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BOGEY DEAD 6 Reference Card

Game Description

The objective of this game is to take the controls of some of the toughest combat aircraft.
This game supports two players.

Strap yourself in and prepare to prove your mettle as a Top Gunfighter pilot.  A terrorist
miltary force is bent on world domination and its up to you and your elite team to stop them.  
Six of the fighter aircraft are at your disposal as battle your way through 12 action packed
missions.  Make it all the way through to final objective, the enemy's command carrier fleet.  
So get ready for some high attitude butt kicking on your Sony Playstation System.  
Bogey Dead 6.

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Basic Game Control & Movements
To connect your PSX System, turn Power Button off.' Push the Open' button to release CD lid,
then, Insert CD and close lid.  Turn Power Button on.' Never Insert CD when power Is on.


Yoour Control Pad has ll button  From left to right you will see D-Pad arrows on the face of
the Control Pad, above this on the top you will see the Ll and L2 buttons. In the middle you,
will see the Select button and Start button.  Next, at the top you will see the R1 and R2
buttons, and on the right face of the Control Pad you will see a pad with a triangle, a circle,
an X and a square.

D up          Dive/Load missiles In Armory
D down        Climb/off-load missiles In Armory
D left/right   Roll left & right
L1    Decelerate
R1    Accelerate
L2    Yaw left
R2    Yaw right
L1 + L2 simultaneously  Afterburners
X    Fire missile
Square    Select missile
Triangle   Select target (Controller types A, B, C, D)
Chaff/Flares (controller types
   E, F, G, H)
Circle    Fire Vulcan Cannon
Select    Toggle Cockpit/HUD)views
Stall    Start/pause

Things To Know

There are 12 death defying missions for you to fly while playing Bogey Dead 6.

You can choose form an Easy, Normal or Hard difficulty setting.

You can set the controller mode to a easy or normal setting.  In the easy setting you will
only have to worry about controlling your flight.  The computer will select the best target
and weapon as well as prevent you from rolling.  The normal setting lets you control all flight
maneuvers and weapon selection.

You begin the game with 6 continues, which translate to 6 aircraft, if you crash or are shot
down the mission fails.

To become familiar with the controls take advantage of the Training Missions.

if you have a Memory Card installed you can save your game before starting a mission or after
completing a mission.

Going clockwise from lower left, the cockpit view will display your fighters status, amount of
fuel and type of missile selected, the Mission Time Remaining, the Flight Cam, showing incoming
missiles and enemy fighters and your radar.  Objects on the radar screen display in different
colors.  Red objects are enemy aircraft above you.  Yellow objects are enemy aircraft below
you.  Blue objects are enemy ground and sea forces.  The large Yellow object is your mission
target.  A double circle indicates a target that you have locked on.  Green objects are neutral
forces.  While objects are friendly forces.

Going clockwise from lower left the HUD(Heads Up Display) shows your chaff loads, number of
missiles available, degree of roll, your airspeed, engine thrust, a compass, alert warnings,
altitude, Target Direction Vector, nose angle, number of Vulcan shots and number of flares.

You can play against another player in the Vs. Battle mode.  However, to play you will need 2
game consoles, 2 monitors, 2 copies of Bogey Dead 6 and a Link Cable.

Game Hints, Tips & Clues

To attack a different target than the one that your weapon radar is locked on, press the
triangle button to switch to the next closest contact.

Your best shot with a Sidewinder is when you can see the flames form the enemy's jet engine.

When attacking ground forces, come in so that the targets are in a row and then open fire
straight down the row.

There is a secret object in the game that, if destroyed will give you infinite continues.  
Good luck finding it!

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