can move on to a cave that was revealed from the
drop of the water line in the lake.  Here, you will find a very
valuable Ring.

Return to the Stone Robot

The Black Dragons have taken control of the Stone Robot and have
destroyed one of the villages.  It’s up to you to fight back.

Dragon Training

The eruption of a volcano in the area has created pools of lava which
have since dried.  You can walk over the lava beds to the ancient
building of the Dragons where the magic of transformation is taught.
Train here.




The rich man in this town will allow you to borrow his ship if you can
rescue his daughter from the safe that she is locked in.  Talk to the
people in the town, collect money and buy a Gold Bar.  Then leave and
seek out someone who can open the safe.

*This man needs Vitamins.  He’ll give you money in exchange.

*Help this character with sore muscles and make more money.

*Find this woman’s son in the forest and collect a reward.


Beyond this town is a very hot desert which you will not be able to
endure unless you have the Icicle to keep cool.  Give the Gold Bar to
the leader of the town and he will give you the Icicle in return.


The desert town of Arad has been attacked by a giant Sand Worm.  If you
can defeat the creature, an old man will give a Fife to you in
gratitude.  This instrument will prove to be helpful in Krypt.  While
you’re in Arad, you can stay at the Inn for free.




The thief, Karn, is in this dark catacomb.  Use the Fife to enter, then
search the passages for Karn.  If you try to open the treasure chests
without Karn, you’ll set off traps.  Wait for the thief to join your
party, then open the chests with him in the lead.

*Don’t open the treasure chests unless Karn is with you.

*Go up against the evil EyeSpy of the Krypt.

*Meet up with Karn and have him join your group.

Tower of Light and Dark

With Karn in your party, you can enter the Tower of Light and Dark and
retrieve the Mirror and the Key of Darkness.  Assign Karn to the front
of your party and have him unlock the doors of the tower.

*Karn can unlock doors if he leads the party.

*Fight the guardian of the Tower for the Mirror.

*This is the hiding place for the Key of Darkness.




By saving the rich man’s daughter, you have earned passage on his ship
to Scande.  Dark Dragon Pirates, knowing your plans, stop the ship in
mid-voyage and send it to the bottom of the ocean.

*For a Gold Bar fee, Gobi will give you a barrier-blasting Bomb.

*An Octopus ambushes the party.  Fight it or be washed out to sea.

*You’ll end up on a small deserted island.


Being a Fish, Gobi can swim to the merchant city of Prima.  There are
many shops here which sell items at various prices.  There is also a
Guild Leader who is anxiously awaiting goods from Gant.


The people of the town of Gant are not able to deliver their goods
because the Dark Dragons have taken most of the townspeople to Nabal to
work on a secret weapon.  Get the goods and take them to the Guild
Leader in Prima in exchange for the Gills.




By using the Gills, you can bring the party back together.  Ox will
join you in Prima and, with the power of his Hammer, he will break
through the barriers in the castle.  Then you can fight on and save the
people of Gant.

*Ox can break some of the walls in the fort that leads to the Castle.

*The guards of the Castle will block your way.

*The weapon collector southeast of Prima asks for a Boomerang.

*Find the Boomerang inside of Krypt.

*If you touch the Egg, you have to fight the GrimFowl.

*When you beat the GrimFowl, they will follow you.  Walk very slowly!

*If the GrimFowl has followed you, it will rush into the Castle.

*Battle the Boss of Nabal Castle and free the people of Gant.

*For saving the townspeople, you will receive a Statue.




The mystic character, Bleu, is in the town of Wisdon.  By bringing the
statue to her, you can wake her up and get her advice.  Bleu will give
you an Old Egg which will destroy Dark Dragon ships if it is placed in
a volcano.

*This creature is one of three that you’ll meet in Windom.

*The Red Guardian follows the Blue Guardian.

*The Green Guardian is the last and most challenging.

Deep Sea Volcano

As you toss the Old Egg into the volcano, the Dark Dragons will attack
the town of Prima.  When the monster hatches, it will come out of the
volcano and take on the Dark Dragon army.


Once the Dark Dragons have been chased away from Prima, you can venture
to the Northwest to meet an old man.  This wise being will teach Karn
the secrets of transformation.




Your quest to stop the Dark Dragons and retrieve the Oil leads to a
laboratory north of Gust.  The lab is full of experimental creatures,
including the very strong Horn Toad.

*The Laboratory is packed with strange creatures.

*The enemies will shrink your party down to insect size.

*Return to your normal size and fight the Ruga-X.

*Find the Frog cave and get the oil.

*Watch for wild plants!  Flower-X is a tough one.

*Most Toads are harmless, but this one aims to defeat you.


Mogu is having a bad dream and he cannot wake up.  The only way to
bring him back to the conscious world is to get the Bolster Pillow,
enter Mogu’s dream, and conquer the villains inside.  Seek out the
Bolster in Tunlan.




The people of Tunlan communicate with a language of music.  The only
way to understand what they are saying is with the Cowl from Gramor.
The only way to speak to them is with the Maestro from Gust.  Talk to
everyone and find the Bolster.

Mogu’s Dream

When you use the Bolster near Mogu, you’ll fall fast asleep and enter
Mogu’s dream.  Mogu’s emotions have separated from each other.  He
cannot fight without his Courage.  You must find it for him.


Go to the Tower in the dream and push the red and blue switches to
reach the enemies of the world and retrieve Mogu’s Courage.

*Zoom fights with strong spells.  Watch out.

*Use conventional weapons against the Moth.

*Use Mogu to dig at the Dragon footprints.



Village of Spring

This normally lush and green village is covered with snow and ice.
It’s up to you to search for a way to bring warmth back to the town.

Tower of Sky

By beating Mote in the Bad Dream Tower, you can enter the Tower of Sky
and find a way to return the town of Spring to its normal state.


Time has frozen in the town of Carmen.  You’ll need the Time Key in
order to make the people of the village move again.  Look for it to the
East of the town.

The adventure to stop the plans of the Dark Dragons continues.
If you need game play assistance, call the Square Soft Game Counselors.
(206) 861-0303
Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.




Westpark G-1, 8351-154th Ave. N.E.
Redmond, WA 98052

For a Square Soft Game Counselor,
call (206)861-0303
from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. P.S.T.


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