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Bram Stoker's Dracula

Developer: Psygnosis
Publisher: Sony Imagesoft

In the black of night he stalks his unwitting victims with the passion of a prince and the
grace of a wild animal.  Able to assume the guise of everything from a shadow on the wall to a
jagged-tooth wolf beast, he feeds on the living sinking his pearly fangs into the fair throats
for a drink of their life-giving serum.  For he is the Prince of Darkness - Count Dracula - and
he's cast his hypnotic spell on your lovely mistress, Mina Murray.  Now you, Jonathan Harker,
must drive a stake through the heart of this vampire and save the fair Mina from eternal life
as a vampire.

Controlling Harker

To walk Right or Left:
*Press the Control Pad to the Left or Right.
To Crouch
*Press the Control Pad Down.
To Use a Weapon
*Press the A Button.
Standing Jump
*Press the B Button.
Long Jump
*Press the B Button while walking.
Jumping Slash
*Press the A & B Buttons at the same time.
To Pause Game
*Press the Start Button.

Main Game Menu
*From the Main Game Menu you can begin by flipping through the pages of the Vampyre Book by
pressing the Control Pad Right.

Main Game Screen

1)  Lives (Upper right-hand corner of screen)
*This shows how many lives you currently have.  You begin each game with five lives.
2)  Score (Upper left-hand corner of screen)
*This records your point total tallied during each level of play.  The more enemies you
destroy, the more points you get.
3)  Energy Beakers (Lower right-hand corner of screen)
*Three Energy Beakers equal one life.  All it takes to lose an Energy Beaker is one blow from
an enemy.
4)  Weapon (Lower left-hand corner of screen)
*This indicates the weapon with which you are currently armed.
5)  Arrow
*The Arrow leads you through the current level.

Pick Ups
*There are many pick Ups in the game - each with its own special function.  Pick Ups are placed
after you find Doctor Van Heising in selected points throughout the level.  To collect a Pick
Up, you must crouch to pick it up.

*In order to advance from level to level, you must destroy all kinds of enemies and get past
Dracula.  Beware!  Dracula can assume the form of everything from a bat to a shadow on the
wall.  The following is a brief description of what you'll face in each level.

1)  The Journey to Castle Dracula - Dusk
*You begin your quest inside an old rat-infested village inn.  Watch out for wild dogs, bug-
eyed bats, hungry rats, and club-happy henchmen.

2)  The Journey to Castle Dracula - Night
*On the way to Castle Dracula you'll have to make you way through mossy fields and jagged rock
formations while fending off bats, spear wielding-henchmen, and protruding skewers.  And watch
out for the Blue Dracula and his mighty whip.

3)  Harkers Escape from the Castle - Dusk
*You've made it to Dracula's library.  Beware!  Among the volumes of the Prince's favorite
literature lurk more rats, bats, tarantulas and spindly skeletons.

4)  Harkers Escape from the Castle - Night
*Down in the cavernous vaults of Castle Dracula lurk venomous tarantulas, hordes of rats,
hidden passageways, hovering walkways, protruding spears... and Dracula's fire-breathing

5)  Harker's Escape from the Castle - Night
*Get past Dracula's blushing brides and you're home free.

6)  The Journey to Civilization - Dusk
*Venture into Dracula's barn and lasso some pretty lurid livestock including phantom horses,
Molotov Cocktail-hurling henchmen, and of course, more rats.

7)  The Journey to Civilization - Night
*You've made it!  Now cross the moat and get ready for a petrified forest filled with rabid
wolves, giant tarantulas, and sword-fighting skeletons ready to dice you up.

8)  The Journey to Civilization - Night
*Welcome to the convent.  Hope you're not afraid of heights - the only way out of this lofty
mess is to scale the walls and lay to rest stiletto-swinging sleepwalkers.

9)  The Journey to Civilization - Night
*Welcome to the land of the unliving and the young Prince Dracula.  With secret passageways,
high-voltage fireflies, ghastly zombies and a tarantula nest crawling with hairy arachnids...
this forest is anything but enchanting!

10)  Hillingham Estate - Dusk
*This place needs an exorcism!  Make it past the wild dogs, life-sucking bats, floating tables,
and dematerialize a ghostly army of blade-carrying apparitions.

11)  Hillingham Estate - Night
*Nothing like an ancient cemetery to lift your spirits.  Beware of Lucy while you make your way
through haunting oak trees and come face to face with neck-biting bats, wicked ravens, scruffy
henchmen, and snarling wolves.

12)  Hillingham Estate - Night
*Down in the Hillingham cellar it's cold and foggy - the perfect climate for a carnivorous
colony of the unliving, and Dracula in his wolf form.

13)  The Trail to Carfax Abbey - Dusk
*Neat looking place, but you wouldn't want to live here.  Unless you don't mind rooming with a
lively set of floating furniture and a schizo band of pipe-clutching henchmen.

14)  The Trail to Carfax Abbey - Night
*Make it past the chain gang of blade-wielding women and hatchet men, break through vanishing
pillars, catch a floating platform across the fiery pit, dodge flame balls... and Dracula is
yours.  But first defeat that giant guy in the straight jacket!

15)  The Trail to Carfax Abbey - Night
Only one more to go...after this!  Gather your wits and prepare to go toe-to-talon and duel it
out in the ruins of Carfax Abbey with Dracula in his bat form.

16)  Transylvania:  Castle Dracula - Dusk
*At last - the main event.  Welcome to the inner sanctum of Castle Dracula.  There's only one
way out... and that's up.  Use floating blocks to ride past nasty gargoyles then keep your
balance and elude laser-spitting granite skulls, giant bats, and the red armor-clad Dracula.
"Bram Stoker's Dracula Instruction Manual"
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